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22/03/2017 - Sheffield Outdoor City

Sheffield Outdoor City Weekend

A Line demo day

We had a busy weekend lined up for us last weekend, with the Sheffield Outdoor City Weekend on. If you've never heard of it, it's a festival of outdoor events, celebrating sports, hobbies and all things outdoors in Sheffield. It's part of an initiative to put Sheffield on the map as the UK's first 'Outdoor City'.

Saturday we did an exclusive demo with A Line Coaching. Gareth and JP from A Line are Brand Ambassadors for Cotic, and both run Rockets for both coaching and razzing! A fantastic group of people all keen to demo a Cotic bike turned out at Greno on Saturday morning to get some pointers from Gareth and try the bikes.

A Line Cotic demo day

Howard Street Dual

Saturday was also the Howard Street Dual (AKA Steel City Dual Slalom), a never seen before event taking place in the city centre. This unique event saw riders go head-to-head in knock out stages. The course was pretty short, but this made it very close between the riders which made it all the more challenging! The race saw a lot of Sheffield grown talent as well as some riders that come from further afield. Of course, Steve Peat got in on the action, finishing in 3rd place.

Cy, Will and Richard were flying the Cotic flag in the race. Here are Cy's thoughts on the day...


Having had a bit of cheeky practice on the grass on Friday when Mat, Nick, Carrie, Peaty and I had to muck about and gurn for the Look North cameras, I was pretty nervous on Saturday when I woke up to light rain. It was wet and greasy as hell! I wasn't the only one thinking this on the course walk.

However, the wooden features built were amazing and had sand paint for grip, and rubber mats were thrown down on the slipperiest bits of concrete in the street. Nothing left for it but to ride!

What a great course! It was challenging and fun and interesting and you never quiiiiite got it right, but it was so good riding it.

Crowds were soon gathering, and sitting in that start hut at the tops of the steps, looking down the course, is something I won't forget in a hurry. Noisy crowds 3 deep in places, in the middle of the City, with a mountain bike track as far as you could see. So special.

After seeding it was race time, with plenty of time to chat to curious passers by whilst waiting for the off outside the Millenium Gallery. I was drawn against Will - battle of the Cotic's! Unfortunately for me, Will is pretty much as handy as his older brother, Rocketman himself, so I was in for a tough draw. I decided to run a Rocket because I needed grip to spare and the flights of steps at the top meant I could pedal all the way down too. Will on his BFe couldn't keep up at the start, but that was the only place I bettered him. He was MEGA on the wet grass and I was well beaten both times. He went on to a controversial knock out in the quarters after an 'interesting' decision. Not that we're bitter!

After getting knocked out of the race, I just enjoyed the show, and the Cotic stand became the unofficial social hub at the top of the hill. Was so nice having everyone hanging out and cheering the others on.

I can't think of another City in the UK that would have pulled this off. Massive thanks to Nick Hamilton and Jon Dallow for putting in countless hours to make it happen. I'll say it again: What. A. Day.

Sheffield, you are the bloody dream.

Cy race prep

Lady Cannings Open Demo

Sunday we had an open demo day at Lady Cannings, if you're familiar with Lady Cannings you'll know that even on a relatively calm day it can be windy up there. We'd decided to go on a particularly windy and drizzly day. The demo day flag did well to stay upright all day!

The weather didn't deter the keen demo riders, there was a definite buzz and bustle around Lady Cannings, passers by were stopping to tell us how happy they were the trail was open again, after it being closed for around 4 months. We bumped into Cotic owners, who were thrilled to see us and so many people on the trails riding a Cotic. Hopefully we'll see them at our Cotic Spring Party 22nd April. It went on to be one of our busiest demo days ever, with so much interest and people out enjoying the outdoors for the Sheffield Outdoor City Weekend.

More action from saturdays #howardstreetdual #unsustainablyhighstoke #gritandsteel

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Wow! What a weekend!! Now where's the coffee?

Did you see us in the Guardian?…

Cy raced a Rocket. Read more here…

Will raced a BFe26. Read more here…

20/03/2017 - Even more winning!

Throwback to last weekend on the final stage of the #scottishenduroseries just before I wiped out 10 metres from the finish line and into 2nd place in the hardtail category. The @coticbikes rolled the rocks on the 4x @nevisrange with ease. #hardtail @fridersinc @coticbikes @dare2b @adidaseyewear @hopetechwomen #dare2b #girlswhoride #hardtail #extremesingleparent #speeddemon #steelisreal #womenofsteel #femaleriders #fullmonty 📷Peter Smith

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Fantastic result for Roslynn! Landing 2nd in the hardtail category and placed 3rd fastest female overall on her Cotic at the Scottish Enduro Series the other weekend.

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20/03/2017 - Smashing into 2017 - Still WINNING!

ALL U R PODIUMZ BELONG TO US! Smashing first race of the new season for the team with @jpswinny taking the WIN and @chaymoose taking 4th. That's also Brand Ambassador @hddnmedia taking 5th in Masters at the opening round of @pmba Gisburn. Awesome job lads / @wildernesstrailbikes / @xfusionshox / @ridejoystock / @hookitproducts / @polarisbikewear / @seeflareco

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First round of the PMBA Enduro Series (which has become the de facto UK series) and carrying on where we left off in 2016, here's Swinny with the WIN, Chay in 4th, and Brand Ambassador Ben Gerrish from HDDN Media on the Masters box too.

The Rocket was the fastest bike in the PMBA in 2016 with the overall series win as well as several race wins. This just keeps it on going. Rocket and RocketMAX. Fastest bikes, proven with science*

*(Possibly. Proven with lots of wins anyway)

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17/03/2017 - Cane Creek DB Coil IL

Cane Creek DBCoil IL

We have been asked a few times about the Cane Creek DB Coil IL since they were announced. It's an interesting idea - a slimline coil shock with all the sensitivity of a coil shock but without all of the weight of a big DH shock. We have had a sample shock for a few months and Cy and Sam have both been riding on it...

DB Coil IL

So, starting with weight, with it's light weight VALT spring it's around 300 grams heavier than the DB Inline, but 200 grams lighter than a DB Coil with regular spring.

It's a very different feeling shock to the DB Inline (Cy's usual shock of choice). With our usual base settings it moves a lot more, with the sensitivity off the top really noticeable. Sam can't believe the sensitivity of this shock. Due to the lack of progression on the spring rate, it does use it's travel a little more easily than the air shock. This is easily sorted by adding an extra turn of High Speed Compression damping to slow it down at the end of the stroke. As we only usually suggest 1.0 turn from lightest setting for HSC, there's plenty of scope to keep things under control.

The other differences are High Speed Rebound range, which is different to the Inline. Where we use 3.0 turns of HSR on the DB Inline, you need 2.0 turns to get the same feel from the Coil IL. The other nice difference in setup is that the Climb Switch is more aggressive. It's still not a full lockout, but given how incredibly supple the Coil IL is, it's a welcome change to calm the shock down on smoother surfaces.

Sam's Rocket

We have them available now on Rocket and RocketMAX, and we have 450, 500, 550 and 600lb springs in stock. At 85kg I hovered between a 550lb and 600lb spring on my RocketMAX, and Sam is 68kg and needs a 500lb shock on his Rocket (see photo below). When you order yours pop a note on the order for which spring you'd like, and place the order. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss more: 07970 853531. They're a £130 upcharge over a DB Inline shock and available now: Order your Rocket

At the moment we're only offering them on the Rockets, but we'd really like to hear from Flare and FlareMAX owners, and potential owners, to know if you think it would be good to have the 50mm stroke option would be a good addition to the range./p>

Read Pinkbike's review here.

In other news we have an offer! Any Cotic bike ordered can get a Joystick 50mm stem upgrade worth £50 for free! Lovely looking CNC goodness, and saves a few grams over the Race Face 50mm. This offer ends 31st March 2017.

Spank Joystick

The other item is a new option; we have Spank Spoon bars in stock. They're 780mm wide and 25mm rise, with a great shape. We have them in Black or Orange (!!) We think these will look amazing on a gunmetal FlareMAX, or one of our orange or green frames. No cost option on any of the bike builds.

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17/03/2017 - RIDERS READY!! sneaky peak at the KICX course

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16/03/2017 - Outdoor City Weekender preview in the Guardian

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15/03/2017 - Cy's RocketMAX and Richard's Slow Mo


RocketMAX ride

It's no big secret that Cy's bike of choice is the RocketMAX, he has a massive soft spot for it. He says it's because it's super fast, composed, grippy and comfortable.

Although tested with Plus wheels recently again, he's still on 29 mainly. At the moment he prefers the lower weight and immediacy of the 29" wheels.

Cy's RocketMAX is basically Platinum spec (company owner privileges!) with a fancy wheel upgrade, and he runs the X Fusion McQueen HLR forks and Hope Race E4 brakes as he prefers the feel of both over the Fox/Shimano options we also have.

Cy's RocketMAX has been with him to the Alps, Bike Park Wales, Revolution, Peak local, Sherwood Pines with the kids, Sherwood Pines without the kids... just to name a few. Where will yours take you?

Here's the man himself, showing off on a photoshoot on his RocketMAX last year:


Outdoor City

A few weeks ago Cotic's Richard headed out to film a segment for the Outdoor City Weekender video trailer. He took the RocketMAX and went up to Whinstone Lee Tor on probably the filthiest day of the winter. In the end there was only a couple of seconds of him in the Outdoor City video, but for getting borderline hyperthermic we thought we'd put together something a little bit longer.

We like the irony of the full slo-mo video footage of probably the fastest bike we make! It's also nice now the sun has finally come out and it's feeling a little warmer to look back at this, it might have been a bit depressing to watch a couple of weeks back!

Don't forget we're involved with Sheffield Outdoor City Weekender, we're hosting a Demo Day at Lady Cannings, a perfect chance to come along and demo a Cotic in the Outdoor City.

Take a look at the video we put together below, also make sure to watch the Sheffield Outdoor City trailer, but don't blink- you'll miss Richard!

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Watch Outdoor City trailer…

14/03/2017 - Brand Ambassadors 2017

Brand Ambassadors

Our 2017 Brand Ambassadors Adele and Ben have been busy out on their bikes, and posting all about it on social media. Here's what they've been saying, and what they've been up to...

Ben Gerrish

The final pieces of the puzzle just went on thanks to @mojosuspension and now this amazing machine is ready to go! Here's to a rowdy year!!! • #HDDN #gritandsteel #unsustainablyhighstoke #coticrocket #hktmovement #ridejoystick #ridewtb #wildernesstrailbikes #flatpedalthunder #hopetech #MadisonClothing #LakesMTB #OneMoreBrew #Razzing #Fox #MojoSuspension #AdidasTerrex #Beer #Razzing #Rowdy #Office #Indoors #RideFox

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Wheelie into the sunset selfie dreaming, after a ridiculously wet day in the slop! • #HDDN #Selfie #DreamingOfDustyCorners #gritandsteel #unsustainablyhighstoke #coticrocket #hktmovement #ridejoystick #ridewtb #wildernesstrailbikes #flatpedalthunder #xfusionshox #hopetech #MadisonClothing #LakesMTB #OneMoreBrew #Razzing

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Big mountains, snow, sideways. 📸 @tomhodgkin • #LakeDistrict #MadisonClothing #Snow #TrailDog #DogsOfInstagram #Sideways #CoticRocket #CoticBikes #WTB #HopeTech #Burgtec #RideJoystick #35Bikes #Hookit #RideFox #LoweProBags #Razzing #HKTMovement #FoxHead

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Berm/Paddling Pool. • #GoodDayToBeADuck #HDDN #gritandsteel #unsustainablyhighstoke #coticrocket #hktmovement #ridejoystick #ridewtb #wildernesstrailbikes #flatpedalthunder #xfusionshox #hopetech #MadisonClothing #LakesMTB #OneMoreBrew #Razzing #Reflection

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Adele Mitchell

Adventure/gravel/CX/whatever ride with @elzrocks this morning. Who cares what it's called so long as you're riding a bike and having fun, right? #coticescapade #coticbikes #wildernesstrailbikes #unsustainablyhighstoke #ridewtb #flatpedalthunder #hopetech #ridecotic #cycling #outside #fitness #shero #justride

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Little album (and trying out this new Instagram feature) of the #coticescapade that I am having a lot of fun on at the moment. Is it a road bike? Is it a rigid mtb? Who cares - it's just a lot of fun! #gritandsteel #gravelbike #unsustainablyhighstoke #wildernesstrailbikes #ridecotic #adventure #adventurebike #lifebike #discbrakes #dropbars #40psi #stoked #offroad #roadcycling #strongher #mountainbike #surreyhills #surreyhillsmtb #fitness #bicycle #cycling

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Off to #swinleyforest today with #coticbikes #coticflare: pretty much galloped round and thus no pictures other than this one (other than when we got lost). But it was lots of fun. #cyclinglove #mtblove #unsustainablyhighstoke #gritandsteel #mtblife #bikebliss #mtbqueens #mtblife #mtbgirl #womenscycling #trailbike #mountainbiking #mountainbike #adventure #bike

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Took my #coticescapade for a ride around #holmburyhill and #pitchhill in #Peaslake this morning. It's a joy to ride - super capable over rough ground - roots, mud etc and super quick on the climbs. Certainly turned a few mountain bikers' heads too!! :0) #superbike #unsustainablyhighstoke #coticbikes #ridecotic #gravelbike #mtb #mtblove #cycling #mountainbiking #surreyhills #surreyhillsmtb #hopetech #wildernesstrailbikes #outsideisfree #trailbike

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