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14/02/2018 - FlareMAX on GMBN Tech

FlareMAX on GMBN Tech

Doddy at GMBN has a new Tech show and this week he has some good stuff to say about the new FlareMAX. He's a big fan of longer bikes so loves the Longshot geometry. Check it out from about 2 mins in.

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09/02/2018 - The new Escapade is here

The new Escapade

More new product! The throttle is wide open here at Cotic this month. Yes, after a couple of months waiting we finally have our new Escapade, and ain't it a beaut?


The Escapade is our super versatile, tough road bike. Most people would call it a gravel bike these days, but that would sell it short. We see it as a road bike without limitations.


The geometry is designed to be responsive and fun, for whizzing into town, or a couple of hours blast in the hills. It's shot through with our mountain bike DNA, so it loves to nip off down those paths in the woods, or take that shortcut you spotted. It'll take a rear rack for a bit of light touring or bike-packing, and there's two bottle bosses and plenty of space for frame bags. It has tonnes of clearance for big tyres and it only has disc brakes, because we think these are the best tools for the job whatever surface you're riding on.

Following on from the updates on the Roadrat last Autumn, the Escapade now gets our new super smooth integral tapered head tube, and our RB4 carbon leg/aluminium steerer thru axle forks. New for Escapade is a full carbon fork option - the RB5 - which is a £100 upcharge, but saves 200 grams. As well as the fork and head tube, the new Escapade goes Flat Mount brakes front and rear to make it easier to spec the latest and best road disc brake systems.


Cy also tweaked the geometry of the smaller sizes following feedback from customers, so the 52cm (XS) and 54cm (S) size frames both get steeper seat angles, and slightly slacker head angles to reduce toe overlap with the large tyres the bike is capable of using, and to suit the slightly shorter stems than shorter riders tend to find more comfortable.

The bike continues to be fully Road Plus compatible just like the last iteration, and we're offering a choice on tyres now with both the full slick WTB Horizon and now the semi-slick, gravel road WTB Byway as well. Both are 650x47 with that wonderful floaty big volume feel.


You can read all about the new Escapade over on the product page.

The new Escapade frameset is £499 with the RB4 carbon/alu fork, or £599 with the RB5 full carbon fork. Bikes start with the Bronze Sora based build at £1099, the new Tiagra based Silver build starting at £1349, and then head on up to the 105 Hydraulic Gold build at £1699. Road Plus is a £200 upcharge, and we have Hope 20FIVE wheels in your choice of hub colour, and Hope headset and other upgrades are available through the Go Custom programme on the bike builder.

They are available right now, from stock, in all sizes and colours. Orders yours now and you'll get it next week.

See more photos on the product page…

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07/02/2018 - London Bike Show 2018

London Bike Show Logo 2018 - BLACK and GREEN_preview

Cotic are off to London Bike Show! 23rd-25th February. Come and visit our stand, take a look around our latest bikes, and try them on for size.

The London Bike Show promises a great day out for cyclists or anyone looking to get out cycling. You can explore the latest bikes and products across all disciplines.

New for 2018 include The Legends Exhibit, a celebration of the history of road cycling and the MBUK Lodge & Cinema... and of course, the Cotic stand, featuring the new FlareMAX...

Flare Max 2018

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02/02/2018 - MBR First Ride on the new FlareMAX

Last week, Cy and Sam introduced the new FlareMAX to the MBR guys... and they "got it" straight away...

Check out the full story on MBR…

02/02/2018 - Singletrack check out the new FlareMAX


The plan was for Cy and Russ to take some brand spanking box fresh new FlareMAX production bikes out for a spin... and for them to chat over how the bike had evolved from its previous incarnation... but plans don't always work out... first Cy fell ill, and then so did Russ. So, instead, Chipps and Kelvin took Sam and Rich around a quick local Todmordon loop on the bikes. Fun! And then Sam was persuaded volunteered to stand in for Cy in the video chat. Read, watch, listen, look... and learn... here...

Check out the story on Singletrackworld…

02/02/2018 - There is a new FlareMAX on the way


Order now, stock arriving this month…

The new FlareMAX product page…

The previous FlareMAX gen1 (XL still available)…

31/01/2018 - onboardwithrocketman


on board the Rocket

Onboard with @jpswinny. Looks sped up - itís not. Heís not called Rocketman for nothing. #unsustainablyhighstoke #gritandsteel #visitsheffield #coticbikes

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You'd be faster on a Rocket…

22/01/2018 - Winter Ride Out 2018 - SNOWMAGEDDON

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Cotic Owners Ride Out - Winter 2018

'Character Building"

Snow, slides, smiles, snacks, numb toes, schooled by the race team on their BFe's, boggled by the guy on the singlespeed Simple. No-one died. See you next year?

Beat the blues Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out

What a day! Team Cotic has only just thawed out but itíll take a long while to wipe the smiles off our faces. Massive thanks to everyone who braved the elements and made it so fun. #youmeetthenicestpeopleonacotic #unsustainablyhighstoke #gritandsteel #coticbikes #youdbefasteronarocket #enjoythecommute #coticsolaris #coticsoul #gotsoul #sheffield #peakdistrict #steelisreal #enduro #dhmtb #outsideisfree #outsideisfred #shredsled #benicesayhi #behighsayniiice #ukmtb #rideoftenridefar #iridebetterwithmyfriends #mtb #vtt #whatwouldrocketmando #🚀

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