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19/09/2017 - Adele Mitchell Enduro

Adele Mitchell

Swinley Enduro

Swinley Enduro

Adele Mitchell braved her first mountain bike enduro last weekend. A 25km loop with 8 timed stages. It's a lot to take on! In her new blog post she explains the 10 things she learnt from this experience. It's well worth a read, as it's very true!

She bumped into our Development Squad rider Will Easey while she was there. Will absolutely smashed it and came 3rd in his category. Well done Will!

Nothing better than coming into a stage listening to this racket!!😂😂 Although people may complain about swinley, it still has its hidden gems with some pretty fun stages! #mtb #rideordie #cotic @dd_cycles @coticbikes @swinleybikehub @hktproducts @truemtb @riderschannel #swinleybikehub #steel #steelisreal #oioi #endurogame #soenduro #callmecurtiskeene #braap

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19/09/2017 - Wes Fife Ard Moors

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Wes Fife

Ard Moors Enduro

Wes Fife at Ard Moors

Ard Moors is an enduro race on the edge of the North York Moors National Park. 5 stages and 35km 2500m of combined climbing and descending. This year Ard Moors really lived up to its name. It was well 'ard.

Practice had many riders worried about the muddy conditions, then the downpour of rain that evening meant that many riders decided against it. Many people that did attempt to ride it didn't finish. Our development squad rider Wes did us proud and slipped and splashed his way round to the finish! Nice one Wes!

#ardmoors2017 summed up in one photo 😂 despite the 💩 conditions, still had an absolute blast of a race! Rode all of stage 5 with no back brake and a slight hint of a front one! Not surprised to hear that only 400 of the 800 people who entered actually raced 😂 was a bit muddy to say the least 💩💩💩👍😆 Well done everyone #Ardmoors #gripplease #slidyslidy #funonbikes @coticbikes @polarisbikewear @hktproducts @sensusgrips

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Splashing my way down 'dead sheep gully ' on stage 2 yesterday #ardmoors #wetterthananotterspocket #flatout @coticbikes

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13/09/2017 - Announcing Factory Collection

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Cotic Factory Collection

As of this week we now have a Factory Collection option for your Cotic bike, and our Factory Demo Service from our base at Calver in the heart of the Peak District.

As part of the Factory Collection service, you will come down to our showroom at Unit 6 where you can have a sit down and a chat and check out your lovely new bike, as well as have a look at the demo bikes for planning your next purchase!

Cotic Spring Party

Although we strive to have your bike as complete and set up as possible when we box them up for delivery (the gears, brakes and headset will all be adjusted, for example), there's only so much we can do when you're not actually with us. With Factory Collection, one of us will set you up on your new Cotic - installing your pedals, setting up the suspension, tweaking the bar height and position, maybe even swapping the stem to make sure it's all spot on for you. We can answer any questions you may have.

You can then take your new bike for a blast around our test loop which is straight out of the door, and give your bike a proper shakedown before taking it away. You can also have a look through our clothing and merchandise options and get discounted rates for buying on the day with your bike.

Cotic Spring Party

The Factory Demo service is available from 1pm-5pm Monday to Friday, also from Calver. You can stay local and do laps of our demo loop if you're unsure of frame size or wheel size, taking out different bikes to test back-to-back. Or if you have a clearer idea of what you'd like, then you can go out for a few hours to really get under the skin of the Cotic you're considering getting. You can even just pop down to have a look at the bikes in the metal if you don't have time for a ride. It works just like our demos out on the road - bring some collateral like a Credit Card or similar, and some ID, and we will set you up on the bike and you can head out for a spin.

This is something we have been doing informally for a while. Due to the size of the demo fleet, we have some or all of the fleet around at the workshop most of the time, and we have had a few local people pop down and get a demo ride in during the week. It works great, and all you need to do is contact ahead of time to make sure the bike or bikes you would like to have a go on will definitely be here. Speaking of Factory/Calver Demos, we have a bumper back-to-back Calver Demo weekend coming up on the 30th September / 1st October. All of us will be around at some point during the weekend, and we will be guiding the rides around the demo loop, drinking tea and coffee and eating biscuits extensively.

Cotic Spring Party

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12/09/2017 - James Swinden PMBA win

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Race Result

Swinny winny

Yesssss! Top step again for James Swinden at the PMBA Pro class at Gnar Bike Park at the weekend. Stoked to bits. With so many sections at this round riders had to be so consistent - and fast. Consistently fast then! Well done lad.

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11/09/2017 - Wes Fife Morzine trip

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Wes Fife

Development squad rider Wes Fife went for summer shreds in the sunny Savoie. Here's a little video of what he got up to...

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08/09/2017 - FlareMAX Nominated for Singletrack Readers Award

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Vote For the FlareMAX in the Singletrack Reader Awards

Singletrack Reader Awards 2017 - Best Bike Over £2500 Award Nominated FlareMAX

Some lovely news came through from Singletrack Magazine yesterday: The FlareMAX has been nominated for a Singletrack Reader Award in the Best Bike Over £2500 category. We are absolutely buzzing about this, mainly because it was a (nice) surprise! As these award nominations are based on readers nominating absolutely anything in each category, and then the top three nominees go through to the voting, in a way we feel like we have already won. We did no PR, no encouragement to nominate, so to end up in the top 3 going through to the vote means that simply lots of people love the FlareMAX and put it forward. We are all chuffed to bits that the bike has generated such positive feeling, and are really looking forward to going to the awards along to meet some of our industry pals.

But now the important bit; now that we have been nominated we REALLY want you to vote for the FlareMAX!!! If you love our droplink bikes and would like to see one win an award, then please head over to and get voting. You'll need a couple of minutes as you have to vote for every category, but it would mean a lot to us if you would spare the time. That link again is:

Singletrackworld Reader Awards Voting


Vote for the FlareMAX over on…

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04/09/2017 - SSUK Event

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Baybutt - "Keen to try (almost) anything once, when the invite to the UK Single Speed champs arrived I jumped at it. Looking round my shed I realised Iím actually well qualified in the single speed game - BMX, dj bike, minibike, hub-brake pub bike, gravity bike, unicycle. The Rocket is actually the only bike with gears! With no time to build a single speed, plus-tyred, FlareMax with a dropper, I resorted to my trusty old BFe 26Ē. Sidelined from pumptrack duties, I re-shod the front with a Vigilante from WTB, made it one gear easier (32-18 I think) and made sure there was enough seatpost as itís a small size. Perfect. Ish.

On Friday, after rolling into the idyllic camp spot just past Stavely in the Lakes, Richard Munro the organiser showed me the ride / race route which involved a couple of beer stops and a whiskey stopÖ Already even more keen for this than I was before.


The Fife clan (including Sally Buckworth - reigning European SS champion) were already set up by the river and Wes was chopming at the bit to go for an explore. We headed up to some local woods and found a rope swing which provided some big fear and the largest tumble Iíve had in ages. A proper crash - grazes, dented lid, the works. I beer-tested the new bum bag and had a great shakedown of the BFe, followed by a pizza, more beers and a freezing night in a tent (I need a better sleeping bag!)


Saturday dawned clear & crisp. When the very leisurely set-off time of 12pm came around we all had a quick briefing and set off en-mass up the hill. This isnít like any race Iíve ever been to before - there were all sorts of wheel sizes, all sorts of styles, a guy riding with a speaker playing old time jazz, a dominatrix whipping anyone who didnít drink a beer, tie-dye onesies and heckling anyone with a derailleur. The hillclimb challenge was a techy steep climb where the aim was to get as high as possible rather than any speed attempts. The race itself was a 10 mile route above Kentmere. The worst position you could get was 4th but all that matters is that I made it home before young Wes; even with a bog-snorkling session near the top, views so good I almost stopped and a shot of whiskey before a hectic downhill on a tiny dirt jump bike.

ssuk17 ssuk17

We washed the cow crap off in the river, hiked up a hill to get the last of the sun, enjoyed a top chilli (included in our entry fee) and drank many beers to the tunes of the Acoustic Brew Duo. What a brilliant weekend. Huge thanks to Rich for his organising prowess and to the Fifeís for all the brews. Weíll definitely be at the next one - hopefully with a slightly more appropriate bike."


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01/09/2017 - Notorious Dids

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Notorious Dids

The Notorious Dids

Everyone has a story. Everyone. Some keep it quiet, some wear it like a badge of honour, some paint it all over their skin for the world to see.

Meet Daryl - aka The Notorious Dids. ( @thenotoriousdids )

The Notorious Dids

Dids is a huge fan of what we do up here - so much so heís recently had the logo inked onto his knee. Even with a beer & pizza munching Krang, full arm sleeves and Brian Blessed as Prince Vultan, thereís always space for another piece!

The Notorious Dids

His bike too is another work of artÖ With a no-expense-spared approach, heís colour coded the whole rig to suit his tastes. All the changable parts of his Hope Tech 3 brakes have been sourced in different anodised finishes. The cord on his Restrap bag has been swapped out. Valve caps, and even valves themselves have been sourced to match. Contrasting rotor bolt colours. Stickers to cover any scratches and crazy frame guards. There are very few bikes with this much effort spent on the build and we love it.

Bikes, bodies, life; itís all a work in progress. Itís the little things that make a big difference. Since youíve probably bought, owned or are considering a Cotic, youíre going to be the type of person who relishes the details. What are the favourite parts of your build? Let us know...

The Notorious DidsThe Notorious DidsThe Notorious DidsThe Notorious Dids
The Notorious Dids

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