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27/07/2016 - video clip of our demo stand

Thanks to Tim Royale for the clip of our demo stand at Northern Grip last weekend.

A final reminder that this weekend our droplink demo bikes are staying local, so you can ride one from our HQ in the Peak District... Get on it!

We also have lots more public demos in the pipeline, and you can also organise a private demo for you and your riding mates with Sam.

the Facebook event for the demo this weekend…

see the demo calendar, and contact Sam about a demo…

26/07/2016 - droplink DEMO WEEKEND

A reminder that this weekend you can ride the new droplink bikes from our HQ in the Peak District... Get on it!

See the Facebook event…

Contact Sam about this or any other demo we have planned…

20/07/2016 - droplink bikes and bottles have arrived

Rich and Will have been busy filling our unit with boxes and boxes of new droplink frames, and building up the first bikes for customers. All four models, in all colours, and all sizes, are available to order from stock now. Bikes are built up on demand... place an order and the boys get busy.

Flare prep Bottles and merch

Also new in, are our bottles.
Classy white COTIC wrap print on smoke transparent bottles, we love them.

Postage is a bit different for these (as they're pretty affordable but big) in that, if you buy just bottles, we need to add £3 extra P&P to your order. If however, you order anything else, say a mudguard, pocket t-shirt or ride jersey, then that extra postage charge isn't applied. This means free postage to mainland UK, and lower postage costs elsewhere. So, we advise using your bottle purchase as an excuse to grab something else at the same time.

Oh... one more thing... don't forget we having a demo weekend "at home" in the Peak District.

read our introduction to the droplink full-suspension range…

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20/07/2016 - EWS La Thuile

We've always thought that young rider (can we still call him that?) Nial Oxley has the right attitude to riding, paired with a whole bucket load of skill. So, when asked if we could sort him a Rocket frame for this year's Enduro season, we jumped at the chance. We knew he'd ride it hard.

Last weekend, young (still not sure we should call him that) Nial made the trip to the Alps to race the Enduro World Series rd 4 at La Thuile, where Duncan caught him on camera, and send us a shot... "one of your guys?"

So, having explained it was Nial, we asked if he had any more shots. We also asked Nial to write a few words... here we go...

Words : Nial Oxley
Photos : Duncan Philpot

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to race my first ever Enduro World Series race in La Thuile, Italy. The tracks there are nothing like I've ever ridden, all around ten minutes long each with up too 1000m of decent, and almost certainly rougher and more technical than most of the World Cup Downhill tracks I've raced. Sore hands, cramp and "rattled knuckles" were all part of the experience!

I took my Cotic Rocket to La Thuile with the only addition being a full chain device for extra security. Racing went fairly well for me but not without the usual mishaps, I forgot my goggles on stage one which I will freely admit was my fault and I also had a crash on stage three. Probably the most notable factor in racing was just how tiring it was, 30 degree heat, body armour and a full face make for heavy work and the main thing that was effecting my riding was tiredness. Definitely a cut above anything I've ever raced previously! The only thing I can compare it too would be racing Val Di Sole back to back for three runs. My rocket held up really well for the duration of the weekend, other parts needed replacing but the frame with all its bearings and bushes are still like new!

In the end I managed to have a fairly good run on stage six which brought my position up in the Under 21's men's overall to 14th position, I'm pretty bloody happy with that as I've never done anything so hard before! Although with some specific training and hard work I may be able to improve slightly. All I can think about now Is going out and doing another!


EWS - La Thuile - Practice EWS - La Thuile - Race

EWS r4 info…

Rocket product page…

19/07/2016 - handy new phone app from Cane Creek

We're probably more flexible than any one else when it comes to getting you the kind of shock that you want on your new bike. So, we try not to have favourites, and are willing to try and get the best out of any shock with a blindness to brand loyalty. We offer X-Fusion and Fox shox options with any bike/frame, and both have great things going for them... but we keep coming back to Cane Creek for the performance, feel, and tuneability their DBinline offers. We now fit it as standard to our Gold and Platinum builds... and you can also upgrade frames and Silver builds to fit one as well.

Now, the "tuneability" of the DBinline does put some people off, but fear not... start with a tune that we've worked out with Cane Creek, and tune from there. It's not that hard... and Cane Creek have just made it far more convenient...

There's a handy new app from the folks over at Cane Creek. You can use it to help tune your shock, and store different sets of shock settings. I've lost the bit of paper I had my shock settings written down on, so I for one welcome this. In the app, you can pull in helpful recommended settings to start you off AND follow some non nonsense help instructions to tune the shock more to your liking. You don't need to be an engineer or mechanic to understand or use it at all, it is very much aimed at us riders.

In Cane Creek's database you'll find the settings for Rocket26 and the current Rocket... I've texted Cy and he says that the Rocket275 settings are a great starting point for the RocketMAX as well.

As for the Flare... Paul is working on settings for that, but they're not yet in the database the App uses. If you're one of the first people to receive your Flare, and are using the DBinline, feel free to contact Paul for some base settings... or if you're a proper Geek, feel free to offer us feedback on the settings you've tried. We're always happy to hear from people...

read the Pink Bike write up on the Dialed app…

Cotic geek page with Rocket DBinline setup…

Get the app…

11/07/2016 - the BIG droplink news

For us here at Cotic, today is the most exciting day in our history; Our most important product launch since we first introduced the Soul over a decade ago... and a culmination of years and years of busy product development behind closed doors, and sometimes hidden in plain sight on the race scene.

We give you.. a droplink model for any type of riding, for every kind of rider.

As well as our beast of an enduro/trail machine, the Rocket, we can now unveil its super fast - and not very well kept secret - bigger brother, the big wheeled RocketMAX.

And it doesn't stop there... we also have TWO new shorter travel bikes, the Flare and the FlareMAX!

No half measures; a whole new suspension range from Cotic, right here, right now.

Before we dig deeper into what these bikes have to offer, let's look at some pictures...

RocketMAX RocketMAX RocketMAX RocketMAX


You know what's what here, and those of you patiently waiting for more stock will be pleased to know that we haven't forgotten the Rocket, and new stock is about to land!

We've also added an XL size... not just for the super tall people. Hours spent on one of our many prototypes has proved to us that many people really want to pair up some extra reach with a super short stem. Remember, our droplink frames have loads of standover clearance, so going up a size is viable if you want a longer bike, and all our bikes can now be specced with a 40mm stem.


This is our medium travel, lighter, sprightlier model.

We've been asked for this for longer than we can remember... You asked, and we delivered. A bike with the heart of the Soul, with lively droplink suspension that keeps you in touch with the trail, and helps you squeeze the maximum fun out of it. Soul owners know what we're on about, and we're sure lots of you will be as excited as we are about this model finally being released. We've sweated the details long and hard on this one.

Where would it be fun to ride the Flare? Where wouldn't it!?!


MAX by name, Maximum versatility by nature, MAX is the new branch of the Cotic range which can run either 29 inch wheels with tyres up to 2.5" wide, or the latest Plus sized wheels in 27.5 x 2.8" width. Boost rear axles are paired with new tubing and swingarms refined to offer the stiffness we know big wheeled bikes require.

Introducing the MAX versions of the Flare and Rocket.


This is our big wheeled version of the Rocket

Earlier versions of this baby were ridden by our team to great success. Since then we've made it stiffer, faster, and more responsive. Oh, and upped its versatility with 275Plus wheel compatibility and Boost148 rear axle. It's now proper superhero ready stuff, or maybe super villain?! Oops.. sorry, getting carried way. I want to go and blast one of these down a mountain side right now...


This is the big wheeled version of the Flare.

This bike is a riot to ride and a bit of a shapeshifter: Fast and fun in a way its 120mm travel doesn't even begin to hint at, yet comfortable and long legged for those pedaling-and-look-at-the-view days.

Confidence inspiring, and with you all the way, that's the FlareMAX.

Frames start at just £1499, and we ship worldwide from our base in the heart of the Peak District.

It's such an exciting time for our company, getting these new bikes available to you. We love riding these bikes and to have options for people who like all sorts of different types of riding and styles of bike to get onto a Cotic something we're really looking forward to.

Hopefully you're excited too. We'd love to hear what you think of the new bikes.

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07/07/2016 - BFe275 new features

Find out more about the new BFe275 on the product page…

Order now…

06/07/2016 - Northern Grip Mountain Bike Festival in Ramsbottom, Lancashire

It's so good to have Sam back out there... but be gentle with him please, we don't want him broken again. Right... the return of #wheresamwednesday ! Over to Sam...

Northern Grip

A big thanks to everyone who came along to the Dalby Forest demo day, the weather held off and lots of fun was had on both the Rockets and the hardtails. Our next outing is just less than 2 weeks away at the Northern Grip Festival.

Taking place over the 23rd and 24th July is the inaugural Northern Grip Mountain Bike Festival in Ramsbottom, Lancashire. I will be there on the Saturday with the demo fleet, and you can borrow a bike to thrash round some of the great local trails that have been marked out for the festival, some of which are usually out of bounds! Here's the lowdown on the event:

"Northern Grip is an annual celebration of mountain biking and mountain bike culture with the inaugural festival taking place in Ramsbottom on Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th July 2016. The festival combines riding on some of the North West's finest fells with a focus on post-ride activities in the festival hub located in and around Ramsbottom's Civic Hall.

...As we run into the evening the party vibe will take over as we hand over to our bands and DJs to take us into the small hours. Award winning gastropub the Eagle & Child will be performing breakfast duties on Sunday before we head out onto the hills for one last big ride.

Northern Grip organiser Tom Whitehead said: 'Northern Grip isn't going to be just about the fun riding to be had on the amazing hills and trails around Ramsbottom. The festival hub at the Civic Hall will have a full programme of activities with film screenings, live music, DJs, Q&As with extraordinary riders, bike demos and, of course, great local food and ales. We'll also be throwing in some memorable surprises throughout the day.'"

It's set to be a great weekend, and with tickets costing a mere £25 you'd be daft to miss it if you live in the North West. All our demo bikes are free to ride, just bring photo ID, credit card/car keys and ideally your own pedals and you're good to go. There's an all day group ride on the Sunday and less expo stuff, but if you'd like to take a bike out on the Sunday let me know and I'll sort you out. Sadly my arm will prevent me from joining in!

If you're attending the festival and would like to reserve a bike for a certain time on the Saturday, drop me an email and I'll get you booked in. Otherwise just turn up and find the Cotic stand.

For all the info you could possibly need, check out

Tickets can be purchased there, but hurry up as there aren't many left.

I'm also looking to fill some gaps in my Calendar over the August Bank Holiday. I will be in Scotland over that weekend (26th - 29th), so if you're north of the border and want to demo a bike, give me a shout and we'll get something planned.

See you on there.


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