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24/05/2016 - Some Great Pics of the Team on Pinkbike

Some great pics by Saskia Dugon on the Pinkbike Tweedlove write up, including a few good ones of our intrepid heros attempting to conquer the course.

Pinkbike Tweedlove International write up and pictures…

23/05/2016 - WTB Road Plus Tyres

What do we have here? @wildernesstrailbikes Horizon 650 x 47 Road Plus installed on Paul's Escapade today. They felt REALLY fun in the yard. Looking forward to testing them

A photo posted by Cotic (@coticbikes) on

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23/05/2016 - Tweedlove International Day 2


Swinny at tweedlove

Unfortunately Day 2 wasn't kind to Chay at Tweedlove International. Whilst comfortably still leading the Vets race, he clipped a rock with his rear mech, but the hanger and fixing was all stripped out, so he couldn't get back up and running again and had to retire. Very frustrating all round, but good to see the speed is there!

Swinny had another good day on the more extreme tracks that Day 2 brought, over on the Golf Course side. He climbed a place to 15th overall behind some very big names, so pretty happy with that. As always there are things to learn and things to do better next time. We'll be back!

Final thing is that both lads said how fantastic Tweedlove Festival is, so get yourself up there next year if you get the chance.

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21/05/2016 - Tweedlove International Day 1


Chay watching Swinny have a 'lie down' in practice yesterday

The lads have just checked in after day 1 of the Tweedlove International. Chay is currently leading Vets, and Swinny is 16th in Elite after having a couple of crashes on Stage 2. His 1 and 3 times were top 10 though, so he's hoping for a clean day on the bigger trails tomorrow and sliding into the Top 10 overall with that kind of pace. Chay is feeling good so will be looking to hold on to that top spot.

Both report the bikes are running sweet after a bit of love from the Shimano tech support on the brakes to make things tip top.

There's a nice write up on Descent World with some great pictures of practice, including Swinny having a little lie down yesterday ;-)

We're excited to see what tomorrow brings.

Read the Descent World Article on Tweedlove International Practi…

20/05/2016 - New BFe26 - the full story



26 definitely ain't dead!

That's right, in 2016 we've actually gone and done it, re-designed our legendary 26" wheel hardnut hardtail. Not just another batch for the original frame, a whole new design. 26 definitely ain't dead!

It features our first update to our classic 26" wheeled geometry: it's got the longer reach and slacker head angle developed on the BFe275, optimised around longer forks so the BB is around 10mm lower for a given fork length than before. It's ideal to pair with the short stems and wide bars we've come to love.


The BFe26 is for hard riding. For earning turns and railing berms. You can run with a 100mm fork for 4X and dirt jump duties, just like Fast Freddie Oxley in the video. 120mm or 140mm forks make it a sweet handling trail bike. Or you can plug in a 160mm fork and send it down the Megavalanche, just like Robbie did on the original in 2008. Most BFe26 builds perform mighty fine as bold-as-brass razz-around play bikes.

We shot this at Sheffield's Bolehills BMX track to show off the playful side of the bike. As I said, it'll still be an ace trail bike, just as it always was, but it's also a great "bunch of bits from the garage, thrash around the pump track" kind of bike too. It's super versatile. And as Fast Freddie says, "If you want to hit this berm as fast as you can, this is the bike to do it on"

New colours are Fast Red as shown, or Gloss Orange with our new cut-through wrap graphics.

There's revised cable routing to go with the updated geometry, Stealth dropper option, and tidied up stops for use with Shimano Sideswing front mechs if you're still running multiple chainrings. You can see the pics from Richard Baybutt's amazing photoshoot on the product page gallery here...

We still love 26" bikes, and it's staying in the range because you can build it with those great 26" parts you still have; Sam grabbed the frame from the photoshoot to do exactly this. You can even plug in 27.5" forks if your 26" forks are worn out, so long as you keep the 26" wheels in there.

We can help you out with a full build if you're still fully committed to the 26" cause. Drop us an email on to discuss options around our Silver or Gold build kits.

As it ever was: Fun with a capital F. Durable with a capital D. Burly Iron.

They're due into stock first week of June, priced at 349 for the frame only. You can order yours now, by clicking here...

Find out more about the new BFe26 on the product page…

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Watch the original #26aintdead video…

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18/05/2016 - Where's Sam Wednesday


Where's Sam Wednesday 2

Where's Sam this week? Well, to start with he's staying local on Friday 20th May, so any Sheffielders wanting to try a Cotic, now's your chance. He'll be up at Greno Woods car park in the morning, and at Lady Cannings Plantation in the afternoon. No need to book, just turn up and grab a bike to ride. Just remember to bring your car keys or a credit card for us to hold onto when you have the bike, and we're all good.

Saturday is a private demo up at Cannock Chase, but feel free to have a chat if you see the van and the bikes if you're up there this weekend.

As mentioned last week, the really cool event we have sorted on Sunday 22nd May is the demo at Dyfi. We're teaming up with Dave Evans who runs Bike Corris, a holiday and guiding company based in the Dyfi Forest in West Wales. The idea is to combine Dave's encyclopedic knowledge of the Dyfi area with the trail munching capabilities of the Rocket, Soul and Solaris.

There will be three guided demo rides through the day, taking in a huge variety of the great trails on offer in the area, and giving you plenty of time to test out a Cotic or two. Sam will be joining all the rides (go easy on him on the last ride eh?!) to answer any questions or make those crucial adjustments for you.

Rides will all be different, and will start from the Corris Craft Centre in Machynlleth, SY20 9RF, and will last 1.5 - 2 hours. You'll need to book a slot through Sam, so drop him an email on to reserve a bike for one of the following times:

The plan is for the 13:00 loop to take in some of the more challenging trails used for enduro races, so will be a perfect for showing off what the Rocket is capable of. Having raced there, we know there's some AMAZING trails in those woods, so this will be a special ride.

The other two loops will use less "full-on" tracks, so if you'd like to demo one of the hardtails, or don't feel up for the steep stuff, these would be the ones to book on. We can be flexible with these to suit demand though.

Send an email and let Sam know what you'd like to ride and when. Remember, all our demos - including the private demos - are totally free. For Sunday you can book on one, two or all three of the rides if you'd like to try multiple bikes or fancy being shown round some of the best trails in the UK on a bike built for the job.

See you on the trails.....

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16/05/2016 - Darren Ellis sent us some geat Rocket shots


Thank you Darren!

View them all on where we post all the photos you send us.

See Darren's shots on…

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12/05/2016 - Where's Sam Bonus - Tweed Valley


Where's Sam Wednesday 2

Unfortunately I've had a last minute cancellation for a private demo in Scotland tomorrow, so to make the most of me being North of the border I'll be hanging around the Tweed Valley on Friday for you to try some bikes.

My plan is to be in the Innerleithen car park in the morning, then I'll head down the road to the Buzzard's Nest car park at Glentress for the afternoon.

If you live nearby and fancy taking a bike for a spin, or even just a browse, come and find me. Look for the shiny black Transit and the medley of Rockets, Souls and Solaris' I'll have with me. I'll stick around until 5pm before I head off to the next private demo.

It's a bit last minute I know, but hopefully if you're nearby you can pop along and make the most of the weather. Its a great way to start the weekend!

As always, let me know if you'd like to me to bring the demo to you, midweek days, evenings, weekends, anything goes and I have gaps in my calendar.



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