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Welcome to our bike geek corner. Here you can read technical background information that, well, not everyone needs to know to understand our bikes, but we know will be of interest to bike geeks like us. If you're one of those people that likes to know as much as possible about the thinking that goes into your bike, rather than "just ride" then you're in the right place.

Our latest information is about... SideSwing front mechs, as our bikes have cable routing for them.

Or read about the... Cane Creek DB Base Tune for Rocket275. A useful reference for new Rocket owners, and some unnecessary geeking for everyone else.

You can also learn a hell of a lot about the Rocket that we've kept off the Rocket product page (for fear of putting off the less geeky rider):

Also related to the Rocket, as well as our latest hardtails:

Also, for the Soul:


In the geek pages archive, we have lots of old, but still interesting, information relating to classic Cotic models, like a widget to help people understand how fork length effects our original hardtail geometry and why we used, and still use, Reynolds 853 for the Soul main tubes. What else? Well, do you remember our Roadhog fork? Find out why we used a front mounted disc mount, before we moved to bolt thru forks. And, do you remember the Hemlock, our first full suspension frame? Well read about its development here.