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16/01/2018 - Abandoned Playgrounds


Filming for Abandoned Playgrounds

Our camera wizard/spanner monkey Richard Baybutt had a brilliant time last summer, finally he can tell us all about it...

Back in the summer of 2017 I was offered the chance to help out on a TV show for Channel 4. We’d pack a double decker bus full of athletes, camera kit, bikes, skateboards, high lines, food and a dog and trundle our way around the UK converting abandoned spaces into playgrounds. ‘Britains Abandoned Playgrounds' launched at the Kendal Mtn Film festival in November and can be found on 4OD. It’s well worth a watch - even without a fleeting glimpse of an old paint-test mk1 BFe lurking in the background!

Richard Baybutt

Salt St, the film & production crew, are based in Sheffield and were responsible for the epic Outdoor City trailer and the misty, murky, mud-filled, rocket max + otto dog video (at the bottom of the page, if you haven't seen it). It turns out a fortnight of me crashing the BFe around must have made some impression as Anna, Ed & Joe popped over to Calver the other week for a private demo round our loop in Eyam. There were loads of bike swaps to see the differences in sizes and model lines. Being an olympic skier, Joe didn’t have any proper kit but did have an abundance of confidence; I lent him my helmet and opted for the ‘safety bobble-hat’ instead. The fog was thick and the trails were pretty soggy but that didn’t stop anyone from smiling - including Otto.

Salt St x Cotic Salt St x Cotic

Have a watch of the series on 4OD and as a bonus, we can share the crash reel filmed at Pleasure Island. Set builder, Camera op & fellow bus driver Sam McQueen and I built a hip for BMXer Pete to send but I couldn’t resist a test run. Turns out the landing was rougher than I thought… follow the link below to watch.

Hopefully the programme will inspire you to find adventures in unlikely places, and the photos will inspire you to book a demo to test your next bike.

All the best,


Watch Abandoned Playgrounds on 4od…

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Watch the crash reel…

15/01/2018 - Blue Monday

Blue Monday

Apparently January 15th, aka "Blue Monday", is the most depressing day of the year. A cynic might say it's a marketing ploy by the travel companies but either way, don't let it become a self fulfilling prophecy! Last year we "beat the blues" and headed round Ladybower in the snow on the first Cotic Ride Out.

We had a lot of fun, snow slides were had, no one died!

I have to tell you, I have struggled a bit with feeling dark these last couple of weeks. The weather hasn't been kind and there seems to be a lot of colds and things about. I certainly got run over by one last week, and that's unusual for me. Getting out with mates for short rides on both those weekends this month has lifted my spirits more than I can explain, but if you're reading this you probably already understand the healing nature of our outdoor sport. That said, if you are stuck indoors, or you're feeling a bit under the weather, or you're feeling pretty down, just do something to move. I'm as big a bugger for sitting at my nice warm desk drinking hot drinks when it's horrid outside, but moving even briefly just helps. I have a little stretch/yoga routine I do before rides which takes 5 minutes and I try and do that every couple of days at least. Or maybe give something new a go, something indoors. This winter I've had a go at racketball for the first time, got over to the bouldering wall for the first time in ages with my family, Paul has been threatening to go swimming, Rich has been down the indoor skate park, Sam has found moving house and his new flat being up three flights of stairs kept him moving! It all helps keep the mood light and feelings good.

And if you want something to look forward to, then how about booking our Spring Party into the diary? 21st April at our base in Calver in the Peak District. There will be demo rides, hanging out, food, tea, coffee, beer, giggles. Last year was a blast.

Cotic Spring Party Spring party

Nothing fully sorted yet apart from the date, but if you're signed up to the mailing list then you're in the right place to hear about it first.

If it's not just a trick by the holiday companies and you really do feel low, please talk to someone and try to be kind to yourself. Hold on, spring is coming

Have a great week.



Founder and Director

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02/01/2018 - Direct Sales

Direct Sales

A message from our main man, Cy Turner...

When I started Cotic in 2003, the main thing that enabled me to do so was that - apart from the Soul being rad and people wanting to buy it - I could sell them mail order, direct to customer via a website. It meant I could keep doing my day job, answer customer emails in the evening, and the website could take orders day and night. So, we have always sold direct. And I enjoy that; I love the direct contact and connection we get with customers doing it this way. As time went on and our reputation grew, shops approached us to become dealers. This was great, and very flattering.

Cy Four

Testing the Hemlock Prototype in Luchon with AQR Holidays in 2006

Over the last couple of years we have focused really hard on improving how we offer our products - better marketing, bigger demo fleet, Sam out on the road, more bike options, more customer events like the Spring Party, the showroom and Factory Collection at Calver, the Go Custom bike build programme. More and more people are coming to us directly, and at the same time, it's getting harder to support the dealers the way they need to be as we move so quickly with new product offerings. Also our big box competition are offering dealers higher margins and credit terms which we simply cannot match, and stock in offers which in some cases crowd us completely out of some showrooms.

Cotic Spring Party

We have always been a lean, low margin business. Our products are much more costly to produce than a lot of products they're compared to - Reynolds 853 is an amazing material, but is much more expensive than aluminium or cromoly, and harder to work too. This high cost relative to other options means our Droplink bikes, for example, cost nearly twice as much to manufacture compared to the aluminium competition. The business model allowed us to keep margins low and pricing competitive despite our small size, and the dealer margin took a good chunk of that. It averaged out because we kept selling direct so overall we were still doing well. Having no room to improve the dealer margins and terms without a price increase, whilst at the same time not having the capacity to improve the support, I felt that the time was right for us to call time on the dealers and do it all ourselves. Do one thing well, as a wise man once said.

So what does this mean for the future? Well for start, no mega price cuts like certain other brands who have gone direct to customer recently. As I explained above, this move is about preserving current pricing, and concentrating on doing the best we can for our customers. So that Rocket Gold Eagle build you saw yesterday at £3699 is still £3699 today. Shipping is still included in the for the UK and it will arrive at your door in our award winning bike box, ably demonstrated here by Hannah.

We will obviously have offers and promotions on from time to time, like the Cane Creek shock offer we ran in November, but broadly the pricing remains the same.

For our overseas customers the biggest change is that from today Eaven Cycles in Germany is no longer our distributor, and we are shipping frames and bikes directly from the UK. Carsten from Eaven is still with us though - he is now a sales agent for us in Germany and Austria. Although you will now place your order via, you can reach him on if you want to have your customer support in country, or you feel your English isn't up to trying to contact us. We're sorry our German isn't any better! In France, Julien Gelot at Cyen Bicycle is also still with us, again as an agent, but he is staying on Julien is also offering a full custom build service as well, so get in touch with him if you're in France and you don't see anything on our own website that completely fits your perfect bike spec. If you are in any country other than Germany or France, we can send you a Cotic: Direct to the World from the Peak District! Drop us an email if you want to talk options. Translation software is amazing so even if English isn't your first language, get in touch and we'll do the best we can. We would love to hear from you.

If you have bought your Cotic from a dealer, fear not! We have parted on good terms with them and I'm sure they will be happy to service and support you and your bike just as they always have. If you have questions or customer service queries, then just get in touch with us. We're happy to help, and it would be great to hear from you. Call us on 07970 853531 or email

So that's that. Cotic coming at you direct only in 2018. Exciting times.

Any questions? Get in touch…

31/12/2017 - Best Of 2017

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Best of 2017

2017 has been amazing. Highlights include Hannah joining the ranks, urban dual races, Sheffields first ever piste map, enduro podiums and wins, ambassadors, more Rocketman and Straightline, luggage, Development Squad, the ever awesome Steel City DH, the new BFe, the new Roadrat, the radical new 15th anniversairy Soul, road trips, the demo programme, adventures, races, parties, laughs, tattoos, crashes, frontflips and occasionally a visit from dog or two. What a ride.

Join us for the same and more in 2018. We've so much planned already it'll make your head spin. Have a great New Year.

All the best from all at Cotic

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25/12/2017 - Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas from Cotic

Revs + Cotic

Have a great time whatever you're doing.

We're closed now until 2nd January 2018, and the phone is off so we can all have a little break and re-charge our batteries. However, if you want to get in touch, do drop us a line on or call 07970853531 and leave a voicemail and we'll be in touch in the New Year.

And as the internet hamsters never sleep, the order system is still on so if Santa or your family have been generous and you can get them Cotic you wanted now, just pop the order in over on the Orders Page and we'll get your frame or bike out to you very soon.

If you're not already, sign up to our mailing list over on the Contact Page for a bit of a boxing day treat.



Founder and Director, Cotic Bikes

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22/12/2017 - Warehouse Special

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Ex Demo Bike For Sale


Ex Demo XL FlareMAX for sale!


FlareMAX Extra Large ex-demo bike. Built just 5 months ago, and only ridden about 20 times. Head tube touched up as per photo below, due to getting scratched in the van. A few other minor marks as shown in photos.

X Fusion suspension and 125mm drop seatpost, Silver build wheels with 29 WTB rims, WTB Tubeless tyre upgrade, Gold build drivetrain upgrade (Turbine cranks and XT shifting and cassette), deore brakes. £2910 new, on sale for just £1999. Sorry, but 0% finance isn't available on ex-demo bikes.

Price: £1999

20171222_120050XL FlareMAX

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22/12/2017 - Will Easey at Cotic Demo Day

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Come to a Cotic Demo Day…

21/12/2017 - Sam's Best of 2017 in Demo

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Sam's Best of 2017

It's been a great year for the Cotic Demo Tour. Here's a bit of a recap of my year on the road with Black Betty.

Sam at Ard Rock

Photo above is from the sun drenched Ard Rock Enduro, my best race result ever! Managed 10th in Seniors Sprint Race.

2017 has seen me take the demo tour almost the full length of the UK. I went as far north as the Black Isle in Scotland, and as far south as Cardinham Woods in Cornwall. I've had the chance to ride some amazing places, with some wonderful people. A big thanks to everyone who came to a demo this year and made it such fun. Looking back over the year, I've tried to pick my three favourite rides. However, that was too hard, so I've gone for my top 5! In no particular order, here are my highlights of 2017:

Laggan Off Piste - I love riding in Scotland, and I was really happy I managed to get a ride in after packing up the demo bikes, as I'd heard so much about the local built trails opposite the trail centre at Laggan. They are exactly the kind of trail I enjoy, but so rarely get to ride. Steep, loose, rutted trails filled with line choice, roots and rocks. It takes me a couple of runs down trails like this to remember how to ride them, but once I'd adjusted my brain I couldn't stop grinning. Can't wait to ride there again, and thanks to the local guys for showing me round.

Gwydir Forest with the Bangor Uni Crew - This one was only a couple of weeks ago, I headed over to Wales for an exclusive demo day with the Bangor Uni MTB club, and we rode Gwydir Mawr just outside Betws y Coed. Previously known as the Marin Trail, this is a classic Welsh trail centre loop which I hadn't ridden for about 10 years, and had completely forgotten. The last three descents back into the car park are incredible. They've seen some work recently, and run really well, with a surprising amount of line choice for a trail centre. Flying down these trails chasing, and being chased by some of the guys at mach 10, was hilarious fun. I'll definitely try get a demo sorted there next year.

i ride better with my friends

The Spring Party - Not the rowdiest, fastest ride, but definitely one of the most fun. The look of bewilderment on our faces when we locked the doors to Unit 6 and turned round to see 45 of you lot eager to ride, is something I'll never forget! Great craic, especially the massive train down the gravelly corners back into Calver, immediately followed by a beer in the sun. Can't wait for this again.

Cotic Spring Party

Tollymore - My whole trip to Ireland with the demo fleet was awesome, but the highlight was riding with my mate Russell after a busy demo day at Tollymore. We rode a few tracks, but my favourite was a trail known as Parnell's. Following Russ, who's really quick, was great as I saw lines I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise. It was dry, grippy and flat out. Another Ireland trip is on the cards for 2018.

Lake District

2 pints and an Ice Cream at Grizedale - This one was nothing to do with the demo tour, but I couldn't leave it out of this list. In the height of summer me and my mate Dave went for a big loop round Grizedale on a midweek day off. The temperature was in the high 20s, and the trails were bone dry. We stopped in a couple of pubs on the way round, and most of the beer had been sweated out half way up the next climb! A great ride though, and another venue I'm hoping to bring the demo tour back to next year.

This is only some of the awesome riding I've been lucky enough to enjoy this year. Ard Rock, Borrowdale Bash owners ride, Triscombe singletrack, the list goes on. The one thing that links them all together though, is the people. This job is amazing, and it's riding with you lot that make it so special. Seeing some of you come along to the Cotic owners rides, proudly pedalling your own Cotic after enjoying the demos is really fulfilling. Obviously it's not all been plain sailing. Betty getting broken into really sucked, as did having to deal with the first proper injury on a demo ride recently. Washing bikes in the rain on a Monday morning can get dull, but sharing the stoke with everyone on the demos, and seeing people's grinning faces at the end of a demo ride comfortably outweighs the bad times.

Sam @ Cotic

Another highlight, having a whole article about me and the demo tour on the Singletrack site was a dream come true. Full ego boost! If you missed it, you can read it following the link below.

We'll be planning more 2018 dates after the Christmas break, if you'd like to come along to one of our demo days, then get in touch. See you in 2018!

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