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24/04/2017 - Cotic Spring Party 2017

Cotic Spring Party

Cotic Spring PartySpring PartyCotic Spring PartyCotic Spring Party

On Saturday 22nd April 2017, we threw open our doors at Cotic HQ for our Spring Party. We had two demo rides in the morning, one at 9.30am, and the next at 11am. The demos being held at our HQ allowed the whole demo fleet to go out and this made for some pretty big groups of demo riders. It was great to have riders on our local demo loop and on our Cotic test track. The weather was kind, as you can see from the photos, the sun was shining all day.

Cotic Spring PartyCotic Spring PartyCotic Spring PartyCotic Spring Party

In the afternoon we had the Cotic Owners Ride Out. We were so happy with how many of you managed to join us in the sunny Peak District. We had 45 people come out on the ride, old and new faces, and some of the riders came quite a distance to join us.

Cotic Spring Party

Forge Coffee Roasters supplied us with fantastic coffee all day, from their beautiful Austin 7 van. Vocation Brewery kept the alcoholic beverages flowing. Kadai Company let us borrow a brilliant fire pit to keep us warm well into the evening. Studio Soho supplied us with a beautiful spot prize wallet, Awesome Merch kept us supplied with even more stickers and map print postcards. Special thanks to Adam and Will's mum for the amazing food!

A HUGE thanks to everyone that came along and made it a fantastic Cotic Ride out and event! See you all next time?

Spring PartyCotic Spring PartyCotic Spring PartyCotic Spring Party
Cotic Spring Party

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21/04/2017 - win the chance to race at Steel City 2017

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Polaris Bikewear and Cotic have teamed up to offer you the chance to race at...

Steel City 2017


Enter now on the Polaris website…

19/04/2017 - Ben Gerrish reviews for Bikesoup

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Ben Gerrish has been busy writing a review and article for Bikesoup Magazine about his Cotic Rocket. Have a read by following the link below!>

Ben Gerrish on Cotic Rocket

Read Bikesoup review here…

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18/04/2017 - Guy Kes TV reviews Cotic FlareMAX

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Last week we were lucky enough to have Guy KesTV join us at our Cotic HQ. He loves the FlareMAX and says it's one of the best mountain bikes in the world! He tested the bike on our local demo loop, the loop which all our prototypes are tested on!

Take a look at his great video about it:

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13/04/2017 - PSSST... Spring Promotion!

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cane creek db inline

Quick note to let you know that we're offering free Cane Creek DB Inline shock upgrades on Rocket and RocketMAX for the rest of April. So, just 1499 instead of 1749 for the DB Inline equipped frame, or free upgrade on the Silver bikes. On the Gold and Platinum bikes where it's stock spec, these bikes are 250 cheaper, so just 3349 for a Gold build.

It's a fantastic shock with tonnes of adjustability. It's Cy's preferred shock and he wrote all about our shock options and tuning last year, if you fancy a bit more of an in depth read, follow the link.

Cane Creek DB Inline shock tuning…

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11/04/2017 - What Mountain Bike Magazine, Trail Bike of The Year 2017

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What Moutain Bike Magazine

What Mountain Bike's Trail Bike of The Year 2017

Look what landed on our desk!

What Mountain Bike reviewed our FlareMAX and have given it a fantastic write-up.

Grab yourself a copy and have a read!

What Mountain Bike

07/04/2017 - Rocketman 3 - Return of Straightline

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Rocketman 3 - Return of Straightline

Sheffield is at peace. It's quiet....maybe TOO quiet. Is our hero still needed?

A new tyranny rises, and a big wheel weapon is needed to combat the new evil.

Cotic RocketMAX - 29 or 275 Plus wheels, 140mm travel

Cotic FlareMAX - 29 or 275 Plus wheels, 120mm travel

Heroically Fast Bikes

Watch the original Rocketman video…

Watch part 2, The Ride Of Straightline…

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04/04/2017 - Restrap X Cotic

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Restrap X Cotic

Custom Frame Bag

Interesting little side project we have had going on which has come to fruition this week. If you follow our Instagram and Facebook posts you might have noticed Richard sporting a little frame bag in the front of the main triangle of his Rocket. This is a result of a bit of a roundabout journey, where I did some brainstorming about what and how people carry things on their bikes with Nick Hamilton from Sheffield Hallam University. He wanted some help shaping some ideas with a view to offering the project to a Masters student on his Sports Engineering course. There was much drinking of coffee, hand waving, wandering around, and post it notes...


The idea was to come up with what might be the minimum required luggage to be safe out in the hills, and how that changed with riders' experience, perception and preparation. We got some really interesting insights, not least of which was asking friends what they had in their pack and why. This led to all sorts of interesting conversations, but most valuable for most people was simply the act of emptying their pack and having a look. Most people had two if not three generations/frame purchases ago mech hangers, special tools they no longer needed, wrong size tubes. So if nothing else, grab your pack tonight and empty it out. I think you'll be surprised by how much weight you can save!

For the record, I have a small and large multi-tool, a blinky rear light, Mountain Morph mini floor pump, a couple of zips ties, couple of plasters, a few quid in change, a buff and a fleece skull cap, and a quick link for my chain. If I'm faffing with shocks I'll have a lightweight aluminium rule and a shock pump and a notepad, and I have a really light Royal windproof gillet which does go in the bag on me most rides. I'll add food and jackets/layers for longer rides. Here is a snapshot of what Richard has in his Restrap:


Richard came to one of the sessions, and inspired by the thinking behind it, got in touch with Restrap in Leeds about a little frame bag to carry his essentials. We got a bag but it wasn't quite right, so we set about making a bunch of templates from all the Cotic front ends in all sizes and sent them to Restrap to see if they could come up with something that would work on Cotic's. Restrap owners Nathan owns a BFe so he was up for a collaboration. A couple of prototypes were made, tweaking the shape and strapping until we ended up with this:


It's designed to fit in front of the shock mount on all droplink bikes and obviously without having shocks it will easily fit all the hardtails too. It's pretty roomy, so all your essentials will fit: multi-tool, small pump or cannister, tube, some small spares and a bit of a food, even a light gillet or jacket. It's perfect for those short rides where a pack is overkill, or longer days if you don't like wearing a pack. It's got waterproof zips and is showerproof so everything stays in good condition. Richard is a huge fan as he doesn't like wearing a pack, and the team will be running them in races for the same reason. My elephant like appetite for water even on short rides means I'm sticking with my small hydration pack, but for longer days I shall be taking one with me for those few extras I can't get on my back like extra food and another layer of clothing.

They're made in the UK, and it's been such a cool thing to be a part of.

They are available now, in black, for 45. You can orders yours today on our Merch page and you'll have it before the weekend:

Hope you like them. What are you going to put in yours?


Founder and Director - Cotic Bikes

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