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08/02/2016 - Demo Done!

Don't trust photos, they don't show quite how grim it is out there. As an aside, "grim" on autocorrect comes up as "fun". The phone is right - it was fun! Calver demo day is in full swing. Couple of spots available this afternoon if you're free. #gritandsteel #coticrocket275 #peakdistrict

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Cheers to everyone who come out on Saturday and braved the Grim North (tm) for some Rocket demo rides. Weather was pretty wet, but one of those "not too bad once you're out" kind of days. Was fun sploshing down our test track and local descents, and there was lots of love for the bikes. Best quote of the day was from one customer who said "if I can feel confident riding down THAT trail in THIS weather then it's got to be a good bike". Well quite!

More demos to come, we will be announcing them soon.

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08/02/2016 - London Bike Show This Week

Don't forget that we're going to be at London Bike Show this week, 11-14 February at ExCeL. We're on stand LB4201, and we will have an example of every bike we make from the Roadrat to the Rocket. We are also dead chuffed to have been mentioned in BikeRadars Top 5 Thing To See At London Bike Show, which is amazing. As a part of that write up Bike Radar are also offering 10% off show tickets, if you quote the promo code BR1620.

Paul and Cy will be there to chat, and for the first time in our history when we get asked the eternal "Have you got any stickers?" we can say, "Yes, we do. Have some!". Rocketman, Straightline and Cotic stickers, plus our usual merch all available from the stand, as well as lovely bikes to look at and chat about. See you there?

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02/02/2016 - Helping Guides Help You

BFE26 Mountain Goat Guiding

Wherever possible we have always helped out guides and coaches with frames and bikes. They help us get the most out of our holidays and riding, and they tend to put intergalactic mileage on their bikes so they're great durability testers!!

Last year Andrew from Mountain Goat Guiding bought a full house BFe26 XT bike from us for his upcoming season. He's loving it, and sent us some great pics.

Hi Cy

I hope you’re keeping well and that business is booming with the new rocket etc. Sorry I haven’t been in touch with any photos in a while but thankfully I’ve managed to be nice and busy with work despite all the storms and rain this winter.

I got out the other day on some small trails next to my house and got some shots hopefully these will serve as a bit of a flavour of whats to come in 2016. Along with this I’m all set for this years First tracks endure cup and hope to show off my Cotic to the best of my ability. I still haven’t stopped receiving endless compliments about the bike from people who see it and the praise only increases when they take it for a spin!!

Thanks again for you’re support and all the best


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01/02/2016 - First Rocket Demo This Weekend

Calver Demo April 2015

Froggatt Edge View from April 2015 Demo Ride

First Rocket Demo of 2016 THIS SATURDAY! We have a small, 2 medium and a large bike available, and it's the first time we have had the small bike up and running so if you have been waiting for that, now is your chance!

We'll be doing our usual 45-55 minute big-up-and-downer test loop which takes in our rocky suspension test track and a great sweeping descent back to Stony Middleton. We're starting at 0930, and then hourly after that. The morning rides are pretty much full, but we still have space on the 1.30 and 2.30 afternoon rides.

Remember you need to book on to avoid missing out on the size or ride that you want. So email or call 07970 853531 to book onto a ride with your preferred ride time and size, and we'll get you booked in and send you detailed instructions on our location and what you need to bring.

Looking forward to seeing you and getting some great riding in.

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26/01/2016 - Fitting 26 Wheels to Rocket275

Yes you read that right. It’s January 2016 and we’re talking about a Rocket with 26” wheels. What’s going on?

Richard the mechanic / photographer comes from a BMX background and is (extremely) slow to jump on the big-wheel bandwagon. He explains what he’s been up to recently…

#26aintdead (just yet). Going fast, leaving the ground, quick turns and bashing elbows with my friends when racing / razzing down hills, is my jam. In 2014 I took a Rocket26 demo bike to the Alps for a fortnight, which was a treat. There was nothing that my skill allowed that the bike didn’t cater for. It’s no surprise that 99% of people out there were on 26” bikes. They’re strong, light, cheap & readily available. After that Rocket26 went off to its new home, I looked for an alternative 26” frame and ended up with a Santa Cruz Blur 4x. A perfect companion for the short, jumpy, rough riding I prefer to do. The only problem was it’s nearly 10 years old and with that, comes the 1 1/8” headtube and the rapidly dwindling choice of forks with straight steerers. In the meantime the Rocket275 arrived and would be my first choice but the thought of changing my lovely new Hope Enduro wheels was a bit of a bugbear. We get a lot of inquiries about whether we’re going to make another new full-suss 26” frame and the answer is still NO. However, would 26” wheels work in the new Rocket275? Why not give it a go? So we did.

And – nothing bad happened. The bike industry survived, luddites and futurists weren’t waiting round the next tree to jump out and attack me. All was good.

The main worry was that the BB would be so low it would make pedal strikes a major problem. We spend most of out rides in the Peaks, full of ruts, uneven grit stone rocks and high heather – pedal strikes are a way of life so a marginally higher BB is actually an advantage. The 26" set-up has been tested at a smooth, trail center style park with jumps, a tight & twisty explore through the local woods, a long Peaks loop and a mud filled slog through steep and technical woods. I’m very far from the best rider that’s graced a bicycle, but I can count the total pedal strikes on one hand and found nothing that reminded me that I was on a hybrid. As we kept 27.5 forks on it as well, the ride height dropped equally front and rear. The stock BB height has a 3mm drop with 27.5 wheels. The effective BB drop with 26” wheels, when compared with other 27.5” frames is 17mm, which is still comparable to other bikes on the market. Clearance is obviously fine for a larger tyre (and with the new Cotic mudgards, the extra space at the front end is hidden somewhat). If you have a pair of 160mm 26” forks (541mm static height or taller) then these will work too, making the geometry approximately the same as stated for 150mm 27.5" forks (66 deg head angle), and you can upgrade piecemeal over time.

As a result of all this, I literally put my money where my mouth is and am now the owner of a shiny new Rocket275 in orange, running my lovely 26" Hope wheels, and I've treated myself to some Sweep Roughcut HLR forks to go with it.

Rocket26-275 Richard on his first ride on his new bike

Check out the video below for more explanation and get booked onto the demo day on 6th February to try out the new Rocket with whatever wheels you fancy.

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