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22/12/2016 - 2016 Over And Out

Cy Writes....

What. A. Year.

It makes my head spin a bit to think how far we have come in the last months. This time last year we had only just relaunched the Rocket and there was only four of us, with Richard just doing one day a week building bikes. Now there's six of us with number seven on the way, and because we have a race team again there will be eight of us at tonight's Christmas meal.

Along the way the Rocket got three mates in the droplink range, and with a bit of help from Business Sheffield I decided to get them all in one go! We have revised the whole hardtail range, done a new Escapade, kept building 26" wheel bikes, done some awesome ride jerseys, won some races, been to some great events, bought a van, got a demo man to go in said van, and demo'd the hell out our demo fleet. We have done a bunch of videos, some amazing photoshoots courtesy of Richard, and generally got a lot more creative with our media and merchandise, which I love.

Almost everything about the rhythm of the business turned on it's head this year which all the new people and bikes we added. Normally August is quiet for us with people being on holiday. This summer with the arrival of the droplink range, we were full throttle all the way through building bikes for people. Usually in December we quiet down towards Christmas as people are spending their money on their family and friends instead of themselves. Our bikes don't often constitute Christmas presents. This year we were all in on Monday and Wednesday this week. We dispatch 6 bikes to a great bunch of guys in France on Monday, and yesterday, this was the pile of boxes waiting for TNT and UPS at the end of the day:

Christmas 2016 Dispatch

Seven bikes and something like 30 frames I think? Wow. Quite looking forward to a few days off!

My favourite thing this year was getting all those droplink bikes out there and available. It's been in the plan to have more than the Rocket in the range since before the first Rocket was launched, and it's so great to have some more options for people to ride a Cotic. It was pretty scary committing to the funding to get it done, but I'm so glad we did, and we're not stopping here. As you might have gathered from our increasing busy-ness and head count, we are growing and I'm really enjoying having a bigger group of people around me to discuss ideas and bring new things to the mix, but we're still pretty small. I expect we'll be a little less small this time next year, but I don't think any of the Big Three have too much to worry about!

I think my favourite photoshoot was the Life Bike shoot back in March. Rob riding the skate bowl at Dev Green on an Escapade was just brilliant:

If you have some down time over Christmas, enjoy it. Hug people you love, have fun, and maybe ride your bike a bit too. If you're stuck in at any point, maybe have a look back over what Cotic got up to this year. I've just had a quick flick through and there's some lovely pics and videos, and a few articles I forgot I wrote!


And if that wasn't enough, there's always the old favourites over on the Videos section. Get a bit of Rocketman for Christmas!

Thanks for all your support this year, thanks so much if you have bought a bike. Have a brilliant Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Founder and Director, Cotic

19/12/2016 - Last Orders for 2016

A bit of order admin: We are still hard at work building bikes and prepping frames this week as we are aiming to get Escapade back orders to everyone this week. We are still taking last minute orders and we're all hands on deck on Wednesday for our last dispatch of 2016. TNT have guaranteed delivery by Friday 23rd in the UK if we ship by Wednesday. International friends may have to wait until after Christmas for delivery, but we will still be shipping on Wednesday too. We will also pop small items in First Class post on Wednesday too, but given the industrial action hitting the Post Office this week we have no idea if those things will arrive. Sorry!

We are in the office Thursday tidying everything up and Cy is writing notes on a bit of a look back on 2016 that he will email out to the mailing list and post up here. We have our work Christmas party on Thursday night so Cy has taken the executive decision to start our Christmas break on Friday 23rd, as trying to be professional and courteous to people when you want to puke through your eyeballs isn't the best way to approach things!!

We will be closed from Friday 23rd Dec 2016 and we will be back in on Tuesday 3rd January 2017

If you do order anything over the Christmas week it will be delivered on 6th January 2017.

Make your order to catch the last dispatch…

18/12/2016 - Calver Christmas demo was Awesome!

Fun times at the last demo of the year.

Contact Sam via the demo page…

13/12/2016 - Fast Red Escapade

New Escapade option coming soon...
Gloss Fast Red

Escapade is back! As well as a restock on Lime Green we have Fast Red incoming. Available to order now, the frames are in Thursday and we'll be getting bikes out over the next couple of weeks. Orders your now:

As you can see from our photos, there's a new wheel/tyre option coming as well. From the end of January you will be able to get your Escapade or Roadrat with WTB Road Plus wheels. There are the wide and light KOM i25 650b rims, built onto our fantastic hubs with double butted spokes, running tubeless 650 x 47 WTB Horizon tyres. The ride on these tyres is lovely, and you can run them at around 35 psi without any increase in drag, and they just float over potholes, rough tracks and back lanes. A great compliment to the Escapade frame. The Road Plus wheelset is a £200 upcharge on your regular Life Bike price, and you can pre-order yours now for delivery at the end of January.

see more photos in the New Escapade gallery…

Order your bike today…

order your frame today for pre-Christmas delivery…

08/12/2016 - Calver Christmas demo

Our final open demo of the year will be on Saturday 17th December here at Cotic HQ in Calver. Join us for cake, coffee and bike rides.

We'll be making our little office space nice and cozy, and full of tea, coffee and cakes to keep you fuelled up and warm, so you can test out some bikes back to back on our local demo route. There will be three demo rides led by either Sam or Paul lasting around 45 mins, at these times:

As it's a Calver demo, there is the advantage of every demo bike being available to ride, not the usual 10 or so that Sam can squeeze in the van. There's a few bookings already, but plenty of availability, especially for the second and third rides. The route features a mixture of technical and smooth climbing both on and off road, followed by two great descents with the classic Peak District flavour of rocks, speed and more rocks. As it's not too long, you can do as many of the rides as you like to test out different bikes, or different sizes if you're struggling to decide. It's a great loop to test the bikes, as these are the trails we do a lot of our testing on both for prototypes and suspension set up.

Contact Sam via the demo page to book your demo slots. Feel free to pop in and say hello if you're in the area. The kettle will be on.

Sam is also starting to take bookings for demos in the new year, so please get in touch if you'd like to get something in the calendar. He can join your regular night ride, or meet you at the weekends, whichever is easier. He's throttling back with the open demos in January and February in order to plan some excited things for later in the year, so fire those suggestions across to him. Otherwise he's happy to meet you and your mates for an exclusive ride.

See you on the 17th.

Contact Sam via the demo page…

07/12/2016 - Taking a break from the Monday meetings

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06/12/2016 - The Ride Journal 10

We’re massive fans of print media here. All of us have stacks of magazines gathering dust in the corner of the attic - BMX, MTB, cars, motorbikes etc etc. Hours, days and years have been spent leafing through colourful pages, much like we do digitally nowadays. The best thing is, print isn’t dead just yet…

There are so many magazines out there at the moment and there’s something proper about that. You aren’t going to run out of batteries, you don’t have to turn a magazine to 'flight mode' when your plane takes off, they can be ripped up and framed (this still happens!). As I said, we’re big fans.

Our good friends at The Ride Journal have been in touch recently. In case you’ve never heard of it (which would be surprising,) The Ride Journal is a 200 page collection of the most soulful, personal, emotive stories related to cycling, accompanied with phenomenal photography & illustrations. Contributors include John Tomac, Greg Minnar, Mark Cavendish and CK Flash. Closer to home, Cy wrote a piece on Progression for issue 3 and Baybutt had a photo essay of a BMX road trip in the south of France printed for issue 5.

Paper editions of the most recent issue are available in discerning shops such as Soho Bikes, The Bicycle Academy and The Yorkshire Sculpture Park but by far and away the easiest way to get hold of it is by utilising the very machine you’re using right now.

For someone who is (no matter how slightly) into bicycle culture, a quality magazine like this makes a grand christmas present. The latest issue, number 10 will be the last one for a while so get hold of a copy whilst you still can. A little known fact is that no one gets paid for the work - it truly is a labour of love. The money raised after all the bills for publication have been paid, goes right back to charity - World Bicycle Relief, Shelter, Cancer Research and Children Hospices UK. Visit for more information and support print media. As the guys at the mag say, "All bikes, all terrain, all good.”

Order issue 10 in print right now…

read issue 3 as a PDF for free…

read issue 5 as a PDF for free…

01/12/2016 - Three Generations of Rocket

Our new supported rider in South Africa, Jason, showing off three generations of Cotic Rocket at our RSA Distributors this week.

Brilliant! #Repost @jason.geldenhuys with @repostapp ・・・ Evolution of the Cotic Rocket! Awesome to see how geometry has changed since the 26" Rocket back in 2012 to its younger fatter brothers in 2015/2016.#cotic #rocket #steelisreal

A photo posted by Cotic (@coticbikes) on

Foreground is a repainted original Rocket (26" wheels) with some sweet orange Fox accoutrements. Middle is the current Rocket (27.5" wheels), and top step is Jason's new race rig, the RocketMAX with 29" wheel option. They look great, don't they?

Read more about the Rocket and RocketMAX droplink bikes…

28/11/2016 - Cotic Gift Box

Looking for a gift for them or you...? How about our Cotic Gift Box...

Made in the UK, they include...

...all in a Grit & Steel cardboard gift box

They're available right now for just £35. We only had 50 made, so it's first come first served. Go get one, or pass the idea on to someone else...

Order yours now…

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Black Friday is a bit dark and miserable.
So here we are, brightening things up.

A reminder of big savings on all our hot yellow frames and bikes and more...

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25/11/2016 - Thanks to our Instagram contributors

We never get tired of seeing our bikes in far flung corners of the world. From skidding round dusty singletrack in South Africa, getting elbows deep in snowy Scotland or lost up a mountain in Morocco, there are places bikes take you that we couldn’t even imagine; and you guys have most likely gone there!

Of all our regular contributors, four people have really gone the extra mile. Here’s a little run down of what’s kept us smiling each day when we check the insta. Give them a follow and their exploits will make you smile too.


Based in the East of Germany, Traumund heads to the wild, secluded, misty, hidden places, far from main roads. A pair of knobblies on his escapade, a couple of waterbottles and a very healthy sense of adventure is all he needs; and maybe some new bar tape for the left hand side.


A Lakes-loving, mountain-climbing camera-wizard. In between photoshoots for top clients such as Singletrack, Lowe Pro & Inov8, he’s more than likely hike-a-biking up Helvellyn with our friend @hddnmedia. Up early and out late, spare a thought because as well as lugging his bike to these spots, he’s also got his camera kit too.


Wes took a BFe to the Alps and sent it down everything in sight… Morzine super-table, Les Gets drops, Chatel road gap & river gap etc etc etc. At 15 he’s got no business being this talented. Just wait till he graduates from superhero school.


Even though he’s only owned his rocket since August, in that short time Will has been podium’ing almost as much as Rocketman & Straightline. Buckets of style and some solid pace are going to see him on more top steps in 2017.

If you want to get involved then tag us @coticbikes, or use the hashtags #cotic, #coticbikes and #gritandsteel.

@coticbikes on Instagram…



Black Friday is a bit dark and miserable.
So we thought we would brighten things up.

Big savings on all our hot yellow frames and bikes and more...

Cotic Life Bikes in HOT YELLOW:
The Roadrat and ORIGINAL Escapade... save £100...



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14/11/2016 - FlareMAX Review on Bike Radar

From What Mountain Bike magazine earlier in the summer, Bike Radar gives the FlareMAX a 4 out of 5 thumbs up for great handling, fun ride and wheelset versatility.

As mentioned in the review, we didn't manage to get the fantastic HLR damper version of the McQueen to them in time, but we have them available from stock now, or there's the Fox 34 Factory option if you'd prefer. Check out the bike configurator on our Go Custom programme here:

FlareMAX Go Custom

If you want to know more about the FlareMAX or it's enduro spec big brother the RocketMAX get on over to the product pages and have a read:

FlareMAX Product Page

RocketMAX Product Page

Order yours now…

Read the review over on Bikeradar…

11/11/2016 - Cotic Gift Box - 50 only

It's round the corner... you know it's coming... that well-meaning, but confusing question...

"What would you like for Christmas?"

Apart from dry trails, more time to explore, no punctures and mild temperatures, what do you really want?

Well we've gone some way to help you answer that with our new and exclusive gift boxes.

Made in the UK, they include...

...all in a Grit & Steel cardboard gift box

They're available right now for just £35. We only have 50 so get your orders in quick. Gifts organised, one more job sorted, now you can get back out there!

Order yours now…

04/11/2016 - Fantastic Rocket Test in MBUK November

Rocket in MBUK

The Rocket Gold bike is in the November edition of MBUK Magazine in a group test in which it gets a fantastic write up. Grab a copy if you get the chance, but here's some great quotes....

"...there's no doubt the Rocket is a bike with serious trail presence and gravity swagger"

"You can really feel the difference in the way the steel frame and advanced dampers connect to the trail"

"...twist in the long, skinny mainframe means it finds it's own flow around high cornering load or blunt-impact situations, rather crashing a clattering over the top.....but together with the outstanding damper performance it creates and unshakeably confident ride."

The Rocket was up against a Carbon Stumpjumper, Mondraker Foxy and Orange Five. All 4 bikes priced within £400 of eachother, all four bikes over 31 lbs, and the Rocket wasn't the heaviest! Don't believe the hype when it comes to seeing that swoopy carbon front end on other products. Steel is real!

The latest edition of MBUK is out now.


Get some gravity swagger - order your Rocket today…

Read more about the Rocket here…

27.5 wheels not your thing? How about the 29er RocketMAX?…

01/11/2016 - This Roadrat Goes Up To 11

New Roadrat 11

A bit of commuting or night time back lanes is just the thing for keeping fitness high during the winter, and we have a new Roadrat for just such occasions; Roadrat 11 (insert Spinal Tap references here)

Mountain bike drivetrains are getting ridiculously reliable these days, especially the latest 1x drivetrains which ditch the front mech in favour or a lighter, cleaner, simpler wide range 11 speed cassette. When we got our shipment of SLX M7000 11spd in for the Silver build mountain bikes, it just seemed such a great match to the Roadrat frame given that it was originally conceived as a fast bike for the roads and lanes, using mountain bike technology.


The bike uses an Alfine 45t chainset to keep the top end gearing for fast road work, with the SLX 11-42 cassette opening up the climbing options to keep the hills a breeze. The clutch equipped SLX rear mech keeps the chain under control on the worst of the urban potholes, or back lanes bumps. It's got nearly the same range as the Sora 2x9 bike, in a lighter, simpler, cleaner looking package.

The base bike starts at just £1099, but we have lots of options to personalise your ride, from the Easton EC70 carbon seatposts and Hope 20FIVE wheels to save some weight, to the reflective sidewall Conti CityRide tyres we have in the photos to maximise your visibility. Via our Go Custom system you tailor the bike even further - Hope headsets, different bars and stems. You can even go for an upgrade Deore XT cassette with the 11-46 range for an even larger spread of gearing. Click on the link below and have a play, and get an order in. It's all in stock now.

Order your Roadrat 11 today…

Check out the Go Custom options on the Configurator…

Not seen the Roadrat before? Read more here…

01/11/2016 - Work With Us - Customer Service and Dispatch Assistant Required

Customer Service and Dispatch Assistant

Cotic is a growing bike company based in the Peak District, specialising in high performance bikes which we design and develop, market, distribute and sell directly ourselves. We now need a new member to join our team to help get the best out of our new demo service and increase capacity for processing and dispatching orders to customers.

We have a core team of 6 people, so you have the opportunity to have a big impact on the company and the future direction we will take. As well as working well in a small team, you will also be happy to work alone and self-motivated as there will be at least 2 days per week when you will be the only member of staff on site, albeit with other members of staff working at other locations at the same time.

Responsibilities will include:

Customer Service:


Admin Support:

No bike industry experience or even bicycle experience at all required. The successful applicant will be first and foremost organised, motivated, a fast learner, you will need have an eye for detail, and not afraid to seek to improve processes. You will be helping us to develop a lot of these systems from scratch. You will be good with people, and happy to talk on the phone. You will be computer literate – competent with email, spreadsheets, data entry, social media. Some basic HTML would be useful but not essential as we will train you.

This position is office/warehouse based, 37 hours per week, Monday to Friday based at our premises in Calver, Derbyshire in the heart of the Peak District.

This is a permanent, salaried position. Salary offered is £17,000 per year, and includes a bonus scheme connected with overall company performance. Benefits include a Workplace Pension, access to all Cotic's trade accounts for bike parts at cost and 25 days per year annual leave (pro rata). There will be an initial 6 month trial period with an option to finish at that point from both sides.

If you would like to discuss this further, please call 07970 853531 or email To apply, please forward CV and covering letter and any questions you may have to Cy Turner at Closing date for applications is 5pm Friday 18th November 2016.

25/10/2016 - Bones Mend Press Send

There's been some great little vids posted up on Instagram over the last few days of people going big on their Cotic. Don't know why it's all happening now, but we love seeing them. Keep 'em coming. Get inspired. And as Richard says, "Bones mend, press send".

More airtime for rockets this week. 🚀 #unsustainablyhighstoke #bonesmendpresssend #blowinginthewindjacket . . . #Repost @will.easey with @repostapp ・・・ Had some fun filming this a couple days ago! Thanks @scarlettoliverr for filming🤘🏻 @coticbikes 🙌🏻 #mountainbiking #coticbikes

A video posted by Cotic (@coticbikes) on

Right before he wrapped himself round a tree, @bobby_b3ar was up to his old tricks, getting rad at #bolehillsforever (probably the best bmx track in World). . . . #Repost @bobby_b3ar with @repostapp ・・・ Not done dirt jumps for a good few years.... still got it 😎 #mtb #sheffield #coticrocket275 #cotic #steelisreal

A video posted by Cotic (@coticbikes) on

Built and hit this today #roadgap #doyouevenroadgapbro @coticbikes

A video posted by W E S (@wesfife155) on

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19/10/2016 - Ex Demo Fork, Seatpost and Bike Sale

Forks for sale Reverb for sale
Rocket ex demo

We having a bit of clear out of from ex-demo parts. We have just switched the MAX demo fleet to the Boost110 width McQueen so we can easily switch those bike between 29 and Plus wheels, which means we have quite a few pairs of little used Trace 29er forks available for NICE PRICE - starting from just £249 for the RL version. There's some ex-team Pike 29 for just £219. There are also a couple of Reverbs, the Large Rocket Demo bike and the Sam's previous frame - a small Rocket - available too.

Check out the Warehouse Specials page:

Head over and see our ex-demo Bargains…

14/10/2016 - Hookit Podcast Number 10 - Cy, Swinny and Chay aka Cotic Racin

It's probably coming up to lunch time and if you are looking for something to listen to whilst eating your sarnies, then may I suggest getting your lugholes around our latest podcast?

Hookit Products (our Sheffield buddies, and team sponsors via the Joystick, 35 Bikes and Ninjaz Gloves kit) do a podcast. You might remember I was on the first one a few months ago? Well this week, to celebrate a great season of racing in which Swinny won the PMBA overall, Chay came 5th Overall and won Valleujah and they podium'd all but one race they entered, we did a team podcast. We discuss our backgrounds, how the season can together, the races, the kit, and why Soreen and Velcro are the future. Grab your beverage of choice and have a listen.

Soundcloud link

iTunes link

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12/10/2016 - Special Edition RocketMAX Silver Pike 29


This week we're releasing our 2017 Silver spec bikes which now switch to the fantastic SLX M7000 11spd drivetrains, whilst keeping the same pricing as our previous 1x10 builds. We have been really impressed by the SLX. The shift action is lovely, and the mech looks great. As before, the hardtails start at just £1499 for the BFe275 Silver, and the droplink Silver bikes (Rocket, RocketMAX, Flare and FlareMAX) start at just £2799.

To celebrate moving over to the 11spd Silver builds we have put together a limited run of RocketMAX bikes with Rock Shox Pike RCT3 forks and a bunch of other lovely things:

  • RocketMAX Silver Hope Bike - SLX 11spd, Race Face Cranks and Dropper Post, Hope Tech Enduro29 Wheels
  • FREE Rock Shox Pike 29 RCT3 140mm travel Upgrade
  • FREE Joystick Builder Handlebar Upgrade
  • FREE Joystick Grip Upgrade
  • FREE WTB Vigilante/Trail Boss Tyres set up tubeless
  • FREE WTB Rocket Saddle Upgrade
20161010_152102 20161010_152039 20161010_150250

Until the end of October (or we run out of Pikes!) we are doing this bike for just £2999.

It's available only on the RocketMAX, but in any colour or size on that bike. So either the Lime Green Matte, or the super popular Fast Red as shown, in medium, large or XL. Have a look at the gallery on the product page if you haven't had a look at the RocketMAX before:

It's only available directly from us at Cotic. All the usual payment methods, including 0% Finance are available. They are available now from stock.

Click here to order yours:

And if this particular bike isn't for you, the free Joystick Builder Bar and Grip upgrade is available on all our bikes this month too.

Order your RocketMAX Silver Pike Special Edition Today…

Read more about the droplink bikes…

05/10/2016 - Shock Tuning

We get asked which is the 'best' shock to choose for the droplink bikes a fair bit. Last week Cy sent out a newsletter to the email subscribers talking through shock options we have, but also sharing some interesting discoveries made along the way with testing this summer.

Cy writes....

The point of this weeks' email is shock choosing and tuning. With the choices of X Fusion O2 RCX, Cane Creek DB Inline and Fox Float X2 on the Rockets and the first two on the Flares, there are options here both from a budgetary perspective, but also from a tuning and performance perspective. As you might expect I'm often asked which shock is 'best'. As you might expect from me, the answer is a big, obvious It Depends. So, I'll share some thoughts on why we use the shocks we do, but also some of the results of testing - both subjective and timed - that we have done which might help you understand a little more about the subject.

First up, the X Fusion O2 RCX is their top of the range inline shock. Like all things X Fusion, don't be fooled by the price! The RCX version have 4 compression settings on it's little blue lever and although the fourth is very firm, it's not a full lock out like the less sophisticated RL and RLX versions of the same shock. Allied to this, because we work directly with X Fusion as an OE (Original Equipment) our shocks have our own compression tune on them. Because by and large we're not level flickers out of preference, we have more low speed compression damping dialed into the shock so that it's possible to run in the open or first compression modes pretty much all the time with good all round performance. It's a great shock, and particularly on higher load trails like bermy trail centres it really comes into it's own. Compared to the Cane Creek or Fox shock it does have some limitations when things get really fast and rocky, but then to be fair, X Fusion have other shocks which do this better.too. What we wanted was something with great 'set and forget' capability with a wide operating window for people who just want to get on and ride. There's a reason most of the demo fleet run this shock - when Sam needs fast turnarounds and quick set ups it's the X Fusion that wins hands down. It's easily the equal of something like the Fox DPS shocks and it's far nicer to ride than anything in the Rock Shox inline range we have ridden in our opinion. We know plenty of people like Rock Shox, but for preferences they have odd rebound behaviour.

Moving to the Cane Creek DB Inline this is the shock most people are weighing up whether to spend a little more money on. You have to be honest with yourself with this shock. Firstly, do you want to spend some time and use up a couple of your rides playing with the shock and doing runs down the same section of trail? If this feels like hard work, then get the X Fusion. Having so much adjustment on a shock can lead to what have called Setup Anxiety. When you don't fully understand the shock and are constantly thinking there must be a better option in there for the trail you're riding. It's a real thing and it can ruin your enjoyment of your riding if you let it get you bothered.

The second thing you need to consider is whether you're happy with the shock moving around quite a lot. The Cane Creek DB Inline has not only got a more capable feel than the X Fusion in fast, rocky, terrain, but it's also much less conventional feeling at slower speeds and when pedaling. It feels soft and even with the climb switch on it still moves a fair bit when pedaling hard up hills. This does some riders' heads' in. For instance it took Paul a long time to be happy with his Cane Creek shock after being a big fan of the X Fusion, but also I think because he's still very much a hardtail rider. He would ride his Soul out of choice for most rides, so the firmer, more supportive ride of the X Fusion made more immediate sense to him. That said, you can get that kind of feel out of a Cane Creek by increasing the low speed damping to the far end of the range, but our experience in testing would suggest that you're doing yourself a disservice if you do.

The Fox Float X2 seems to be very much the shock of the moment, but as with the Cane Creek, it's not for the faint hearted when it comes to knob twiddling. I have limited experience with this shock, but alongside us when we were testing earlier in the year, JPJ (from A Line Coaching, a brilliant rider coach and also a Cotic Ambassador) from was tuning in the Fox Float X2 for us on his Rocket. The thing with these big DH style air shocks (and I found this with the big DB Air) is that they're so supple and incredibly capable that they do definitely pull a bit of the life, pop and fun out of the bike. They're all about traction, bump absorption and speed. Which it has to be said, it's incredible at. The performance in high speed, rocky situations is fantastic. It's also about twice the weight of the inline shocks too, which is worth considering as well if you pedal to the top a lot.

Low Speed Damping

Low speed damping doesn't mean low bike speed, it means slow shaft speed. Damping is measure units of Force/Speed so the higher the speed of the shaft, the more force the damper exerts. In all dampers there are shims and ports which allow there to be different damping levels for different shaft speeds. Low speed damping is about managing your weight shifts, your support from the bike, and the pedaling as pedal induced movement of the suspension is definitely in the low shaft speed zone. It tends to manifest itself in how much movement you get under pedaling load, but also the small bump compliance, as small chatter might seem intuitively to be higher speed, but because the movements of the shock are relatively small too, it's still in the low speed domain. Hence low speed damping is not only linked to your preferences for the feel of the bike, it's also likely to change depending on your weight too. Because it helps the spring support you for things like bermed corners where the bike settles relatively slowly on it's suspension, but your weight is loading the bike, it stands to reason that a heavier rider will put more load in and need a little more 'slowing down' from the damper than a lighter rider. More low speed damping tends to feel more settled, more efficient, more 'conventional'. Less damping will see the bike moving more, but also feeling more lively.

High Speed Damping

High speed damping is the opposite of the above. High shaft speeds, so when you're travelling quickly of rough ground the shock is moving very quickly, but also big single inputs like drop offs and bigger landing where the shock is moving from fully extended to a long way through it's stroke very quickly. The trade off here is that the less high speed compression damping you can run the faster the suspension gets out of the way of bigger, faster hits, but it also means it will 'blow through' it's travel more easily on bigger single hits too. Whilst I had a good appreciation of high speed damping, I did ask Joel from X Fusion about their high speed damping range on their Roughcut HLR forks at Eurobike and, as you might expect from a suspension expert, he schooled me! My point was I was querying the range of high speed damping offered on the forks as I - being reasonably quick and weighing 85kg - only used a couple of clicks in from the lightest setting. Joel made the point that Robin Wallner, the EWS racer they sponsor keeps asking them for more high speed damping! He said it's nothing to do with rider weight at this point, it's simply how hard and fast you're hitting big amplitude impacts. For me, because I'm not big on jumps and drops and my local terrain is fast and rough, I can get away with running light high speed damping to get the best possible bump absorption on rough ground because I'm not doing the bike hits and drops that would need me to ramp up the damping to stop it hitting the bumpstops. So it's not about weight, it's about the speed and style of the rider.


Not only have we done plenty of general riding on the Cane Creek shock, we have also done some timed testing on a set piece of trail, with a bunch of us trying different things out and JPJ running the Float X2. The key thing was not only registering the subjective feedback; did it feel fast, loose, grippy, skippy? But we also used the timelaps watches and transponders to get timing data to see how these matched up. Here's where the interesting things came to light.

We didn't change the high speed damping for this particular test. As mentioned above, it's very much rider and terrain dependent so we stuck with base settings of 1.0 turns of HSC and 3.0 of HSR. We did a couple of warm up runs on base settings to get our eye in, then started tweaking. The key thing here is that I wanted to test the extremes of setup to get a feel for which direction the setup needed to go. This is called bracketing. Work at the two extremes to 'bracket' the performance, then decide which of the extremes you want to work towards.

Firstly we run full Low Speed Rebound. The bikes felt very stable, with lots of feedback of feeling like there was good pump and drive through rolling sections of trail. However the times showed that this setting was either the same or slower than the base settings. It felt secure, but it was slow.

After that we ran Low Speed Rebound all the way to the minimum. This went two ways here. For me and JPJ (on the Fox) the bikes felt pretty wild, with no drive when pumping and we went quite a bit slower than full LSR. However, Will and Rich both reported the bikes feeling loose - Will's notes read bike felt 'odd, but better' - and both were faster than with full LSR. Interesting!

We now put the LSR in a middle setting (12 clicks on the DB Inline) and Low Speed Compression all the off. Everyone got their fastest time on this setting! The feedback was that it felt like there was no pump, the bike just moved out of the way when you put your inputs in, but the flipside was that everyone reported incredible cornering grip, with the bike settling into the corner lowering the centre of gravity, but also firing you out as the shock rebounded.

After this we ran full LSC. Although intuitively you'd expect the feedback to be better pump and more stable feel, it wasn't the whole story. JPJ reported the Fox felt like it had "more pump, but skipping over surface so lost confidence". So, more HSC feels more efficient, pedals better, the bike feels more 'solid', but they doesn't absorb the chatter on the surface so grip is lost as is confidence.

The final run was done with LSC wound on, but less than half. On the DB Inline we ran 10 clicks of a possible 24, aiming for a sweet spot with a little more support but still keeping the grip. We all went slower and all the feedback was that it felt like a 'normal bike', but didn't seem to carry speed. Rich said it felt 'harsh'.

The most obvious thing we also noticed was how much the bikes moved around with very little low speed damping when riding back to the top of the trail. And this is where I come back to the more adjustable shocks not feeling 'conventional'. Or rather, they seem to work best when they're not setup to feel conventional. With all the low speed damping somewhere towards the middle, they worked well, but weren't the quickest option.

Our current base tune is 8 clicks of LSC and 10 clicks of LSR on the DB Inline. This is on the light side, but after this testing Paul has taken to running his DB Inline fully open on low and high speed compression on his Flare. He is on the lighter side at 65kg, but he was also struggling to come to terms with the way the Cane Creek shock worked until we did this work. Now he's happy for the shock to move around when climbing (it's not much, but it does still move even with the Climb Switch engaged) because it feels so good when travelling along the fun bits of trail. It helps that he knows from our testing that this is the faster setting. Personally I'm still with the base tune as I find fully open too wild for my preferences! I have been trying out running just 0.5 turns of HSC which is great on faster trails, but does need some management on drop offs. I think the upshot is that it seems to put ones mind at rest to have some proper back up for your choices. The other great bit of support from Cane Creek on the DB Inline shock is the new DIALED tuning app which helps you find your way interactively by asking you questions about each run. You can get it for Android and iOS here:

The Fox Float X2 seems to have a wider range of adjustment than the Cane Creek so JPJ hasn't ended up with running his compression all the way off, but after the experience with testing our base tune is now around 8-10 clicks of LSC and HSC to taste, but as light as you can get away with. Rebound damping set to rider preference, but definitely prefer the lighter end of the spectrum for LSR. We were running 2 volume spacers in the Float X2. Obviously there's much more you can fiddle around with, but I hope this gives you an insight into how you might set up your bike the best for you. Get some mates together and get some stopwatches out. It was an interesting morning on this particular test, but it was also a really good laugh being out on the trails with our mates, talking bikes.

If you have any specific set up questions, do feel free to drop me a line anytime.



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03/10/2016 - PMBA WINNERS!!

WINNERS!! Swinny and Chay smashed it at the week at the PMBA Finals at Grizedale, taking 1st and 5th on the day, which in turn made them 1st and 5th in the overall series.

PMBA Round 7

First time anyone has won an overall series title on Cotic and second time on a series podium for Chay since joining the team in 2013. So in awe of what these lads can do with our bikes and so proud of them. Thanks for your effort, commitment and speed fellas. It's been a bluddy pleasure.


PMBA has been brilliant all season putting on great events. The lads love racing them. Massive thank you to our sponsors WTB, Hookit Products with Joystick kit, Ninjaz Gloves, 35 Bikes spares and mudguards, plus ONEAL Clothing and Protection and Burgtec Pedals. And also to our supporters X Fusion Shox, Cane Creek, Hope and Shimano.

Here's the video from the round with a great little interview with Swinny about halfway through. What a season! It's been emotional.

Read about the Rocket - fastest bike in the PMBA…

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28/09/2016 - PMBA Finals This Weekend - Swinny for the Win!

This season the team have been campaigning in the PMBA Enduro Series, with quite a bit of success. Swinny has won or podium'd at all the rounds he's raced so far, and Chay has had some great results too. With the series working on a 'Best 4 rounds of 6 plus the Final' setup, the fact the boys missed a couple of rounds means that despite they're still seriously in contention.

With the final round at Grizedale this weekend, Swinny is leading the overall and needs 3rd or better to take the title. Chay is in 6th overall but just 3 points outside the top 5, and with more than that separating the points awarded for 3-6 position, a good result will see him move up the rankings too. COME ON LADS!!

2016-09-28 (2)

If you're up at Grizedale this weekend, give 'em a cheer.

20/09/2016 - Some Perspective

Here's a copy of the latest mailing list email that Cy sent. A more thoughtful piece....

On Sunday night I went for a quick spin on my Roadrat. Not so unusual you might think, it was a lovely evening. But recently it has been quite unusual for me. I've got a little bit stuck on needing to go on a "proper" ride to make it worth the faff of getting ready.

I was feeling a bit 'stuck in the house' after tea. Been in most of the afternoon having a lazy day with the family, which was all very nice, but with rain coming today I felt like it would be wasting the nice weather not to do something. I was pretty tired and didn't really fancy dragging myself all the way up onto the moors on my mountain bike. One of the great things about where I live is that I can ride from the door onto the Eastern Moors around Sheffield. However, I've been riding this and nothing else for a while and it's a 300m climb to the top of the hill too, so that wasn't the one.

Having ummed and ahhed and prevaricated, for the first time in ages I decided to just grab my Roadrat and go for a roll around the block. Civvies, no gloves, no pack, no faff, no helmet (GASP!). So off I went for a spin. Up the hill, round the corner, off the main bypass and down the old road I never take in the car. Just spinning, looking at the view. Then I spot an Unsuitable For Motors sign on a right hand junction. Interesting. What's that? So I take this and lift my bike through the motorbike barriers. It's an old Hollow Way, dropping down the hill. Bit bumpy, but fine. Then I get to the golf course, vaguely know there's another trail around here. Spot a new trail on the left, but leave that for later. Carry on, down the drive, past the old Abbey. Then I recognise the place. It's where the nice singletrack at the top of the woods pops out. It's a lovely piece of trail I sometimes pop down for a lunchtime breakout. It's only 5 minutes long, and I never knew how to do anything but turn around and go back the way I came before. Now I have a bit of a loop.

So, turn around, head back, there's that trail I saw earlier, but now I have my bearings I reckon it might link up with the singletrack. Nothing ventured and all that......Off down this path, lovely views of the Abbey, quite a nice narrow trail, new things to see not a mile from my house. I've lived here 9 years and still didn't know this! And I was right, it does link up onto the singletrack, so I pop into the top of the woods and ride the skinny trail, popping the slick tyres over the roots and generally having a nice time.

I head to the end, over the road, past the pub, and into the other woods, and home. I've been out 40 minutes, not really broken a sweat, had a lovely spin and now have a nice little loop I can bust out on if the mood takes me.

Obviously it being dry helped enormously, but I was on my old 8spd bit box Roadrat; flat bars, rigid fork and seatpost, 37mm slick tyres. And it was nice. The sport was not progressed in any way, but I had fun and with minimal faff, minimal effort.

People who say "any ride is better than no ride" always strike me as insufferable, so that's not where I'm coming from at all. 4 hour death marches across winter moors you can keep. But I have definitely found myself guilty of not riding at all for the sake of it not being a 'proper' ride on my mountain bike. It's also easy to get carried away with the notion that it's imperative to have a head angle in the mid-60s, a dropper post and all the other toys to have a good time on trails, and with me having my designer head on most of the time I ride my bike, I'm probably more guilty of that than most. The Roadrat has a 72 degree head angle and a 100mm stem. EEERRRMYGEERRD! And I didn't die. It's not what I'd chose to attack Devil's Elbow any time soon, but it was lovely to just do a bit of idle exploring and to pass a spare hour of a sunny evening.

No real point to this I guess. Enjoy being on your bike. Any bike. Where does that trail go? Just thought I'd share.



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16/09/2016 - Sam Hill to Race Full Enduro World Series

We're pretty avid followers of the Enduro World Series here at Cotic. We love Enduro as a format and the way the World Series goes to these amazing places just makes us want to ride. But this year an extra element has added to it for us - Sam Hill. He's one of our favourite riders, and that run at Schladming back in the day is still etched in our memories. Seems that Sam is fired up for Enduro now, and we're excited to see what he'll do this weekend in Valberg, and also next season when he competes in the whole series.

Also, given that Cy, Sam, Rich, Wil, Chay and Swinny all ride flats, we LOVE that Sam Hill is bringing the #flatpedalthunder to the world series.

If you want some beautiful escapism this morning there's also some awesome photos from the media recce at Valberg over on Pinkbike, which takes in the notorious Grey Earth area, made famous by the TransProvence week long Alpine Rally.

15/09/2016 - Flare gallery

Flare Flare Flare Flare Flare

We've added some ride photos to the Flare product page gallery. STUNTS!!!

Flare Flare Flare Flare Flare

Check out the full Flare gallery…

14/09/2016 - Pop Up Showroom in Bristol on Thursday

A photo posted by Cotic (@coticbikes) on

This Thursday 15th September we have our second Pop Up Showroom event as Sam takes things on the road. It's at - rather appropriately for us - Roll For The Soul and Sam will be there with the demo bikes all scrubbed up and lovely for you to have a look at and chat to him about them.

A photo posted by Cotic (@coticbikes) on

The evening begins at 6pm and lasts until 9pm. We will have some beer for you to drink and the cafe will be open for food and other drinks. There will be Rockets, RocketMAX, Flare, FlareMAX, Soul and Solaris there to have a look at and Sam on hand to tell you about them.

Roll For The Soul is at Unit 2, St Lawrence House, Quay Street, Bristol, BS1 2JL.

Google Maps link here:

See you tomorrow?

09/09/2016 - A hatful of Podiums for Cotic Last Weekend

Was going to sit on this till tomorrow but the stoke is just too high. So proud of these two. #unsustainablyhighstoke #gritandsteel . . #Repost @chaymoose with @repostapp ・・・ @jpswinny takes it . I rolled home 5th elite at @pmba_enduro @coticbikes #rocket / @ridejoystick / @xfusionshox / @cane_creekusa / @35bikes / @hookitproducts / @polarisbikewear / @ninjazgloves / @wildernesstrailbikes #enduro #hktmovement #ridejoystick #joystick

A photo posted by Cotic (@coticbikes) on

PMBA Series Round 6 rolled around last week with an intense, 18 stage (yes 18!) bonanza. Swinny and Chay were tearing it up again with a win and a 5th, so double podium. So happy with that! Swinny is currently leading the series with Chay 6th just 3 points off 5th. It's all to play for in the final round at Grizedale on 2nd October. Check out the video of the event

As well as the team, we also heard from Will who podium'd in his first ever Enduro aboard his Rocket. YEAH WILL!!

Managed to pull off 2nd place today at my first ever Enduro! Massive thanks to the guys over at @swinleybikehub for organising such a wicked event. The @coticbikes rocket was flying through each stage. Onto next weekend for the final round of the downhill free riders championship!🤘🏻 #cotic #coticbikes

A photo posted by Will Easey (@will.easey) on

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08/09/2016 - Cane Creek Employee Bike Check

A little earlier in the year we were really happy to get an email from Andrew Slowey, the Marketing/Sponsorship Manager at Cane Creek. He wanted a Rocket for his personal bike. We were more than happy to oblige, and now the new DB Coil IL has been launched Andrew has now published a blog talking about his Rocket and his personal setup.

Andrew writes of his Rocket...

My Cotic Rocket is an awesome bike! It turns like its on rails, it stays composed through the gnarliest of trails, and most importantly it maintains a very predictable ride. Even through straight out of the box, this steel frame, slacked out bike; rides excellent, I have added my own personal touches that cater to how and what I like to ride. Dialing in your setup is a critical step in familiarizing yourself with you bicycle and will translate into a more comfortable and intuitive feel out on the trail.

We met with Cane Creek at Eurobike and talked about the new DB Coil IL. We have a sample on order to test over the winter. They're not available to us until March 2017 so we have some time to figure it out on our bikes. It's an interesting shock. We would be really interested to know if any of you would like to run a Coil shock on your bike. Drop us an email.

Pleasingly for us Andrew is running very close to the Cotic base tune for the DB Inline on his Coil IL. Only major difference is a little more High Speed Compression, but as the Coil IL is less progressive than the air shock, that is to be expected. Andrew has also shared some insights with me about how he sets up his bikes in different conditions:

When things get steeper and faster, my go to adjustment is the HS Rebound. I will turn it a 1/2 turn to a full turn in (clockwise) from my base setting to slow down the shocks shaft's return speed, mitigating the "kicking" or "bucking" feeling when hitting jumps at speed or exiting quick "cutty style" turns.

Read all about it on the Cane Creek Website:

Read all about the Rocket Andrew Slowey of Cane Creek rides here…

Find out more about the Cane Creek equipped Rocket…

You can specify the Cane Creek DB Inline on any of our droplink …

05/09/2016 - ride photos added to FlareMAX gallery

Rich grabbed his camera, and Cy grabbed a FlareMAX, and they hit the trails on Cy's doorstep. All so you can see the bike in action in the FlareMAX product page gallery.

Flare MAX Flare MAX
Flare MAX Flare MAX Flare MAX Flare MAX

Check out the full FlareMAX gallery…

02/09/2016 - SALE : samples, seconds, and left behinds

And low, a voice came from above... "Thou shalt make room for more Souls, by clearing out all the samples, seconds, and left behinds" ... and so it came to pass ... another great purge of the impure ... the release of the special ones ...


Lots of models, lots of sizes, and lot of colours (including paint samples that never made it to production). Click the link below to see what we have... slight seconds, one offs, ex demo, ex display... you name it, they've all got to go!

Check out all the frames in our sale…

30/08/2016 - New Soul - Thru Axles and Stealth

There is a NEW Soul coming. And despite many of you being party to Cy's many rants about QRs on hardtails, the crushing inevitability of thru axle compatibility has reached our iconic model.

The new frame retains the current ace OFI geometry and is largely unchanged in terms of construction, but we have added some nice details which we hope you'll appreciate:

X-12 Thru Axle dropout option on the new Soul, shown in the new Aqua colour

Down tube dropper post and front mech routing, shown here on the BFe275.
New Soul is not available in Fast Red

They're much nicer shifting, lots more mud clearance, and being front entry the cable runs along the down tube in p-clips just like the internal seatpost routing so we can get rid of the top run stops, which in turn looks cleaner if you're running 1x. Given they're available down to Deore level and that lots of you are now using 1x drivetrains, we hope you'll forgive this small narrowing of the compatibility on our new frame.

We haven't had any production samples shipped, so photos of complete bikes will be another few weeks, but you can order your bike or frame now. They'll be delivered on the 23rd September in the UK and early the following week worldwide.

There is as price increase to go with these unfortunately. The Soul is the best hardtail we make, and we don't cut corners on it. We use the best materials to make it as light as we can, with all the features we can. This is, however, the first batch of frames that have hit our new post-Brexit reality of US Dollar exchanges rates in the 1.20s, not the 1.50s. This means the QR version of the frame increases by 10% to £549, and the X-12 thru axle version is £599. Bike prices rise by a similar amount, starting with the QR wheel version of the Silver build at £1699. At the other end of the scale we have now introduced a Platinum build at £3299 with XTR, Race Face Next SL cranks and Turbine dropper post, Fox 34 Factory FIT4 forks, Joystick stem and carbon bars. It is beautiful. There are also all the GO CUSTOM options when ordering your bike introduced with the droplink bikes: Hope brakes, Carbon wheels, switch your brakes or fork specs.

You can order your frames or bikes by clicking here now:

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26/08/2016 - We're closed Monday

Here in merry old England, we have a bank holiday on Monday. Traditionally this means riding bikes with mates, or drinking with mates, or eating with family, but definitely not answering emails or anything normally considered "work". So, Cotic will be next open on Tuesday. Feel free to give us a shout then. Cheers.

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Suggested viewing... The 2016 Ard Rock on Facebook…

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23/08/2016 - A Good Question from Facebook

We got asked a pretty good question over the weekend on our Facebook page. So good that we thought we would share it more widely, as we expect Johannes isn't the only person wondering this....

‎Johannes Karlsmyr‎ to Cotic 21 August at 11:46 ·

Hey Cotic! You have probably at least one in your staff that have been riding both the Flare MAX and the Rocket MAX and can give a short comparison. Is the Rocket "much" heavier and less flickable then the Flare? Is the Flare "much" more nervous due to the one degree steeper head-angle and shorter wheelbase etc?

Today i ride a trail-bike with 100mm travel in the rear and 140mm up front and 67 degree head angle, and i really don't have a big urge for more travel in the rear, but could consider it if it's not in my way ;-)

I hope someone can fill in with their experience of both MAX bikes!

Both bikes looks fantastic by the way, great job!

Hi Johannes.

Thanks for a good question, you're not the only person to ask. Both bikes (fairly understandably) have a similar feel, and the RocketMAX isn't MUCH heavier or less flickable than the FlareMAX.

With the big (29" or Plus) wheels the FlareMAX feels way more capable than you would expect for 'just' a 120mm bike (and our demo bike has 120mm forks too). Compared to the RocketMAX it's a little easier to flick from your wrists around corners, whereas the RocketMAX is a little more stable and needs a more lean the bike technique. That said, the RocketMAX is still a good all round ride, but it is very, very capable once it gets rough and fast.

I think I would sum it up like this: I (Cy) ride a RocketMAX because I live in the Peak District with fast, rocky terrain on my doorstep all the time. I also visit the Alps each year and prefer to take the same bike I ride most of the time. If I lived somewhere flatter, with more singletrack, and simply visited rocky areas occasionally I think a FlareMAX would be the one, and probably the only mountain bike I would need.

Read more about the RocketMAX…

Read more about the FlareMAX…

Interested to try them both? Find out about the Demo Tour…

10/08/2016 - Where's Sam Wednesday

It's been crazy busy at Cotic the past few weeks, and now our feet have finally touched the ground, here's the next couple of stops on the demo tour.

'Ard Rock was a great weekend. The days were long but we loved chatting to so many people about the new bikes, with plenty of people taking bikes for a demo and returning with the 'Rocket Grin' plastered across their faces! It was also really good to see plenty of Rockets, BFes and Souls setting out to tackle the grueling 45km lap with it's 5 timed stages. Swinny was on hand to fly the Cotic Racing flag, but after 'getting a bit excited' a couple of punctures in the incredibly sharp rocks put an end to his challenge, but he kept it pinned to the end to pick up 16th place.

One particular mention needs to go to Tom Hill, the late Jenn Hill's husband. After Jenn's untimely death last year after a long battle with cancer, Ard Rock set up the Jenn Hill Memorial Trophy for hardtail riders in Jenn's honour, as she did the 2014 event on her beloved Solaris. We lent Tom a Solaris to ride for the event and it meant a lot to him and us to have him on that bike.

Tom Hill (left) on his Solaris, and good friend of Cotic's Alec Brunson on his BFe275
taking on the Jenn Hill Memorial Trophy

Well done to all riders who took part, it looked hard in the heat of Saturday, and even harder in Sundays wind. We'll certainly be back next year, and hopefully we'll get a ride in too.

Onto future events, the next demo is this Thursday evening, 11th August, at Lady Cannings, Sheffield.

Sam will be parked up by the entrance to the woods from 3pm until 8pm with a variety of droplink full suspension and hardtail bikes. Drop him an email on if you'd like to book a bike for a certain time, or give him a call on 07398189114. Otherwise pop along and take a bike for a spin. Don't forget photo ID, credit card/car keys to leave as security and your pedals.

This weekend is Sam's 'weekend' weekend, and he'll be heading out for his first mountain bike ride since breaking his wrist; wish him luck! He's easing back into it riding a FlareMAX with 275Plus wheels round the blue route at Glentress on Saturday; say hello if you see him!

After that, we head to Shropshire for two demo days on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st August. We'll be at Hopton Woods on the Saturday from 9:30, so let Sam know if you'd like to book a bike to ride. On the Sunday we will be at Plush Hill Cycles in Church Stretton for a day of demo rides on the Long Mynd, the plan is for two or three guided rides during the day. If there's a specific bike you'd like to try out, drop us an email to and he will make sure it goes in the van. More the details next week, but ask Allen and Kate at Plush Hill about it if you pop in.

As ever, let us know if you'd like to demo a bike and we can get an Exclusive Ride in the diary. Sam's in Scotland at the end of the month, all the details are on the demo page

Find out more about the Cotic Demo Tour…

03/08/2016 - Ride Report - Trans Karoo

Steve Smith tackled the 247km Trans Karoo ride on his Original Escapade at the suggestion of his friend Matthew de Jongh, our South Africa distributor, and all round cycling nut. He wrote up his ride report for Ride magazine. Have a read, and see if it inspires you to take on a bigger escapade than your usual...



read Steve's report as a PDF…

Check the Ride (South African cycling) mag website…

The original Escapade (as used by Steve)…

The new Escapade…

Our South Africa distributor…

02/08/2016 - droplink POP UP SHOWROOM SHEFFIELD

Come and join us tommorrow evening, Wednesday 3rd August for a beer and check out our brand new droplink bikes. We'll be there from 6pm until 10pm.

This, the first of our Pop Up Showrooms, is happening in one of Sheffield's coolest new venues - The Holt Cafe - and is your chance to cast your eyes over our new range of full suspension bikes.

The Holt have great local coffee and cakes on sale, and we're getting some Thornbridge bottles in, so come down enjoy beer on us, grab a coffee to sharpen up, and some cake to keep you going and we'll be on hand to have a chat about the shiny new bikes and all things Cotic.

We would love you to come along and help us celebrate the launch of our new extended droplink range. This is especially true if you've seen the new bikes on t'internet, but aren't quite ready to pull the trigger on a demo ride, the Pop Up Showroom will be a great way to have a good look at them in the metal (the colours look great in photos, but you HAVE to see them in Real Life (tm) to appreciate them) and see if you want to take that next step and get on a ride.

As we said, we'll be there all evening - 6-10pm - at The Holt on Arundle Street in Sheffield.

There'll be merch on sale, beers, coffee, cakes and bikes. What's not to like?!

Bring your mates and we'll see you there.

Read more about the new droplink bikes…

Find our Pop Up Showroom on Arundle Street in Sheffield…

27/07/2016 - video clip of our demo stand

Thanks to Tim Royale for the clip of our demo stand at Northern Grip last weekend.

A final reminder that this weekend our droplink demo bikes are staying local, so you can ride one from our HQ in the Peak District... Get on it!

We also have lots more public demos in the pipeline, and you can also organise a private demo for you and your riding mates with Sam.

the Facebook event for the demo this weekend…

see the demo calendar, and contact Sam about a demo…

26/07/2016 - droplink DEMO WEEKEND

A reminder that this weekend you can ride the new droplink bikes from our HQ in the Peak District... Get on it!

See the Facebook event…

Contact Sam about this or any other demo we have planned…

20/07/2016 - EWS La Thuile

We've always thought that young rider (can we still call him that?) Nial Oxley has the right attitude to riding, paired with a whole bucket load of skill. So, when asked if we could sort him a Rocket frame for this year's Enduro season, we jumped at the chance. We knew he'd ride it hard.

Last weekend, young (still not sure we should call him that) Nial made the trip to the Alps to race the Enduro World Series rd 4 at La Thuile, where Duncan caught him on camera, and send us a shot... "one of your guys?"

So, having explained it was Nial, we asked if he had any more shots. We also asked Nial to write a few words... here we go...

Words : Nial Oxley
Photos : Duncan Philpot

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to race my first ever Enduro World Series race in La Thuile, Italy. The tracks there are nothing like I've ever ridden, all around ten minutes long each with up too 1000m of decent, and almost certainly rougher and more technical than most of the World Cup Downhill tracks I've raced. Sore hands, cramp and "rattled knuckles" were all part of the experience!

I took my Cotic Rocket to La Thuile with the only addition being a full chain device for extra security. Racing went fairly well for me but not without the usual mishaps, I forgot my goggles on stage one which I will freely admit was my fault and I also had a crash on stage three. Probably the most notable factor in racing was just how tiring it was, 30 degree heat, body armour and a full face make for heavy work and the main thing that was effecting my riding was tiredness. Definitely a cut above anything I've ever raced previously! The only thing I can compare it too would be racing Val Di Sole back to back for three runs. My rocket held up really well for the duration of the weekend, other parts needed replacing but the frame with all its bearings and bushes are still like new!

In the end I managed to have a fairly good run on stage six which brought my position up in the Under 21's men's overall to 14th position, I'm pretty bloody happy with that as I've never done anything so hard before! Although with some specific training and hard work I may be able to improve slightly. All I can think about now Is going out and doing another!


EWS - La Thuile - Practice EWS - La Thuile - Race

EWS r4 info…

Rocket product page…

20/07/2016 - droplink bikes and bottles have arrived

Rich and Will have been busy filling our unit with boxes and boxes of new droplink frames, and building up the first bikes for customers. All four models, in all colours, and all sizes, are available to order from stock now. Bikes are built up on demand... place an order and the boys get busy.

Flare prep Bottles and merch

Also new in, are our bottles.
Classy white COTIC wrap print on smoke transparent bottles, we love them.

Postage is a bit different for these (as they're pretty affordable but big) in that, if you buy just bottles, we need to add £3 extra P&P to your order. If however, you order anything else, say a mudguard, pocket t-shirt or ride jersey, then that extra postage charge isn't applied. This means free postage to mainland UK, and lower postage costs elsewhere. So, we advise using your bottle purchase as an excuse to grab something else at the same time.

Oh... one more thing... don't forget we having a demo weekend "at home" in the Peak District.

read our introduction to the droplink full-suspension range…

click here to order your bottles and other merchandise now…

click here for the demo weekend Facebook Event…

email Sam about the demo weekend, or any other demo…

19/07/2016 - handy new phone app from Cane Creek

We're probably more flexible than any one else when it comes to getting you the kind of shock that you want on your new bike. So, we try not to have favourites, and are willing to try and get the best out of any shock with a blindness to brand loyalty. We offer X-Fusion and Fox shox options with any bike/frame, and both have great things going for them... but we keep coming back to Cane Creek for the performance, feel, and tuneability their DBinline offers. We now fit it as standard to our Gold and Platinum builds... and you can also upgrade frames and Silver builds to fit one as well.

Now, the "tuneability" of the DBinline does put some people off, but fear not... start with a tune that we've worked out with Cane Creek, and tune from there. It's not that hard... and Cane Creek have just made it far more convenient...

There's a handy new app from the folks over at Cane Creek. You can use it to help tune your shock, and store different sets of shock settings. I've lost the bit of paper I had my shock settings written down on, so I for one welcome this. In the app, you can pull in helpful recommended settings to start you off AND follow some non nonsense help instructions to tune the shock more to your liking. You don't need to be an engineer or mechanic to understand or use it at all, it is very much aimed at us riders.

In Cane Creek's database you'll find the settings for Rocket26 and the current Rocket... I've texted Cy and he says that the Rocket275 settings are a great starting point for the RocketMAX as well.

As for the Flare... Paul is working on settings for that, but they're not yet in the database the App uses. If you're one of the first people to receive your Flare, and are using the DBinline, feel free to contact Paul for some base settings... or if you're a proper Geek, feel free to offer us feedback on the settings you've tried. We're always happy to hear from people...

read the Pink Bike write up on the Dialed app…

Cotic geek page with Rocket DBinline setup…

Get the app…

11/07/2016 - the BIG droplink news

For us here at Cotic, today is the most exciting day in our history; Our most important product launch since we first introduced the Soul over a decade ago... and a culmination of years and years of busy product development behind closed doors, and sometimes hidden in plain sight on the race scene.

We give you.. a droplink model for any type of riding, for every kind of rider.

As well as our beast of an enduro/trail machine, the Rocket, we can now unveil its super fast - and not very well kept secret - bigger brother, the big wheeled RocketMAX.

And it doesn't stop there... we also have TWO new shorter travel bikes, the Flare and the FlareMAX!

No half measures; a whole new suspension range from Cotic, right here, right now.

Before we dig deeper into what these bikes have to offer, let's look at some pictures...

RocketMAX RocketMAX RocketMAX RocketMAX


You know what's what here, and those of you patiently waiting for more stock will be pleased to know that we haven't forgotten the Rocket, and new stock is about to land!

We've also added an XL size... not just for the super tall people. Hours spent on one of our many prototypes has proved to us that many people really want to pair up some extra reach with a super short stem. Remember, our droplink frames have loads of standover clearance, so going up a size is viable if you want a longer bike, and all our bikes can now be specced with a 40mm stem.


This is our medium travel, lighter, sprightlier model.

We've been asked for this for longer than we can remember... You asked, and we delivered. A bike with the heart of the Soul, with lively droplink suspension that keeps you in touch with the trail, and helps you squeeze the maximum fun out of it. Soul owners know what we're on about, and we're sure lots of you will be as excited as we are about this model finally being released. We've sweated the details long and hard on this one.

Where would it be fun to ride the Flare? Where wouldn't it!?!


MAX by name, Maximum versatility by nature, MAX is the new branch of the Cotic range which can run either 29 inch wheels with tyres up to 2.5" wide, or the latest Plus sized wheels in 27.5 x 2.8" width. Boost rear axles are paired with new tubing and swingarms refined to offer the stiffness we know big wheeled bikes require.

Introducing the MAX versions of the Flare and Rocket.


This is our big wheeled version of the Rocket

Earlier versions of this baby were ridden by our team to great success. Since then we've made it stiffer, faster, and more responsive. Oh, and upped its versatility with 275Plus wheel compatibility and Boost148 rear axle. It's now proper superhero ready stuff, or maybe super villain?! Oops.. sorry, getting carried way. I want to go and blast one of these down a mountain side right now...


This is the big wheeled version of the Flare.

This bike is a riot to ride and a bit of a shapeshifter: Fast and fun in a way its 120mm travel doesn't even begin to hint at, yet comfortable and long legged for those pedaling-and-look-at-the-view days.

Confidence inspiring, and with you all the way, that's the FlareMAX.

Frames start at just £1499, and we ship worldwide from our base in the heart of the Peak District.

It's such an exciting time for our company, getting these new bikes available to you. We love riding these bikes and to have options for people who like all sorts of different types of riding and styles of bike to get onto a Cotic something we're really looking forward to.

Hopefully you're excited too. We'd love to hear what you think of the new bikes.

find out more about the droplink range…

Check out the Rocket…

Check out the RocketMAX…

Check out the Flare…

Check out the FlareMAX…

07/07/2016 - BFe275 new features

Find out more about the new BFe275 on the product page…

Order now…

06/07/2016 - Northern Grip Mountain Bike Festival in Ramsbottom, Lancashire

It's so good to have Sam back out there... but be gentle with him please, we don't want him broken again. Right... the return of #wheresamwednesday ! Over to Sam...

Northern Grip

A big thanks to everyone who came along to the Dalby Forest demo day, the weather held off and lots of fun was had on both the Rockets and the hardtails. Our next outing is just less than 2 weeks away at the Northern Grip Festival.

Taking place over the 23rd and 24th July is the inaugural Northern Grip Mountain Bike Festival in Ramsbottom, Lancashire. I will be there on the Saturday with the demo fleet, and you can borrow a bike to thrash round some of the great local trails that have been marked out for the festival, some of which are usually out of bounds! Here's the lowdown on the event:

"Northern Grip is an annual celebration of mountain biking and mountain bike culture with the inaugural festival taking place in Ramsbottom on Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th July 2016. The festival combines riding on some of the North West's finest fells with a focus on post-ride activities in the festival hub located in and around Ramsbottom's Civic Hall.

...As we run into the evening the party vibe will take over as we hand over to our bands and DJs to take us into the small hours. Award winning gastropub the Eagle & Child will be performing breakfast duties on Sunday before we head out onto the hills for one last big ride.

Northern Grip organiser Tom Whitehead said: 'Northern Grip isn't going to be just about the fun riding to be had on the amazing hills and trails around Ramsbottom. The festival hub at the Civic Hall will have a full programme of activities with film screenings, live music, DJs, Q&As with extraordinary riders, bike demos and, of course, great local food and ales. We'll also be throwing in some memorable surprises throughout the day.'"

It's set to be a great weekend, and with tickets costing a mere £25 you'd be daft to miss it if you live in the North West. All our demo bikes are free to ride, just bring photo ID, credit card/car keys and ideally your own pedals and you're good to go. There's an all day group ride on the Sunday and less expo stuff, but if you'd like to take a bike out on the Sunday let me know and I'll sort you out. Sadly my arm will prevent me from joining in!

If you're attending the festival and would like to reserve a bike for a certain time on the Saturday, drop me an email and I'll get you booked in. Otherwise just turn up and find the Cotic stand.

For all the info you could possibly need, check out

Tickets can be purchased there, but hurry up as there aren't many left.

I'm also looking to fill some gaps in my Calendar over the August Bank Holiday. I will be in Scotland over that weekend (26th - 29th), so if you're north of the border and want to demo a bike, give me a shout and we'll get something planned.

See you on there.


Demo page…

Northern Grip website…

30/06/2016 - Dalby Demo Update

Freshly branded van

We're back on the road this Sunday in our newly decorated van, bringing the Cotic demo tour to Dalby Forest in the North York Moors.

Paul and I will be set up in the car park by Dixons Hollow from 9:30, with the fleet of Rocket 275s, Souls and Solaris for you to test ride. In addition to this we'll also have a medium Escapade available to demo, so if you're in the market for a new road bike, cross bike or commuting weapon, pop along and give it a spin.

As an added bonus, we're putting some of the brand new BFe 275 frames in the van for you to have a look at. Updated for 2016 and now featuring 142x12 bolt through rear axles and stealth dropper post routing, you can cast your eyes over the latest edition of our hardcore hardtail in the flesh. We'll bring a subtle grey/yellow one and a luscious and hugely popular Fast Red one, so you can pick your favourite colour.

The Dalby demo is an open one, so you can simply rock up and take a bike out, or if you'd like to reserve one for a particular time that suits you, drop me an email and we'll get you booked in. There's a few bikes already booked out, so it's probably worth getting in touch to avoid disappointment.

As ever its a totally free event, just bring photo ID and something to leave as security like a credit card or car keys. Your own pedals would also be a good idea, we have a few sets but not enough for every bike. We'll swap them over for you and get the bike set up just right.

See you on Sunday.


Demo page…

29/06/2016 - BFe275 2016 - Thru Axle!!

The new BFe275 is available as of today.

The biggest news is that [humble pie time]...........there is a 142 x 12 thru axle option! It's a first on a Cotic hardtail, and those of you who follow the newsletter will probably know that we have been staunch advocates of QRs on hardtails for...well, basically forever. It uses the fantastic Syntace X-12 system we use on the Rockets droplink suspension, it's super secure and as light as 12mm systems get.

Why the change of heart? Well, we still believe there's no performance benefit from thru axle on a hardtail, and you can still get BFe275 in a QR version if you have QR wheels, or don't feel the need. However, we are always listening to our customers and there is strong demand for this. People often like to be able to swap wheels between a couple of bikes, and most FS bikes - in fact most mountain bikes full stop - are 142x12 these days. So it's great from a practicality point of view. And the BFe275 is a burly bike and people like the security of a thru axle for this kind of bike. I can understand that.

I also realised I was properly in danger for doing what I said I never would, and tilting at the windmills of the industry and getting in an engineery huff because it 'wasn't needed'. When road bikes started to sprout thru axles, I realised I needed to have a word with myself. I remember not buying a Bontrager frame back in the 90's after saving up for months because it still had a 1" headset (remember those?!!) because Keith thought oversized headsets weren't needed. He had a fair point at that time in the mountain bikes' evolution, but from a practical point of view I didn't want to buy new forks with an old standard steerer. I promised myself I'd always build Modern Steel Hardtails.

Following the same direction as the recent BFe26 update, there is Stealth/Internal dropper post routing, and tidied up front mech routing which is now for Shimano Sideswing front mechs only. These mechs have much more clearance around the tyre than regular mechs, and they're available down to Deore level, so it won't be much to get you up and running if you're still running a 2x or 3x drivetrain.

Our ace OFI geometry carrying over unchanged so you know the handling is SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

The new BFe275 is available in the luscious Fast Red or subtle Grey/Yellow. The QR version is £349 for the frame only, and bikes start with the Silver spec at £1499. The Syntace 142 version costs £399 for the frame, and the Silver spec bike starts at £1579 as it has tubeless ready WTB rimmed wheels from the Rocket Silver bike. Orders your today for delivery Friday:

Don't forget we now have a Go Custom programme for the bikes too, so the Silver or Gold builds are just a starting point. If you're buying a bike, click 'Go Custom' and you'll be given options on upgrading your forks to the higher end Roughcut HLR damper, your wheels or brakes to Hope options, and now there's Stealth routing you can add a Race Face Turbine dropper post with the trick 1x remote too. Click on the link and have a play. Nothing is ordered unless you click the button at the bottom of the page, so don't be afraid to have a muck about in the Go Custom section and configure your dream bike.

The final few of the existing BFe275 frame are now on further reduction to clear, in matte green or grey/yellow, for just £249 for the frame. Order them here:

It's a proper little razzer, just as it always has been. In't riding bikes brilliant? I'd love to hear from you about these improvements to the BFe275. Good move? Not bothered? Definitely getting one?



Read more about the 2016 BFe275 here…

Order your BFe275 today…

27/06/2016 - Demo is BACK


Cotic Demo Tour is BACK! Sam is back at work after breaking his wrist jumping his BFe26 in crosswinds (doh!) and ably assisted by Paul they will be trucking up to Dalby Forest this Sunday 3rd July for an Open Demo.

They'll be based at the car park near Dixon's Hollow, with a fleet of Solaris, Soul and Rocket demo bikes. We have various shocks, specs and sizes of bike to try, and some Plus wheels for the Solaris bikes if you're Plus curious. Dixon's Hollow is the head of the Red and Green trails, here:

Dixon's Hollow Car Park Map

Open Demo format is really flexible - turn up, grab the bike you want, leave us with credit card/car keys/some other collateral and take the bike our for an hour on the local trails. If you have a particular bike you want to ride, or if you're pushed for time, then email and let him know and we'll make sure you have a bike available for you when you arrive.

If you think any of your mates might be interested, give this a share. Any other questions, drop us a line or give us a ring. Cheers!

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21/06/2016 - Nice Game

Here's a cool little game a mate of mine just emailed to me.

"Anyone ever have that thing where you're just sitting doing work, or washing up, or whatever... and a random ride from the past pops into your mind?"

Here's what Cy put when he emailed this to the newsletter list earlier:

This one night at Thieves Wood about 10 years ago when me, Paul and Ian just rode around at what felt like light speed about 6 inches off eachothers' wheel, completely in tune with what all the others were doing. Magical.

Surfing the snow down Spooky Woods with Kelvin and Olly at Singletrack Awards 05 when no one else would come out riding. Had to stop at one point because I was laughing so much.

Cy Stannage

The first time I properly nailed one of the tricky trails near my house. It clicked and I got flowing down it and I finally knew I was home.

What's yours? Have fun with it.

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17/06/2016 - Ride Jerseys Restocked

Cotic Ride jerseys are back in stock, and this time we've added both a green option, and some XL, for those that have berated us for not doing large enough ones before!

Cotic Ride Jersey Green/Wrap Cotic Ride Jersey

Order your jersey now…

10/06/2016 - More Demo News

More demo news, as we try to reassemble our plans for the summer...

As we said earlier in the week, Sam's done himself a mischief, so many of the Open Demos in the near future have had to be postponed. Also, unless you hear otherwise via email, Exclusive Rides over the next few weeks will also have to rearranged for later in the year. This month was going to be busy anyway, and with Sam spannering himself we don't have the people to cover all the demos we had planned.

However, after all the effort we went to get it sorted, we are definitely still doing Surrey Hills this Sunday. Cy will be down at Holmbury St Mary Village Hall on Sunday 10 until 5 to make it happen. He'll have a van full of Rockets, Souls and Solaris bikes to try.

Now, in addition, Paul will be stepping in to make the Dalby Forest Open Demo a reality on 3rd July.

Once Sam is back to work (but not back on the road) will make more plans, and let you know what the score is for other demos that were planned for the end of the summer.

We will update our Demo Calendar here when we know more…

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07/06/2016 - Demo News

Our neatly laid out plan for demos has just been thrown up into the air... where will all the pieces land...?

With our recent public and private demos around the country being so well received, we should have guessed that a spanner would be thrown in the works. It has come in the form of Sam having a little mishap on the jumps at Bolehills... the result... a broken arm. We don't know the full score yet, but needless to say, some upcoming demos will need to be postponed.

As it's taken so much juggling to get our Surrey Hills demo sorted... Cy will personally be attending this one to make it happen!

Unfortunately, with Sam recovering, and everyone else already booked up doing other things (we're a tiny little band of people don't forget) we will have to postpone the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Dales Bike Centre & Penmachno public demos. Some private demos will also need to be postponed, we'll contact people once we've spoken to Sam, and discussed between ourselves what we can and can't do. Sorry in advance to anyone we're letting down, we're gutted as well. As for future public demos this summer... we don't know yet... once we have a plan we'll let you know.

We will update our Demo Calendar here when we know more…

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06/06/2016 - Woop woop! Another race another podium.

Woop woop! Another race another podium. Whilst Peaty was making history up at Fort William our boys were racing a gnarfest at PMBA Northern Champs at Grizedale. Swinny taking second by 0.2 seconds. So close! That's supported rider Nial Oxley in 5th and Chaymoose brought it home 9th after a broken chainguide hampered progress. Tidy work chaps, and thanks for making it 3 Rockets in the top 10.

Read more about the droplink Rocket275…

03/06/2016 - New BFe26 - stock update

BFe26 stock is arriving on Monday, and we'll aim to get as many of the pre-ordered frames as possible out later in the week. Talking of pre-orders... they've gone so well that those of you deliberating about getting our updated 26" hardtail should get on it!

Find out more about the new BFe26 on the product page…

Order now…

31/05/2016 - Life Bike Road Trip

A couple of our long time customers, Tony and Pierre, took their Life Bikes for a long sunny spin. A lovely little adventure and some great pics to boot. Time for a coffee? Rear all about it here:

We love hearing about your adventures aboard your Cotic. If you have some good words and nice pics, let us know and we'll share.

Read more about the singlespeedable Roadrat…

Read more about the original singlespeedable Escapade…

Read about the New Escapade with standard dropouts…

24/05/2016 - Some Great Pics of the Team on Pinkbike

Some great pics by Saskia Dugon on the Pinkbike Tweedlove write up, including a few good ones of our intrepid heros attempting to conquer the course.

Pinkbike Tweedlove International write up and pictures…

23/05/2016 - WTB Road Plus Tyres

What do we have here? @wildernesstrailbikes Horizon 650 x 47 Road Plus installed on Paul's Escapade today. They felt REALLY fun in the yard. Looking forward to testing them

A photo posted by Cotic (@coticbikes) on

Rear more about the Road Plus compatible Escapade here…

23/05/2016 - Tweedlove International Day 2

SHARE : F t url

Swinny at tweedlove

Unfortunately Day 2 wasn't kind to Chay at Tweedlove International. Whilst comfortably still leading the Vets race, he clipped a rock with his rear mech, but the hanger and fixing was all stripped out, so he couldn't get back up and running again and had to retire. Very frustrating all round, but good to see the speed is there!

Swinny had another good day on the more extreme tracks that Day 2 brought, over on the Golf Course side. He climbed a place to 15th overall behind some very big names, so pretty happy with that. As always there are things to learn and things to do better next time. We'll be back!

Final thing is that both lads said how fantastic Tweedlove Festival is, so get yourself up there next year if you get the chance.

Read Descent World Article on Tweedlove International Practice…

21/05/2016 - Tweedlove International Day 1

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Chay watching Swinny have a 'lie down' in practice yesterday

The lads have just checked in after day 1 of the Tweedlove International. Chay is currently leading Vets, and Swinny is 16th in Elite after having a couple of crashes on Stage 2. His 1 and 3 times were top 10 though, so he's hoping for a clean day on the bigger trails tomorrow and sliding into the Top 10 overall with that kind of pace. Chay is feeling good so will be looking to hold on to that top spot.

Both report the bikes are running sweet after a bit of love from the Shimano tech support on the brakes to make things tip top.

There's a nice write up on Descent World with some great pictures of practice, including Swinny having a little lie down yesterday ;-)

We're excited to see what tomorrow brings.

Read the Descent World Article on Tweedlove International Practi…

20/05/2016 - New BFe26 - the full story

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26 definitely ain't dead!

That's right, in 2016 we've actually gone and done it, re-designed our legendary 26" wheel hardnut hardtail. Not just another batch for the original frame, a whole new design. 26 definitely ain't dead!

It features our first update to our classic 26" wheeled geometry: it's got the longer reach and slacker head angle developed on the BFe275, optimised around longer forks so the BB is around 10mm lower for a given fork length than before. It's ideal to pair with the short stems and wide bars we've come to love.


The BFe26 is for hard riding. For earning turns and railing berms. You can run with a 100mm fork for 4X and dirt jump duties, just like Fast Freddie Oxley in the video. 120mm or 140mm forks make it a sweet handling trail bike. Or you can plug in a 160mm fork and send it down the Megavalanche, just like Robbie did on the original in 2008. Most BFe26 builds perform mighty fine as bold-as-brass razz-around play bikes.

We shot this at Sheffield's Bolehills BMX track to show off the playful side of the bike. As I said, it'll still be an ace trail bike, just as it always was, but it's also a great "bunch of bits from the garage, thrash around the pump track" kind of bike too. It's super versatile. And as Fast Freddie says, "If you want to hit this berm as fast as you can, this is the bike to do it on"

New colours are Fast Red as shown, or Gloss Orange with our new cut-through wrap graphics.

There's revised cable routing to go with the updated geometry, Stealth dropper option, and tidied up stops for use with Shimano Sideswing front mechs if you're still running multiple chainrings. You can see the pics from Richard Baybutt's amazing photoshoot on the product page gallery here...

We still love 26" bikes, and it's staying in the range because you can build it with those great 26" parts you still have; Sam grabbed the frame from the photoshoot to do exactly this. You can even plug in 27.5" forks if your 26" forks are worn out, so long as you keep the 26" wheels in there.

We can help you out with a full build if you're still fully committed to the 26" cause. Drop us an email on to discuss options around our Silver or Gold build kits.

As it ever was: Fun with a capital F. Durable with a capital D. Burly Iron.

They're due into stock first week of June, priced at £349 for the frame only. You can order yours now, by clicking here...

Find out more about the new BFe26 on the product page…

Order now…

Watch the original #26aintdead video…

After that, see the outtakes…

18/05/2016 - Where's Sam Wednesday

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Where's Sam Wednesday 2

Where's Sam this week? Well, to start with he's staying local on Friday 20th May, so any Sheffielders wanting to try a Cotic, now's your chance. He'll be up at Greno Woods car park in the morning, and at Lady Cannings Plantation in the afternoon. No need to book, just turn up and grab a bike to ride. Just remember to bring your car keys or a credit card for us to hold onto when you have the bike, and we're all good.

Saturday is a private demo up at Cannock Chase, but feel free to have a chat if you see the van and the bikes if you're up there this weekend.

As mentioned last week, the really cool event we have sorted on Sunday 22nd May is the demo at Dyfi. We're teaming up with Dave Evans who runs Bike Corris, a holiday and guiding company based in the Dyfi Forest in West Wales. The idea is to combine Dave's encyclopedic knowledge of the Dyfi area with the trail munching capabilities of the Rocket, Soul and Solaris.

There will be three guided demo rides through the day, taking in a huge variety of the great trails on offer in the area, and giving you plenty of time to test out a Cotic or two. Sam will be joining all the rides (go easy on him on the last ride eh?!) to answer any questions or make those crucial adjustments for you.

Rides will all be different, and will start from the Corris Craft Centre in Machynlleth, SY20 9RF, and will last 1.5 - 2 hours. You'll need to book a slot through Sam, so drop him an email on to reserve a bike for one of the following times:

The plan is for the 13:00 loop to take in some of the more challenging trails used for enduro races, so will be a perfect for showing off what the Rocket is capable of. Having raced there, we know there's some AMAZING trails in those woods, so this will be a special ride.

The other two loops will use less "full-on" tracks, so if you'd like to demo one of the hardtails, or don't feel up for the steep stuff, these would be the ones to book on. We can be flexible with these to suit demand though.

Send an email and let Sam know what you'd like to ride and when. Remember, all our demos - including the private demos - are totally free. For Sunday you can book on one, two or all three of the rides if you'd like to try multiple bikes or fancy being shown round some of the best trails in the UK on a bike built for the job.

See you on the trails.....

Read more about our Demo Tour and our Demo Calendar here…

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16/05/2016 - Darren Ellis sent us some geat Rocket shots

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Thank you Darren!

View them all on where we post all the photos you send us.

See Darren's shots on…

Find out more about the Rocket275…

12/05/2016 - Where's Sam Bonus - Tweed Valley

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Where's Sam Wednesday 2

Unfortunately I've had a last minute cancellation for a private demo in Scotland tomorrow, so to make the most of me being North of the border I'll be hanging around the Tweed Valley on Friday for you to try some bikes.

My plan is to be in the Innerleithen car park in the morning, then I'll head down the road to the Buzzard's Nest car park at Glentress for the afternoon.

If you live nearby and fancy taking a bike for a spin, or even just a browse, come and find me. Look for the shiny black Transit and the medley of Rockets, Souls and Solaris' I'll have with me. I'll stick around until 5pm before I head off to the next private demo.

It's a bit last minute I know, but hopefully if you're nearby you can pop along and make the most of the weather. Its a great way to start the weekend!

As always, let me know if you'd like to me to bring the demo to you, midweek days, evenings, weekends, anything goes and I have gaps in my calendar.



Read more about our Demo Tour and our Demo Calendar here…

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11/05/2016 - Where's Sam Wednesday

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Where's Sam Wednesday 2

Where's Sam this week? This weekends' public demo is at Hamsterley Forest in County Durham on Sunday 15th May. He's going to be in the car park next to Descend Hamsterley uplift service, which is here:

He'll have all the Rockets and Solaris and Soul demo bikes as per usual. Bring some ID and a credit card or some car keys for him to hold 'hostage' in exchange for a ride. The weather looking good for the weekend, so come out and play! One thing to bear in mind, having been to Hamsterley for an enduro; there is NO phone signal in the forest at all, so don't rely on being able to call Sam for directions.

Sam's in Scotland the few days beforehand, but these are all private demos which have been organised by groups and clubs who got in touch and took advantage of our Demo To You service. We're trying to sort out a public demo somewhere in Scotland later in the summer, but if you're north of the border, we are heading up there and if you're interested in a ride then email Sam on

Just to get ahead of ourselves a little bit, we've got a really exciting demo planned for Sunday 22nd May. We're teaming up with Dave Evans who runs Bike Corris, a holiday and guiding company based in the Dyfi Forest in West Wales. The idea is to combine Dave's encyclopedic knowledge of the Dyfi area with the trail munching capabilities of the Rocket, Soul and Solaris.

There will be three guided demo rides through the day, taking in a huge variety of the great trails on offer in the area, and giving you plenty of time to test out a Cotic or two. Sam will be joining all the rides (go easy on him on the last ride eh?!) to answer any questions or make those crucial adjustments for you.

Rides will all be different, and will start from the Corris Craft Centre in Machynlleth, SY20 9RF, and will last 1.5 - 2 hours. You'll need to book a slot through Sam, so drop him an email on to reserve a bike for one of the following times:

The plan is for the 13:00 loop to take in some of the more challenging trails used for enduro races, so will be a perfect for showing off what the Rocket is capable of. Having raced there, we know there's some AMAZING trails in those woods, so this will be a special ride.

The other two loops will use less "full-on" tracks, so if you'd like to demo one of the hardtails, or don't feel up for the steep stuff, these would be the ones to book on. We can be flexible with these to suit demand though.

Send an email and let Sam know what you'd like to ride and when. The day is totally free, so you can book on one, two or all three of the rides if you'd like to try multiple bikes or fancy being shown round some of the best trails in the UK on a bike built for the job.

If you do head out to the demos, we'd love to hear your feedback on how they're going. This is a new thing for us and it's really good to know from you guys what you've enjoyed and what we could improve upon. Thanks.

Read more about our Demo Tour and our Demo Calendar here…

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10/05/2016 - May Day Madness Continues

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Don't forget, our Mayday Madness sale is still on. BFe275 in all sizes and colours, including the beautiful matte green for just £279. That's an £80 saving.


BFe275 in Matte Bright Green BFe275 in Matte Bright Green BFe275 in Matte Bright Green BFe275 in Matte Bright Green
Optional Hope dropper seatclamp Cotic Superlight cowled dropouts with replaceable mech hanger Ovalform top tube to boost precision and maximise compliance 44mm head tube ISCG05 mount BFe275 in Matte Bright Green Fm and 853 tubing BFe275 in Matte Bright Green Gussets

Find out more about the BFe275 on the product page…

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09/05/2016 - Lee Quarry Enduro

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Dreamboats!! 1st for Rocketman @jpswinny and 3rd for Straightline @chaymoose. 4 podiums out of 4 races... Very proud. 👏🏆🍾

A photo posted by Cotic (@coticbikes) on

09/05/2016 - New Cotic Pocket Shirts

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We have some new casual t-shirts.... our Cotic Pocket Shirts.

Medium size feels like a medium, and large like a large. They’re not slim fit or anything, and are cut a bit longer to avoid builders' bum when riding to the pub. Swinny is wearing a med (white) and Chay a large (black).

Order your shirt now…

04/05/2016 - Where's Sam Wednesday - CORRECTED

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Hope you enjoyed the team video yesterday. Seems to be going down pretty well. First off a new thing today, we're starting Where's Sam Wednesday to let you all know where our man with the demo van will be this weekend.

This weekend Sam will be at GRIZEDALE Forest on Saturday 7th May, and at Stainburn at Norwood Edge Trails on Sunday 8th May. He'll be up and running by 9 am on both days.

Grizedale on Forestry website....

Stainburn on Forestry website...

Both are public demos, so you can either rock up and see what we've got and take a bike out for a quick spin, or if you have a specific requirement and/or time, drop Sam a line on and let him know what you're after.

If you'd like to discuss it with Sam or give him a shout on the day, call 07398189114. Only not today because he's on his 'weekend' after doing a sterling job down in Bristol and Somerset over the Bank Holiday. He's back in tomorrow (Thursday 5th May).

Bikes-wise, we have the full fleet of Rockets in all sizes, plus we have medium and large sized Soul and Solaris on the fleet now. We also have a set of Plus wheels for the Solaris if you're chubby-curious, and if you're interested in a BFe275, the Soul is exactly the same shape as the BFe, just 1 degree steeper on the head angle, so riding a Soul will get you sorted for fit and give you a good idea of feel.

Sam is also around on Friday so if you can't make the weekend and you're in the Yorkshire/South Lancs area and want a private demo - maybe you and some mates want to ride on Friday evening? - then give him a shout.

The full list of public demos currently booked in as on the new page for all things Demo on the Cotic website, on the DEMO button at the top of the page, or direct link is here:

Pop it in your Favourites.

Don't forget, Sam is still booking private and public demos well into the summer now. If you're near any of the locations mentioned but can't make the weekend, maybe we can hook up a private demo on a Thursday, Friday or Monday day time or evening to fit you in? If you want us to bring the demo to you, then let us know where. Get in touch with Sam and we'll try make it happen.

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03/05/2016 - Website down time

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Apologies to all those trying to use our website earlier today. The long down time was due to a hardware failure, but we are on new kit now and everything is working as normal.

NOTE: the BFe275 offer is still on

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03/05/2016 - Cotic Race Team 2016

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The race team wouldn't happen without the help of a solid platform, some amazing sponsors, supporters, and most importantly, two phenomenal riders.

This year we're running with sponsorship from WTB with their outstanding Ci24 Carbon rims on race wheels, and ST i25 rims on training wheels, a vast choice of awesome tyres from the Vigilante through the Trail Boss to the Riddler, and the fantastic Padloc grips.

On the soft goods side, our good friends at ONEAL Europe have provided Rockstacker shorts, open face helmets, goggles, and protection from their Sinner and AMX knee and elbow pads.

The Sheffield connection is strong with Hookit Products providing Joystick Analog carbon bars, Builder stems and Binary saddles, Ninjaz Gloves and 35 Bikes brake spares.

As well as our sponsors, we also have support with some of the best kit in the industry, with X Fusion Sweep Roughcut HLR forks, Cane Creek shocks, Shimano drivetrain and brakes and Industry Nine hubs.

We're big believers in running what we sell, so you'll see that the boys are effectively riding our Gold spec Rocket bikes, just with some MUCH posher wheels. We're looking at offering Ci24 Carbon rimmed wheels as an option. Would be interesting to know what you're thoughts on this would be, priced at around £1000 upcharge over the Hope Hoops on the stock bike.

The whole crew is a treat this year and we're having a lot of fun with it. Big thanks to everyone who's involved; lets keep those podiums coming! A little video to cheer up your post bank-holiday blues...

Check out the podium grabbing Rocket details here…

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29/04/2016 - May Day Madness Price Drop on BFe275

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Price drop to just £279 on the BFe275 frames. Get 'em whilst stocks last. All colours and sizes included. Blue, Green or Grey. When they're gone they're gone!

Order yours today

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27/04/2016 - Hot Yellow Mudgards

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A photo posted by Cotic (@coticbikes) on

Mudguards are back in stock, now with a Hot Yellow option. Just £10 posted, and still available is white, orange or green. I know it's late April, but it's snowing outside right now, so I think we'll be good for needing the 'guards for a while longer until Summer decides to turn up.

Order your Cotic Mudguard today…

27/04/2016 - Dedicated Demo Area on the Website

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Now Demo Sam and the Rocket Bus are on the road, we have opened a dedicated Demo page on the website with all the details, contact information and calendar of our public demos. There's a button on the menu bar up there at the top of the page too. See?

As well as all the latest updates on where and when the Rocket Bus will be rocking up with lovely Cotic's to ride, you can also get in touch about our Demo To You service. You don't have to wait for a public or dealer demo. If you you and a few mates want to ride a bike, get in touch using any of the options on the Demo Page and let us know. Sam will then work you into our schedule to have a private demo just for you. How good is that?

Read more on the Cotic Demo Tour on the Demo Page…

27/04/2016 - Cotic on the Hookit Podcast

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Our mates over at Hookit Products who supply us with the lovely Joystick bars we offer on the bikes, and sponsor the team, are now doing a Podcast. Davi invited Cy to be the first

There has admittedly been a raft of 'where Cotic started' type things recently, which is all a bit of a coincidence, but apart from the intro to where Cotic came from (feel free to skip the first 5 mins if you're a long time follower of Cotic and know the story) we get into all sorts of things about how we feel about what we do, working for ourselves, good advice we've been given. It was a fun chat, and seems to have been well received, so if you'd like to know a bit more about what makes me and Cotic tick, have a listen....

Hope you enjoy it.

steam via Soundcloud…

podcast on iTunes…

26/04/2016 - Tales From Wales and Upcoming Demos

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Sam's just got back from a great weekend of demo days in Wales, the trails were dry and the bikes were flying, smiles all round. Here's what he got up to, and the details of where you can try out a bike over the coming weeks.

Penmachno off piste demo.

This weekend definitely felt like summer is on its way. I had three days of sunshine in Wales and some brilliant demo rides.

On Friday I headed to Penmachno and met up with Sam, Alex and a few other locals to give the Rockets a pasting on the rocky singletrack and steep, local built DH tracks. With hot sunshine and barely a breath of wind we rode all day, and the bikes took everything in their stride. The trails at Penmachno are maintained by volunteers, and are very well built with plenty of flow and features to keep you on your toes. It's well worth a visit if you're planning a Wales trip. I'll certainly be back there again with the demo bikes, so let me know if you'd like to ride a Rocket there. A Solaris would also be great on the singletrack there, the big wheels make short work of the rocky, technical sections.

The demo stand in a very sunny Nant Yr Arian car park. Three days of sunshine in Wales!

On Saturday I was further south at Nant Yr Arian for another private demo, in yet more sunshine. I was pleasantly surprised by the trails here, some of the flowiest singletrack I've ever ridden, with hundreds of Red Kites riding the thermals above us. The Soul was the most popular bike for the trails here, carrying speed like a dream and inducing big grins all round. The final descent, High as a Kite, can be lapped really easily from the car park, so is perfect for demo rides. I set up in the car park on Sunday for a busy public demo, and I'll certainly be back here again later in the year, so let me know if you'd like to try a bike, and when suits you.

Sounds like a good time was had by all! Next weekend is a big one, and Sam is trucking down to the South West over the Bank Holiday.

The plan is:

Hopefully you can join Sam to take a bike for spin. Call 07398189114 or email to book on to the demos.

The following weekend he's back up North:

As we mentioned above, drop Sam an email on or call him if you'd like to reserve a bike for any of the public demos.

Currently there are no plans for Friday 6th May, so if you're anywhere in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria or even North Wales and want to try a bike, give Sam a shout. He's pretty flexible and can join you for an afternoon or evening ride too if you fancy finishing work early to play bikes!

26/04/2016 - Steel City DH 2016

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Sat 16th of April marked the 6th Steel City Downhill at Greno Woods near Sheffield, and it was - despite the best efforts of snow and ice - still The Best Day Of The Year. The Biggest Little Race In The World hosted us and around 2000 other hardy souls racing, watching, heckling and having a good time.

The new race jerseys got the first run out and looked MINT! Best tops we have ever had.

Cy raced and had fun in his first year with the Distinguished Gentlemen in Vets, and came 11th, narrowly being beaten by night-riding buddies Simon and Matt who came 10th and 4th respectively.

At the pointy end of things, Chay put in the run of his life to bag 4th in the Elites. We think he went to quite a dark place to pull out that time! Cy caught up with him after Run 1 on the stand and he pulled his helmet off, eyes like dinner plates, and just gave him a huge hug and said "I'm 4th!! I don't think I braked!". Love it. Swinny put it on the box again and bagged third despite nearly crashing off the start ramp hooking a pedal up on the transition! The team are currently 3 podiums from 3 races in 2016. Not bad lads, not bad. And you get your photo taken with these couple of legends too.

We were all buzzing from start to finish, and Nick Hamilton, Henry Norman, Steve Hardcastle, Jon Dallow and Peaty all did an incredible job of putting the race on again, especially in the difficult weather conditions we had in the run up.

If you have never visited the race, you REALLY should. Even if you're not racing it's one of the most fun mountain bike events to attend. Loads to look at, easily accessible course, legends like Peaty and Tracy Moseley racing, tonnes to eat and drink, awesome atmosphere.

If you would like a jersey, as of time of writing, we have one orange left in large, and a few small and medium in black. But we have re-ordered all options for delivery end of May, adding in a green option and XL sizes as well.

Order a jersey (if we have any left) …

PINKBIKE Photo Epic and Video…

25/04/2016 - New colours for the New Solaris

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Hope you made the most of the dry trails. An early taste of what's to come this summer? Fingers crossed...

Our new stock of Solaris has arrived, and because they are in new colours, we took them out for a photoshoot on Friday.

The first new colour is, by popular demand, our Gloss Gunmetal with reflective downtube panel. We've only used this on our 700c bikes before, so this is our first mountain bike in this colour, and it looks... AMAZING in the metal.

The other is our Gloss Hot Yellow, this time with an under the top coat black panel with the yellow showing through the 'COTICs'. For the shoot, and for fun, we built this option up with our 275plus build kit: how quickly this kind of chubby build has started to look, well, 'right'!

See more photos in the Solaris gallery…

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20/04/2016 - The 'Long Shot'

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As you might expect of any bike company, we're always working on new ideas and trying out new things to make Cotic bikes are as good as they can be. Over the last year geometry ideas and other developments have arguably moved faster than at almost any time in the history of the sport. And whilst we believe the current Rocket is the best bike we know how to build, we would be arrogant, not to say foolish to dismiss some of the more out there ideas completely out of hand without trying them for ourselves, but with our own frame of references.

One of the things that slows you down when working with Taiwan for production is that whilst they're awesome at building batches of frames, it takes an awful long time to get prototypes and 1 offs out of them which can make trying out ideas for the hell of it a little more difficult that it might be.

Last year the fine fellows at Shand Cycles stepped into this gap, by offering to make us custom front triangles to pretty much whatever shape we wanted. The first front end they made was the final proving prototype of the current Rocket275 before we finalised it for production. Last November, after catching up with Chris Porter and his Geometron at a Tech Talk that A Line Coaching put on in Sheffield, I decided I needed to give this super long thing a go. Just about the same time Steven Shand asked if they could put a Shand built Rocket on their stand at Bespoked, and a plan was formed. I sent Steven the drawing in early December and I had this front end built into a bike 2 days before Christmas. Two and a half weeks from idea to riding the bike. Now THAT is what I'm talking about!

R&D bike

At Bespoked last week where the bike was on show, Dave from Radventure dubbed the bike the "Long Shot". We hadn't got a name for it up to then, but it's very suitable! Fundamentally this is the longest Rocket275 you can build with a Reynolds 853 down tube, and even then they made me a special extra long one for the job. The geometry can be configured to be the same as a current Rocket, with the regular back end, or we can put a longer back end from the 29er project on there to see how that affects things. Then there's anglesets and other things we can play with.

R&D bike

Speaking of rear ends, yes, that is a carbon rear end on the bike. I keep an eye on things carbon within the industry because it's becoming a massive thing for other companies. Adrian at Swarf Cycles has form for building his own carbon fibre rear ends for his Curve suspension bike so I asked him if he'd be interested in making me something so I could work with someone in the UK on this. It was a great collaboration, as he got to try out some new techniques, and I got to see what a carbon rear end might look like without the massive tooling costs required when working with the Asian production facilities. I also wanted to try out a Boost spaced rear end, and as all our Rocket production jigs are 142mm it was actually quicker and cheaper for Adrian to make this for me than waiting for the factory to tool up a fabrication jig for a metal back end.

The linkages were made by Blair Precision up near Aberdeen. Alan there is a friend of a friend and has been really great to work with getting us short runs of linkages and other items machined up for the frame. APE in Sheffield made the rest of the pivots and fittings.

As well as geometry and handling, there's things we have been trying out with the kinematics and rates of the suspension, and I have been riding the bike in a bunch of configurations, around here, at a test day at Revolution Bike Park with the Team, and then the team lads did their own work and fed back their own conclusions. Some of that is balancing what the team lads have been asking for and what is suitable and usable for mere mortals like you and I.

R&D bike

First and foremost, despite the beautiful presentation (thanks to the Shand boys wanting to show off their awesome painting prowess for the show) this is in no way one of those 'prototypes' which then turn up as the production bike two months later. This is very much a rolling research rig, a ridable concept. We're still working with Shand on getting custom front ends to test ideas, and this is working brilliantly. There are no plans to do anything else with Adrian or with carbon. He's brilliant to work with, and I've learnt a lot about what I like and don't like about carbon construction, but as mentioned he mainly helped out by making me a new configuration rear end very quickly when the factory in Taiwan needed to be focused on production.

The other conclusion we came to, across everyone who rode the bike was that despite trying some pretty extreme geometry settings, the angles everyone preferred were the current Rocket angles. So there's no radical changes on the horizon there!! Let's face it, with 160mm forks the Rocket has a 65.5 deg head angle which ain't exactly steep!

As for the length? That was much more of a mixed conclusion. Some of us really liked the extra length, others thought it too much and limited what they could do with the bike. Everyone loved the diddy stem handling. Some interesting feedback to think about, but that said, the next batch of Rocket275 due in June will have an XL size option which is 20mm longer than the current large, so we're already into production with some of the ideas that this bike took to the extremes.

More beautiful photos of the Long Shot on Flickr…

19/04/2016 - Radventure Feature on Cotic

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Our friends Dave Anderson and Sim Mainey have just launched a new website/media outlet for people who like riding bicycles on dirt. It's a place with lovely pictures and words about mountain biking. They launched today, and some of the lovely pictures and words are about us, as they came and did a feature on Cotic back in November after attending the Rocket275 launch. They chatted to Cy about the company, past, present and future.

Soul Searching - A Radventure feature on Cotic…

15/04/2016 - Fresh Cotic Ride Jerseys

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We love these...

Available in Orange or Black...

New Cotic Ride Jerseys!

We're proud of our bikes, and wanted something to ride and race in that shouted about them. So... new loud and proud ride jerseys just for us... well, not quite, we've had some made for the wider Cotic community... yes, that's you!


Check out some more detail shots below....

Cotic Ride Jersey Cotic Ride Jersey Cotic Ride Jersey Cotic Ride Jersey Cotic Ride Jersey

order NOW…

12/04/2016 - Agreeing with Chris King

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Cy writes....

Today I spotted this video promo from Chris King

We don't actually use any Chris King components on our bikes, but I've always been an admirer of the way he does business. They make amazing kit that lasts as long as possible, and are one of the most environmentally responsible manufacturers I know.

What struck a chord with me was that - despite not being directly involved in the manufacturing of our product - a lot of what he was saying had strong parallels with how I try to run Cotic. There are five key guiding points to a Cotic product:

This is what I consider constitutes a Cotic product. Durability being a key point. It's the main reason we use steel so extensively, and even if we move into other materials, durability will be the mantra. It's got to last.

As with the King products, it's not the cheapest way to do it, and certainly building a largely steel full suspension frame out using Reynolds 853 tubing is considerably more expensive than the aluminium frames to which it is often compared, and which those companies are making considerably larger margins than us. However, a huge thing for us is that when someone buys a Cotic it will last, and last, and last.

One of the best things in my job is getting an excited email from someone who has just ordered a sticker kit, because they're getting their 8 or 10 year old Cotic re-finished. I love that because that bike has given them so much pleasure, and I love that because I know it will continue to keep a smile on their face for another 8-10 years at least.

In fact, when I sent this letter out to our mailing list this morning, I got the following reply which embodies this exactly, but I'm also a sucker for upside down forks!

Great article Cy,

My 26 Cotic Soul personifies those 5 aspects you list perfectly…’s given me miles and miles and hours of riding and is still my “go to” bike. I have a stable of several and built up many and sold on many but only one I have ever kept and always will. My Cotic Soul 26 (see attached).

And is if to prove a point here she is replete with Chris King hubs, Maverick SC32s etc etc – you’ll recognise all the other kit. The bike is no spring chicken now but always, always gets loads of compliments (unlike my riding) despite not now being “the latest” kit.

Here’s to you and Cotic. Take it from a customer that your products do personify everything you have set out to achieve.

Cotic Soul 26

Our current warranty return rate is under 1%. Careful design, careful material choice, and making sure the quality control is done at our suppliers ensures this.

Hope are the UK parallel to Chris King, and make fantastic components that last. That's why you can option them on all our bikes. Same with Shimano drivetrains, X Fusion Forks, Race Face kit, Joystick bars, Cane Creek parts. We have very little trouble with this stuff, and neither do our customers. It's important to us, and if you're interested in buying a Cotic I expect it's important to you too.



09/04/2016 - Life Bikes down the Skate Park

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Cotic Life Bikes:
down the Skate Park...

After our impromptu skatepark shot during our Life Bike product shoot came out amazingly well, 'tog man Richard got REALLY excited about an idea to get a shot of someone air-ing a Life Bike out of the bowl. I wasn't so sure, but Richard was keen and had a rider in mind. Thinks quickly escalated.....

The original shot came when Jolley started mucking about at the Devonshire Green ramp when we were doing set ups for the product shoot a few weeks back. It came out brilliantly:

So a plan was hatched. Local BMX hero Matty Jamieson reckoned he could make an air stick, but not on drops. In fact he needed a fairly upright position. To the rescue came local mates Hookit who outfitted the Roadrat with some Joystick bars and stem for the event. After some runs up, checking timing, and nervous looks at eachother, this happened...

Now obviously we need to couch this in the usual 'professional riders in a controlled environment' etc etc, but our Life Bikes are built and tested to the MTB regs, not the road bike regs, because you can take them off road. Whilst they won't hold up to being jumped on ramps for very long, they're plenty tough enough for mere mortals!

Check out the rest of the shots below....

Learn more about the ROADRAT now…

Learn more about the NEW ESCAPADE now…

The ORIGINAL ESCAPADE with track ends for singlespeed/hub gear…

05/04/2016 - Vallelujah Video Featuring Chay

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Chay raced and won at Vallelujah in truly awful conditions over the Easter weekend. Check out the race video to see what it was like, and just what an awesome performance Chay put in to stay right side up for the whole weekend. We won Vets by 1min 37sec! He would have placed 5th in Elite. Tidy! As Chay said....

It was awful out there, but it's the same for everyone isn't it? Tell you what? I'd have been dead about 5 times on that lap without the [WTB] Vigilantes. Bloody brilliant they are. And the new Carbon rim [WTB Ci24] wheels are awesome too. Cheers!

Chay and Swinny (and Cy, although nowhere near the pointy end of the timesheets!) will be back in action on the 16th April at The Biggest Little Race In The World, Sheffield's own Steel City DH. If you're in the area that weekend, come and watch. Best atmosphere this side of Fort William World Cup. Not even kidding. It's amazing. See you there?

04/04/2016 - Demo Weekend Done

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demo - 2

Sam writes...

My first weekend of demos is now under my belt, and what a great start. A huge thanks to everyone who joined me at Chopwell and Gisburn, braving the cold and wet weather to try out some bikes.

Gisburn was my first proper public demo day where I was based in the car park for people to turn up and have a go. It was an early start, I set off from Sheffield at 6, and even had to wait for a supermarket en route to open so I could buy doughnuts! It rained solidly driving over the Pennines, and I began to doubt whether anyone would actually turn up. By 9am I was all set up in the car park, and the first demo rider was already out on the trails! The rain wasn't as bad as the drive over but was showing no signs of relenting.

My fears of a quiet day were soon put to rest, the morning was a busy one with lots of keen riders getting stuck in on the Rockets and the hardtails, braving the rain and enjoying Gisburn's trails. The figure of 8 layout is perfect for testing a bike out, as the 'lower loop' has a great variety of trails in a short distance, and the Hope Line is part way round for those who like to get airborne. One guy even did the full 8 in 1 hour 25 mins on a Soul, that's very impressive.

The best thing about the day was that everyone who tried a Rocket came pedalling back to the car park with a huge grin on their face. It's such a fun bike to ride, and everyone found it just wanted to go faster at every opportunity. Seeing people ride towards the stand dripping wet, mud spattered and grinning from ear to ear on a Rocket made my day. Worth standing in the rain for!

demo - Gisburn

Big shout to the guys who run the tea caravan at Gisburn for keeping me warm and caffeinated all day too. The clouds parted eventually, and I managed to get a ride in with my dad at the end of the day, who immediately decided he wants a Rocket too.

I'll certainly head back to Gisburn later in the year with the demo fleet, hopefully on a better day. All being well I should be at Grizedale on 7th May and Stainburn on 8th May once the permits have been confirmed. So there's plenty of chances to try a Cotic in the North, hopefully I'll see you soon.

Next up Cy will be at Steel City DH on 16th April with bikes to look at whilst enjoying the race.

Sam's out with the trail group at Penmachno on 22nd April, but you'd be welcome to join them if you're in the area. Sunday 24th is a full demo at Nant yr Arian. Email to let us know what you'd like to ride and when.

Weekend of 30th April the Cotic Rocket Bus will be down in Bristol, Leigh Woods, then Monday at Haldon near Exeter. Again, get in touch if you're in the area get in touch and book on.

email Sam about bringing the Cotic Demo Tour to you…

30/03/2016 - Gisburn Forest demo day

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Sam has just received confirmation that the public demo at Gisburn this Saturday is good to go; he'll be there with the demo fleet ready to go at 9:30.

The following demo bikes will be available:

Sam writes...

If you'd like to pre-book a bike for a certain time let me know, and I'll reserve it for you. Otherwise I'll be letting the bikes out for around and hour to an hour and a half as you turn up.

You'll need to bring some photo ID and a credit card to leave with me whilst you ride, but there's no charge to demo a bike.

The figure of 8 layout of the trail at Gisburn is perfect for demoing a bike, you can do a shorter or longer loop depending on your fitness, and easily get back to the van if you need to make any adjustments. There's a great mix of tight, handbuilt singletrack and fast, well surfaced trails with plenty of berms to rail.

This is my first public demo day, so please come along, say hello and take a bike or two for a spin. I'll be in the Gisburn Forest Hub car park from 9:30. See you on Saturday!



email Sam about the Gisburn demo…

29/03/2016 - Chay for the Win

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Look out for a film from the tweedlove round out shortly. Here's @chaymoose dishing it out on the podium. Again! 👏🏆🍾

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24/03/2016 - Enduro Hardtailing

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Mark Harris is a long time BFe customer of ours, and races Gravity Enduro on his hardtail. He's got himself a BFe275 over the winter and raced the third round of the Welsh Gravity Enduro series last weekend. Here's his story....


Welsh Gravity Enduro Round 3 - Cwmcarn

Sunday 20th March saw Round 3 of the Welsh Gravity Enduro series take place at Cwmcarn forest in South Wales.

For 2016 the series is in the Mash Up format, meaning you can ride the stages in any order and as many times as you like within the live timing period from 10am to 3pm. This results in a relaxed atmosphere but with some very close exciting racing, as mistakes can be ironed out on another run.

The stages were a mix of smooth dirt trails and rocky trails, with one stage including the Pedalhounds Downhill Course, a super fast trail with big high speed rocky berms and jumps.

I was racing my new Cotic BFe275, replacing my previous BFe26. I felt comfortable on the new bike and found the new OFI geometry much more suited to my size and riding style. It provided me with plenty of confidence to hit the jumps and rocky berms at speed.

As the timing period ended I knew I had been hovering around 5th place due to the live timing available throughout the day so I was hoping for a top 5 finish, but I ended up 7th in cat, taking my usual place in the middle of the field. A great days racing and enjoyable format at a very well run event. Now looking forward to the next round at Afan on 10th April.

Welsh Gravity Enduro:

Photo 1 Credit: Doc Ward

Photo 2 Credit: Richard Tilley

Read more about the BFe275…

24/03/2016 - DUAL RULES

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Rocketman's Little Bro showing that ‪#‎26aintdead‬ rocking is BFe26 to 4th place at the incredible This is Sheffield dual last night. He also took the series win. Fast family!

Sam popped his dual cherry, and Baybutt was looking cool in his retro Oneal racing jersey on a track that didn't really suit their Rockets.

Cy....erm....'acquired' the medium Soul demo bike from the fleet for the evening and was loving it. Made it to the second round, and then got drawn against some bloke called Steve Peat. How many times do you get to line up against The Champ? Not many unless you live in Sheffield. Yet another reason why we love this awesome City.

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21/03/2016 - Awesome weekend for Cotic

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Awesome weekend for Cotic, with Sam having a great demo with @sohobikeslondon and then Rocketman Swinny smashes the win, and Straightline Chay in the Top 10 with 7th at the PMBA Enduro Round1. Good to start the season on top of the box.

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15/03/2016 - YARD SALE - LEFTOVERS

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We had our Yard Sale on Saturday and plenty of people dropped by to pick up a bargain, but we still have quite a few slight 2nds left for sale

Yard Sale

We have:

15/03/2016 - Soho Bikes Demo THIS SATURDAY

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This Saturday, 19th March, we are doing our first demo of our new Demo Tour in conjunction with Soho Bikes at Aston Hill. Sam will be there with Rockets in all sizes, Souls in small and medium and a Solaris in medium. Plenty to go at, and Aston Hill is a great place to do a demo. Fun trails you can build into shortish loops to get in plenty of testing if you want to try out different bikes, or different sizes to get your fit just right.

It's being run by Soho Bikes, so if you want to book out a Cotic, give them a call on 0207 439 9577. There's a £20 booking fee, but you get a free Soho Bikes T Shirt for that, and we'll give you that money back if you order a bike.

Aston Hill is near Wendover, HP22 5NQ. You'll need to buy a £7 pass to ride if you're not a member, but it's well worth it. Cy's been down a few times and it's a great place to session the tracks and have fun on two wheels.

Here's Soho Bikes' info flyer for the event:

Although you have to book on through Soho Bikes, if you have any questions about the demo bikes or what you'd like to ride, drop us a line and we'll take you through your options. Sam will be fully kitted out with all our bar and stem options, and variety of shock and build options on the bikes so you can see what we do, and try out what you're looking at. Remember to try and give us 10 minutes to swap things like bars and stems, and give a bit of time for proper set up before the rides if you can. The more time we can spend with you getting you comfortable and just right on the bike, the more likely you are to be able to fully appreciate how ace our bikes are!

If you can't make it this weekend, don't forget to drop Sam an email about bringing the demo to you. Drop him a line on with the bike you're interested in, where you are, when you ride (even mid-week night rides are good), and if you have any mates who might want to try a Cotic as well.

11/03/2016 - YARD SALE!

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As we mentioned a week or so back, we're having a Yard Sale tomorrow (12th March) as well as a Demo and a party in the evening. You're all invited! Here's a quick picture of the pile of kit we're selling....

We have ex-demo and sample BFe275 frames, brand new Soul275 frames with poor finish for half price, 2 Solaris demo bikes, the Cotic Road prototype (58cm frame, 10spd 105 drivetrain), ex-team forks and shocks, lots of drivetrains, brakes, shock pumps, handlebars, stems, wheels, all sorts really. There will be discounts on merchandise bought on the day, and we have Rocketman T Shirts, Oneal Cotic jerseys, mugs, mudguards, all at super nice prices for buying tomorrow. Richard will running the show, and we'll even have a Gymkhana in the yard to have a crack at on a new prototype.

Come down, get involved. Address is Unit 9 Calver Works, Calver, S32 3XH. We're just off the A623 between Calver and Stoney Middleton, in the Alphaweld Yard. Look for the white cottage on the gate.

See you tomorrow?

10/03/2016 - Launching the new Life Bikes

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Today we launch our new Escapade and fresh colours on the Roadrat.

Roadrat continues in its fantastically versatile configuration, with mountain bike top tube lengths for proper position with flat bars, powerful brakes, big clearances for floaty big 700c tyres. The Dogsbody dropouts do everything - mudguards, racks, derailleur, singlespeed, hub gear, fixed. New for 2016 are the Hot Yellow and Gunmetal Gloss colours, which I'm sure you'll agree look fantastic. We are continuing with Matte Orange and British Racing Green as well.

In the case of the Escapade, there have been more far reaching changes. Revised geometry based on lots of testing and customer feedback has led to a 10mm lower BB for greater stability and security of handling, and a lower front end on the 54cm and 56cm sizes to give shorter riders more options to get their bar height just right. We have also expanded the size range to include a 52cm Extra Small size. Finally, with more than 99% of the Escapades being sold or fitted with derailleur gears, we have moved away from the track ends to a 135mm QR vertical dropout. This makes wheel removal much easier, especially with mudguards fitted.

The new bike is available in the beautiful Champagne Gloss finish (in the picture above) and Lime Green Gloss with orange highlights.

As always with Cotic Life Bikes, these are elegant, fun, engaging bikes which are your perfect 'other' bike. The one that isn't your mountain bike, but they're for pretty much everything else. And when we say everything else, that can include a bit of skate park!

Read more about the Escapade…

Read more about the Roadrat…

Order your new Escapade today for delivery next Friday…

Order your new Roadrat today for delivery next Friday…

08/03/2016 - International Womens Day - World Champs Edition

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To celebrate International Womens Day, and in our case, all that's great about awesome female riders, here's a throwback to 2009 and something I never dreamt would happen when we started Cotic: One of our bikes got ridden in the World Championships.

A Cotic at the World Champs

Between 2006 and 2010 we sponsored Kate Potter (one half of AQR Holidays our Pyreneen Demo Centre) to race for us in various formats, starting with 24 hour racing, but being a fast Aussie she caught the eye of their national XC team coach in the run up to the Worlds being held in Thredbo in 2009 (where Peaty famously finally won his Rainbow Stripes). Kate took on the challenge and become the first athlete to ride a Cotic at the World Champs. It still blows our mind that one of our bikes was raced at the pinnacle of the sport. Kate wrote about her experience on her blog:

The biggest experience of my mountain biking life happened 48hrs ago. I was part of the 2009 Mountain Bike World Championships on home turf. Although I have started to feel like my home is wherever my mountain bike takes me, Australia is where I was born and bred, and so to line up wearing the Aussie colours and race in front of a massive Australian crowd was an unforgettable experience. It only feels like yesterday that I took myself off to Portugal and discovered mountain biking for the first time.....oh and also my future husband....yeah I took a fancy to the guide and a year later became Mrs Potter....and the rest is Potter biking history.

When I was growing up I was always very sporty, and like most Aussie children I dreamt that one day I could represent my country....but that never happened. In most sports when you reach your mid 20’s you can start thinking about retiring even if you do make it to elite level. When you finish school there is often this expectation that it’s time to get serious, settle down and stop chasing your dreams. When I finished school it was time to decide what I was going to do for the rest of my life and there was no other choice for me but to head to University....because I had no idea what I wanted to do or be when I hit my 20’s and beyond.

At 17 this is quite a daunting thought and I certainly wasn’t ready to make such a huge decision, one that could affect the rest of my life. I thought by the age of 22 years after spending 5 intense years at University that I would be somewhat closer to making that decision. Unfortunately I was a bit of a dreamer and didn’t feel like I was on the right as many Aussies do it was time to escape, head to Europe for some much needed head space and to have some adventure. I was certain that after two years travelling I would be ready to ‘settle down’, that I would know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life when I was in my mid 20’s.

During my travels I fell in love with so many countries, but the trips I went on at first were too well organised. I was seeking more exciting spontaneous adventures. I was on the final stretch of a bus trip through Switzerland when I saw all these people riding bikes. They looked like they were travellers too, but they were doing something I suddenly craved to experience. I suddenly felt like I wasn’t a proper explorer after all, because I relied on tour guides and bus drivers to give me an adventure...and to tell you the truth I suffer motion sickness, so for 8hrs each day I was either feeling sick as a dog or sleeping, so the Captain Cook spirit inside me was feeling suppressed and at times rather nautious.

It’s funny how one small decision that you don’t recognise as being that significant at the time is actually what changes your whole future. I decided at that moment at the age of 24 that I wanted to ride a bike on my next adventure. That little decision, which was no more than a fleeting thought at the time, has ended up taking me to Portugal, Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, South Africa, Belgium, Canada, up, down and across Great Britain on two knobbly tyres....and now I have come home full circle to represent the country that I left behind when I had no idea what or who I really wanted to be when I reached my 30’s....and now I finally know. I really want to be the best mountain biker I can be and here I am lining up against the world’s best at the 2009 Mountain Bike Cross Country World Championships....Holly Cow!

2009 World Championships, Saturday 5th September....THE WARM UP.

This morning I was ready to race. The usual pre race nerves were there, but much more controlled. I have always had a problem controlling my nerves, but I now believe that nerves can give you positive energy. During the 30 minute roll out to course I was quiet as I usually am, but I was taking in every moment rather than hiding inside my little concentration bubble which does more harm for me than good sometimes. Car after car kept driving past beeping their horns and wishing the 7 elite ladies dressed head to toe in the green and gold colours of Aussie elite cyclists all the very best. Although we normally race for different teams, today we were one team representing our country and hoping that each other would have the best ride today and do Oz proud.

Once we were at the course there was time to relax in the team tent and chill before we completed our turbo warm up. The Aussie Team had amazing coaching and support crew who looked after us all and helped keep our nerves at bay. There were photographers, television cameras, radio, spectators, family and friends surrounding us all as we warmed up on each turbo, focused on spinning legs and waking heart and lungs up ready to race. The crowd lining up on both sides of the starting area were building up and the atmosphere was sending tingles down my spine.

2009 World Championships, Saturday 5th September....THE START.

I was number 40 and lining up towards the end of the grid. It wasn’t an ideal position on the start line because I was on the inside of the first tight bend where I was certain there could be a crash or where I might get squeezed into the gates. I expected a mad start, but to tell you the truth the pace was much slower than I anticipated. I felt like lady luck was watching out for me today as I just seemed to find gaps in the pack and slowly but in a very relaxed manner crept closer to the front. I knew as everybody else did that the last 50-100m before the first long section of single track was going to be mad as we all fought for a good position on the narrow and energy zapping ‘Cardiac Climb’. But just as I was preparing for the attacks to start the very front group crashed and suddenly everybody was off their bikes and scrambling on the fire road trying to remount and pedal back up to speed. I’m sure there were a few angry words and plenty of elbows, but for me it was like everything was in slow motion and I was on automatic drive without a care in the world.

I knew to save energy on the steep sections of the ‘Cardiac Climb’ and rode conservatively. I managed some sneaky passes and stayed on my bike more than I expected to with so many riders already running out in front. There were several rocky obstacles to ride and hop over, as well as a short steep descent with a section of slippery muddy rocks on the exit. When you reached the top there was no time to relax as you headed straight into the ‘Hammer Head’ section of rolling steep boulders and rocks. I expected to run and was already off my bike and trying to get past riders who had crashed or lost balance in front of me. Once again I found myself running past riders in a very relaxed and controlled manner without too much hard effort at this stage in the race. The trail remained mostly tight and undulating single track, with a few short sections that split into A and B lines which would suit those riders who had the power to sprint hard....not my strength, but boy did I try as there was always somebody out in front to try and pass.

At the highest point of the course it turned to even more single track and here I enjoyed the swooping switchbacks that just went on and on.....I love riding switchbacks and even though I had ridden this section plenty of times over the last two weeks I never got bored of it. I managed to out sprint a girl into this descent and then caught up another, but I wasn’t able to pass her without risking a collision as the trail was too narrow. Then I was spat out at the end of the descent and up through the feed zone onto a grassy draggy climb. Now it was time to dig deep and start making some moves because this was the first opportunity to make some passes that didn’t involve sprinting. I tried to catch riders out in front, not to pass at first, but to hitch a ride up to the next fire road climb where a head wind greeted you. You could see the top of the climb, and although it didn’t look far it seemed to take forever to reach the next long section of single track. I managed to pass three riders and my legs even managed to outsprint one rider into the next rocky section that then turned into a swooping fast undulating single track, with jumps and corners that were really fun to ride, but virtually impossible to overtake on. Luckily on the first lap I got in front of a slower rider and had a clear run on most of this section before catching up to a rider who was riding at much the same pace. I was having so much fun, and had to keep reminding myself that I was not riding with my mates, but racing the best mountain bikers in the world so stop smiling and get angry!!!

2009 World Championships, Saturday 5th September....LAP 2.

I felt good and started increasing the pace as I was gaining on the group in front who were working together on the fire road whilst I was using every ounce of energy to play catch up. I also reminded myself that I had to get through to the end without blowing or making any mistakes when fatigue started to settle in so I tried not to hit the red zone too often and reminded myself to drink. Looking back this could have been a mistake, and perhaps I eased off ever so slightly to allow a rider from Denmark to fly past me at such an awesome speed that neither my legs nor my reaction time could bridge the gap she made on me. However as I chased her into the single track I suddenly found myself on the brakes and slowing right down as she was running every obstacle. This then made it difficult for me to keep my speed up over the rocks and so I was then forced to run sections as well. I was angry now because the effort I had put in to catch the leading riders in front vanished simply because my legs lacked the acceleration and power to outsprint this girl in front of me, who was now going much slower than I felt comfortable with....oh for some fast twitch muscle fibres grrrrrrr!!!! I lost sight of the group I tried to chase down and now I could hear riders right on my back wheel. I encouraged her to carry more speed or to let me pass....but this wasn’t going to happen, it is a race after all, but one can only try. Luckily I took the B line instead of the rocky steps as I was able to carry more speed out of the exit and managed to sneak out in front and kept my position on the descent, but I couldn’t see anybody in front now....doh!

2009 World Championships, Saturday 5th September...LAP 3.

On Laps 3 my position kept changing as I passed some riders, but also found myself being out sprinted by other riders too, including America’s Mary Mcconneloug who actually caught me off guard as I have never been in front of her before. I was also taken out by a Russian rider who had bigger elbows than me and sent me flying into the spiky Australian flora. The crowds were loving the action which fired me up to chase her down and pass her over some rocky steps ....I love that feeling when you discover a little bit of aggression you never knew was inside you. The only thing that never changed was my failure to outsprint the same girl from Denmark who I then kept catching up on the single track. This is where I started to lose time. Riders caught us up from behind who were right on my back wheel and finding themselves on the brakes too. It made me realise that sometimes one weakness can take away from all your strengths and to be the very best you must excel at everything. There were 5 of us together now on the single track before we hit the fourth lap....and I was starting to feel dizzy and knew I hadn’t drunk enough. I need more carbs!!!!

2009 World Championships, Saturday 5th September...LAP 4.

I was still racing the girl from Denmark, but now there was also a Canadian and Japanese racer joining in the action. All I can remember from this lap was head down and attacking constantly at every possible opportunity....but still I couldn’t out sprint the Denmark racer. Legs weren’t feeling too bad, but I was starting to make a few clumsy mistakes so refocused and reminded myself that I still had to finish the race body and bike unscathed.

2009 World Championships, Saturday 5th September...LAP 5.

Now I was feeling very wasn’t ideal feeling shaky as I headed towards the ‘Cardiac Cllimb’, and instead of worrying about attacks from behind I was gulping Torq energy and consuming a Forest Fruits gel in a desperate attempt to finish this final lap without blowing. I lost a few places, but managed to make this time up on the single track. I allowed the Japanese rider to pass me and sat behind to save some energy before taking over the lead for the final charge up the technical climb. Once I reached the top of the course my energy levels sky rocketed and I was loving the switchbacks and giggling to myself. The roar of the crowds, who actually knew my name were chanting ‘Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!’. The cow bells were ever present and at times were ringing right in my ears...this definitely made me ride faster. I took it all in and will never forget that final lap when I allowed myself to soak in the atmosphere and break free of my little focus bubble. I found the energy to outsprint the Japanese rider and got closer to the Denmark racer and charged across the finish line feeling as though I had won the race.

2009 World Championships, Saturday 5th September...THE AFTERMATH.

Irina Kalentieva from the Russian Federation won the 2009 Mountain Bike World Championships and was a class above the rest of the field as a mechanical must have lost her a couple of minutes early on in the race. I finished 24th, a result and race that I cannot fault at this stage of my racing. But for me this experience represents quite a few firsts that I am very proud to have achieved in my second year at racing at international level. This was my first World Championships representing Australia. This was my first time finishing with a result in the 20 something’s....And finally this was the first time I had finished with a time in the 10% of the winner’s time which was my main goal this year. I thought this goal may have been a little ambitious, but what better way to achieve your best result than at the World Championships. My little Cotic Soda and my worn out legs did the Cotic Bontrager Team proud!

2009 World Championships, Saturday 5th September...THANKYOUS!

Where to begin and where to end, because I have so many people to thank for helping me reach this alphabetical order, thankyou to -

AUSTRALIAN TEAM SUPPORT – Brett, Chris, Dave, Dean, Christine, Gary, Kenny, Meg, Neil, Tammy who helped the Aussie Team prepare for the biggest race of the year. Thankyou for the mechanical support, feeding, chauffeuring, coaching, organising, name but a few of the roles this support team played. The word ‘SUPPORT’ covers a wide range of areas, and this team covered them all and more.

AUSTRALIAN RACING TEAM – There were 66 athletes in total and it was an honour to be selected and race alongside such a great bunch of athletes across all categories.

FAMILY & FRIENDS – I have had amazing support from everyone and couldn’t continue racing without this support network.

MTB BUDDIES – I must say a special thankyou to Abbie Smith, Cy Turner, Jon Petyt, Matt Hart, Paul Dexter, Russ Blake, Stu King, Stewie Murray and of course Ed, Helen, Jane & Niel, Andy Patterson & Jenn O'Connor who have all helped me at some point learn the skills I needed when I started mountain biking and who continue to help me to this day.

I also have a very special thank you to Australian National Coach Neil Ross for the endless support and coaching that I have received this year. I have learnt so much and am really grateful for the time you have invested into my racing and training.

Now I cannot forget my number one team mate Ian Potter who has put up with me for 6 years now and continues to show endless support and encouragement....he’s not just a pretty face J Also thankyou to my supporters out there and those of you who read my blog who always take the time to send me emails and wish me good really means alot and helps me when the going gets tough.

08/03/2016 - Email Trouble

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If you have been expecting an email from us over the last couple of days can you check your junk folder please? Our email server has been temporarily blacklisted because of a spam attack we suffered last week. Should be sorted soon, but just have a look for us if you wouldn't mind? Thanks.

07/03/2016 - Introducing Sam and the Demo Tour

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Today we have some really exciting news; our new employee (no 4). Meet Sam Capper, our new Demo guy.

He'll be driving around the country with our demo bikes, but we're doing things a little differently to what you might expect. Over to Sam...

"The idea is to bring our bikes to you. You know your local trails better than anyone, and they are the perfect proving ground for your prospective new bike, after all they are the trails you'll be riding most of the time. I will be armed with our full demo fleet, a box of tools and plenty of different sizes of stems and bars. You will be able to try out any frame size, set up to how you like it, on trails you know so you can give the bike a good pasting on your terms.

We are putting together a tour of demo rides across the UK, some low key informal rides, perhaps joining you on your weekly night ride, and more formal days where you can book a slot and join us at some of the UK's most popular locations. We need your help to put this together, where would you like us to stop on this tour for you to try out a bike? Do you have a group of mates who'd love to swing a leg over a Rocket, or a Soul, Solaris, on you weekly ride? How about a quick local road spin on an Escapade or Roadrat? Tell us and we'll make it happen!

We hope to get to all corners of the UK, so nowhere is off limits in that sense. I will be able to tailor the demos to suit you and your local trails, so if you want to try a couple of different sizes or set ups we can use a short loop for multiple laps, or if you'd like to try one bike for a longer time in the saddle to help you decide, we can organise that too. If you've never tried a Cotic before this is the perfect chance, and if you're thinking of upgrading you can try a few different bikes back to back."

Please get in touch and let us know where you'd like us to come with the van full of bikes, we have a blank calendar to work with and Sam is raring to go! Get him on, and from this week the general Demo contact will also find it's way to him. As he said, let him know where you are, what you want to ride and we will see you soon for a ride.

04/03/2016 - Talk About A Revolution

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We spent Wednesday this week up at Revolution Bike Park in mid-Wales doing a test day with the team. We needed to get the guys settled and set up on their bikes, and also do some work on some ideas we have.

Revolution Bike Park Test Day 2nd March 2016

We needed a venue with uplift, that would test the bikes and the riders, but we also needed timing and the right kind of trails to make it work. JPJ from A Line Coaching has been raving about Revolution for months, and is running the Rider Development Program up there. To be honest, I've always been a bit intimidated by Revolution, thinking it was just for full on DH bikes, and then there's the infamous Quarry Line that was shown on The Atherton Project a couple of years ago. I thought it was all a bit above my pay grade! However, JP's enthusiasm was infectious, and having done a few coaching days with him over the last couple of years I trust him completely when it comes to choosing appropriate trails to ride on. With his contacts there it also meant we could go Full Pro and hire the place to ourselves for the day. How cool is that?!!

Revolution Bike Park Test Day 2nd March 2016

It's about a 3 hours drive from Sheffield to Rev's, and the weather was looking distinctly difficult, with torrential rain coming down just south of Chester. However, once we arrived it was cold, and there was snow, but the weather was blowing in and out and the trails are largely tree covered, so it was game on.

JP set about showing us the options he though best for testing the bikes, and putting up his Timelaps beacons so we could record the runs.

Section 1 was relatively flat, but very rooty, with tight s-bends and holes. It put a premium on carrying speed and not getting bogged down. The Section 2 we initially tried was really steep, rooty, catch berms and massive holes. So technical, but I bloody loved it! The bike was so stable and confidence inspiring through it, but your upper body took a pounding. After a couple of goes on that we decided to use the smoother, more bike parky Red run next to it as we were going to knacker ourselves out doing such a physical section all day, and we needed to try and stay consistent for the timing to mean anything.

Section 3 was the bottom of the Ghetto run, which was really fast and flowy, but again, roots and drops abound, with plenty of trees to try and avoid. Unfortunately Baybutt didn't manage that on the last run of the day. Ouch!

Revolution Bike Park Test Day 2nd March 2016

We did a load of runs and got some interesting data to work on for another time, but the guys got really comfortable on their bikes, and some shock tweaking and chat about lines resulted in some serious improvements in times during the day.

Later in the day we headed to the Freeride track to get the video you see below. Baybutt was a trooper getting frozen standing around getting the shots, and quote of the day goes to Rocketman Swinny as JP headed off on his bike to have a go on a Rocket for the first time....

"You look after her. She's called Tyrone!"

No, me neither.

Personally I'm not much of a jumper so I only did Freeride a couple of times then headed back to the steep tech for a final couple of runs.

If you're anything like me and liked the idea of Revs but felt a bit intimidated by the place, I'd highly recommend getting down there. It's tough riding, but it's brilliantly built and I had a great time. I don't think I'd have gone without JPJ giving me a helping hand choosing the right trails though, so if you're up for a day there, get onto A Line Coaching and Join The Revolution.

Was a really interesting, productive, thought provoking, and fun day. Need to shout our sponsors at this point as the X Fusion Sweep Roughcut HLR forks and Cane Creek DB shocks we are all running on were fantastic, and we're all now complete disciples of the WTB Vigilante as a front tyre. My usual 760mm bars also felt decidedly narrow after running on the 800mm Joystick Analog Carbons on the team bikes. Amazing how quickly you get used to wider bars.

#unsustainablyhighstoke all day @revolutionbp with a dream team of @chaymoose @jpswinny @aline.coaching @cyt76 and @Baybutt. Private session, timing poles, bike set-ups, prototype testing, and non stop awesomeness. Rad day out.

A video posted by Cotic (@coticbikes) on

Want to ride Revolution Bike Park? Check out A Line Coaching…

Want an ace bike to ride Revolution Bike Park? Order a Rocket…

01/03/2016 - Soho Bikes Demo

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The week after our demo up at Calver, Sam will be trucking down to his first event on the Cotic Demo Tour, supporting the Soho Bikes Demo at Aston Hill on the 19th March.


26/02/2016 - Soul Silver

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Following the relaunch of our bike builds into Silver and Gold specifications, we had the first of our new 1x10 Silver builds go out this week, on a Soul. Looks sweet eh?

Soul Silver Spec

She's a beaut at just £1649 and a smidge over 27lbs in weight. The Silver 1x10 spec is available on all our Mountain Bikes, starting at just £1499 for the BFe275.

The Silver spec is:

0% Finance is now available too. Use the order page to calculate your payments.

Check out the mountain bike product pages for the Silver Spec…

Order your Silver Spec Cotic today…

26/02/2016 - Party

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yard sale poster

23/02/2016 - Funk Soul Brother

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Beautiful Soul build from our US dealer Trailflo again.

Funk Soul Brother

This is my Soul and it's an insanely amazing bike! It's been almost 20 years since I've had a steel frame (1998 Bontrager Privateer). This is truly a great bike. Tom at Trailflo in Pennsylvania spec'd it out for me.

I'm curious if you guys ship merchandise to the states. I'm interested in ordering a mug, jersey, and mud guard.

Thanks for your time,


Thanks for the kind words Ben. That bike looks awesome! You can order Cotic Merchandise from anywhere in the world and we'll ship it to your door.

Read more about the legend that is the Cotic Soul…

Order your Soul today…

23/02/2016 - On The Telly!

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We were on't telly last night! Courtesy of ITV's Griff's Great Britain, and the lovely chaps at our dealer in Church Stretton, Plush Hill Cycles, there was a Soul on prime time UK TV. How cool is that?

Griffs Great Britain

If you want to have a look, it's on ITV Player here:

From around 9 minutes, although the whole show is worth a look at it's just wonderful views of the Long Mynd part of Shropshire.

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19/02/2016 - March Rocket Demo

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As promised, we're doing another demo at Calver. The next one is on 12th March, and is quite a big occasion for us, as we will be welcoming on board our new demo guy, Sam. He'll be joining me for the day learning the ropes and I will be leading the rides and setting you up on the bikes.

Calver Demo April 2015

This was the demo from 2015 about the same time, so fingers crossed for similar weather! Still, the weather at the Feb demo was minging and we still had a lot of fun, so it doesn't really matter either way!

We'll also be having a bit of a Yard Sale with ex-demo and 2nds bikes, kit, and clothing available at bargain prices.

We have 1 small, 2 medium and 1 large Rocket275 available for every ride. Because I'll be doing all the rides, rather than our usual tag team arrangement, and because sunset isn't until gone 6, we'll be running things a little more leisurely than the last few winter demos. First ride will be 10am, but we will be doing 1.5 hour turnarounds instead of an hour, so the rides will be:

That's plenty of opportunities to get involved, and as always, you're more than welcome to book onto more than one ride if you want to try out different sizes, or you just want to maximise your time on a bike. There's also a load of great riding locally, so making a day or weekend of it makes a lot of sense.

One thing we need you to do is book on to avoid missing out on the size or ride that you want. So email or call 07970 853531 to book onto a ride with your preferred ride time and size, and we'll get you booked in and send you detailed instructions on our location and what you need to bring.

See you on the 12th?

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17/02/2016 - Friday Escapade

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Someone just rang to ask what the song is on this. Can't remember, but we're glad it made us watch this again. Just makes you smile, and with the weather like it is today, that's a good thing. What would your Escapade be?

Escapade and Roadrat available from stock in their lovely new colours (we did this video last year)

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16/02/2016 - Throwback Tuesday - When we did the Megavalanche on a BFe

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Our first sponsored rider back in 2007 was Robbie Rickman. Young, talented, good looking, and therefore deeply annoying! He was racing the newly introduced BFe in 4X, but in 2008 when he said he wanted a crack at the Megavalanche on his hardtail, this we had to see.....

Unofficially Hard 08

A few likeminded British riders thought that this year it would be fun to take hardtail riding a step further by setting up an Unofficial Championship to be held at the Mega. With hardtail riders from both the Cotic and Univega teams up for the challenge the idea was in place, but despite lots of interest on the forums few others could be persuaded that ditching their rear suspension for a 30km DH race was a good idea!

Recruitment continued well into Mega week. By the end there were 10 riders representing 4 different nations and with bikes ranging from the tricked out Nicolai hardtail with Rohloff hub down to Arnold's hardcore singlespeed semislick configuration! With 4 well placed Mega veterans and Cotic bikes offering a frame to the highest placed hardtail a serious fight was on to be crowned the Unofficial Hardtail Champion.

Wednesday saw the first challenge with the Sprint Race over at Oz. This track is amazing with loads of fast flat out cornering big rock rolls and a huge drop down to Oz. This is DH racing well beyond anything found in the UK. Me and Tom were representing the hardtails, although I had to borrow Lloyd's number plate as I had missed the entry on the sprint. What I hadn't considered was this put the Univega name well up in the results, sorry Cy!! Racing wise Tom set a 5.13 which sat very respectively above a large number of `Full Bouncers.` Tom said he received a load of surprised looks as people were called up before him for the second seeded run!! I managed a 4.53 which left me in 117th position overall. Comment of the day came as I was hammering a berm and someone shouted "F*** me that guys on a F***in hardtail" Awesome!!

Thursday we took a pack of hardtailers comprising of Tom, Lloyd, Arnold and me to hit the top half of the Mega and eye up the level of competition. I was seriously impressed and slightly worried by the standard of riding. All 4 of us were flying down the snow and catching DH bikes down the singletrack getting some shocked reactions along the way. Lloyd and Tom were looking to be hot competition for the title. Lloyd, who is also a competitive cage fighter and so is used to taking a decent beating, was telling us how he would rather be punched in the face for 5 minutes than take the kind of abuse handed out by the mountain! He was hot on the pace on the downs as was Tom who had just taken part in a 100km road race that finished with the notorious 21turn climb up to Alpe d'Huez. His fitness is insane, destroying us on the climbs and not loosing bike skills to fatigue as quickly as the rest of us. Arnold was showing serious French style, he had a skinny rear tyre as this was all his frame would handle but this never held him back and he was absolutely shredding the trail with the rest of us.

Qualifying came around quickly and the pressure was hotting up. We had decided that the winner was to be chosen according to ranking in the main event as opposed to time down the mountain. This meant the qualifying event would decide it. Tom was the in the first group at the front of the grid while me and Lloyd were at the back of the grid in the second wave. Sitting on the second to last row I knew this event depended on being a hero off the start so a fast snappy gear was chosen and all the 4x skills were brought in to play waiting for the Eurotrash to blast across the mountain indicating the start. The helicopter was rising behind us as I eyed up the row in front looking for the best person to aim at in the ensuing charge. I attacked the side of the track and managed to get to the front quarter of the pack by the time I reached the end of the fireroad switch backs. By the time we reached the climb out of Alpe d'Huez I was placed in the top 30 but fatigue was playing a part. My hands were unable to control the bike down through the switchbacks over the other side of the hill. It was a fight between maintaining hold of the bars and grabbing enough brake to survive the corners. Lloyd who had not been far behind up to the climb had serious brake issues and with so much fade he had no chance of slowing into the switchbacks sending him deep into the shrubbery. Crossing the finish Tom was there waiting and having placed 30th in his group there was some tension as to who had made the top group. It turns out I placed 40th and so made the main race for the first time. Lloyd however had slipped back and so was in the Promo. Chilling at the top we saw Lev arrive back at Oz. He was missing a load of skin and had a ripped off mech hanger, putting him out of the game. One of the Brits who came through who's name I have forgotten had a set of self steering lefties forcing him to run the last section of the track.

The main race was a different story than usual. The organisers had been telling us on Friday that the weather was set to be 'Scottish' to suit all the British riders over for the event. Out of bed at sunrise and the sky appeared to be clearing. However the rain quickly settled in as we had to wait for an hour at the bottom of the lift. At which point we were told that the snow start was off and so we were to go off and pedal to the lift that took us to the Qualifying start. We were then left there effectively sitting in the middle of a cloud for a couple of hours without any news of what was happening. Eventually the lifts started rolling and we shuffled up to the start of the qualifying track. A lot of riders gave had given up choosing to head back to the warmth of Alpe d'Huez, or for the 10 other riders in my chalet not even getting out of bed in the first place, Lightweights!!

The track was rerouted along the start of the Qualifying track, down track 2 and then across to the flat out grass track down into Alpe d'Huez and onto the bottom half of the Mega. The track was actually really good and although no snow, the start was still bonkers. With now twice as many riders leaving the qualifying start at once and with a more even range in ability there was absolute carnage. Massive pileups across the moonscape at the top as people were pushed like lemmings off the side of rocks. Riders were funneling 50 at a time into the narrow start of track 2, filling the full width of the tapes and beyond. A stream of riders cheated heading down the fireroad with no action taken by the marshals. There was no chance of the pack spreading out so it was tight, tail to tail all the way through to Alpe d'Huez. Chasing Tom down I saw him fly front flipping through the air clipped in. his crash was huge, bikes and people going everywhere as other riders careered into him while on the floor. He said he was seeing stars! Tough as ever was back on the bike and made it to the finish.

The tempo of the race was down on previous years as the cold and wet of the start had knocked peoples competitive edge. The rain had left the steep climbs down in the woods unrideable and for a lot of people unwalkable, as people slipped around in the mud. This lead to long tailbacks and a chance to rest aching bodies. The mud was awesome, it was thick and tacky and with the steepness of the hill the motorbike noises were coming out as the bike was smashed into corners motocross stylee!! The sun was out for the finish, finally reaching the line after a long sprint down the road is an amazing mixture of relief and a sense of achievement. In the end I believe we only had 4 hardtail finishers showing the extreme nature of the event. I took the win with Tom coming in 10 minutes behind for second place. Two of our German representatives, Torsten and Christian, filled 3rd and 4th positions after completing the Promo. Walking back to the buses I heard a guy tell his mate that this was one of the best experiences of his life, I totally agree, the event is totally nutty and an insane undertaking. Congratulations to all the finishers as well as the organisers putting on a great event despite the issues with the weather.

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08/02/2016 - London Bike Show This Week

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Don't forget that we're going to be at London Bike Show this week, 11-14 February at ExCeL. We're on stand LB4201, and we will have an example of every bike we make from the Roadrat to the Rocket. We are also dead chuffed to have been mentioned in BikeRadars Top 5 Thing To See At London Bike Show, which is amazing. As a part of that write up Bike Radar are also offering 10% off show tickets, if you quote the promo code BR1620.

Paul and Cy will be there to chat, and for the first time in our history when we get asked the eternal "Have you got any stickers?" we can say, "Yes, we do. Have some!". Rocketman, Straightline and Cotic stickers, plus our usual merch all available from the stand, as well as lovely bikes to look at and chat about. See you there?

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08/02/2016 - Demo Done!

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Don't trust photos, they don't show quite how grim it is out there. As an aside, "grim" on autocorrect comes up as "fun". The phone is right - it was fun! Calver demo day is in full swing. Couple of spots available this afternoon if you're free. #gritandsteel #coticrocket275 #peakdistrict

A photo posted by Cotic (@coticbikes) on

Cheers to everyone who come out on Saturday and braved the Grim North (tm) for some Rocket demo rides. Weather was pretty wet, but one of those "not too bad once you're out" kind of days. Was fun sploshing down our test track and local descents, and there was lots of love for the bikes. Best quote of the day was from one customer who said "if I can feel confident riding down THAT trail in THIS weather then it's got to be a good bike". Well quite!

More demos to come, we will be announcing them soon.

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02/02/2016 - Helping Guides Help You

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BFE26 Mountain Goat Guiding

Wherever possible we have always helped out guides and coaches with frames and bikes. They help us get the most out of our holidays and riding, and they tend to put intergalactic mileage on their bikes so they're great durability testers!!

Last year Andrew from Mountain Goat Guiding bought a full house BFe26 XT bike from us for his upcoming season. He's loving it, and sent us some great pics.

Hi Cy

I hope you’re keeping well and that business is booming with the new rocket etc. Sorry I haven’t been in touch with any photos in a while but thankfully I’ve managed to be nice and busy with work despite all the storms and rain this winter.

I got out the other day on some small trails next to my house and got some shots hopefully these will serve as a bit of a flavour of whats to come in 2016. Along with this I’m all set for this years First tracks endure cup and hope to show off my Cotic to the best of my ability. I still haven’t stopped receiving endless compliments about the bike from people who see it and the praise only increases when they take it for a spin!!

Thanks again for you’re support and all the best


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01/02/2016 - First Rocket Demo This Weekend

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Calver Demo April 2015

Froggatt Edge View from April 2015 Demo Ride

First Rocket Demo of 2016 THIS SATURDAY! We have a small, 2 medium and a large bike available, and it's the first time we have had the small bike up and running so if you have been waiting for that, now is your chance!

We'll be doing our usual 45-55 minute big-up-and-downer test loop which takes in our rocky suspension test track and a great sweeping descent back to Stony Middleton. We're starting at 0930, and then hourly after that. The morning rides are pretty much full, but we still have space on the 1.30 and 2.30 afternoon rides.

Remember you need to book on to avoid missing out on the size or ride that you want. So email or call 07970 853531 to book onto a ride with your preferred ride time and size, and we'll get you booked in and send you detailed instructions on our location and what you need to bring.

Looking forward to seeing you and getting some great riding in.

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26/01/2016 - Fitting 26 Wheels to Rocket275

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Yes you read that right. It’s January 2016 and we’re talking about a Rocket with 26” wheels. What’s going on?

Richard the mechanic / photographer comes from a BMX background and is (extremely) slow to jump on the big-wheel bandwagon. He explains what he’s been up to recently…

#26aintdead (just yet). Going fast, leaving the ground, quick turns and bashing elbows with my friends when racing / razzing down hills, is my jam. In 2014 I took a Rocket26 demo bike to the Alps for a fortnight, which was a treat. There was nothing that my skill allowed that the bike didn’t cater for. It’s no surprise that 99% of people out there were on 26” bikes. They’re strong, light, cheap & readily available. After that Rocket26 went off to its new home, I looked for an alternative 26” frame and ended up with a Santa Cruz Blur 4x. A perfect companion for the short, jumpy, rough riding I prefer to do. The only problem was it’s nearly 10 years old and with that, comes the 1 1/8” headtube and the rapidly dwindling choice of forks with straight steerers. In the meantime the Rocket275 arrived and would be my first choice but the thought of changing my lovely new Hope Enduro wheels was a bit of a bugbear. We get a lot of inquiries about whether we’re going to make another new full-suss 26” frame and the answer is still NO. However, would 26” wheels work in the new Rocket275? Why not give it a go? So we did.

And – nothing bad happened. The bike industry survived, luddites and futurists weren’t waiting round the next tree to jump out and attack me. All was good.

The main worry was that the BB would be so low it would make pedal strikes a major problem. We spend most of out rides in the Peaks, full of ruts, uneven grit stone rocks and high heather – pedal strikes are a way of life so a marginally higher BB is actually an advantage. The 26" set-up has been tested at a smooth, trail center style park with jumps, a tight & twisty explore through the local woods, a long Peaks loop and a mud filled slog through steep and technical woods. I’m very far from the best rider that’s graced a bicycle, but I can count the total pedal strikes on one hand and found nothing that reminded me that I was on a hybrid. As we kept 27.5 forks on it as well, the ride height dropped equally front and rear. The stock BB height has a 3mm drop with 27.5 wheels. The effective BB drop with 26” wheels, when compared with other 27.5” frames is 17mm, which is still comparable to other bikes on the market. Clearance is obviously fine for a larger tyre (and with the new Cotic mudgards, the extra space at the front end is hidden somewhat). If you have a pair of 160mm 26” forks (541mm static height or taller) then these will work too, making the geometry approximately the same as stated for 150mm 27.5" forks (66 deg head angle), and you can upgrade piecemeal over time.

As a result of all this, I literally put my money where my mouth is and am now the owner of a shiny new Rocket275 in orange, running my lovely 26" Hope wheels, and I've treated myself to some Sweep Roughcut HLR forks to go with it.

Rocket26-275 Richard on his first ride on his new bike

Check out the video below for more explanation and get booked onto the demo day on 6th February to try out the new Rocket with whatever wheels you fancy.

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25/01/2016 - First Rocket275 on the West Coast

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Whilst being a British company means that our biggest market is our home market, we can and do send Cotic's all over the world. Most recently Anothony in LA bought a Rocket275 with some hand picked options via Tom and TrailFlo Bikes, one of our US dealers. Anthony sent us an ace email once he had got the bike up and running.

Took the Rocket out for its first taste of dirt today... Shakedown ride, there wasn't much to shakedown as it was pretty dialed off the bat.

Rocket 275 absolutely rips going down. The BOS suspension matches the Rocket really well, I'm glad that I am enduring the headaches of getting the small bits to get the shock running - its worth it.

(We're actually sorting Anthony out with his BOS fittings as we still carry spares from back when we ran BOS shocks on the Rocket26)

I've ridden a lot of bikes in my 15 yrs of riding and my favorite type of mtn bike is a steel full suspension. They're so solid and stay so planted on the downs, the Rocket definitely reminds me of my old Brooklyn Machine Works Racelink...silent and solid even as it ploughs through the rough stuff.

The extra meaty tires made it more fun as well.

Super happy with the bike, tell the boys at Cotic they've nailed it with this bike.

After such a lovely email we replied and thanked him, and got yet more fantastic feedback.


Glad to rep Cotic and your ethos. The carbon fiber wonderbikes of today are awesome in their own right. I know - I've just sold one to fund my rocket.

That being said, some of us prefer the feel of steel- I've always loved steel bikes they are so SOLID on descents and the well designed ones are planted and silent as they rumble down singletrack - the Rocket has this in spades. I was genuinely surprised how I didnt really need to fiddle with much on the bike other than a few clicks of hardening up the front and rear suspension, not to mention it climbs pretty decently too!

Take pride in knowing your newly designed Rocket not only thrives in the world famous British terrain and weather but also the US West Coast (loose, chunky, steep: granted some recent rains have livened up our trails and made them a little but more British with some mud and hero dirt).

Attaching a picture of one of my local haunts (apologies for not picturing the Rocket but I was too busy ripping the dirt and flipping the rear tire around the switchbacks...) but to give you guys an idea of what your Angeleno Rocket is thrashing these days.

sunset ridge trimmed

Give me a shout if you guys ever make down here, I would gladly show you the trails that make Southern California riding so awesome.

Monday morning emails like this are what makes this job one of the best. Thanks so much Anthony, and don't think we're not SORELY tempted by your offer of SoCal riding right now!!

Read more about the Rocket275…

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20/01/2016 - First Rocket Demo 2016

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It's clear from the emails, phone calls and social media messages we have been getting recently that there are a fair few people out there who REALLY want to try out a Rocket275. We usually leave the demo season until late March in the hope of some nicer weather and longer days, but you clearly don't care about getting a bit wet and cold if needs be to demo a bike, so your wish is our command! The first Rocket Demo at our base in Calver will be on Saturday the 6th February 2016.

We currently have a small, medium and large in the fleet, and we will build another medium or large depending on demand in time for the demo. Key thing is to get in touch if you want a ride as what you want to try will help us choose which way to go on this. Main thing is we want to get as many bums on saddles as possible!


We'll be doing our usual 45-55 minute big-up-and-downer test loop which takes in our rocky suspension test track and a great sweeping descent back to Stony Middleton. They're fantastic trails and will really give you a feel for the bike.

To get as many people as possible involved as possible, we're starting at 9.30, and running rides hourly until 2.30. This worked really well at the Autumn demos, and the added bonus is that with relatively short rides and quick turnarounds it's a really good chance to back-to-back different sizes, so if you'd like to try a small and the medium, for example, just asked to go out on consecutive rides on each bike.

One thing we need you to do is book on to avoid missing out on the size or ride that you want. So email or call 07970 853531 to book onto a ride with your preferred ride time and size, and we'll get you booked in and send you detailed instructions on our location and what you need to bring.

There will be more demos later in the year, and with our new demo guy coming on board soon they'll be offered around the country too, so this is just the start! However, if you just can't wait and fancy a weekend up in the Peak riding some aces trails, get in touch.

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18/01/2016 - Cotic at London Bike Show

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This year we will again have a stand at the London Bike Show which is ExCeL on 11-14 February. We will be on stand LB4201 with our whole range of bikes to come and have a look at, and Paul and Cy will be on hand to have a chat about them.

A photo posted by Cotic (@coticbikes) on

Paul is well under way with the woodwork to make this years' stand a belter, and Richard is gathering pics to print to make it look extra pretty.

Being seasoned Show professionals we will have all the necessities to keep us going for the whole four days as well.

Day 3 @londonbikeshow. We have T's and mugs on the stand for just £10 a pop. Immediate handsomeness with every purchase (strong black coffee models own)

A photo posted by Cotic (@coticbikes) on

We might even spring a few surprises.......

Book your tickets now and come along and say hello.

Book your tickets to London Bike Show 2016…

18/01/2016 - Snow Pics

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We got a bit of snow up here this weekend, so obviously we had to put some photos up. First up, lovely old school Soda (our titanium frame from a few years back, if you didn't know).

And Chay was out getting some miles in on his Rocket275 team bike

We had some fun with it too. Paul actually got his ride in before it came down on some frozen and fast Notts forest singletrack. Cy pulled skids and wheelies in the street whilst his kids tried to hit him with snowballs and Rich went on a snowy 'Danger Cross' ride with some mates, christening his WTB Nano 40c tyres and 'didn't die'. Hope you all had fun too.

11/01/2016 - Best of 2016 for Rocket275

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We have just heard from our German Distributor Eaven Cycles that the Rocket275 has been included in their 'Best of 2016' rundown of products they're most excited about. Dead chuffed about this!

Best of 2016 Best of 2016 Rocket

Read more about the Rocket275…

11/01/2016 - Interviewing 11th and 12th January

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We're interviewing today and tomorrow for our new Sales role, and given that this is incredibly important to us, everyone is involved. That means that email and phone responses will be a little patchy until Wednesday when we'll get back on top of things. We will still be getting all the bikes built and orders out on Thursday as usual, we just won't be our usual responsive selves on communication for the next couple of days. Do carry on dropping us a line, but we'll not be able to answer the phone.

07/01/2016 - Nice Couple of Videos

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Great couple of videos for you this morning that we noticed over breakfast coffee. Firstly, a lovely 'Meet The Makers' film about our London dealer, Soho Bikes. Nick Hawker and Rob Warner (yet, THAT Rob Warner) founded the shop and they tell you why they did it how they have. There's also a cheeky passing shot of mechanic Mario The Destroyer on his Roadrat.

Secondly, Cy noticed last night that Outside Television had shared his favourite bike segment of any film for a while. As he puts it....

I'm generally off bike movies these days, but this segment from UnReal is just jaw dropping, and mainly for beauty of the place. Also a nagging jealousy of being given that big a slice of somewhere so beautiful to build a bike trail. The joys of lots of space, eh? If I could have something like this without all the massive jumps, just flowly, gorgeous trails, I would lap it for days and be a very, very happy man.

Brandon Semenuk's Stunning One-Shot Ride

Video of the Year

Posted by Outside Television on Friday, 1 January 2016

05/01/2016 - Hope Pro4

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Happy New Year! Hope launched the revised version of their legendary Pro2 Evo hubs this week: The new Pro4. We use Hope hubs on most of our own bikes, the demo fleet and our XT bike builds, because they're great. The Pro4 looks to only make a good thing better.

There's also a heart-breakingly lovely (given the current weather here in the UK) video which our mates at Steel City Media shot. Hmmmmmm......dusty alpine trails......

Check out our Hope Pro4 Equipped Rocket XT Bike…

Or the Hope Pro4 Equipped Soul XT Bike…

Or the Hope Pro4 Equipped Solaris XT Bike…

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