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14/11/2017 - Cotic Racing - A Year In Numbers

Cotic Racing

A Year In Numbers

1 x team, 2 x racers, 2 x Cotic Rockets, 11 x events, 3 x wins, 13 x podiums, 1 x overall win (PMBA), 2 x 2nd category overall (Tweed Triple Crown), 1 x 4th overall (Tweed Triple Crown). Amazing!

You'd be faster on a Rocket

Teaaaam! Swinny Race 2 SCDH nationals Swinny Podium 1 Swinny Escapade Team Nationals Swinny winny Revs + Cotic Tweedlove 2017 PMBA Lee Quarry Darren Ellis Photography Swinny Rocketman 2

You'd be faster on a Rocket…

You'd probably be even faster on a RocketMAX…

09/11/2017 - Andy Milton's Canadian Adventure

Across Canada

Andy Milton

Life Bikes 0826

Andy Milton has completed an amazing 6 month cycling trip across Canada on his Escapade. What an adventure and experience!

"I had cycled 8500km in 6 months and now sat at my desk it seems a million kilometres away… That means only one thing. It’s time for another adventure! Who wants to play?"

To read all about it and see his photos, follow the link below.

Andy's blog post about the trip…

The Adventure Escapade …

06/11/2017 - Roadrat in London


Rich and Kelly took their new Roadrats and some GoPros and headed to London to see the sights. They even waved at the Queen. Rich writes about the day....

Aw London! Love and hate the place. Commuting is (honestly) one of the things I miss the most from my few years of living in the big smoke. If you've never ridden a bicycle in the capital then you're missing out. It's easy; it's literally like riding a bike - except the bike's on fire, you're on fire and everything else is on fire, because you're in hell.

Roadrat in London

Not really, but not far off.

This trip was pure sightseeing though with nods to my old haunts. We landed at St Pancras and headed to Look Mum No Hands for a full-on hipster cyclist breakfast. Not disappointed. I can confirm it's never too early for a sausage & black pudding burger.

Roadrat in London

Straight onto Brick Lane to reminisce over my final year uni exhibition at the Truman Brewery then off to Tower bridge because it's my favourite of the 33. And Robbie Madison once jumped on his MX bike it when it was open. We didn't get the chance to jump it but did see some some rad kids pull the best wheelies I've ever seen. I'll go out on a limb and say the cyclists in the South East have that inner-ear perfection that makes their love of the back wheel the best in the country. It'd be nice to be wrong but I haven't been proven otherwise yet...

Roadrat in London

Anyway, it started raining then and didn't stop till we left so imagine everywhere else we visited overlaid with a heavy grey leaden sky and a thick film of drizzle. Fine rain - soaks you through. From Tower bridge our next stop was Greenwich Park to see the majestic views of our nations financial capital. We could barely see the observatory from the bottom of the hill so no canaries or wharfs were spotted unfortunately! And we definitely didn't see any "no cycling' signs in the park either. Or the foot tunnel. Or the bridges later on. Or anywhere really. That was nice.

Roadrat in London

The major soaking came on the Greenwich to Brixton leg of the ride. Brixton was the best place I lived during my time there. The liveliest, most exciting, gnarliest and welcoming place in town. Thoughts of roasting Stockwell skatepark in the sunshine had long since drained away so we headed to Brixton Cycles instead to catch up with my old brother in BMX, Terry Green. After a tea (Yorkshire) and chips with Hendos (imported), we headed back north via the Waterloo graffiti tunnel to see Liz at no1, The Mall, London. Trivia if you live south of the river and someone turns their nose up, remind them that Elephant & Castle is further north than Sloan Square.

Roadrat in London

Darkness was creeping in and traffic was getting exciting so obviously the safest and quietest place to go after that was Piccadilly Circus. ("wow, what a shitty circus!" - Garth Algar) Wishing I'd cut the bars down a little narrower, we dodged, dipped, dived, ducked and dodged through the traffic to Soho Bikes. Remember if you're in a car, you're not 'stuck in traffic', you are traffic.

Roadrat in London

We'd missed the coffee machine by a few hours but to be honest it was well past that time anyway, so after giving Mario a test ride of his new bike (which he took delivery of the very next day) we raced to the station for platform beers (very similar to street beers) and caught the last train back home.

Roadrat in London

he following day dialled the saturation filter all the way from charcoal to azure. Back in Sheffield the sun was blazing, the sky was clear and even though yesterday had put a chill in my core and 50km of terror-commute in my legs, I had to get out again and put the Roadrat on some dry tarmac. It was sublime to be rolling along in October over the moors and sweeping gritstone hills, in a t-shirt, but it wouldn't have been as sweet without the reminder of hectic city life the day before.

Roadrat in London

Never say never but if I do ever find myself back in London, there's only one bike I'd need. And maybe some mudguards. Here's the full video of Kelly and my adventures in The Smoke. The full gallery of all our my photos are over on the Cotic Flickr page.

The new Roadrat is available now. Remember, Go Custom is now available so the stock builds are just the start; we have had some proper lovely Hope'd up 'rats going out recently. Follow the links below to learn more, and to order yours. - Rich Baybutt

Read more about the new carbon fork'd Roadrat…

Order your new Roadrat today…

06/11/2017 - Kelly's trip with BMW Mountains

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Kelly Jayne

BMW, Mountains and a rocket

New brand ambassador Kelly-Jayne was lucky enough to win an incredible prize with BMW Mountains... She tells us all about it in her blog post.

So, for the first time ever, I entered a competition. After scanning Instagram on the way home from our roadtrip in the Alps and seeing that Hannah Barnes had ridden Nauders (mine and Aiken’s favourite place we visited) for a BMW Mountains Mission, I stumbled upon a competition where you had to complete your own ‘mission’. The prizes on offer included a Garmin, an Evoc bag and just this all expenses paid road trip for you and a +1 with Hannah Barnes and Martin Söderström… I thought, well, I highly doubt I’d ever win the road trip but I could do with a Garmin, and Evoc bags are pretty sweet. My mission was to ride 20k with 1000m of climbing. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I took on my mission, took a selfie as proof with a screenshot of my ride on strava and sent it across to BMW Mounatins. And that was that! I’ll be honest, after that I completely forgot about it and got on with my life. I received an email Monday 11th September from BMW Mountains informing me that the competition entry was closed and the winner of the prizes and road trip would be announced ‘TODAY’. I didn’t hear anything after this and assumed I hadn’t won (better ask Aiken for a Garmin for Christmas). The following day, I was sitting having a brew with my grandparents and I got some pretty ridiculous news.


HOLY MOLY. I’ll be honest, to my grandparents dislike, I swore quite a lot and was very(x10000) shocked that I’d won! The road trip would start on the 18th September, in 7 days… (serious?).

Aiken and I were in complete disbelief and were sure that it was a scam, and didn’t believe it until we got our flight times on the Sunday night!


Kelly Jayne BMW Mountains blog post

As if it couldn’t get more exciting, the day before our road trip, Bell (FYI my beautiful dog) and I met Richard Baybutt, ‘photographer, mechanic, daft ideas person’ from Cotic and his dog Otto at the Hemlock Trail Association for a ride and chat about all things bikes. After drooling over Cotic Bikes for a while I took myself on a Cotic demo day back in June at Lady Cannings and tried out all the bikes and settled on the Rocket as my favourite. So as an already massive fan of the Rocket I was super stoked to be out riding on one again. Amazingly, I was offered the role as a Cotic Ambassador and was given a Rocket for my trip (could things get any better?!).

So absolutely buzzing, we flew into Munich. Collected at the airport by Moritz, a super friendly intern from BMW Mountains who dropped us off at Arthotel Ana. That evening we took it easy after the days travelling, had some pizza and a rest before our 6 day road trip began. Day 1 We met a very friendly Hannah and Martin in the hotel lobby, and headed over to BMW Welt where we met Tuuli- our go-to-gal (for all things road trip related), photographer Jan Kasl and the film crew (FullFace Productions), who would be following (stalking) us on our road trip. After a Tour of all the fancy cars and some history of BMW, a very fancy lunch, I was then, (to my surprise) handed over the keys to a VERY fancy new pre-production BMW X3 for our road trip.

Kelly Jayne BMW Mountains blog pos

After an awkward bit of filming where I had to talk to the camera for the first time, (if anyone else has experienced this before, my god it’s hard work!!) we all packed up, and headed off to our first stop- Hotel Staudacherhof in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. A trip to the spa followed by a tasty 6 course Oktoberfest meal, and we were ready for some sleep!

Day 2 E-Bikes (what’s this all about then?)

Having never ridden an E-bike before, I was quite looking forward to giving the BMW Specialized E-bike a go (even though I had a very exciting Rocket waiting for me). We met our very friendly guide Alex, picked up our bikes and headed off up to the Eibsee!

Kelly Jayne BMW Mountains trip

he ride wasn’t quite how I remembered it… Although the beautiful scenery was familiar the climb was quite different- delightful, sociable and required zero effort. Also, I must not forget to mention, it went A LOT faster. Before we knew it we were greeted with an awesome rocky descent after a fantastic feed at the Hochthörlehütte.

Now not only were these E-bikes, they were ‘fatty’ E-bikes. Made for an interesting descent!

After the ride we headed to the hotel Spa for a quick dip and back on the road to our next destination in the swanky X3; Hotel Die Berge, Solden.

Day 3- What a place!

We met with our new guide for the day- Lienke (a very nice and impressively fast guide from Bike School RIDE-ON). Finally time to get the Rocket out! Some mega faffing and bike building before we all headed up the chairlift to Sölden Bikepark (a.k.a Bike Republic Sölden).

Such an incredible place. The views were spectacular and trails even more so. Super flowy fast fun desents, immaculately groomed and maintained, and so well crafted all made even more fun on the Rocket! Sölden is on our list of places to go back to next year for sure!

Kelly Jayne BMW Mountains blog post

Day 4- No bikes today, instead we went on a ‘driving experience’ over the Timmelsjoch and Julier passes. As far as driving experiences go… it was pretty cool!

After what felt like a million hours of driving we made it to St.Moritz and to the very fancy Hotel Hauser. (If you wanted, you could have a pillow case stuffed solely with pine shavings for reasons I just don’t know). We had yet another spectacular meal at their restaurant and met our super cool guide for tomorrow’s ride, Dave Spielmann from Allaboutmtb.

Day 5- St.Moritz (you beauty). It was FREEZING. But the views were spectacular.

Kelly Jayne BMW Mountains blog pos

Aiken and I had ridden here in the summer and absolutely loved the flowtrails- like Solden, super well maintained and not surprisingly, built by the same team!

At the top of the Corviglia there are two flowtrails, Corviglia and Olympia flowtrails – both super fun. One takes you back to the funicular and the other you can take down to another trail Foppettas, this is a short but super sweet and definitely in my list of top 10 favourite trails I’ve ridden. Marmot spotting, an awesome guide (thanks Dave), what feels like endless rollercoaster flowtrail fun and the best lunch spot at Alto Bar. Oh we did have ever such a fun day!

That evening we went up a funicular to Muottas Muragl for our dinner with the whole gang. We were met with the most stunning views to finish off such an incredible trip!

Kelly Jayne BMW Mountains blog pos

ay 6- Home time!

Aiken and I said our goodbyes to Hannah and Martin and the Fullface production crew and then headed back to Munich with Tuuli. What a week ay! For a first time enter of a competition, I think I got mega lucky. Such a sweet week spent riding, hanging out with and meeting some great people. Massive thank you to BMW mountains for the trip and a bigger one to Tuuli for making it spectacular. And thanks to Jan Kasl for the incredible photos.

Kelly Jayne's blog…

Buy your adventure Rocket…

02/11/2017 - Sam The Demo Man - The MOVIE

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We have been running the Cotic Demo To You service for a while now and Sam and Black Betty - our trusty demo van #transitsnotT5s - are up and down the country bringing the Cotic goodness most weekends. Here's a video of what it's all about if you haven't done a demo yet.

If you would like a demo, check the calendar over on the Demo Page, sign up to the newsletter to get Where's Sam Wednesday updates, or email Sam or Hannah directly on to get involved.

Demo A Cotic…

30/10/2017 - Steel Is Real Event

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Steel Is Real Event

Forest of Dean

Yesterday saw us head over to the Steel Is Real Demo Event in the Forest of Dean. It was a brilliant, busy and fun event with a great buzz and bunch of people. Thanks to everyone who came along, it was great meeting you.

Such a great day yesterday with the Groovy Gang. The @steelisrealmtb demo day and exhibition @pedalabikeaway was brilliant. Massive thank you to each and every person who popped by to say hello, ogle the bikes, blag a poster, have a demo or just tell us how much you liked the bikes. It meant so much to all of us. @davecamus & @will.easey brought the style so look out for more media soon and @pedallingpints nailed his ‘get-ons’. We even picked up a hitchhiker all the way from Sheffield 🕷 Special biggups to Kye who joined us on a #onelapnocrap razz, last thing in the evening. See you at the next one. Remember if you want to try a bike just get in touch and make it happen - it’s easier than you think.

A post shared by Cotic (@coticbikes) on

Cotic Crew at Steel Is Real Demo Event

Check out the video below by the brilliant Will Easey.

Demo A Cotic…

Will Easey's YouTube Channel…

Will Easey's PinkBike write up of the event…

27/10/2017 - Free Cane Creek Shock on Droplink Bikes

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Free Cane Creek DB Air IL

From today we are offering free Cane Creek DB Air IL upgrades on the droplink frames and bikes.

We are a bit short of X Fusion shocks for a few weeks so we thought to plug the gap we would offer a free upgrade to X Fusion frame only, and Silver build customers, and spread the love to the rest of the bike range with an equivalent cost saving.

The shock is just fantastic, and is the suspension of choice on Cy's RocketMAX, Sam's Rocket and Paul's Flare. Super tuneable, plenty of support, light, looks great.

Rocket Max Fast Red with Cane Creek DB Air IL Shock

So here's the deal - if you buy a droplink frame, you get a free upgrade to the Cane Creek DB Air IL shock from the X Fusion option. So that's £1499 for the frame with the free shock upgrade, saving you £300.

If you order a Silver build bike, they start at £2699 with the X Fusion shock. Now you get a free Cane Creek DB Air IL upgrade saving £300.

I think you're probably seeing a pattern emerging here!

Everything else in stock, so order yours and get it by the end of next week:

Click Here to order your droplink bike with free Cane Creek DB Air IL

On the Gold and Platinum spec bikes which already feature the DB Air IL in the spec, we are knocking £300 off the price, so a Gold build starts at just £3349. Maybe put the saving towards a fork upgrade? £300 covers you for Pikes on Flare, FlareMAX and Rocket, and a Lyric on the RocketMAX (at the newly approved 160mm fork travel). Or just another £50 gets you onto the awesome Cane Creek HELM on the Flare or Rocket (with newly approved 170mm option there).

0% Finance is available with this offer if you need to spread the payments out.

Flare 27.5

Flare looking great with a Cane Creek DB Air IL Shock and Gold Build

Rocket 2017 build

DB Air IL on the Rocket

FlareMAX Looking Well

If you're at all concerned about all the dials, don't be. We have loads of experience with the shock, and it comes ready set with the Cotic base tune to work from. We supply the Cane Creek tuning guide (which is great) and that's supported by their Dialed app, plus there's loads of advice and a blank setting sheet for you to use in your Cotic droplink user manual from us. And if you just want to chat to someone about it, then we're always here for product support. You know we are!

Hope you like this little offer. Click on the links below to get involved and order your bike.

Order your RocketMAX with FREE DB Air IL…

Order your FlareMAX with FREE DB Air IL…

Order your Rocket with FREE DB Air IL…

Order your Flare with FREE DB Air IL…

17/10/2017 - Soul, Roadrat and Escapade Deals

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Weekend Deal

The Soul! Orange and Aqua QR axle Soul in medium or large available. The definitive trail hardtail. Light, lively, 853 frame, 27.5" wheels. 120-140mm forks. Dropped the price from £549 for the frame to just £399. There's about 2 or 3 of each size colour left. Get in quick!


Last few medium yellow old style Roadrat still in stock. No yellow matching forks left, but we have lime green, British Racing Green or Gunmetal Gloss available. Here's some shots of the yellow frame with a couple of the fork options:

Yellow, polar glossYellow, british racing green

We are tearing these out at just £199 for the frame only, £249 with the forks, and all frames or framesets come with a free Cane Creek 10 Series headset fitted. Just choose the headset from the menu if you would like it.

Finally we have the last few Escapade in Fast Red, 52cm/Extra Small. Suits riders around 5ft 4in to 5ft 7in.


We have knocked £100 off the frameset price and chucked in the free Cane Creek headset as well. So that's just £299 for the frames, or £899 for the Silver build, £1099 for the Silver Road Plus build shown above. Only 4 left in stock.

Or alternatively, if you're after something 'ALL THE NEW', then the new Roadrat is now available from stock. Just taken an order from a guy putting orange Hope hubs and headset on his. That's going to look sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Road Rat v4
Road Rat v4

Order your Soul here…

Order your Roadrat here…

Order your Escapade here…

Order the all new Roadrat here…

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