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26/12/2018 - BFe26 Sale

BFe26 Sale

Merry Christmas! Hope you had a good day yesterday, and aren't too hungover today!

This year we're having a little sale on the BFe26, so from now until 2nd January 2019 the frame is reduced 20%. That's £100 off. It's our classic 26" hardtail all rounder. Build it as anything from a dirt jumper to a trail bike to an enduro hardtail, it's super versatile. Maybe some of those great 26" bits you have in the shed would turn into a brilliant winter hack for the crappy weather? Whichever way you build it, these are loads of fun.

It's available in gorgeous Mercury and classic BFe blue. 142 x 12 Syntace dropouts, stealth dropper routing, 44mm head tube so you can run taper steerer or straight steerer forks. It's all there.

Read more about the BFe26 here…

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21/12/2018 - Sam's Best of 2018

Sam's best of 2018

What a year it's been for Cotic, everything feels like it's stepped up a gear in 2018, especially the demos. We had some proper weather this year too, a long hard winter which included the need to boil a kettle to get a pedal off a bike, after the allen key slot had filled with water and frozen solid! However we were rewarded for our suffering through the longest winter ever, as this summer was a belter. Long, hot and dry days made for some of the best riding, all over the country. So many of you enjoyed demoing our bikes in perfect conditions, and I really enjoyed not having to clean the bikes for weeks on end. Although overshadowed by how awesome summer was, I think we've had a really good Autumn too. A dry, chilly day sliding around in the fallen leaves is hard to beat. Looking back over the year, it was hard to pick my favourite rides, but here's 5 trail highlights from 2018.

Cotic Demo Day


What a place. The blue DH track is easily my favourite trail of the year, possibly my favourite ever. After a hectic long weekend racing the Megavalanche, which was an awesome experience; me, Rich and our mate Tom spent a couple of days chilling in St Jean d'Aulps just down the road from Morzine. We drove over to Morgins, parked up, pedalled up a road for a bit then road a trail Tom had found while working a season over there previously. The trail dropped right down into the Swiss town of Monthey, and felt in places like a classic Peak District bridleway on steriods, finishing with a lovely stretch of singletrack littered with berms and jumps. From there, we got a train up to Champery, bought a lift pass, got the telecabin up, rode a DH track into Le Crosets bowl, then descended on a mixture of fireroad and singletrack back to Morgins. This was great, but nothing compared to what we were about to ride.


The Blue DH track there is rideable by pretty much anyone, but ridden at speed on a Rocket, was trail perfection. With boat loads of flow, each corner spat you precisely where you needed to be for the next, and there were root gaps and fade away jumps aplenty. The best part? Not a braking bump in sight. We didn't stop after the first run to exclaim how much fun we'd just had, instead we rolled straight onto the chairlift for another go, before practically screaming with joy at each other as we cruised through the treetops up the lift for more. If you ride one track in the Alps next summer, make it that one. Huge shout to the trail crew at Morgins, they've done an incredible job.

Sam's best of 2018Best sandwich of 2018?

Popping my Golfie Cherry

Until April of this year, I'd never ridden at the Golfie. I'd heard nothing but amazing things about the place, but was blissfully unaware of the trail gold that lies in the hills above Innerleithen in Scotland. The Golfie Open Demo Day I ran in April marked the return of my excitement for riding bikes. The long, wet, snowy and generally difficult winter had gradually taken it's toll on me and my enjoyment of riding, not good for someone with my job. But that day I found my mojo again. The trails on the Golfie are a work of magic; steep, tight, fast in places, slow in others, technical and challenging just begins to describe them.

Sam The Demo Man

The climb is long, but steady, and the surface of trails like 3G, Repeat Offender and Community Service has this amazing quality. Even in the damp and greasy weather there is grip for days. Your tyres seem to hook into the ground giving you great feedback, and allowing you to trust the bike and know that you will make it round the catch berm at the bottom of the chute you're sliding down. I've been back since, and I'll be back many more times in the future. What a place. Check out No.1 Peebles Road for great coffee and scran, and a pint of Tempest Brewery ale in the Traquair Arms after your ride if you're in the valley.

Snowdonia Exclusive Demo

Demo Day

One of my highlights of last year was riding the trail centre in Gwdyr Forest just down the road from Betws y Coed in North Wales. This summer I had another open demo there, but the highlight this year was meeting a local rider for an exclusive demo on the Friday before. I can't go into too much detail about the route we rode, as it was definitely off the trail centre. But what I can say is how awesome the main descent we rode was! A mixture of flat out and loose surface, woodland singletrack, tight steep corners and some natural jumps made for a classic descent on a beautiful summer's day. Later that weekend I rode with Matt from Kingud, who supply us with their great range of bike care products to keep the demo fleet shiny. Him and his mates took me down some of their secret trails in the woods above Betws, which was another eye opening ride! Proper winch and plummet stuff, with no need to pedal on the way down. Keen for more of that next year.

Forest of Dean Owners Ride

The day after the hectic Steel is Real demo day, we organised an owners ride in the Forest of Dean. If you've not been to this classic UK riding destination, you really must, and I strongly recommend you do what we did, and get yourself a local guide to show you round. Paul from FoDMTB was our man, and he treated us to some sublime singletrack. With 16 excited Cotic owners, we rode a great mixture of fresh cut loam, leafy trails and some incredible berms interspersed with fun stump jumps and roots. We barely touched tarmac or trail centre, and there's no way we could have found these trails without expert local knowledge.


It was a lovely way to clear the head after the busiest demo of the year, and the weather was infinitely better too. Cool, clear and sunny; far better than the driving rain of the day before! We hired Paul through Pedalabikeaway at the Cannop Cycle Centre, give them a shout to book your own guide, its well worth it if you want to explore beyond the trail centre. Keep an eye out for more owners rides in 2019, they book up fast.

Cotic Owners Ride

Hello Autumn Video Shoot

This was a brilliant day in the 'office'. Me, Cy, Paul, Hannah and Rich grabbed a load of hardtails from the demo fleet on a bright, dry Autumn day and headed for a lap of our demo loop to shoot a video. We spent ages scoping lines and shooting clips of each of us skidding through the piles of crispy fallen leaves, or hitting sketchy jumps and drops. Each of us was grinning from ear to ear, all detached from the usual responsibilities by the simple pleasure of riding a hardtail in the sunshine. I'm hoping for more rides like this next year. If you haven't already, check out the video at the bottom of this news post, Baybutt did a great job of capturing the vibe.

I must add an honourable mention to the two most entertaining demo customers of the year, Alex and Ralph. These two German gents came to Ard Rock and joined for a few demo rides and hung out with us on the stand. Ralph's mixture of German efficiency and Irish sense of humour is thing to behold, hopefully we see them again at next year's Ard Rock.

Cotic Demo Day

For 2019, I'm aiming to keep the pedal to the floor with the demos, after a bit of a rest in January. What I need though, is for you guys to tell me where you want to demo a Cotic. I'll definitely be returning to the popular spots like Cannock, Forest of Dean, Peaslake and Glentress, but if there's a location you'd like to test out a bike or two, please get in touch and let me know. Anywhere in the UK, I'll do my best to get something sorted. I am hoping to get over to Northern Ireland again next year, so I'm open to suggestions for possible venues there.

I'm also hoping to do a bit more riding outside of the demo tour, for various reasons this year I've not managed to get out my bike socially as much as I'd like, so here's to a bit more playing in 2019. I've got myself an entry to the Naughty Northumbrian Enduro in August, so I've got some training to do if I want to enjoy that!

Have a wonderful Christmas, I hope Santa brings you everything you want, and I hope you manage to get out and pedal off the Christmas dinner over the holidays. Weather permitting I'm off to Llandegla for a festive family shred on Boxing Day. See you in the new year!

Happy trails.


Demo a Cotic in 2019…

21/12/2018 - 15 Years of Cotic

In one of the classic "how did that happen?" moments, I realised that this summer marked 15 YEARS OF COTIC. To celebrate, Richard has been working for months putting together a history of our little company. He's put a huge amount of effort into this and we are all so chuffed with the result.

From selling Souls out of Cy's garage, to two premises, 7 staff and 11 bikes in the range, a lot has happened over that time. It's been brilliant. A huge thank you to anyone and everyone who has bought a Cotic, helped us out, been along for the ride with us. We owe all this to you.

Have a watch and enjoy a history lesson...

20/12/2018 - OPT

Cy hates lockouts.

But Cane Creek's Climb Switch isn't a lockout in the traditional sense. It actually does what they all should do (in our opinion) and leaves the suspension working, but more supportive. By acting on both the Low Speed Compression AND Rebound circuits it firms up the support and slows down the responses to big pedalling loads, which is spot on for slow, technical climbs where you are putting in some big efforts and low cadence, and maybe throwing some bodyweight around too. It's like winding the adjusters in about 8 clicks without all the faff. However you still have to fiddle about grabbing the shock lever and can forgot to turn it off. Not the end of the world because of the way it works, but not optimal.

Then around 18 months ago Cane Creek released the OPT remote for the Climb Switch...


The OPT allows you to keep your hands on the bar, and more easily switch the switch. This means you can better optimise the open settings, knowing you can always easily switch the switch when you want some firmer damping for climbing... and switch back again, no matter how rowdy the trail conditions... because there's no reaching down to the shock... your hands stay on the bars at all times.

You can add an OPT to any of our droplink bikes when you order (with a Cane Creek IL shock), or, if you have your bike already, order just the OPT itself, and add it to your IL setup.

Already got an IL? Order an OPT from us…

05/12/2018 - only two of these

Dark Metal Magenta?

As part of our ongoing search for amazing looking colours and graphics for you, we get paint test frames in from time to time. In this case, we tried out the magenta decals from the blue/magenta FlareMAX from batch 1 (of which there are a few still available at a massive £300 discount), and we teamed them up with the Dark Metal which we wanted to see ahead of the upcoming batch. Here's the result.

Dark Metal & Magenta
Dark Metal & MagentaDark Metal & Magenta

For production we went for the orange decals which have proved so popular on the SolarisMAX, so these two large frames we have will be the only two Dark Metal/Magenta frames in the world. Pretty cool?

They're available to order now via the Order Pages. Frame or full bike, we build your bike for you. How amazing would this look with full Hope purple kit?


04/12/2018 - Frame Bags

Which frame bag fits which bike?

With Christmas approaching, we're being asked which of our custom frame bags fit which of our bikes, past and present. So... here we go...!

Non-longshot frame bag plus L & XL longshot framesLongshot frame bag for XS, S & M framesLife bike frame bag


We strongly recommend frame protection (electrical tape, bar tape, All Mountain Style stickers) to avoid any paint loss under the straps. We are getting in some AMS honeycomb XL clear frame guard sets... you can pre-order a set of these with your frame bag.

Click here to see all our merch and clothing…

Rich showed Singletrack what he carries in his bag…

30/11/2018 - RocketMAX update



If you missed the launch information from last month, the RocketMAX is our 29er Enduro bike. Decked out with 150mm of rear travel on our proven droplink suspension platform, and designed around the latest 160mm 29er forks. It's capable of carrying speed through lines you've battled to get through before, and will do so with composure and ease, leaving a big grin on your face. You like steep and techincal? There is pretty much nothing you can't ride down on a RocketMAX. The incredible stability of the long front centre, coupled with the pinpoint precision of the short stem will bring you swaggering confidence, regardless of the gradient.

It's not all about racing down the hills though; this bike climbs too. More rubber on the ground and bags of support from our progressive droplink suspension help the RocketMAX skip up the most demanding climbs. We design and develop all our bikes in the Peak District, and our team race everywhere from local British races to Enduro World Series, so we know a thing or two about tough, technical climbs and long days in the saddle!

Five Land Build

Our friends at Five Land Bikes in Scotland are building us the front ends, we're expecting the next batch of them to land this week with us here. All options are available to order now and we will keep you updated on when you can expect your RocketMAX frame.

Five Land Build

The new RocketMAX…

23/11/2018 - New colour for SolarisMAX

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Red Dwarf

The SolarisMAX frames are finally in the building, and there is a big pile of frame boxes waiting to go on the courier vans today and Monday. This does also mean that we have Actual Real Life frames in the brand new Red Dwarf colour. I know a lot of you have been waiting to see this.....


It is really is that red! Such a great colour. As soon as the first bike is built we will shoot that and let you see those pictures as well. The small green demo bike will also be up for sale as we will be building this frame into the new small demo bike.


And in case you are wondering why the signature wishbone is missing from the rear end, it's because this is the small frame. As we made the frames more compact with Longshot geometry, on the smallest frames there simply isn't space for a wishbone. The medium, large and XL SolarisMAX frames are all wishbone rear ends though. It doesn't make any performance difference, I just like how the wishbone looks if it will fit.

If you're wondering why Red Dwarf for the name, partly it's in keeping with the stellar theme of our other SolarisMAX models; Dark Metal and Cosmic Black. It's also because a few of us here - myself very much included - are old enough to remember this with great affection.

Check out the SolarisMAX…

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22/11/2018 - SolarisMAX restock

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SolarisMAX is BACK

Solaris Max Solaris MAX Singletrack award winner 2018. Cotic SolarisMAX

Our award winning SolarisMAX is back in stock this week. We are hugely pre-sold on these, but most size and colour options are still available from the shipment, so if you are keen on one of these hardtail shreadders, order yours now!

The Dark Metal and Cosmic Black colours are back, with green being replaced by Red Dwarf. Full pics of Red Dwarf next week when we have them, but if you like the green, the last couple of small green frames are available for just £549, saving £100.

Check out the SolarisMAX…

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20/11/2018 - LOVE Autumn

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We made a video during a quick little lunchtime breakout last week, where we all grabbed a hardtail out of the demo fleet and went for a play in the woods. It was properly beautiful, absolutely the best Autumn can offer, and doing skids in leaves is always fun! Have a watch, it will make you smile.




16/11/2018 - BFe in Champagne

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BFe news! We have fully restocked the Longshot BFe... and it's selling fast. There are a few little extras with this batch... first up we have introduced a new XS (eXtra Small) size for all those asking for one. Also, we have a new colour option...

Champagne! Doesn't it look amazing? Lovely orange pinstripe details, metallic finish. Nice!

Head to the product page for more information…

Check out the geometry of the new XS BFe…

16/11/2018 - BFe night shred edit

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Don't give up... the changing trail conditions, and failing light, just mean new kinds of fun. Grab some lights, grab your hardtails... let's go!


11/11/2018 - New web server

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Welcome: If you're reading this, then you're seeing our website at its new home, on a new server.

We had to move as our old server was having far too many periods of being uncooperative - not good for you, not good for us.

While the transfer was being carried out, our order pages were unavailable, sorry. They are back up now, but feel free to contact us with any queries you have, using the links below...

contact us by web form, email or phone…

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09/11/2018 - Tweed Valley Fun

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Baybutt: A couple of weeks ago I finally visited the Golfie, gatecrashing the Fife’s big Scotland camping trip. These guys are pro’s so I knew I’d be shown all the good stuff; good translated as the steepest & most terrifying! We even managed to convince Mr Will Easey to venture north of the wall. As promised, the trails were phenomenal, the Rocket was the ultimate machine for the job and my van pretty much saved my life - it was THAT cold. (Poor Will was only and armed with his wafer-thin decathlon sleeping bag and we had to crack the ice to get out of the door in the morning.) Will & Wes are joining Chay & Swinny on the full factory team next season so this was a perfect way to round off the year & get stoked for the next one. Thanks to everyone up there and if you haven’t yet been to the Tweed Valley, get it booked now. Not now, Right now!

You'd be faster on a Rocket…

05/11/2018 - Website downtime

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Sorry if you tried using our website today (Monday)... it has been either out of action, or very slow, for most of the day. Hopefully everything is now back in full working order... if you have any further problems with the site, or just want to ask about anything at all, please don't hesitate to get in contact. Check the link below for all the ways you can speak to us.

Thanks for your patience.

contact methods (phone, email, webform, social media)…

02/11/2018 - RocketMAX Megabuild

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RocketMAX mega build

Today a dream customer bike build left us. This RocketMAX, dripping in Fox and Hope parts...

New owner Karl has been in touch with us since before last Christmas, creating this custom build and waiting for the new RocketMAX. He says it's been well worth the wait!

We can custom build any bike, we build your bike for you. Drop us an email to get the ball rolling!

RocketMAX mega buildRocketMAX mega buildRocketMAX mega buildRocketMAX mega build

Read about the new RocketMAX…

19/10/2018 - Singletrack Awards 2018

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Awards 2018

Singletrack Awards 2018 Singletrack award winner 2018. Cotic SolarisMAX

Yesterday the Cotic crew attended the Singletrack Readers Awards 2018. Nominated and voted for by the Singletrack readers, we were so pleased to be nominated for the Best Bike under £4500 category with our SolarisMAX. The bike that was in the running was the gold spec XT / Helm build coming in at £2899 but even in platinum build with Cane Creek Eewings Ti cranks it's still under £4500!

It's a great day out on the bikes from Hebden Bridge, with lovely food and good beer too. To round off the great day, we won!! Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for us, it really does mean a lot. Here's Kelvin accepting the award, he blinked on the first photo so here he is...definitely not blinking.

Singletrack Awards 2018

Watch the awards live stream…

Read all about it…

19/10/2018 - FINALE EWS

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Finale EWS

A quick video of a golden week in Italy

The final race of the season for the senior Race Team was the Enduro World Series at Finale. They spent a week in Italy building up to the race and Cy tagged along for riding, support, gelato, pizza and waving a GoPro around.

Read more about the race ready Rocket…

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10/10/2018 - Kelly goes bike rafting

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Bikerafting. Sounds interesting right? Now I’m all over bikepacking, I’d even consider myself a bit of an expert. But chuck in a raft and you’ll find out I was in deeper (water) than I thought.

When planning an adventure, it’s always important to consider every aspect of it. New to ‘rafting’, I thought it best to start on something small. Time to drag in my water+obsessed, bike-obsessed and even more so adventure-obsessed friend, Mrs Nikki Read! She chose our trip to incorporate Coniston Water in the Lake District, a nicely sized body of water and surrounded by some great Mtb trails. We planned a water crossing, and a ride, followed by a nice hike up to a camping spot all on Komoot. I mean our plan was pretty bulletproof. We met at Coniston in the afternoon and spent some time mounting all our kit on our bikes, of which there was A LOT. We had the man behind Iron raft with us, Nick, to offer his packraft knowledge, and also capture the tour ( he’s pretty handy with the camera too). I’m going to be very honest here, the ‘idea’ of packrafting was a super exciting one; but when it actually came to it, became more of interesting one, not a ‘lets go and actually do it’ one…

Bike Rafting photos by Nick Kowalski

I could feel my tummy doing somersaults whilst loading my Cotic Soul up (the best bike for the job), I’m a land lady! Not a mermaid (WHAT AM I DOING?!). The thought of paddling across the water with my bike didn’t have me stoked on life, I was more stoked to just go home. But Mrs Read is very good at keeping me positive (this woman has been on the water pretty much her entire life) and somehow managed to coax me to the water edge.

Bike Rafting photos by Nick Kowalski

The rafts are super easy to inflate, which was a welcome distraction from what was to happen next. Nikki and I chatted and laughed whilst racing to blow up our new method of transportation. Once on the water and sturdily afloat we headed across Coniston.

Bike Rafting photos by Nick Kowalski

What an adventure. Now I was panicking that I was going to sink and lose the Soul down into the deep deep water, but my raft however stayed very much above the water (thank god). I’ll be honest, I’m all for new experiences and trying out something different, but this will be the last time I raft, thanks very much. I felt very unwell! I’m a delicate one when it comes to motion sickness and seemed to have forgotten this when signing up.

All packed up I was very much ready to ride my bike. A little nauseated but I pulled through it because I REALLY couldn’t wait to camp.

Bike Rafting photos by Nick Kowalski

We met Jenny Nuttall for part 2 of our mission for day and headed up to Goats Water. Up the Bridleway and onto the footpath where we had to hike-a-bike. It was a pretty epic, lung busting climb up over some huge embedded rock, especially with my bike fully loaded with all the adventure equipment.

All of that was soon forgotten though, once we were welcomed with the most spectacular camping spot, Goats Water, which is a small tarn. Thanks Jenny, that’ll do.

I then spent some time sussing out the best place to pitch my tent, trying avoid any large rocks or uneven ground. Once I’d found it I then eagerly pitched it! I was hungry and my shelter building was the only thing that was getting in my way! I think I’ve said it a few to times now, I know I’m not made of sugar but it did start to rain A LOT, which isn’t ideal on a bikepacking trip, especially when my tent is about a centimetre big. Camp created, we found a massive rock to take shelter under and made our dinner.

Bike Rafting photos by Nick Kowalski

During the night, what happened is best described as biblical rain. The noises I heard through the night felt like a jet wash being sprayed directly at my tent with someone else repeatedly smashing a broom into the walls of it. These noises surrounded me the entire night. Haha.

By morning though, I’m happy to say I was alive and well and very surprisingly dry in my £48 tent from Amazon. I knew covering it with waterproof spray and NOT wiping away the excess was the best idea ever. In the morning after about an hours sleep I planned in my head how quickly I could get out of my tent, pack all my kit and get the heck off the mountain without completely drowning in the rain. I clambered out and went straight to see Nikki and Jenny. (I thought it worth mentioning here that Nikki and Jenny although also experienced a terrible nights sleep were completely unfazed by the rain and in super high spirits, those women are mega, I however woke up with a dark cloud above my head, figuratively and literally). They had a plan of action, and I was quite happy to go along with it. Unfortunately Nick had also a challenging nights sleep with a tent malfunction and spent a good few hours sleeping in an inch or so of water! (I mean I would have had a right princess moment and gone home). Eager to get dry and some food we all packed up and set off. The journey back down was pretty wet, the path which we had hiked up was now a river, making for a soggy experience.

Bike Rafting photos by Nick Kowalski

But gradually as we descended the clouds cleared and we eventually caught a glimpse of the sun through the clouds. Definitely lifted my spirts and helped my verging on hypothermic state! (That’s a bit dramatic, I was just cold and wet).

Once we made it to the bridleway the ride down the rest of the mountain was marvellous and the views flippin’ delightful as ever. That was enough adventuring for a soggy me though, we rode down to Coniston and finished out the trip with a nice warm breakfast.

Photos by Nick Kowalski

Read about the Soul…

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05/10/2018 - Launching the new RocketMAX

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So here it is – finally – the all new RocketMAX. Our brand new big wheeled enduro bike is here and it is NOT mucking about! The fastest bike in our fleet.....the new Longshot geometry RocketMAX turns the speed up to 11. It's all about the rockiest descents and the steepest technical trails. It's confident and blisteringly quick. This long travel big wheeler is ready for anything.


Cy - The RocketMAX is my bike of choice and this has been a very personal project over the last 2 and half years. It has it's own unique version of Longshot geometry, and I have been through many prototypes, many anglesets, many forks, many suspension tunes, and a lot of puzzling to get it where I want it. My goal was to move it away from the FlareMAX trail bike and into a whole new area of capability in terms of speed, composure and confidence on the biggest or steepest terrain. I have ridden this bike in its various forms around my home on the edge of the Peak District, around the Tweed Valley in Scotland, laps and laps of 'The Loop Of Truth' – my little cover-all-the-bases test section on Houndkirk Moor, Pila in Italy, the old Schladming DH track, raced it with friends, and just given it the workout of its life riding to support the race team at the EWS in Finale.


Despite its many guises throughout development one thread runs through all of them - especially the production version – they have incredible composure, confidence and speed in the wildest of situations. I have become more confident as a rider and have had so much fun in super steep technical terrain riding on this bike. I have been almost track standing on Repeat Offender at Golfie so I can check a blind section, then just dropped in and rode it. Where I have been better able to read the trails, I have ridden with speed and security I still get a buzz from. The precision of the steering, the position on the bike, the control and confidence it breeds means I am simply able to ride faster, steeper, harder trails than I could two years ago. It's a better bike and it makes me a better rider. It's that simple.

If you want to hear more about how I went about developing Longshot geometry, have a listen to our Downtime Podcast where Chris interviews me about the story of the new handling ideas.


Decked out with 150mm of rear travel on our proven droplink suspension platform, and designed around the latest 160mm 29er forks. It's capable of carrying speed through lines you've battled to get through before, and will do so with composure and ease, leaving a big grin on your face. You like steep and techincal? There is pretty much nothing you can't ride down on a RocketMAX. The incredible stability of the long front centre, coupled with the pinpoint precision of the short stem brings you swaggering confidence regardless of the gradient.

It's not all about racing down the hills though; this bike climbs too. More rubber on the ground and bags of support from our progressive droplink suspension help the RocketMAX skip up the most demanding climbs. We design and develop all our bikes in the Peak District, and our team race everywhere from local British races to Enduro World Series, so we know a thing or two about tough, technical climbs and long days in the saddle!

RocketMAX is wild and fast and just so much fun. It's almost like cheating!


As with all Cotic bikes, the frame's steel construction is compliant and naturally ground moulding. The RocketMAX uses Reynolds 853 super strong steel, and includes our custom ride tuned Ovalform top tube which helps to deliver sublime trail damping and that signature Cotic feel.

The massively exciting thing we can announce with this bike is that this is our first model where those beautiful ride qualities are put together in the UK.

We have teamed up with Five Land Bikes in Scotland to make production front triangles for these bikes. They are then partnered with our proven Taiwan made rear ends. Bridging the gaps are machined parts from Superstar Components made in Lincolnshire. We are assembling the frames right here at our base in the Peak District.


As you may know, we have attempted a UK made frame before in 2013/14. Whilst that didn't work out, the contacts we made and supply chain that we found definitely helped our prototyping and development over the last 3 years. All of the Longshot prototypes have been made in the UK.


Following on from this, Matt and Callum were looking to found a small batch production unit in the UK and we got talking. It fitted really well with what we needed. They are incredible framebuilders first and foremost, and they have also established a paint shop so the frames are finished with painted decals to an incredible standard. We are on a rolling production schedule with them so we should be able to keep more size/colour options in stock more of the time, reduce our overall stockholding, and be more responsive to the buying habits of our customers. There are a lot of positives, and as we grow again it's also great (and sensible) to spread our supplier base. The fact we have been able to do this credibly in the UK is a bonus. It's hugely exciting, but it's also a small first step. We still need and believe in our Taiwanese suppliers, and the Rocket, FlareMAX and all the hardtail and the rest of the range will remain being made in Taiwan.

The bike is available in subtle grey Metal-on-Metal and gorgeous Teal and Tangerine. You can run 29 x 2.6” tyres or 27.5 x 3.0”. It's boost spaced, 1x only, integrated chainguide, all modern conveniences.


The frameset pricing starts at £1749 with a custom tuned X Fusion O2 RCX shock, or £1999 with a Cane Creek DB Air IL. There is also a Coil IL option.

Bikes start at £2999 for our SLX based Silver build, through our best selling Gold XT and Gold Eagle builds with Cane Creek HELM forks and Hope bits for £4049, and go right up to £5648 for the Platinum build with eeWings ti cranks. HUNT wheels are now available alongside Hope wheels across the range.

We are opening orders today (5th October 2018) for delivery of the first frames on Friday 26th October 2018 in the UK. Full bike orders will be delivered a week or so later, as will international orders. You can buy directly from Cotic anywhere in the world, just place your order online.

The bikes will be in demo on the UK fleet from next week so get in touch with if you want to have a ride on the RocketMAX.

In a busy year of product launches (this is our 10th new bike in 14 months!) what this bike represents makes it one of the most exciting. Some of the most progressive geometry, handling and incredible ride feel you will find anywhere, combined with UK production expertise. It is a unique bike.


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28/09/2018 - SodaMAX Launched

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Titanium Flagship Hardtail is BACK

Well we kept this one quiet didn't we? From 2005 to 2011 we had the Soda as the pinnacle of our hardtail range. A super versatile, lightweight evolution of the original Soul, it was one of the first ti frames to be able to take up to 130mm forks and big tyres, but its weight and beautifully balanced handling found it a home on the race track. Our first sponsored rider Kate Potter dominated the UK long distance scene in 2005-6-7, hitting the podium in multiple endurance events and 24hr hour solo races. Then - in one of those 'pinch me' twists of fate we still can't quite believe happened - Kate was spotted by Cycling Australia and ended up representing her country at the Canberra World Championships in 2009, all aboard her trusty titanium Cotic Soda. We never expected THAT to happen when Cotic started!


Fast forward to 2018 and we bring you the latest frame to wear that Soda name - the brand new SodaMAX. Based on our spectacularly popular new SolarisMAX, the new titanium frame takes all the fantastic attributes of it's steel sibling and adds a big chunk of weight loss, a subtle and lively ride feel and beautiful bare metal finishes.


Cy has been riding the prototype since last winter, and it's actually the frame he used to prove out the Longshot edition of the SolarisMAX. It's a spectacularly fast and fun bike to ride.

Loads more amazing photos over on the product page

The new SodaMAX is limited to just 20 frames in 2018 - 10 brushed, 10 polished, in the full range of sizes.

Click Here to Order your SodaMAX

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25/09/2018 - Camus Does Canada

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BFe in BC

Brand ambassador Dave Camus headed out to Whistler on holiday this year, here's how he got on...

Attacking Whistler on a hardtail:

I think it’s every mountain biker’s dream to have the chance to go to Whistler and ride – ever since jumping sketchy jumps and drops in our local sand quarry as a teenager; we'd get back and watch Roam and Seasons Whistler segments over and over. Every year myself and a few friends head out on a summer downhill riding trip such as Morzine, Hafjell or Andorra. This year all the cards fell into place and the whole crew had the cash and the time to consider a 3 week trip over the pond to British Columbia, so we costed it up and booked our flights. None of the group, 9 of us, had ever been before so everything would be new and fresh to us all!

Camus does Canada

The cost of taking two bikes on the plane wasn’t unreasonable, so I decided to take my Downhill bike for the bikepark, and pack my Cotic BFE to get some enduro laps. I’d scoured over trailforks for weeks before, and the list of trails inside and outside of the bikepark was endless. Like the Golfie on steroids! Sheffield being the close-knit scene it is, there were a fair few boys who have packed their bags for good and were living out there, so it wasn't long before some solid rides were planned to explore outside the bikepark.

Camus does Canada

In the end, the BFe got ridden way more than expected, and really took on everything I could throw at it. The janky shore, roots, rock rolls and steeps of the enduro trails there really tested the bike to its limits. Rarely would I see another hardtail, and locals were all rocking big enduro machines, which the BFe hung onto all week. After some successful enduro rides, I decided to take the BFE and have a couple of days shredding iconic trails in the bikepark too – it breezed through A-Line and Freight train, and managed to take in a couple of double blacks too! At this point I thought I’d make a choice selection of my favourite trails I rode on the BFe in Whistler…

Camus does Canada

Billy’s Epic – A black trail unlike a lot I rode, super steep, amazing views, rocky and fast with a huge chute in the middle. We linked it into ‘The Rockwork Trilogy’ which had three trails of neat tech rockrolls.

Green Monster - a short double black diamond trail outside of the bikepark with 3 huge rock rolls. The photo shows the first of the three – they only got bigger and more gnarly. Probably the scariest natural thing I rode. Rockrolls are just something we don’t get here in the UK – you must be super committed and stay off the brakes as much as possible. On the BFE the G outs at the bottom were something to contend with!

Camus does Canada

D1 – a short pro line trail just at the bottom of the Garbanzo lift. Think 50-01 line but with more stepdowns and gap jumps! Perfect berms, high speed and massively committing. Once you knew where you were going it was a hoot. One of the harder jump trails to master.

Camus does Canada

Lord of the Squirrels – a huge day out in the mountains on a sweet blue trail. 6600ft of climbing up to the top of Mt Sproatt. The climb up is purpose built and fairly steady, winding its way through the trees and then out to above the treeline with loads of sub alpine lakes and views. The climb itself felt like such an achievement to have completed, and we couldn’t have picked a better day for it. The trail down was just as rewarding. Super rough because of all the traffic the trail gets but loamy and the FLOW!

Camus does Canada

Crabapple Hits – The biggest jumps in the bikepark, topping out at about 55ft long, but with a monstrous lip. I’d hit these on the downhill bike on the first day, but massively underestimated the speed for the biggest and 50/50 cased it. I’d worked out the speed after than before going for it on the hardtail, but I knew on the BFE casing like that wasn’t an option. After a few deep breaths I dropped in and sailed through the whole set perfect first time. The amount of airtime is insane!

Camus does Canada

We only really scratched the surface of the riding in Whistler, and had the best time. There looks to be amazing trails in Squamish and Pemberton down the valley, as well as some proper ‘North Shore’ riding North Vancouver… I’m already looking at plans for next year! - Dave

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25/09/2018 - Sam does Germany

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Germany Demo

Sam recently headed over to Germany for a weekend of demos and an owner's ride, here's how it went.

I'm writing this with a cold Bitburger in hand, after a great weekend of demos in Germany, my first demo trip to mainland Europe. It's been a really successful trip, the love for the bikes has been huge, and the German and Dutch riders who came along have been really welcoming.

Cotic Germany Demo Weekend

After driving through Thursday, our German rep Carsten arrived with his friends Phillip and Mälte on Friday afternoon and the first demo day got going. As with most Friday demos it was a little quieter, but with some very keen riders who loved the bikes. I've been off the bike with a back injury recently, but I tried to do one demo lap on Friday afternoon. Pedalling on the flat was fine, and descending was OK, but as soon as I had to pedal up any kind of climb the pain stopped me straight away. A real shame, as it forced me to stay off the bike for the rest of the weekend. Especially frustrating as I didn't even hurt my back through riding, and had travelled so far for this demo! (Update: after a few weeks off the bike and a relaxing holiday, I'm now back riding again)

This wasn't going to stop the fun for everyone else though, on Saturday Carsten had organised an Owner's Ride with a local guide, which was very popular. After setting up plenty of demo bikes for a longer test ride (this is an option on our upcoming Forest of Dean Owners Ride too) the large group pedalled off into the sunshine for a big day on the trails. They all returned grinning and tired, having loved the trails and the bikes. Sharing a top quality German beer or two afterwards almost made up for not getting to ride.

Cotic Germany Demo Weekend

Sunday's demo day was a busy one too, plenty of riders having their first experience of a Cotic, highlights include one local rider claiming he'd fallen in love with the Rocket within 10 minutes of riding it, and another who said he felt like it had been his own bike for years, even after a short demo ride.

Big thanks to Carsten for helping to organise the demo weekend, and to Mälte and Phillip for being really helpful and making the demo days easy for me, they both shred too! It felt like a big step to take the demo tour to Europe, and I couldn't be happier with how it's gone. We will definitely aim to do more demos in Europe next year, and I'm itching to ride next time!

Photos by Jens Groß and Sam

Cotic Germany Demo Weekend

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24/09/2018 - You'd Be Faster On A Rocket

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Our Wes has spent the summer filming with Brand Ambassador Ben Gerrish from HDDN Media to bring you our latest little film - "You'd Be Faster On A Rocket". It was a flipant remark which turned into our stickers, which we have enormous fun putting on other brands' bikes!

Big hills, big views, fast bike, rad rider. Oh, and if you like the music, the track is by Oddity Road. They practice in the unit next door to us and Calver and are making quite a name for themselves.

As well as the video, today we are launching our 2019 colours. As you might have spotted we are a little low on stock right now, with smalls and XL the only sizes we currently have available. The next batch is due in by December. There are no technical changes for 2019 - we poured ALL the awesome into these earlier in the year when they launched!

[ click here to see Guy Kesteven's take on the bike ]

However, we are going for a fresh new look across the range. The blue/orange colourway is flipped to orange/blue, so the classic Cotic look is back. Mercury is replaced by Dark Metal, and black/grey replaced by Cosmic Black. These are both colours you'll have seen on the SolarisMAX earlier in the summer. You can reserve your new colour Rocket now for delivery as soon as we have them, or if you're at either end of the size range, we can have your small or XL Rocket with you by the end of next week if you order now. Get involved!

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21/09/2018 - Singletrack Awards SolarisMAX

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Singetrack Awards


Solaris Max

Singletrack had the SolarisMAX on long term review earlier this year and they loved it (and truth be told, Wil liked it so much he hasn't given it back!). They said 'it's one of the fastest hardtails they have ever ridden.'

If you like the idea of the SolarisMAX, or have one and think it's great, or just want to support the brand, then click on the link below and head over to Singletrack and give us a vote. It would be really appreciated.

If all this talk of SolarisMAX has got you interested, you can now pre-order from the next batch, or if you need the small size (so around 5ft 8in or shorter) we still have a few of those in stock. For the next batch, green is replaced by Red Dwarf - a bright red gloss finish - and Dark Metal and Cosmic Black continue...

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10/09/2018 - Fight Cancer - Win a Rocket

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Charity bike
Win this Cotic Rocket - Fight CancerWin this Cotic Rocket - Fight Cancer

Cancer. The Big C. Given that 1 in 2 of us in the UK will get it in some way, shape or form during our lives, it's pretty likely that you know someone who has been affected by this terrible disease.

In the last year three of Cy's close friends (all in their late 30s or early 40s, rather scarily) have contracted the disease, and whilst their outcomes are looking good, we have also lost dear friends recently and close family too. We are sure we are not that unusual in this.

One of those close friends mentioned is the wife of one of Cy's riding buddies. They've known eachother since university days, over 20 years now, and it was awful knowing what he and his family were going through. Now that his wife's battle is going well, he wanted to give something back for the huge amount of support they received from cancer charities, and also to help push research forward to help fewer people have to go through what he did. It's the same reason Cy has been supporting cancer research since my Mum died of it nearly 19 years ago.

We decided to run a raffle to win an awesome bike.

Charity bike

This is a custom built Cotic Rocket, and once we let our suppliers know what we were up to there stepped in amazing style. It has Cane Creek HELM fork and DB Air IL shock, fully decked out in Hope purple anodised hubs, Tech E4 brakes, headset and seatclamp, XTR M9000 1x11 drivetrain courtesy of Shimano UK, with tyres and saddle from our friends at WTB. This bike is closely related to our Platinum build and would cost over £4600 if you bought it from us.

However, you can get it for considerably less than that!

Every £5 donation buys one ticket to win this amazing Cotic Rocket, in your size. However, the more you give, the more chances you have of winning.

Donate £10 and get 2 chances of winning.

£50 gives you 10 chances of winning.

£100 gets you 20 chances etc.

O’Neal has kindly donated a runners up prize of Element FR Hybrid Jersey and Shorts, as worn by Greg Minnaar during his 2018 World Cup campaign.

All donations go to support the fantastic work done by the World Cancer Research Fund.

IMPORTANT – Please, please, please! When making your entry, do not donate anonymously, and ensure you tick the box that reads “I’m happy to share my contacts with…” This is a legal requirement that allows us to contact you if you win. We will not contact you for any other reason.

Just follow the link to get involved and donate:

There's a full gallery of photos of the bike here:

Cotic Rocket Cancer Raffle Bike Gallery

Feel free to use any of them and share this far and wide.

If you have any questions, drop us a line any time. That link to the raffle page again is:

Enter the Fight Cancer raffle today…

09/09/2018 - Life Bike Frame Bags

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New Cotic
Life Bike frame bags

Ever since doing the Cotic x Restrap mountain bike bags, there have always been questions about whether they fit Escapades or Roadrats. The Restrap bags have always been for our short head tube mountain bikes, so they don't fit Life Bikes. However, there was clearly a demand for a Cotic bag for you Life Bike owners out there (and there are a few thousand of you out there, we launched the Roadrat is 2006!). So here is our Cotic frame bag, custom made to fit the larger front triangles of the Escapade and Roadrat. It's not made by Restrap though. It's made by Cy's Dad!

Cy writes....

Throughout my childhood, Dad owned Delta Clothing, a business which made motorcycle waterproof jackets, trousers and suits in Bedford, where I grew up. My first Saturday job was putting press studs in pockets with an arbour press and waterproof taping the seams of the trousers we were making. He did it for over 20 years and he knows his stuff. So when I mentioned we were looking at expanding the luggage range, he was keen to help. We measured up some templates and went through a few iterations to get to what we have now. These bags have water proof zips and are lined with flouro yellow material. This not only helps keep them almost completely dry inside, you can really easily see the contents due to the colour of the lining. They are much bigger than the mountain bike bags and will fit everything from an extra small Escapade to a large Roadrat. On smaller sized frames we had to compromise seat tube bottle access, but down tube bottles will fit in all cases. You can get plenty in there, as we have often done on our post office runs on the workshop Roadrat. You would easily get a jacket, a bivvy bag or all sorts of other things. Brand Ambassador Kelly used one of the prototypes on her Scotland trip earlier in the year.

If you have one of our Life Bikes, then this is a perfect addition. For everything from riding to the post office to riding across Scotland, it's got you covered. The Life Bike bags are £55 and in stock now.

Cotic Life Bike bag on Cotic EscapadecCotic Life Bike bag on Cotic EscapadeCotic Life Bike bag on Cotic Escapade

We strongly recommend frame protection (electrical tape, bar tape, All Mountain Style stickers) to avoid any paint loss under the straps. We are getting in some AMS honeycomb XL clear frame guard sets... you can pre-order a set of these with your frame bag.

Order your Life Bike Bag here…

Kelly used the prototype bag on her Scotland Bivvy Trip…

07/09/2018 - RESTRAP X COTIC continues

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New restrap x Cotic
longshot frame bags

Our collaboration with Leeds based company Restrap is back with a new shape designed to fit all new Longshot bikes. On the new SolarisMAX you can run a bottle in the lower space and still have space for a frame bag near the headtube, even on the small size! Don’t get caught out in the wild without tools / food / spares / clothes etc.

Available in two colours... "goes with anything Black", or limited edition "Digital Camo"...

black bagblack bagblack bag


camo bagcamo bagcamo bag


We strongly recommend frame protection (electrical tape, bar tape, All Mountain Style stickers) to avoid any paint loss under the straps. We are getting in some AMS honeycomb XL clear frame guard sets... you can pre-order a set of these with your frame bag.

Click here to see all our merch and clothing…

Rich showed Singletrack what he carries in his bag…

03/09/2018 - Trash Free Trails x Oregon Timber Trail

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Trash Free Trails Oregon Timber Trail

670 miles from California to the Columbia River Gorge

We get a load of "Sponsor me - I'm gonna be the next big thing" emails at Cotic HQ but when Dom Ferris got in touch with his proposal it was one we couldn't ignore. Dom is taking a sabbatical from his work at the charity Surfers Against Sewage, to ride the Oregon Timber Trail so he can raise awareness for his new venture Trash Free Trails. After organising teams who have removed over 250,000KG of rubbish from UK beaches and growing the number of beach cleaning volunteers from 1000 to 30,000, Dom's commitment to reducing litter in other areas spread to the MTB trails he loves. Plastic bottles, sweet wrappers, gel sachets, cable ties, inner tubes & tear offs are becoming all too common on every trail, in every country.

You might think that doing great work for a charity, living in idyllic Cornwall and helping rid the world of single use plastics would be all you need for job satisfaction, but as we see so often, working so hard can often come at the detriment of your own mental health. Personal reasons have led him to ride for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) alongside Trash Free Trails. The 670 mile pedal will hopefully help him find space & time to rest his busy mind.

We supplied Dom with a Solaris MAX frame - our 29er, go anywhere, mile muncher. Burgtec provided the cockpit & Wilderness Trail Bikes helped with the rubber. Restrap provided the bags & Finisterre & Patagonia helped with clothes. This build was put together with reliability & longevity in mind as when you're in the middle of the Oregon wilderness, worrying about your bike is the last thing you want to be doing. Steel is real people!

Sawtooth Struggle

So what can you do to help? Well following @Trashfreetrails on instagram is a solid start. There you can see his stories and read up on the journey as it unfolds. His justgiving page for CALM is set up and he's on facebook too but the main, best and most useful thing you can do is PICK UP YOUR LITTER! Easy huh? All changes start with you; awareness of where you are riding, how important it is and what you can do to better that environment, can only be a good thing.

Photos by: Gabriel Amadeus Tiller, Ian Lean & Dan Clifford



28/08/2018 - Wes Fife takes the win

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Wes Wins again

The Naughty Northumbrian

After a few crashy races recently, Development Team rider Wes Fife managed to stay on his bike for this one and won the race! Here's how it went down...

Wes: It was a cold morning and spirits were kinda low as the forecast was saying that torrential rain was forecast and the news that one of my favourite stages had been pulled from the loop in view of the forecast. My legs were still a bit stiff from the 45km loop on practice day and I knew I’d have to start using them soon for the 15km liaison up to stage 1. Anyway, after a big bowl of cereal we set off up the beautiful Coquet valley to the 1st stage of the day.

Wes Fife

On paper stage one was pretty simple; flat out up top then back off but keep flow when you get into the woods. Realistically though, there was much more to it than that. Some of the corners had loose rocks, roots, and some pretty blown out off camber sections which caught me out a few times. Turns out I rode the stage much better than I thought and got my first stage win of the day by 4 seconds in my category! After the winch back up the “kidland killer” climb to the top of stage 2 stoke was pretty high. I’d really enjoyed stage 2 in practice day and had a few good lines to get me down. Stage 2 went ok, and even with a few mistakes I still held onto the overall lead in the U18’s. Then it was onto stage 3 which I knew was going to be my attack stage. Fast, tight, techy, loose - all very much like what I was I was used to riding back home in Guisborough. I knew if I put a solid run down I could do make some good time against the rest of the field. So, I attacked and it payed off. I won the stage by 3 seconds in my category and got the 5th fastest time of the day behind some big names!!!!

By now the weather has turned a bit and we were getting some of the rain that was forecast. Me being the intelligent person that I am... had forgotten to take my waterproof jacket. After the cold slog back over the Alwinton hill to stage 4 I just wanted to get riding. Stage 4 was probably the most physically demanding of the day with a big grassy sprint over the top of the hill, then dropping down and traversing across over the rocky off camber Northumbrian screes. To make matters worse there was a howling headwind blowing head on up the valley. Morning aside I got down the stage smooth and gave it my all, getting the 7th quickest time of the day which cool I guess! There was only one stage left and at this point I knew it would be close between me and the other Guisborough lads I was riding with. I knew I would have to put down a solid run. I was having waayyy to much fun to even think of a podium. So stage 5 approached and I dropped in. Round some flat corners and down the slalom. It was at this point that I caught my back wheel on a rock and put a tiny hole in it. Thankfully I only lost about half my pressure before it decided to seal again and the race was back on . I drifted my way down the bottom of the stage. Narrowly missing a dog that had somehow managed to make its way onto track! I knew I hadn’t had the best run down the last stage but I knew my other stages had been strong and consistent. I rolled back and handed my transponder in, waiting my result...

1st in U18 men!!! I couldn’t quite believe it! Then to find out that I was the 9th quickest time of the day!! It's my first top 10 overall at a big race. Wow! I will definitely be back for more next year and I highly recommend to anyone to race it! Big thanks to Tommy Wilkinson and the Descent World team for putting on such a good race and to Matt at Kingud for keeping my bike looking clean all weekend. Cheers!

You'd be faster on a Rocket …

24/08/2018 - New Soul Option

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More Souls - New Colour

The smashingly successful new Soul has a new batch due in a couple of weeks. We have a new option for you - blue/magenta. The blue has been a hit on some of our other bikes this year, so we thought we would give you Soul riders the option too. Doesn't it look great?

The new blue/magenta Cotic Soul - Steel Mountain Bike
Soul - Blue/MagentaSoul - Blue/Magenta

Also restocking is the ridiculously popular Mercury/Orange. We've been out of a couple of sizes of these for a while so order yours now for delivery mid-September to avoid disappointment


The Soul has just recently been in MBUK for a test too. They loved and said:

"Super, taut yet floated, light yet tough steel frame."

"Radical stretched, speed-boosting singletrack geometry"

The liked it then!

The new batch is due in a couple of weeks, but you can order now to reserve yours. There are also still a handful frames in stock ready to go, in orange/blue frames (which are also being topped up) and mercury/magenta frames (which aren't being restocked, so grab one now if you love this option).

Order your Cotic Soul today…

06/08/2018 - Ard Rock 2018

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Ard Rock


Highlights of an awesome Ard Rock 2018

Sam @ Ard Rock 2018

Will and Rich, our mechanic and marketing man, raced the Intro race on the Sunday morning. The Intro takes in stages 4, 5, 6 and 7. Here's how it went down…

After an already hectic weekend including over 1500m climbing on the demo loop alone and our bodyweight in beer on the Saturday night, we braved the Intro round on the Sunday morning. Thinking the best way to shake the pounding in our heads was to pedal a bike in the sun with your pal. Just like everything else with the event, the registration, route finding and marshalling was a breeze which made up for the fact that the stages and transitions were as tough as old boots. All of the stages started with a sprint then got steeper and faster, so we decided that Will would go ahead and I (Rich) would follow and try to keep up! I could heckle on the pedally bits and then Will could tow me along when it got fast. This seemed like the best plan and long story short, it worked! Every stage was 100% blind - we hadn’t even ridden them last year so we were completely wet behind the ears, (though that was probably sweat). We only caught up a couple of people. Will drank from a stream and didn’t die of dysentery. I cleaned the steepest hill up I’ve ever ridden - had steps cut in and everything. We spent the day with Jack from Hunt wheels who was awesome company & one of the soundest guys you’re likely to meet. We had a much needed coffee and flapjack from Boost Coffee Co who were parked at the bottom of stage 5. There were zero crashes but many close calls. Contrary to suggestion, you most definitely CAN’T pull up off every lip on stage 6. Flat pedals win medals and it turns out, you’d be faster on a hardtail: Will won.

Will Swinden Ard Rock 2018

The rest of the weekend was just as enjoyable - so many friends, many demo laps on our phenomenal bikes, so much lovely beer from Abbeydale Brewery, sun, smiles, the Foo Fighters tribute was rowdy, the food was unbelievable, the mood was high and as John Fife said, we had the needle bending on the stoke-o-meter! Ard Rock is without a doubt the bike festival that sets the bar (very high). Thanks to everyone who made it possible and so much fun. See you next year for sure.

Cotic Owners Ride

The owner's ride out was a great success. A great bunch of people out riding with the Cotic crew, including our team rider Chay and ambassador Dave and Downtime Podcast Chris. Lovely to get out riding with so many Cotics out on the hill, beautiful light and good vibes.

Paul Dexter Ard Rock 2018

After squeezing in an entry to the Intro race last year and breaking his racing retirement, Cotic's Paul was eager to race again this year. This year he entered the Sprint race which takes in the stages that the Intro doesn't, so now he's done them all! He absolutely loved it and got a great result. No doubt he'll be racing again next year.

Melody Fife Ard Rock 2018

The fastest girl around Mel Fife did it again. What a race! She's on the top spot yet again, proving that you really are faster on a Rocket. Huge congrats to her, we're so pleased for her.

Ard Rock 2018Ard Rock 2018Ard Rock 2018Ard Rock 2018

Thanks again to the organisers, marshalls, demo riders, Cotic owners, ambassadors and people that came over to say hi at the stand. What a great weekend, we enjoyed every second. See you at Ard Rock 2019.

Wes Fife Ard Rock 2018

Take a look at the Rocket that gets you on the top spot…

Need your own Ard Rock winning hardtail?…

01/08/2018 - Badgers And Backroads

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Badgers and Backroads

Escapde owner Chris takes his bike to Scotland and rides the Badger Divide with his friend Tom

The Badger Divide is a 200 mile route from Inverness to Glasgow, following well established paths, trails and gravel roads, with a minimal amount of tarmac. Apparently, (over-)enthusiatic riders may wish to attempt the ride in two days or less. Tom and I approached it with a much gentler attitude, took our time, and stayed at a few hostels on the way to Lochearnhead, at which point we gave Glasgow the swerve, and headed east to Tom’s house at the foot of the Ochils…

Badgers and Backroads

Day 1 - Masters of Endurance and Exertion (at least that’s what the sign said)

Up from Inverness, through sunshine yellow gorse bushes we wound our way, legs feeling suddenly apprehensive! We undulated along the ridge, a gently snaking ribbon of single track taking us through the trees and open moorland. A little path promised a café and cake. Lots of cake. And probably more coffee than was wise.

Rolling through the woods again, an absolute hoot of a descent brought us to Drumnadrochit. Here we paid the price for that downhill, as we encountered one of the most profanely named sections of the route. At this point, the heavens opened, so condensing our suffering into the same timeframe. At the top, the sun reappeared, and we celebrated with a wee dram. Another stretch of trail followed, but after this, we decided time was against us and we’d forego the remaining off-road section in favour of a quick spin along the main road. Our ride didn’t feel any the worse for the detour, with Loch Ness illuminated by golden evening light.

We reached our hostel as the light faded, along with all food service in Fort Augustus, so we consoled ourselves with a couple of beers before some rather the worse for wear pork pies and a late night mapping session.

Badgers and Backroads

Day 2 – How to feel small and insignificant

A couple of breakfast rolls from the local butcher were washed down with large teas, and we set off. And up. And up, and up, and up. The gentle start to today was to be the Corrieyairack Pass, General Wade's military road. Almost the site of a major battle, the Scottish forces camped at the top, forcing the approaching Government commander to retreat, his senior officers telling him to “Leave it, they’re not worth it! Let’s go and get a kebab…”

Up we went, over gravel and rocks, through fords, up, up, up… It got steeper. Rougher. Colder and windier. I found myself alternating between grovelling at the pedals, resting, and shouting motivation at myself. We reached a cloud-shrouded summit, and relished the prospect of a well-earned downhill. But Bloomin’ Nora! This descent needed to be worked for too! Rocks the size of jacket potatoes, vertiginous drainage bars, wheel-swallowing ruts, and even having to pedal downhill against the wind (a meteorological affront)! Eventually the rocks subsided, and we tackled the remaining drainage bars to reach Melgarve Bothy. Bothies can be lifesavers, and while it would be melodramatic to say this was one of those times, a moment of shelter and the opportunity to dry out in front of a fire was a godsend. Hot coffees were slurped, couscous was wolfed down. A toast raised to the conquerors of the pass!

Renewed, reinvigorated, and distinctly drier and warmer, we set off on a smoother road, startling a herd of red deer. Further on, we repeated the trick on some fallow deer, before continuing on our way to Loch Laggan. After this, the path turned upwards again, and we slogged into a brutal headwind past Lochan na Hearba. From here on in, the wind would not abate. Through woods and into Strath Ossian. The hills here among the biggest of the trip, their summits towering half a kilometre above us. This section was humbling stuff, a reminder that this is big country and you really can’t take it for granted. Corrour shooting lodge (almost certainly a Bond villain’s lair) appeared, and the end was in reach. Mist covered Loch Ossian, but slowly shapes became distinct; trees, a hut, the hostel! We must have looked like death when we arrived. We checked in, gave up on any ideas of dressing for dinner, and scooted up to Corrour Station for our dinner. The last mile was covered at a much more sprightly and happy pace in the knowledge that warmth and beer awaited. The first one barely touched the sides, and we wolfed down immense portions of local venison before heading back to the youth hostel. Hot showers, dry clothes, and a nightcap ensured a good night’s sleep, despite the snores of one of our fellow sleepers.

Badgers and Backroads

Day 3 – Twice with chips

A gentle start to the morning; Tom fixed porridge, I brewed coffee and we enjoyed the stillness of the loch. Bikes were repacked, and we headed upwards again, into the low cloud. Eventually, the track levelled out a bit, and as it headed downwards, the sun threatened to break through. A brief spin along the road to Bridge of Gaur, then off-road again, across the moors and into Rannoch Forest where we paused for lunch (more couscous), and rehydration (more whisky).

We continued south along the old Kirk Road, which turned into yet another grinning-from-ear-to-ear descent, only interrupted when we stopped to chat to another biker heading north, and asked where he was headed. “Cape Wrath!” came the reply. Blimey. This brought us to Glen Lyon, which proclaims itself the longest, loneliest and loveliest glen in Scotland. I’ve not visited enough glens to confirm the superlatives, but it’s surely up there. Having seen the hills to our south, I harboured a certain degree of apprehension as to our route to dinner, but as we gradually made our way to the head of the glen, we gained enough altitude to make the final ascent rather better than I’d anticipated.

Down the other side, and along the road into Killin. Here, we tucked into fresh fish and chips, served from a somewhat dilapidated caravan; top chips nonetheless. From here, over the picture postcard Falls of Dochart and up the last ascent of the day, a strenuous yet satisfying wooded single track, before fire road and then dismantled railway dropped us down into Lochearnhead.

Badgers and Backroads<

Day 4 – Badgers and back roads

This was the morning we bid farewell to the Badger Divide, opting instead to head east towards Chez Tom. But first, breakfast! The bunkhouse hobs were covered with frying pans, filled with bacon, sausages, and Lorne slice. Heaven. Except this sumptuous spread belonged to the other guests, and we were on porridge again. Balls.

Back on the road, and a gently undulating road along the south side of Loch Earn. Beautiful woodland gave way to myriad campers, making the most of Scotland’s open approach to land access, followed by a “leisure park”, chock-full of static caravans. After so long in the wild, this stuck in my throat rather, but each to their own I guess… Second breakfast was sourced at St Fillan’s café, bacon rolls making up for our earlier torture at the bunkhouse. We meandered down the River Earn, then back onto tarmac for the last stretch of flat before the final push over the Ochils. We found ourselves headed up a delightful little wooded glen and out onto the open moors. Here, the path disappeared and we pushed over the ridgeline, direction finding reduced to educated guessing. Eventually a path materialised, then a gate, and then a rather entertaining slither down the hill and nearly through a gorse bush. The final turn took us onto a familiar trail, where we hit all the kickers, hopped rocks and a dead sheep, and rolled into Tom’s driveway, exhilarated, happy and spent.

Badgers and Backroads

Well done to Chris & Tom for completing the epic ride!

The Escapade…

23/07/2018 - Kelly's Bikepacking Adventure

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Kelly takes the Escapade bikepacking in Scotland

Our ambassador Kelly has been exploring Scotland, ticks, midges and all. She left her Rocket at home and took the Escapade instead. She tells us about it here.

When asked if I was free to join a bikepacking trip in Scotland with Komoot and Cyclist mag, I practically jumped at the opportunity. Having got the taste for bike packing earlier in the year I was super keen to head out again on another adventure. This time with actual camping on the agenda, so no fancy air B&B for me. Fiola had planned our ride on Komoot which was a gravel ride, so the kind folk at Cotic loaned me their adventure bike for the trip, the Escapade, which has drop bars (YIKESSSS). Tyres wise I ran WTB resolute- they are cracking tyres and WTB aren’t wrong when they call them their ‘set-it-and-forget-it tire that keeps on keepin’ on ‘. My trusted and tested WTB women’s Koda pro saddle and Burgtec flat pedals. I didn’t fancy clipping in with all the weight I’d have on the bike (visions of me falling down some mountain side bike and bags attached, no thanks).

Bike setup sorted, now for packing. I’d asked my good friends Hannah and Nicole for advice on what I should take as they’ve both been on far greater bikepacking missions than me, and it’s also good to get others tips incase you’ve forgotten something super important, like underwear (thanks Hannah).

Kelly Scotland Bikepacking

I have my brilliant Polaris bags to load up with all my kit, with an extra edition to the bag squad from Cotic, their new waterproof frame bag. So bike and bags sorted, all that’s next was the camping essentials. I have a small, very lightweight Outdoor Gear “backpacker 1’ tent, weighing in a just 1.3kg and also a super lightweight Forclaz sleeping bag that packs up super small and is 985g along with a Forclaz air matt weighing 500g. All of these I took out of their original bags and distributed them between my handlebar bag and seat post bag. Polaris’s handlebar bag is waterproof, so I put my sleeping bag, down jacket and spare clothing in there and the tent got stuffed into the seat post bag.

Then everything else including the kitchen sink… I compiled a list:

  • Stove
  • Mytimug
  • Gas
  • Lighter
  • Food-dehydrated meals (firepot outdoor food)
  • Water bottles x4
  • Cutlery
  • Torch
  • Warm jacket
  • Change of socks
  • Leggings
  • First aid kit
  • All the bike tools
  • Spare tubes JIC
  • Riding snacks
  • Spare Polaris straps
  • Battery pack and cable
  • Toiletries (Lush soap bars for the win)
  • Money
  • Oh and UNDERWEAR
  • All of this I squeezed into the seat post bag and my frame bag. As I mentioned before, Cotic have a new frame bag, and it’s flippin’ good. Due to it being waterproof, spacious and easily accessible I put all my electrical items, some snacks and my waterproof in this bag.

    Kelly Scotland Bikepacking

    Now that took a lot of effort to figure out with plenty of unpacking and packing, juggling and umming and ahhing about what I ACTUALLY needed to take, like hair curlers- there just wasn’t the space.

    All packed up I headed out for a nice drive up to Fort Augustus to meet the other riders, Fiola, George and Joe. Once we all arrived we sat and looked at the tour that was planned on Komoot and got a good nights kip before our adventure began.

    Kelly Scotland Bikepacking

    We woke up to classic Scottish weather, rain. Had breakfast, grabbed our bikes, admired the Fort Augustus canal locks and then we were off! GRAVEL RIDING? what exactly is that then? I certainly felt like I had the right bike for the job, but after a good million miles of canal path and road I can’t remember meeting the gravel.

    Scottish highlands are unpredictable and super harsh at times, so the first days riding took us all along some amazing lakes and then up a few incredible mountains.

    Kelly Scotland Bikepacking

    Mountain paths that were unrideable and nearly unwalkable at times, lugging my bike up them with bags in tow was a struggle to say the least, but the sweet feeling of success when I reached the summit made the pain train super worth it!

    On the descents the bags all remained very much attached to my bike as I hung on for dear life on the drops riding down the rockiest ‘gravel paths’ I’d ever seen!

    Kelly Scotland Bikepacking

    After a good 80k we arrived in a beautiful hamlet called Arnisdale, all pretty tired and hungry we set up camp for the night.

    This was my favourite bit of the trip. I’d packed THE best food and was cosy and content in my dry clothes. Tent up and fire lit we sat and enjoyed the sunset over the Isle of Skye before rolling into our tents for some much needed rest.

    Kelly Scotland Bikepacking

    The best nights sleep followed by a lovely coffee and bowl of porridge on the beach to set me up for the day, which luckily was a dry one!

    We made our way out of Arnisdale and stopped in a village called Glenelg to grab some more snacks, fill up our water bottles and look at the days route.

    Kelly Scotland Bikepacking

    Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you plan for a trip, some things just don’t work out! After the mega first day riding, we came to the realisation that we were going to be struggling for time to get back to Fort Augustus on these ‘gravel paths’. Fortuntely Komoot makes it super easy to re-route a trip, so that’s what we did. This meant however A LOT of road to cover.

    Kelly Scotland Bikepacking

    I don’t have much to say about this part of the trip…but what I will say is, forget the views and ‘training’ I am not a road rider and I never will be. Singing ‘Walking In Memphis’ and ‘Fall At Your Feet’ at the back of the pack was keeping me going and then some ‘Tubthumping (I get knocked down)’ ft Fiola was also a distraction from the dismay. (I only cried once). During our Scottish A-roads tour we stopped off at a nice pub, the Cluanie Inn where we enjoyed a coffee and some cake and then removing over 20+ ticks from mine and Fiola’s bodies. Already struggling on the roads the last thing I needed was some new pals trying to hitch a ride.

    AHEM, after an interesting I don’t know…80k? We finally made it to some GRAVEL ROADS, so the last 12k of our ride was pretty nice, up and through some forests with lovely views down the valley.

    We arrived back in Fort Augustus and treated ourselves to a bag of chips and a cold beverage on the edge of the locks. Although not the one we had planned, what a trip, I’m going to be busy plotting my highlights on Komoot for a while! And may I add, zero flats and zero mechanicals aboard the Escapade, what a bike. Due to the ticks I spent the last night in my car, luckily it’s an estate.

    Kelly Bikepacking in Scotland

    Read Kelly's Blog here…

    Kelly's Instagram…

    23/07/2018 - Cotic Weekend Adventures

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    Weekend Catch Up

    This weekend saw Chay's first coaching venture, Sam demoing on the dry dusty singletrack in Peaslake, Swinny being Rocketman in Le Thuile and Will Easey in 2nd place...

    Coaching day with Chay

    Last week Chay called explaining how he'd like to organise a women's coaching event. After doing bits of coaching with his girlfriend, Hannah and coaching Cotic's Hannah around the Ard Rock Enduro course last year we jumped at this opportunity to get women riders coached by Chay and out on the local trails learning different skills and techniques.

    Coaching day with Chay

    15 riders turned up, we were thrilled with the response we got for the event with so many riders interested that we had to limit the numbers! It was great to see so many women getting involved and out on the trails. Chay went through different skills including body position, track stands, berms, pumping, line choice, bike maintenance and always looking ahead!

    Coaching day with Chay

    It was so much fun, cheering each other on down the trails, watching other riders, asking questions, sessioning parts of the trail and chatting to other women riders. Huge thanks to Chay and his glamorous assistant Lee for all their time and help, it really was such a good day out.

    Coaching day with Chay

    This weekend was also a busy one for Demo man, Sam who took the demo tour to the ever popular Peaslake, Surrey. The demo saw riders new to Cotic and current owners interested in trying out the new bikes. The trails were running dusty and fast, making for some great action shots and some wide smiles.


    Congrats to Will Easey for placing 2nd at Tideworth racing this weekend!

    Will Easey 2nd Tideworth

    Check out the 2018 Rocket…

    20/07/2018 - Surviving Mega

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    Surviving Mega

    We lived. Now you can too.

    Sam & Baybutt headed to France to race the Megavalanche and survived. Here's how...

    The Megavalanche was never even on my radar but with Wes & Will peer-pressuring us into it, we couldn't really say no. Swept along in the tidal wave of stoke and craziness, we found ourselves part of the daftest bike race in the history of daft bike races. A mass start DH from 3300M down to 700m in the valley floor, with hundreds of worryingly like-minded cyclists. The video gives a good idea of what we got up to in the few days we were there. I can say with 100% conviction that it was worth the effort. Seriously one of the best events I've ever been a part of - it went from 'not even on the list to 'right at the top'. Get it booked and you'll see what makes it all so special. Baybutt

    What an experience, easily the most ridiculous thing I've ever done, mega was a brilliant mixture of type A and type B fun. I'm no racer by any stretch of the imagination, but I managed to qualify for the Challenger race, which is the second fastest group and this felt like a pretty big achievement in itself. The snow in the main race was utter carnage and I was pretty happy when I reached the end of it and my tyres hit dirt and rock. From then on it was great, I got overtaken a lot, but also had a few good overtakes myself including an inside in the woods that felt awesome! My only aims were to survive, not come last and enjoy it. Nailed all three so that's a win in my eyes. After crossing the line I thought that's it, survived and enjoyed, not doing that again. However, after a couple of days to process all the madness I can't help think I'll be back again one day for another go. Sam


    Quick tips:


    You'd be faster on a Rocket…

    16/07/2018 - A bike that friends built

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    Downtime's ride

    The bike that friends built

    Our new ambassador Chris Hall, creator of the awesome Downtime podcast, has finally got himself a Cotic and "stoked" would be an understatement. Here's his story and some details of his mega-build.

    Hall FlareMAX

    Ok, I’m British, and I’m nearly 40, so sticking with the stereotype, I’m suspicious of change! I guess that’s why I’ve not had a 29er until now. My first, and only previous experience was on a Specialized 29er hardtail hire bike, on a short ride during a trip to Australia. Plastic pedals and regular trainers meant that staying on it was pretty much the only thing on my mind!

    So it wasn’t really until my recent podcast with Cy ( that I started to wonder about giving one of these new fangled 29ers a go. So a few weeks later, I arranged to got for a ride with Cy on their demo Flare MAX, fitted with 29er wheels.

    Immediately, sitting stationary on the bike, things felt very different. The front wheel looked huge, and a long way away... but we got the suspension dialled in, and headed for the hills. Once I was moving along, it felt much more like a bike, and not that strange at all. By the time we had done 30 minutes of climbing, and got to the first downhill section, I was feeling pretty at home. So much so that I mashed on the pedals and hit the first proper section of the ride at warp speed, launched into some rocks, and immediately got caught out by a little less rebound damping than I’m used to, and blew a foot off the pedals (I ride flats). All was well though, and with an extra click of high speed rebound damping, we headed on to Jumbles Road. This trail is fast, full of loose fist sized rocks, and it’s going to hurt if you come off, to put it simply, it’s not my kind of trail. However, the Flare MAX took it all in it’s stride, and felt stable, planted and controlled. It’s the closest I’ve ever managed to stay to Cy down that trail, and I’m sure the fastest I’ve ever ridden it, but it felt 100% safe and in control.

    Hall FlareMAX

    We finished up the ride with a descent down a very wet and water damaged trail called Devil’s Elbow. It’s a little steeper in places, with lots of line choice and plenty of slippery rocks and roots to catch you out. Definitely more technical than Jumbles Road, and requires a good eye for the right line along with a good dose of riding skill. Cy is insanely quick on this trail, and staying anywhere near him was not happening. So that left me and the Flare MAX for some quality time together. The bigger wheels made rolling over the rough stuff a bit easier, and the relatively slack head angle and long front centre meant that you never felt like you were going to go out the front door. I’m fairly sure the bike let me get away with a couple of moments that I wouldn’t normally have survived, so by the time I got to the bottom, I had a big grin on my face and was working out how I could build myself one.

    downtime's bike

    Thanks to some amazing people, I’ve managed to put together a really special build. So I owe a massive thank you to Cy for the frame, groupset and post, We Are One Composites for some very special carbon wheels, Jordi at Fox for the shock and forks, Hope for the brakes, headset and seat clamp, Burgtec for bars, stem and pedal, Mudhugger for a nice matching mudguard, WTB for the saddle, Maxxis for the tyres, and Ard from Kogel for a pretty special ceramic bottom bracket and Jockey wheels. I am a very lucky boy!

    So I’ve had the bike a couple of weeks now, and a lot of you have been asking how I’m getting on with it. Let’s just say, I’m very happy! To start out with I’ve kept set up simple. I’ve dialled in sag, and put the high speed rebound settings at the point Fox recommends for those pressures. Low speed compression is currently set in the middle of the range. I’ve also added an extra token into the fork (standard is 3, I have 4) as I like the fork to ramp up a fair bit. With so many changes from my last bike (wheel size, travel, geometry etc), I wanted to get used to all of that first before I really start to do any significant tuning.

    First impressions are great, considering the amount of changes I’m working with, I already feel very comfortable on the bike. The effect of the longer bikes for me makes me feel like I am ‘in’ the bike, rather than ‘on’ the bike, if that makes sense! I feel like I am more at one with it, and the length seems to naturally put my weight very centrally over the wheelbase, giving a good balanced ride and predictable grip. The ride feels lively, but composed, and I have to say that I haven’t yet found any downsides of the modern take on geometry. The larger wheels means that the bike picks up speed like nothing I’ve ever ridden, making easy work of rough bumpy straights, and it really doesn’t feel like it only has 120/130mm travel. I’d say it feels similar in travel to my Transition Patrol at 155mm when you’re pushing on, but more sprightly and light at the same time, as you’d expect from a shorter travel trail bike - a real grin inducing ride. The flip side of that is that you can end up hitting some really rough stuff very fast, and then you don’t quite have that ability to get away with things as much as you can on a longer trail bike, but I’ll take that for the increased pop and feel over 95% of the terrain that I ride.

    downtime's bike

    It feels like there is way more grip, which makes sense with the larger wheels. Cornering is definitely one of the main areas where I feel the difference in wheel size, and it’s going to take some getting used to. I’m still trying to learn to trust the level of grip that it has, and I’m sure there is a lot more speed to come as I work that out. Once I feel like I’m getting to grips with the bike, then I’ll have a go at some suspension tuning to see if there is some more performance available there. I’m keen to have a go with a Quark Shockwiz as I’ve heard good things about them, but also to follow the bracketing approach that I discussed with Jordi from Fox back in episode 7 of the podcast It already feels great, but you never know what you might find if you take a bit of time out to do some set up work! So, would I recommend a Flare MAX? The easy and short answer is YES. If you’re looking for something that’s fun to ride, playful and lively on the trails, but able to keep pace with a 160mm travel enduro bike on all but the roughest of trails, then look no further. It’s also a beast on technical climbs, allowing me to get up trails that I’ve never cleaned before, finding grip where it doesn’t feel like it should be possible. If you’re reading this then you’ve probably already decided that you don’t need the weight weeny savings that you could find with a carbon bike (weight can be useful, check out episode 22 with Jack Reading, so you may well be trying to choose between the Flare MAX and a Rocket or Rocket MAX. If you want to race enduro, and need to be able to hit super rough terrain at max speed, then a Rocket or Rocket MAX is the bike for you. However, if you’re willing to accept that over the really rough stuff you won’t be at race pace (you’re still not going to be slow!), and riding for you is more focussed on having a great time in the hills with your mates, then the Flare MAX is the one for you. Seemingly effortless speed, confidence inspiring geometry, and a lively, playful ride. It works for me, and I can’t wait to spend more time on this amazing bike!

    If you’ve got any questions about the bike or any of the components that I’ve chosen, then feel free to drop me a message on Instagram or Facebook, I’m @downtimepodcast on both. Or drop me an email to

    Cheers, Chris

    Click the link below to listen to Chris' podcast with Cy

    Follow the Downtime Podcast…

    Jack Reading Podcast…

    Jordi Cortes…

    15/07/2018 - Tricky Moore FOD DH

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    BFe podium!

    Tricky Moore

    Rich Moore AKA Tricky has made it onto the podium again, racing his BFe at the Forest of Dean DH Summer Series Round 3. A short but rough trail so huge congrats to Tricky, we're looking forward to the next one!

    Thanks to Louise Moore for the photos.

    Tricky Moore

    Take a look at the BFe…

    10/07/2018 - Megavalanche

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    Sam, Rich, Will and Wes have been racing Megavalanche, they'll tell us all about it when they're back, but for now here's a teaser of what they've been up to.

    Getting very real now. Here’s a tease of what we’ve been up to so far. Jusque ici tour va bien. Have a relaxing Sunday on our behalf! #unsustainablyhighstoke #gritandsteel #youdbefasteronarocket

    A post shared by Cotic Bicycles (@coticbikes) on


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    06/07/2018 - Cotic bike set up with Chay

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    Bike Set up with Chay

    Chay Cotic

    Team rider Chay talks his through his 2018 Rocket set up, if you're after some tips about set up, or curious what the team ride and the set up they run this is the video to watch. As Chay says, he's a big lad that likes to crack on. Grab a brew.

    26/06/2018 - Malverns Classic 2018

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    Malverns 2018

    Malverns 2018

    Baybutt gives us the roundup of the Malverns Classic 2018: Malverns! Who remembers it from the first time round? The glossy pages of MBUK filled with fishing hats and sunshine are my only references, but when we heard that dual was back on the menu for 2018, we couldn’t not go.

    Arriving on the Thursday with Camus & Sam, we got the stand set up, pitched my tent under dog-crap tree and went to see who else was here.

    Malverns 2018

    Friday brought the start of the show officially. We spent the day setting up people on demo bikes and sending them off round the racetracks. As there were no big features on the courses, when the tracks weren’t being used for racing, they were all open to the public. 99% was dry grass but it turned out there was a mega-bog at the bottom of stage 1 - which confused us when bikes were brought back loppy! Dual practice & quali opened but I only managed 3 practice laps before qualis. An afternoon session would have been nice (or some extra skills) and I might not have thrown away my run on a flat corner. Racing isn’t for me. Luckily Sam knew how to help and put a beer in my hand before even asking me how it went. Top lad. Luckily Camus & Easey made it into the proper race and did us proud. Easey also fell in his run against the Malverns Legend that is Dave Hemming but smoked him in the second race. Not by enough to go through but he’d have deffo made it a few rounds further if he’d stayed upright.

    Malverns 2018Malverns 2018Malverns 2018Malverns 2018

    Saturday morning we fitted a mud spike (WTB Warden) to Camus’ BFe and he sent it to 2nd in the Enduro. Big stoke. The day consisted of more demos, more wheelies, more beers. Me, Sam & Mel even managed to get off the stand for a spin up the hill which was lovely till Mel fell in the aforementioned bog.

    Malverns 2018Malverns 2018

    After the 4x (WILD btw) we grabbed the Development squad and headed back up to the jump for an impromptu photo session. The sight of those two bossing the gap inspired a raft of other kids who wanted a go and very soon the hill was alive again with whoops & cheers as everyone got into the swing of things. I love working with these two - people like this bring the stoke and the rest is easy.

    Malverns 2018Malverns 2018

    Sunday saw a hungover Camus wrestle with finding 5 seconds in the downhill after his first run. Luckily Jordan of BikeTrack fame was on hand for some last minute coaching and pep talks. Somehow the fog lifted and Dave brought it home to 2nd in hardtail class. Wes got a 3rd in his class and Will stood on the top step in his. Unreal results.

    Malverns 2018

    If you were one of the many many people who stopped by the stand for a chat, sticker or a demo then I hope you had as good a time as we did. It’s nice to see the old spirit is still there after 20 years.

    22/06/2018 - New BLUE/BLACK Long Sleeve Jerseys

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    Long sleeve jersey - new colour!

    blue COTIC jerseyblue COTIC jerseyblue COTIC jersey


    As we seem to winning at blue on the frames this year, we thought we would add a matching blue jersey colour option. Matchy matchy!

    We still have stock of the other three colours as well... but some sizes are sold out, or running low... act fast if you want one.

    grey COTIC jerseyorange COTIC jerseygreen COTIC jersey




    Click here to see all our merch and clothing…

    07/06/2018 - Guy Kes TV Rocket Review

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    Guy Kesteven has done one of his inimitable Guy Kes TV reviews of the new Rocket Longshot. He 'quite' liked it. Give a watch and make sure you subscribe. He's proper fun.

    Read more about the Rocket Longshot…

    Order the new Rocket…

    07/06/2018 - Team Update

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    Many more evenings like this please.. stunning laps in the Peak District at the moment : #thegrindofaparttimesemipro @coticbikes #coticbikes #unsustainablyhighstoke #gritandsteel @canecreekusa #canecreek #HELMyeah @wildernesstrailbikes #wildernesstrailbikes #ridewtb @burgtec #burgtec #flatpedalthunder @ridejoystick #ridejoystick @polarisbikewear #polarisbikewear #rideoftenridefar @biketrack1 #biketrack @wildtrailsnacks #wildtrail @kingudproducts #kingud #keepitclean @hktproducts #hktproducts #hktmovement @allmountainstyle #allmountainstyle @peatysproducts #peatysproducts

    A post shared by James Swinden (swinny) (@jpswinny) on

    Our amazing team riders Chay and Swinny are enjoying the dusty trails and race prepping. Here's a life update from Swinny...

    To say it's June already is pretty crazy! The year has flown by for good and bad reasons.

    In mid March, a week after my 31st Birthday I fell into an illness that lasted a good couple of months. A combination of things caused this sudden illness, resulting in a drop in health... I won't bore you with the details! But in this time I lost a good 7kgs in body weights and was generally run down, and this is usually the time of year where I'm racking up the kilometers up on the bike. Whether that's road, hardtail or full bouncer it's the time of year I really enjoy getting out on the bike as the daylight hours improve, and it proves so beneficial to get out now to get an amazing summer's riding. Usually, as the weather improves, so does the riding fitness. Not this year, though.

    I missed the first race of the year, Vallelujah. I had no energy or drive to get back on the bike. My workplace have been incredibly supportive throughout the whole saga and I can't thank them enough for helping me through it all. Enough of the sob story, let's move on...

    I've started up my YouTube channel again, search for James Swinden! Hit follow. I'll be trying to keep an online diary of my year as it unfolds. Unfortunately I lost my camera at Steel City DH! No one was kind enough to hand it in so whoever has it, karma will get you! Clearly mine with the content on it.

    It's aiming to be another shameless vlog. I enjoy watching vlogs, I get hooked! (Watch Will Smith's, it's great). As I lost my camera, I've been unable to finish off a few of these, however, there are a few coming so stay tuned as there's stuff like a return to DH Racing and carrying a big ass log in the snow up a hill.

    Swinny's 2018 Rocket

    So what else is new... I've joined a gym for the first time in my life... After illness and realising I needed to get back to fitness and build my strength back up, I joined a lad from work who mentioned there's this gym around the corner from work when I fancy a quick workout. There's some big buggers there so it's exciting to train. I'm usually reluctant to train with others, but I'm enjoying this.

    So, I minced around the gym for a bit, trying out the machines and free weights then got chatting to the owner, Jon Clark, who I instantly clicked with. We chatted bikes and training and he put together a program for me. I'm now a proud member of Evolution Gym in Halfway, Sheffield. Cheers Jon!

    As I said earlier, racking up the KMs are important this time of year as there's a huge number of races coming up. Nationals up at Tweedlove, EWS in Italy and all the others in between. Not really wanting to pedal isn't ideal training conditions, but with the sun shining it's been easier to get back into the swing of things. Plus the dog needs to stretch his legs too!

    swinny at Boltby

    Cane Creek are supporting the team with suspension this year, so I've spent a bit of time getting to know how it works and understanding it. I've never been a fan of air shocks for some reason, but thankfully Cane Creeks Air IL has been a breath of fresh air. Supple yet supportive, it's been so easy to set up using Cane Creek's Dialled app. A series of simple questions, answered by your own feel on the trail ten a suggestion on what corrections to make...simple but proved very effective.

    I've been toying between the Air Inline and the Coil Inline and love both for different reasons. I think depending on the trail I could tailor each shock to suit, but I would be happy to run either regardless of the terrain. So a huge thanks to Cane Creek for their support this year! Really enjoying using your suspension.

    A huge thanks to our continued support from our sponsors, it's so important to us. Cheers to all, here's to a great year getting fitter, riding and racing.

    Dog was like : stop dickin about and come on. #cliff #dogwalking #lab #labradorretriever #labsofinstagram @coticbikes #everyoneelse #hashtag #fridaynight 📷 @han88nah

    A post shared by Moose (@chaymoose) on

    Check out the 2018 Rocket…

    Swinny's YouTube channel …

    06/06/2018 - New T-shirts

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    New summer t-shirts are here!

    blue tshirtblue tshirtgrey tshirtgrey tshirt



    Time to chill in style... grab a tee!

    As well as these fantastic new t-shirts, we also have jerseys, socks, and more clothing in stock... pop over to the merch page to see these, and all our other useful and decorative goodies (XL mudguards, map art prints and posters etc).

    Click here to see all our merch and clothing…

    04/06/2018 - Off Road CC Test Rocket

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    Rachael's Rocket

    "We took a very first look at the new Cotic Rocket back in February 2018 and right away we knew we had to get one in for test. Its longer and slacker than previous iterations, sporting Cotic's Longshot Geometry and a suitable low seat tube height too. Our Rachael thought it'd be an ideal long-termer, allowing her to get the reach she'd like without a lofty seat tube. We introduced the bike a couple of weeks ago when Rachael covered it in Invisiframe prior to building.

    Longshot geometry Cotic says "brings a new balance, speed and capability to the Rocket". Frames have been made longer to be matched with a short stem (30mm-50mm) which combined with a slacker head angle should create a stable bike that's a hoot when things get steep and rough. It's nice to see 437mm chainstays in play too helping balance out the front to rear weight balance as the frame gets longer..."

    To read more follow the link below.

    Read more about Off Road CC's Test Rocket here…

    30/05/2018 - Cy's Wise Words

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    Cy's Wise Words

    Cy speaks to Wide Open for their Wise Words interview.

    "This week’s Wise Words is the mastermind behind British steel phenomenon, Cotic Bikes, Mr. Cy Turner.

    Cy Turner is the man who’s created a brand that bleeds Sheffield and sweats British in it’s own unique way. Cotic have shown their longevity through keeping a lineage, being true to their values and getting involved in a very active local scene. It’s no mean feat keeping a legion of fans for over a decade, and it’s mostly thanks to Cy’s work."

    Grab a cuppa and have a read of the interview, the link is below.

    Cotic Sheffield owners ride

    Read Cy's interview here…

    29/05/2018 - BoltbyBashEnduro

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    Boltby Bash

    A post shared by Moose (@chaymoose) on

    What a weekend at the Boltby Bash Enduro! Cy, Chay, Swinny and Wes headed over to race at the Boltby Bash. Great friends, loads of riding, the sun shone and the trails delivered.

    Once again Cotic dominated the podiums! Swinny got 2nd place in masters and Wes got 2nd in his category. Chay was top of the podium in 1st, a brilliant result and we're so pleased. What a great weekend.

    Ruddy good weekend with mates @boltbybashenduro

    A post shared by Moose (@chaymoose) on

    swinny at Boltby

    Get your Enduro winning Rocket here…

    Demo a Cotic…

    29/05/2018 - Tricky Moore 1st on his BFe

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    Moore 1st place

    Hardtail rider Richard (AKA 'Tricky') Moore raced at the MIJ Conquer the Cliff DH race in Aberystwyth this weekend. He and his BFe got onto the top spot again for the second time in a row.

    He's loving his BFe and is so impressed with its stability, grip and speed.

    Well done to Tricky, looking forward to seeing more from him over his upcoming races. Next stop, Malverns!

    Moore 1st place

    Speaking of the Malverns, we'll be heading there with our demo fleet. It's set to be an amazing weekend full of demos, racing of all levels, camping, live music and a retail village. It's set to be the Glastonbury of mountain biking!

    Malverns Classic

    Check out the BFe…

    Get your ticket to the MTB Glasto here…

    21/05/2018 - Singletrack first look: SolarisMAX

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    Cy shows Chipps the new SolarisMAX

    Chipps on a Cosmic Black SolarisMAX

    On Friday, Singletrack published their useful first impressions of our brand new SolarisMAX... including a nice chatty video with Cy...

    Go and watch the video on the Singletrack website…

    Check out the updated SolarisMAX product page…

    18/05/2018 - eeWings have landed

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    Just look at them!!

    click the photos to view them bigger

    Yes, we're now offering Cane Creek's bonkers, and instantly desirable, Ti cranks with our bikes, as a custom upgrade. You can add them to any Gold XT or Platinum build using our custom order forms (or configurator, as Cy likes to call our system for checking out, or ordering your dream Cotic bike build). If you'd like to add them to one of our other builds, get all your pennies ready, and then contact us.

    Hang on, what's that bike...??!!!


    Play with our order forms to see all our build options…

    Contact us to find out more about getting your bike with eeWings…

    Have a better look at the bike…

    08/05/2018 - Steel City Downhill 2018

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    Will Easey SCDH18

    Cy Writes....

    Steel City DH 2018 was as awesome as the previous 7 editions, if not more so given how belting the weather was. Sam and I were up bright(ish) and early and on site at 7.15am for stand setup. Even at that hour the sun was warm and the track looked mint. Wasn't long before the team caught up with us after track walks, and then to practice. At this point I'll hand you over to Chay for his thoughts on the day. He had a tough time feeling ill and racing in Pros, and absolutely smashed it considering how he was feeling. Take it away Chay....

    So as part of the season racing for Cotic we do a one off event called Steel City down hill. Its been run for 8 yrs now and and I think I've done 4 or 5 of them now.

    Its nick name is The Biggest Little Race In The World, as for one day every may Greno Wood in Sheffield has a atmosphere to rival Fort William World Cup.

    It's run by a group of mates called Ride Sheffield and it raises money for trail building in the region. Henry Norman, Nick Hamilton and Steve Hardcastle are the main men. Amazing work chaps. You're an inspiration.

    Its set in the woods just across from Steve Peat's house and every year he amazes us all keeps the kids at bay and seems to pull a win outta the bag, at 43 as we both are now. The gang of world class down hill riders, the spectators, and everyone else who took part all stand in awe as he seems to have that little extra to give.

    At just over a minute long its a very intense run and you have to produce your own piece of perfection to get a good result. A few years ago I won the master class so was bumped up to Pros. That gives me a mixed feeling. One the one hand, it's an honour to be chosen to ride against the full time riders and the rest of the class who are all very talented, but on the flipside, I race with a knowledge I’m probably never going to get on a step at the end. I did come close one a couple if years back with a 4th though.

    This year the race date fell on the anniversary of the passing of my mum and I’m pretty sure she gave me a helpful push where needed. Thanks Mum.

    The race weekend started for me on Friday afternoon. I decided that needing to know every bump of the newly surfaced and slightly changed track meant a trip to walk it, memorise what I could and just get the pumps and jumps in the right order. Word obviously went round that I'd been, as I had a fair ribbing off an ex-World Champion downhiller about sussing it out. The way I see it is I've nothing to loose and all to gain. I'm a 43 year old joiner, but when they get paid to ride bikes they should easy beat me!! After all I'm old enough to be most of 'em's Dad; him included!!

    Race day arrives. I wake up feeling like death as a good dose if cold takes hold if me. I feel horrible but a job has to be done. My bike is bolt checked, tyres are changed to suit the fast conditions and all is good. Praccy gets under way and the big double at the bottom of the track which caused lots of conversation was soon tamed. For me it was actually really easy as long as you carried the correct speed through the previous corners. (Note - this does not in the least bit mean it was easy. No one outside the race team at Cotic would dare hit it!!) A much needed lie down is needed as I feel even worse with sweat and snot oozing out. After a bit of sitting down and resting, race time soon comes around. We're off!

    Well I made a right balls of coming down the start ramp being in no where near the right gear. Nearly hit a tree changed up some and gave it the beans. The rest of the run went well but I knew if dropped a couple of seconds on that start. Result after 1st run 10th. Now the secret goal was to get top 10 and prove I had the speed to podium in at least the Vets, if not more of the classes.

    SCDH 2018

    Roll on 3 hrs later which seemed to fly by and it's race run 2. This is seeded off 1st runs, so I'm 10th from last with Sam Dale behind me (World Cup downhiller). I suppose this should phase me, but as I see it he shouldn’t let little old me anywhere near him. 2nd run I have to say I nailed it. Can't pick fault with it: I went a second quicker. The crowd was amazing they roared and cheered all the way down. I'm sure that gives you that extra bit of speed. The noise is intense! It was the best I could have done. Final standing are I'm 11th in the Pros and 14th overall from 272 finishers.

    My time would have won the Vets by over 2 seconds, won Masters, podium in Senior and in all the other categories. Chuffed should be my mood, but why after a amazing day am I disappointed? Is it the fact i didn’t stand on that podium? As a racer, it's what we all chase. Is it that the Vets winner takes home a set of new wheels, but due to earning the right to be called a Pro i get nothing despite going faster than him? I do this to represent Cotic at races and get them advertising. Is 11th good advertising?!! It feels not when Swinny, Will, Wes, and Dave all smash amazing results in there respective classes. Why doesn't it feel good?

    Maybe its the cold making me feel grotty!

    I don’t know but sitting here with a few hours reflection, the final numbers seems unimportant today because two separate thing happened at the end:

    Firstly, two old mates came to me separately and were full of admiration for how fast I went past them. They were both buzzing with excitement for me and compared me to some if the best riders in the world.

    And the other was this:

    Uncle Chay

    My God Son want me to sign his shirt. He’d been round the pop stars and got all their autographs but i got the honour of writing "Uncle Chay". And I think that's worth a damn sight more than any medal/prize or podium.

    Cheers Thomas. You made my day.

    Till next year.....


    Well to answer Chay's question, 11th is fine advertising when it prompts features like this! We are all incredibly proud of our guys in orange and blue: every one of them. The marshall's at the big new gap (which did cause some mayhem!) told me "Every time I saw a blue and orange jersey, I knew I could relax for 10 seconds because they would be fine over the jump!". The rest of the guys did brilliantly as well. Swinny came 5th in Pros - just off the podium this time in a stacked field, and he was feeling ill too! Will came 3rd in Junior, Wes for 6th despite also feeling grotty. Gaz from A Line rallied his brand new Rocket to 4th in Masters despite a crash! As much as all of those results were mega, hats off how-the-hell-did-he-do-that run of the day for us for Brand Ambassador Dave Camus. 3rd in Senior....ON. HIS. BFe!.

    Awesome event, awesome riders, awesome crowd, awesome people.

    Demo A Rocket…

    You'd be faster on a Rocket…

    Or possibly faster on a BFe…

    30/04/2018 - New Rockets Everywhere

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    Will Easey's 'Big Blue' RocketWill Easey's 'Big Blue' Rocket Will Easey's 'Big Blue' RocketWill Easey's 'Big Blue' Rocket

    Will Easey's 'Big Blue' Rocket 2018

    Check out his new Rocket trailer below, full video coming soon...

    Demo A Rocket…

    You'd be faster on a Rocket…

    27/04/2018 - FlareMAX - A Mountain Bike

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    FlareMAX on Snowdon

    Baybutt & Jake Monk took a pair of Flare MAXs up Snowdon during our recent heatwave, just before the bike curfew on the mountain. Big wheels, tough tyres, zero punctures, perfect views, epic wind, no people and a beer at the top. It was like a dream. Book your test ride today and see what the big-wheeled fuss is all about.

    FlareMAX on Snowdon
    FlareMAX on Snowdon
    FlareMAX on Snowdon

    Learn more about the radical new FlareMAX…

    Order your FlareMAX today…

    Demo a FlareMAX…

    24/04/2018 - Tricky Moore on the top spot

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    Tricky Moore

    Hardtail hooligan Tricky Moore has got his brand new BFe frame built up and raced it at the MIJ Downhill Round 1 race at the weekend and got the top spot on the podium in the hardtail category. Well done Tricky!

    Tricky Moore
    Tricky Moore's BFe

    MIJ Racing …

    Roots & Rain Results & Photos…

    24/04/2018 - SPRING PARTY 2018

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    Spring Party 2018

    Saturday 21st April saw our Spring Party, a chance for Cotic owners to get together with us at our HQ for some food, coffee, beer and a ride on our local trails. This year the weather gods were kind to us and the sun shone all day.

    Spring Party 2018

    We had three group rides in the morning which were fully booked, then another group demo ride in the afternoon, followed by smaller groups of a mixture of demo riders and Cotic owners. It was a good chance for demo riders to see our demo fleet, ride with us, meet Cotic owners and hang out at our HQ in the sunshine! For us it's fantastic to meet Cotic owners and chat with them about their bike and go for a ride on our local trails.

    Spring Party 2018

    We had old frames on display for people to see an chat to us about, including a first batch pink Soul. We also had Cy's original Soul on display for people to see and ride!

    Spring Party 2018

    It was great to have our friends Forge Coffee, Polaris Bikewear and Kingud there with us for the party. Polaris had some great sale items there, ahead of their big sale coming soon. Kingud kept the demo bikes looking good, and even washed some customer's bikes!

    Spring Party 2018Spring Party 2018Spring Party 2018

    Hopefully see you at the next owner's ride!

    Spring Party 2018

    Contact Sam and Hannah if you'd like to demo a Cotic…

    23/04/2018 - New Long Sleeve Jerseys

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    New jerseys!

    grey COTIC jerseygrey COTIC jerseygrey COTIC jerseygrey COTIC jersey


    orange COTIC jerseyorange COTIC jerseyorange COTIC jerseyorange COTIC jersey


    green COTIC jerseygreen COTIC jerseygreen COTIC jerseygreen COTIC jersey


    How good will you look in one of these?!?

    As well as these fantastic new long sleeve jerseys, we also have a few short sleeve jerseys left in stock... pop over to the merch page to see these, and all our other useful and decorative goodies (XL mudguards, map art prints and posters etc).

    Click here to see all our merch and clothing…

    13/04/2018 - Joystick Stem Sale

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    Sale on Joystick Stems

    Whilst stock lasts we are dropping the price on the quite lovely Joystick Binary stems in 35mm or 50mm lengths to just £25 when bought as an upgrade on a bike, and just £45 when bought in combination with a frame. If you'd just like a stem on its own at this price, give us a call on 07970 853531 and we'll get an order on for you. Just a few left. Get 'em quick!

    Order your Cotic Bike or Frame with a Joystick stem today…

    06/04/2018 - Ambassadors

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    Kelly Jayne aboard her Rocket

    Ambassador Kelly Jayne has barely been off her Rocket over winter, no weather fazes her or her little trail dog Bell. She regularly shares her adventures on her blog (link below) and on her Instagram page.

    When the drainage on the trails is holding out really well!#coticbikes #unsustainablyhighstoke #gritandsteel #rideeverything #morvelotestteam #mudhugger #canecreek #HELMyeah #wildernesstrailbikes #ridewtb #burgtec #flatpedalthunder #biketrack #wildtrail #kingud #keepitclean #peatysproducts #julboathlete #fuelledbywildtrail @coticbikes @julbo_eyewear @morvelo @wildernesstrailbikes @mudhugger2 @themudhugger @burgtec @canecreekusa

    A post shared by Kell, Bell and bikes. (@kelljmae_) on

    Dave Camus has been busy with Ride Sheffield recently, digging and keeping the local trails running sweet. He's also been busy winning Sheffield dual racing! #dualrules and raced the ND(H)uro Round 2 at Kielder Forest, finishing in 2nd place. You can follow what he's up to over on his Instagram page.

    Tough day on the hill but stage 1 was a banger, @coticbikes loving it, cheers @lewisgregoryphoto for the snap 🤘

    A post shared by Dave Camus (@davecamus) on

    Ben Gerrish's Flare Max

    I think it's fair to say Ben Gerrish is LOVING his new FlareMAX. It's been settling in nicely to its new home in the Lakes. Ben has films and races planned in the coming months. You can follow him over on his Instagram.

    Standard mountain behaviour. #Excitable 📸 @dan_lead • • #CoticBikes #GotFlare #RADMin #MadisonClothing #HopeTech #WTB #FabricCycles #AdidasTerrex #WildTrail #HDDN #LakesMTB #CaneCreek #SAXX #FreeToMove #HKTMovement #RideJoystick #TrailDog #WildfireDistro

    A post shared by Ben Gerrish (@bengerrish_) on

    Kelly's blog…

    Kelly's Instagram…

    Camus's Instagram…

    Ben's Instagram…

    26/03/2018 - Vallelujah Race Results

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    Chay Cotic

    Our team rider Chay (AKA Straighline) smashed it at Vallelujah yesterday at his first enduro race of the season and brought home 2nd place. It's the first race of the Tweed Valley Triple Crown which he'll be competing for the title of King of the Valley.

    Chay is keeping up his reputation in the Valley, every time he's raced there, he's been on the podium!

    Chay Vallelujah 2018

    "I love the Tweed events, they are ace. It's tough to sort the men from the boys and it's damn good fun... Not to mention how beautiful it is when the sun shines, like it did this weekend. The new bike is amazing, after lots of development work with Cy it's brill to see a finished product and it's really nice to ride. You'd be faster on a Rocket."

    Best of luck to Chay this season, what a great start!

    Chay's Tweed Valley Trophies


    Will Easey

    Same weekend, different podium. Congrats to our Development team rider Will Easey, 1st at the Pedalhounds Enduro at Land of Nod. He's captured some great Go Pro footage of his race runs, have a watch below.

    Vallelujah full race results…

    Enduro winning Rocket…

    23/03/2018 - SPRING PARTY

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    spring party 2018

    Contact Sam and Hannah to book your Spring Party Demo Ride…

    23/03/2018 - Rich Ski-An-Duro

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    Last weekend Rich went beyond the wall to the frozen North for a ski + bike race. Here’s his report and (*cringe) vlog…


    For some reason, when it was announced, I was tagged in the Ski-An-Duro event by more than a few of my friends! Thought I’d better take a look… Turned out to be amazing. The premise was to ski or snowboard from the top of the Nevis Range resort to the mid station. There you’d swap onto your bike and race down the DH track to the finish. Mass start mayhem. With Mega coming up in the summer this was going to be a perfect warm up for multi-bike carnage. Except the weather didn’t play ball. High winds closed the lifts so the organisers had no choice but to cancel the race the day before. I’d already booked the van, the accommodation & time so I went anyway and made the most of it. The organisers put on a ride-out anyway. I’d taken my BMX so had always planned to make a trip to Unit 23 in Dumbarton. Add to the mix the chance to borrow a 360 camera and the race had already been long forgotten. Check out the video for the whole story and have your brain fried with crazy 360 footage. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then just watch and be prepared to see riding from an entirely new perspective…

    Check out the video at the bottom of the page. Let us know what you think about these longer video edits as it’s something we’re thinking of doing more of.

    Have an excellent weekend and remember some of the best things happen when plans change unexpectedly.


    Ben Nevis (& Rich)

    Read more about the new Rocket…

    19/03/2018 - Gen1 Droplink Bikes 500 Pound Price Drop

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    Gen1 Droplink Bikes 500 Pound Price Drop

    RocketMAX full gasflare

    If you are following Cotic at the moment, you will know that we now have a bunch of revised bikes (the BFe, Soul, FlareMAX and Rocket) with new look and new geometry. As a result of this, as of today we are dropping the price of all our our gen1 droplink model lines. Yes, Flare and RocketMAX are also now priced dropped by £500 alongside the remaining clearance gen1 Rocket and FlareMAX. This is because, as you might guess, there will be a new RocketMAX and a new Flare featuring Longshot geometry, but they are not going to be available until June. We wanted to be upfront about this. Yes, there are new models coming, but no, it isn't going to be soon. We're not opening orders for the new bikes or anything, but what we are doing is giving you the opportunity to grab one of the current bikes for a massive saving. And let's face it, these are GREAT bikes. Obviously we love the new bikes, but the RocketMAX is a blazingly fast, super capable enduro and long travel trail bike, and the Flare is a lively, dancer of a bike. So much fun.

    RocketMAX in greenRocketMAX in fast red

    These great frames now start from just £899 frame only, no shock, £999 with the Cotic tuned X-Fusion O2 RCX shock, and the Silver build bike is just £2199. Get 'em quick!

    Order your 500 pound cheaper RocketMAX now…

    Order your Flare from just 899 pounds here…

    Don't forget the Rocket Gen1 is also reduced by 500 pounds…

    And the Gen1 FlareMAX is reduced to clear too…

    14/03/2018 - Howard Street Dual 2018

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    Outdoor City Weekender 2018

    Howard Street Dual

    Howard Street Dual 10/03/18

    Cy - Last Saturday saw the second running of the awesome Howard Street Dual. This is where Mates Races go legit, crawl out of the woods and onto an urban track right in the middle of Sheffield City! Bringing biking to the masses.

    This year was next level, with a stacked field, TV cameras for both the massive big screen and the web Live Feed of the race, huge sound system and a later start for the finals under floodlights.

    I raced last year and had loads of fun, but with the Race Team and the Development Squad all in town for this years' event, plus mates race regulars Baybutt and Mechanic Will wanting a shot too, I decided to man the stand and watch the action unfold. And what action there was!!

    With all the rain in the run up, the forecast wasn't brilliant, but luckily stayed mostly dry on the day. That didn't stop the grass sections and polished concrete being slick and slippery as hell! From our vantage point at the lower end of the track, the big grass sweeper was catching everyone out, with no one - not even Peaty - making it look easy.

    It was an awesome event and I had a great time watching all the Cotic riders in their brand new team tops making us look good! But I didn't take part, so I'll hand you over to the others for their take.

    Howard Street Dual 10/03/18

    Richard Baybutt - Cotic Marketing Man, Pro Photographer and Arting for Lyfe

    If the weekend wasn't shaping up to be hectic enough, I made life more difficult for myself in the run-up by making 4 huge leaderboards, hosting the development squad at my house and having both my car and motorbike off the road with no MOT's! Somehow, with literally an 11'th hour effort on the Friday night, everything got done and we could focus on a weekend of shreds.

    We hit Greno on Saturday morning, Devonshire green skateparkpark on the way to town, the Howard St dual race and then some street jibs on the ride home. Sundays itinerary was a peek at the legendary Bolehills, followed by visiting Sam at Lady Cannings (which is now closed for essential winter work) and then a solid pedal round Wharny with the Fifes, Will, Kelly Jayne, Hanna Jonsson, Dave Camus and Jake Monk. Even listing it there doesn't even scratch the surface of how much fun was had. Wes & Will are a huge credit to the team and everyone did so well at dual.

    Highlights in no particular order were having my first proper go on the new longshot Rocket, me & Sam just making incomprehensible noises about how good it is. Qualifying for the main race at Howard St and then lining up next to Ratboy on the gate. Blagging some much needed warmth, beer & food at the SHAFF industry hang-out Saturday night, dancing at the illegal rave at Lady Cannings at 11am, giving in to peer pressure and clearing the 50:01 step-up deep in Wharny woods and celebrating with a huge McDonalds after. Weekends like this make it all worthwhile, it's just a bonus then that I love the rest of the job just as much! Can't wait for the next one.

    Howard Street Dual 10/03/18

    Will Easey - Cotic Development Squad Rider

    To be completely honest, words can't actually describe this weekend as it was a constant flow of amazing events! Well, being my first time in Sheffield, it was already a great feeling. But to be riding bikes all weekend especially with incredible people around me made it that whole lot more enjoyable. Everyone was so high stoked the entire time and there was never a dull moment. Even slipping out on the last corner against Peaty didn't even frustrate me, just knowing I was that close to him made me realise my level of riding and what I am capable of, so standing up and waving off the crowd was exactly what had to happen! I will definitely have lifetime memories coming away from this weekend and I can't thank everyone at Cotic enough; Rich for providing me with a roof over my head and company from Otto, looking after me and making sure I was always smiling. Wes for being the best long distance friend I could of asked for, Nick for putting on such an INSANE event in which I am for sure hoping to come too next time, Chay & Swinny for tips and just being great people to be around, and Cy for being so supportive and stoked the entire evening! What a family of great people, couldn't ask for anything more. I will never forget the moment I was pushing back up after my first run with Steve Peat, walking past the stands and Cy joined eyes with me and said "Dude, you're racing Steve Peat!!" That made it real.

    easey peat

    Swinny "Rocketman" Swinden - Cotic Race Team, Reigning PMBA Champion

    What a fascinating experience! I missed last years race because it clashed with an enduro, so to be able to to ride and race through the middle of Sheffield, with a stacked field of talented riders and a crowed mixed up of regular bike followers, to folk who stopped to watch as they were passing through, to football fans chanting their teams songs.

    Dual, to me, has got to be the funnest form of competing. A 20ish second track, 2 lanes, and a load of mates old and new, the excitement out the gate is top drawer.

    It was great to see the family representing Cotic in such a large way, and to be able to compete with close friends that I don't get to ride with much anymore is as exciting as it is to race one of the greatest to ever grace a bike. Sheffield is a damn good place to be around.

    Cheers to all involved for making this event happen, Nick Hamilton, mayor Dallow (and anyone I've missed).

    Howard Street Dual 10/03/18

    Chay "Straightline" Granby - Cotic Race Team

    What a spectacle. Massive well done to the gang that organised it all. To bring mountain biking to the masses is not only brilliant for the sport but for the city that hosted it. To interact with folk on a full on Saturday night out whilst I'm sat waiting to race in full kit is something that wont be forgotten soon.

    The field was packed with talent. It's the first race of the year so I should of been a little nervy....Far from it! Its a honour to be part if it. Going be honest getting knocked out early on wasn't disappointing as it meant I got to watch. Not only was the the atmosphere brilliant but getting to watch some world class riding made it a event that needs to happen again.

    Howard Street Dual 10/03/18

    Wes Fife - Development Squad Rider

    Aah what a weekend! Arrived in Sheffield at about 7pm on Friday. Stoke was high for a weekend of racing/riding, but first me and Will had been assigned to helping Baybutt build the leaderboards for the dual, 4 hours later with 4 boards done and 400 or so hooks screwed in we rolled back to Baybutt's with very sore fingers!

    Saturday morning we headed down to Grenoside woods for a couple of pre-dual laps to build the stoke up (which was already unsustainably high). Mad inside lines, manny landers and Euro tables took place and fun was definitely had by all. We returned to Baybutt's house for lunch and set out riding down to Howard St through midday traffic. We signed on and had a quick run up and down the track to check out the features before practice. Practice started and was quickly established that the course was more difficult than previously thought. Stairs from the start gate posed a bit of an issue for me as I was on flat pedals and despite having recently putting a chain guard on I still wasn't 100% confident that my chain was going to stay on. Further down the track was "carnage corner" an off camber sweeping left turn on wet grass which was proving to be an issue for some riders. Thankfully my shiny new WTB Vigilante tyres, there was no problem with grip on this corner - cheers WTB!!!

    Well qualifying rolled round quickly and I was worried I wouldn't qualify, due to the pretty stacked field of pros and local pinners. Thankfully something clicked in my qualifying run which sat me very midfield along with some big names. At this point, stoke was peaking. However, sadly I was drawn against James Hughes in my first round and was humbled very quickly by him and didn't progress any further. Thankfully that meant I could watch bossman Easey who being the wizard he is had progressed through to the next round where he would race the godfather of Sheffield MTB, Steve Peat!!!! I made my way up to the start of the course to cheer him on! He made a strong start but sadly crashed out on his second run! Never mind though, he was still ecstatic that he got to race against one of the worlds legends of racing. We, along with Kelly and Aiken who had also been knocked out, set up camp at the bottom of the course on carnage corner to heckle the semi-finalists and finalists.

    Sunday morning came round quickly. We had a quick lap of Lady Cannings before heading to Wharncliffe for shredz with Camus. We said our goodbyes and made our way back to Guisborough. It was an awesome weekend and I can't wait to get back down to shred in the future!!!!

    Howard Street Dual 10/03/18

    It was SUCH an ace weekend. If you can, next year get the Sheffield Outdoor Weekender in your dairy, come up and cheer the dual, have a grand night out, then hit the trails on the Sunday. Mint!

    I want to say a big thank you to all this lot, plus Mechanic Will, Kelly-Jayne and A Line Gaz for representing Cotic fantastically and making us all look good. As Swinny said when I posted this photo below, "FAM". Too right bro.


    Read more about the new Rocket…

    13/03/2018 - Downtime Podcast Special - Longshot Geometry

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    Downtime Podcast - Longshot Special

    Longer, lower, slacker. Seems everyone is doing it, including us. However, in terms of the reasons why we are doing it, and the journey we took to get here, it's not quite that simple. In fact - as you will see/hear in the podcast - longer and slacker are actually by products of the two most important elements of this new approach: Stem length and sizing. I won't go into too much more in words here, as it's all covered pretty comprehensively in the podcast and accompanying video, along with some useful diagrams included if all these terms are new to you.

    The previous generation Rocket

    The latest Rocket with Longshot geometry - both bikes size large

    Chris founded the Downtime Podcast about a year ago, as he wanted some MTB related content which included elements of learning from some of the best in the sport about how they, and you, can improve your riding, fitness, approach, technique. Chris and I have been friends and riding buddies since University, and I have a lot of time for his approach and the quality of the content. With that in mind, when I wanted to explain where I am coming from with the new Longshot geometry, Chris and Downtime seemed like the perfect way to talk through the process, and with the video we have got in some really simply, but clear diagrams to help you understand what we're talking about, and also lots of hand waving and pretending-I-have-a-handlebar-in-my-hands moments too! Grab a coffee and your headphones and enjoy....

    The FlareMAX which features this geometry has just come into stock, so we have all sizes and colours available right now.

    The 5th generation Soul got a radical makeover using this geometry too. Applying the idea to a lively trail hardtail is something I go over in the podcast, as it helped us understand where the edges of the design idea where and how we should approach it for all our bikes. These are also in stock now.

    The BFe frames is also due in April as well. This was the first bike to get Longshot geometry, and it's proved a massive hit.

    Hope you enjoy this. It was really good to go through the history and the process and really get to explain my light bulb moments with this. It's been an interesting couple of years as a result, and I really feel like it's helped us make the best bikes we have ever made.



    Order your FlareMAX for delivery next week here…

    Order your radical 5th Gen Soul from stock here…

    Reserve your new Rocket for delivery mid-April here…

    Reserve your hardnut new BFe here…

    06/03/2018 - More new Rocket photos

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    Rocket range

    Rich has been busy, as we all are currently, but has found some time to take some more photos of the Rocket. This shoot includes a bike built around a Small black frame, one built around a Medium blue frame, and one built around a Large mercury frame.

    Rocket rangeRocket range

    Check out the updated gallery on the new Rocket product page…

    02/03/2018 - Chay's Rocket

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    Race Ready Rocket

    Thing of beauty @coticbikes @wildernesstrailbikes @burgtec @canecreekusa @hktproducts @ridejoystick @mudhugger2

    A post shared by Moose (@chaymoose) on

    Team riders Chay (@chaymoose) and Swinny (@jpswinny) are taking home their new Rockets for racing 2018! They've been sharing their rad-ventures over on Instagram, and will continue to post about their training for upcoming races, so go and give them a follow. You'll get bike envy, be warned!

    Thanks again to their sponsors this year: Cane Creek, WTB, Burgtec, Joystick Bicycle Components, Burgtec, Polaris Bikewear, Kingud, Wild Trail Snacks and Bike Track.

    First race? Vallelujah! Bring it on!

    Some weekend ont new steed . #bluesky #bluebike @coticbikes @wildernesstrailbikes @canecreekusa @hktproducts

    A post shared by Moose (@chaymoose) on

    Read more about the new Rocket…

    Order your Enduro winning Rocket…

    28/02/2018 - SNOWMAGEDDON 2018

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    sheff snow

    Morning all. As much as we like to play down SNOWMAGEDDON in the North, this view is what we woke up to this morning in Sheffield and it is still coming down hard. As a result I have made the call to close the workshop today rather than risk travelling to keep us all safe. We are on the phone, email, on here and insta, but we are not building bikes today, which is going to delay getting orders out. We are sorry about this, and will keep you informed.

    In slightly more fun news, the bulk shipment of FlareMAX frames will be here next week, so if you're on back order on those it will be dispatched next Thursday (snow permitting!) and if you are having a think, then they'll be available in all sizes and colours from stock. The main batch of RB5 forks will also catch up with the new Escapade frames so we'll be fully stocked on those too, which is nice!

    London Bike Show was fantastic for us. Me and Rich had a blast, and it was so nice to meet so many owners old and new, as well as lots of potential new owners. One great thing for me was talking through the new Soul with owners of the 26" original. On paper the new bike seems quite a departure from the original, but it's still very much a Soul. Getting people sitting on the bike, getting a feel for it, talking through the ideas behind it: It was great.

    We chatted to Singletrack (as you can see on the Live vid below) and there's also a back up story and some LOVELY new pictures of the Rocket details as well:

    Singletrack Rocket First Look

    Another cool thing that happened at the show was that the British Independent brands got to catch up, meet, hang out. Rich donned his blue beret and went on a UN style diplomatic mission to line up this photo. We all have pretty strong brands, which does tend to breed a bit of a tribal attitude because you like YOUR brand when you buy a bike. Sometimes it's a bit easy to lose sight of the fact that we're actually all mates, and just really like bikes. This is me with the Sick Bicycles guys, the Bird and BTR guys, and Dan Stanton. Honourable mention to Hope who wanted to get involved but were mobbed by kids on their Academy stand, and Fibrax and Orange who were at the show, but we missed them before we could get this together.

    UK Indy Brands

    Bikes are great, innit?!! Now, where's the sledges?



    Read more about the new Rocket…

    Order your FlareMAX for delivery next week…

    Read more about the awesome new Soul…

    Order your new Soul today…

    22/02/2018 - Singletrack FaceBook Live

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    The New Cotic Rocket @ London Bike Show 2018

    Exclusive: We chat with Cy Turner from Cotic Bikes about the brand new 3rd generation Rocket. The new Rocket has just been officially unveiled at the 2018 London Bike Show, and is on display at the Cotic booth all weekend for those who want to ogle at this beautiful steel enduro bike!

    Posted by Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine on Friday, 23 February 2018

    Video not loading? Then click here to see it on Facebook…

    Read the Singletrack First Look news story on the new Rocket…

    Read our new Rocket product page…

    22/02/2018 - 2018 Rocket

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    New Rocket for 2018

    ANNNNDDDD more new things! This time it's the turn of the Rocket, our mega fast, multi-race winning enduro bike. Turned up to 11 for 2018, featuring all our latest refinements, geometry and details.


    How cool does that look?! Longshot geometry, Boost spacing for massive 27.5 x 2.6" tyre clearance, our new 1x specific swingarm and integrated chainguide, it's all here. Now sporting 157mm of travel and certified for up to 170mm forks, this bike is the result of over 2 years of research by me, and was raced and developed in prototype form all through last season by Swinny and Chay of Cotic Racing. So despite only just reaching production, this bike has already won the PMBA Enduro Series Title and scored multiple Tweed Valley Triple Crown podiums!

    New colours are our beautiful Cyan Blue with orange details, the shiny, shiny Mercury paint - this time with CMY (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow) detailing - and our super stealth black/grey option for all you trail ninjas out there. How awesome would black/grey look with a smattering of coloured Hope parts?

    Since the new BFe and Soul Gen 5 frames and the new FlareMAX appeared, there's been a lot of chat about this new Longshot geometry of ours. It's not just longer, slacker, lower for the sake of it. I've been working on this for over 2 years, since the original Longshot prototype was delivered in December 2015. It's been through many iterations, and with Paul and Sam and Richard and the Race Team, we worked through plenty of testing on all sizes in the range to make sure the new fit system worked for everyone. The key thing is that it's a system - you can't do one thing without the others. The main focus was on giving riders enough space on the bike to be able to use a 35mm stem. Getting the stem this short (shorter than the fork offset) gives incredible feel for the front wheel, and responsive handling. But it also needs a much longer frame to give you enough space to fit properly on the bike, and it needs a slacker head angle to balance the super responsiveness of the short stem. I tried it on everything from exactly the same as the current Rocket, just longer with the short stem, all the way to full Geometron with a head angle in the 63's and the back end off the MAX 29er bikes. That was a bit much, but I found a middle ground and began to understand how it all worked together. Paul tried the longer frame and 35mm stem with the original Soul geometry and it was terrible. The new bike is 2 degrees slacker on the head angle and works brilliantly. The short stem needs a slacker head angle to balance against.

    The length of the bikes doesn't affect the climbing as some people seem to think it will. It's one of those old myths that a bike needs to be steep and short to climb. Back in the day the 'received wisdom' was that you needed a tiny short chainstay to get a bike to climb. As with everything in bike geometry, that isn't it in isolation. You needed a short chainstay because the front of the bikes were so short back then, so you needed to balance the rider as well as possible within the (tiny short) wheelbase of the bike. Now the opposite is true: With a longer front centre, you need a longer rear to keep the rider in the middle of the bike. It needs a reasonable seat angle and to be balanced by the length of the rear end, but actually the new bikes climb better than the previous generation. The room in the cockpit puts your weight much more in the middle of the bike. On the descents they are just amazing, with really crisp handling and vivid feedback from the front wheel allied to a feeling of just being properly behind the front wheel. Because you're right in the middle of the bike, they don't actually feel long, because you are position on the turning axis, instead of being behind it. It's so confidence inspiring in the steep stuff. I vividly remember testing the bike at Revolution Bike Park in Feb 2016 with the team. I was scared about riding at Revs, but one run down Ghetto and I was hooked. Smashing the front of the bike off drops and into this great big rooty holes with this brilliant feeling of 'I can't crash this bike'. A proper revelation and Revolution!

    The new Rocket frame is £1499 with the X Fusion O2 shock, or £1799 with Cane Creek DB Air IL, or £1849 with the Cane Creek DB Coil IL with VALT Spring. Bikes start with the Silver SLX based build at £2699, and then head on up to the Gold builds with either XT or Eagle GX at £3699. The big change here is that the Gold build now features the amazing Cane Creek HELM fork. The Platinum build new features Hope cassette, Tech3 X2 brakes and XTR/Next SL kit. All Hope parts are available in your choice of colour, with Hope headset and other upgrades all available through the Go Custom programme on the bike builder.

    These will be going straight into demo next week, so from the first weekend of March, if you're booked on a Rocket at a demo, then you'll be riding the latest bike. If you aren't booked on a demo yet, check out the Demo calendar to see where you can get involved.



    Read all about the new Rocket…

    Order your Rocket…

    Demo the new Rocket…

    19/02/2018 - Redbull's Bikes to see at London

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    London Bike Show 2018

    We're getting ready for London Bike Show 2018 here, lots of shiny new bikes coming with us. We'll have the brand new Escapade and FlareMAX with us to show you. Also lots of new stickers! Find us at Stand LB542 for a chat with Cy, Paul or Richard.

    Redbull recently did an article on the London Bike Show and the 6 of the Best Bikes to See at London Bike Show 2018. Great to see the new FlareMAX on the list

    escapade Flare Max 2018

    Read more about the FlareMAX…

    Order your FlareMAX today…

    New Escapade …

    14/02/2018 - FlareMAX on GMBN Tech

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    FlareMAX on GMBN Tech

    Doddy at GMBN has a new Tech show and this week he has some good stuff to say about the new FlareMAX. He's a big fan of longer bikes so loves the Longshot geometry. Check it out from about 2 mins in.

    Read more about the FlareMAX…

    Order your FlareMAX today…

    09/02/2018 - The new Escapade is here

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    The new Escapade

    More new product! The throttle is wide open here at Cotic this month. Yes, after a couple of months waiting we finally have our new Escapade, and ain't it a beaut?


    The Escapade is our super versatile, tough road bike. Most people would call it a gravel bike these days, but that would sell it short. We see it as a road bike without limitations.


    The geometry is designed to be responsive and fun, for whizzing into town, or a couple of hours blast in the hills. It's shot through with our mountain bike DNA, so it loves to nip off down those paths in the woods, or take that shortcut you spotted. It'll take a rear rack for a bit of light touring or bike-packing, and there's two bottle bosses and plenty of space for frame bags. It has tonnes of clearance for big tyres and it only has disc brakes, because we think these are the best tools for the job whatever surface you're riding on.

    Following on from the updates on the Roadrat last Autumn, the Escapade now gets our new super smooth integral tapered head tube, and our RB4 carbon leg/aluminium steerer thru axle forks. New for Escapade is a full carbon fork option - the RB5 - which is a £100 upcharge, but saves 200 grams. As well as the fork and head tube, the new Escapade goes Flat Mount brakes front and rear to make it easier to spec the latest and best road disc brake systems.


    Cy also tweaked the geometry of the smaller sizes following feedback from customers, so the 52cm (XS) and 54cm (S) size frames both get steeper seat angles, and slightly slacker head angles to reduce toe overlap with the large tyres the bike is capable of using, and to suit the slightly shorter stems than shorter riders tend to find more comfortable.

    The bike continues to be fully Road Plus compatible just like the last iteration, and we're offering a choice on tyres now with both the full slick WTB Horizon and now the semi-slick, gravel road WTB Byway as well. Both are 650x47 with that wonderful floaty big volume feel.


    You can read all about the new Escapade over on the product page.

    The new Escapade frameset is £499 with the RB4 carbon/alu fork, or £599 with the RB5 full carbon fork. Bikes start with the Bronze Sora based build at £1099, the new Tiagra based Silver build starting at £1349, and then head on up to the 105 Hydraulic Gold build at £1699. Road Plus is a £200 upcharge, and we have Hope 20FIVE wheels in your choice of hub colour, and Hope headset and other upgrades are available through the Go Custom programme on the bike builder.

    They are available right now, from stock, in all sizes and colours. Orders yours now and you'll get it next week.

    See more photos on the product page…

    Order your Escapade now…

    Read more about the new Escapade…

    07/02/2018 - London Bike Show 2018

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    London Bike Show Logo 2018 - BLACK and GREEN_preview

    Cotic are off to London Bike Show! 23rd-25th February. Come and visit our stand, take a look around our latest bikes, and try them on for size.

    The London Bike Show promises a great day out for cyclists or anyone looking to get out cycling. You can explore the latest bikes and products across all disciplines.

    New for 2018 include The Legends Exhibit, a celebration of the history of road cycling and the MBUK Lodge & Cinema... and of course, the Cotic stand, featuring the new FlareMAX...

    Flare Max 2018

    Book your London Bike Show 2018 tickets here…

    Check out our other event dates…

    02/02/2018 - MBR First Ride on the new FlareMAX

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    Last week, Cy and Sam introduced the new FlareMAX to the MBR guys... and they "got it" straight away...

    Check out the full story on MBR…

    02/02/2018 - Singletrack check out the new FlareMAX

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    The plan was for Cy and Russ to take some brand spanking box fresh new FlareMAX production bikes out for a spin... and for them to chat over how the bike had evolved from its previous incarnation... but plans don't always work out... first Cy fell ill, and then so did Russ. So, instead, Chipps and Kelvin took Sam and Rich around a quick local Todmordon loop on the bikes. Fun! And then Sam was persuaded volunteered to stand in for Cy in the video chat. Read, watch, listen, look... and learn... here...

    Check out the story on Singletrackworld…

    02/02/2018 - There is a new FlareMAX on the way

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    NEW FlareMAX!

    Order now, stock arriving this month…

    The new FlareMAX product page…

    The previous FlareMAX gen1 (XL still available)…

    31/01/2018 - onboardwithrocketman

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    on board the Rocket

    Onboard with @jpswinny. Looks sped up - it’s not. He’s not called Rocketman for nothing. #unsustainablyhighstoke #gritandsteel #visitsheffield #coticbikes

    A post shared by Cotic Bicycles (@coticbikes) on

    You'd be faster on a Rocket…

    22/01/2018 - Winter Ride Out 2018 - SNOWMAGEDDON

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    Cotic Owners Ride Out - Winter 2018

    'Character Building"

    Snow, slides, smiles, snacks, numb toes, schooled by the race team on their BFe's, boggled by the guy on the singlespeed Simple. No-one died. See you next year?

    Beat the blues Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out Beat the Blues winter ride out

    What a day! Team Cotic has only just thawed out but it’ll take a long while to wipe the smiles off our faces. Massive thanks to everyone who braved the elements and made it so fun. #youmeetthenicestpeopleonacotic #unsustainablyhighstoke #gritandsteel #coticbikes #youdbefasteronarocket #enjoythecommute #coticsolaris #coticsoul #gotsoul #sheffield #peakdistrict #steelisreal #enduro #dhmtb #outsideisfree #outsideisfred #shredsled #benicesayhi #behighsayniiice #ukmtb #rideoftenridefar #iridebetterwithmyfriends #mtb #vtt #whatwouldrocketmando #🚀

    A post shared by Cotic Bicycles (@coticbikes) on

    19/01/2018 - BFe Award

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    BFe - Best of 2018

    Voted by World of MTB Germany

    Cotic-Bfe Gen 5-Best of 2018 - German World Of MTB

    "World of mtb" (WOMB) has voted the BFe "Best of 2018" in the special edition of their magazine. The Rocket in 2016 and the Flare last year, a Cotic has now been selected 3 years in row as a “Best of” recommendation.

    In the last 12 years the BFe as been tested by various German magazines, with brilliant results from the likes of 'mountainBIKE' and 'mtb-news'. I won't go on about the new incredible new geometry, the Syntace axles or the Reynolds tubing, instead, I'll explain why we're so happy that 'World of mtb' has chosen Cotic again.

    BFe Gen 5

    Bike media are separated in online and print magazines. The top dog in Germany is the online magazine 'mtb-news'. For print the 'Bike' and the 'mountainBIKE' magazine are on the top selling around 57.000 issues a month. 'World of mtb' follows in third with 40.000 magazines. The 'World of mtb' crew produce month by month out of a small bungalow located in Deggendorf in Bavaria creating amazing issues and put up a good fight against the other mags of the big publishing companies.

    You might say "Come on Carsten, all bike tests and recommendations are paid for!" That’s not true for Cotic. Salmon canapes at the second floor of a Eurobike booth? It's just not the case with us. With the small budget that Cotic spends on advertising, we can’t afford a campaign in one of these magazines. The guys from Deggendorf are anglophile and love the Sheffield based brand and all things Cotic. We're so pleased to be voted again, thanks 'WOMB'!"

    PS: BFes are back in stock in February. The “Best of 2018“ magazine is still available at the newspaper kiosk (sorry, in Germany only) or direct from their web shop, the link is at the bottom of the page.

    By Carsten - Cotic Germany

    BFe Gen 5

    "World of mtb" (WOMB) hat unser BFe für das „Best of 2018“ Magazin gekürt. Nach dem Rocket in 2016 und dem Flare in 2017 sind wir nun somit insgesamt in drei Jahren Folge mit einem Cotic Rahmen für eine „Best of“ Empfehlung des Magazins ausgewählt. Das macht uns stolz!

    Das BFe ist in den letzten 12 Jahren von anderen Magazinen bereits mehrfach getestet wurden, in Deutschland in der Vergangenheit mit gutem Ergebnis von der „mountainBIKE“ und von „mtb-news“. Ich möchte daher nicht noch einmal über die neue Geometrie, die Syntace Achsen oder das Reynolds Rohre schreiben, sondern warum es uns so freut, von der „World of mtb“ immer wieder ausgewählt zu werden.

    BFe Gen 5

    Die Bike-Medien teilen sich in Online- und Print-Magazine auf. Platzhirsch im Online-Bereich in Deutschland ist „mtb-news“. Im Printbereich teilen sich die „Bike“ und das „mountainBIKE“- Magazin mit einer monatlichen Auflage von jeweils ca. 57.000 Ausgaben die Spitze während „World of mtb“ mit ca. 40.000 Magazinen folgt. Die „World of mtb“ - Crew erstellt Monat für Monat aus einem kleinen Bungalow in Deggendorf ein tolles Heft und schlägt sich wacker gegen die Magazine aus den großen Verlagskonzernen.

    Ihr werdet jetzt sagen: „Carsten, Empfehlungen und Tests sind doch gekauft!“ Das ist bei Cotic nicht der Fall. Lachs-Canapes zum Sekt in der zweiten Etage auf dem Eurobike-Messestand gibt es bei uns nicht. Ein Pressecamp auf den Kanaren, ebenso wenig! Bei dem schmalen Budget, das Cotic für Werbung zur Verfügung steht, können wir uns nicht einmal eine Anzeigenkampagne in einem der Magazine leisten.

    Es ist einfach so, dass die Leute aus Deggendorf leicht anglophil veranlagt sind und die Bikes aus Sheffield mögen. Von einem unabhängigen Magazin, dass viel Material von den großen Herstellern der Bikeindustrie auf den Hof gestellt bekommt, ohne große Gegenleistung immer wieder ausgewählt zu werden, das ist es was uns freut. Danke WOMB!

    PS: Ihr müsst euch leider noch bis Februar gedulden wenn ihr ein BFe kaufen möchtet, dann sind die Rahmen wieder lieferbar. Das „Best of 2018 Magazin“ ist noch nicht vergriffen und am Kiosk oder direkt im Shop zu bekommen:

    Carsten - Cotic Germany


    Order your Best of 2018 Magazine here…

    16/01/2018 - Abandoned Playgrounds

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    Filming for Abandoned Playgrounds

    Our camera wizard/spanner monkey Richard Baybutt had a brilliant time last summer, finally he can tell us all about it...

    Back in the summer of 2017 I was offered the chance to help out on a TV show for Channel 4. We’d pack a double decker bus full of athletes, camera kit, bikes, skateboards, high lines, food and a dog and trundle our way around the UK converting abandoned spaces into playgrounds. ‘Britains Abandoned Playgrounds' launched at the Kendal Mtn Film festival in November and can be found on 4OD. It’s well worth a watch - even without a fleeting glimpse of an old paint-test mk1 BFe lurking in the background!

    Richard Baybutt

    Salt St, the film & production crew, are based in Sheffield and were responsible for the epic Outdoor City trailer and the misty, murky, mud-filled, rocket max + otto dog video (at the bottom of the page, if you haven't seen it). It turns out a fortnight of me crashing the BFe around must have made some impression as Anna, Ed & Joe popped over to Calver the other week for a private demo round our loop in Eyam. There were loads of bike swaps to see the differences in sizes and model lines. Being an olympic skier, Joe didn’t have any proper kit but did have an abundance of confidence; I lent him my helmet and opted for the ‘safety bobble-hat’ instead. The fog was thick and the trails were pretty soggy but that didn’t stop anyone from smiling - including Otto.

    Salt St x Cotic Salt St x Cotic

    Have a watch of the series on 4OD and as a bonus, we can share the crash reel filmed at Pleasure Island. Set builder, Camera op & fellow bus driver Sam McQueen and I built a hip for BMXer Pete to send but I couldn’t resist a test run. Turns out the landing was rougher than I thought… follow the link below to watch.

    Hopefully the programme will inspire you to find adventures in unlikely places, and the photos will inspire you to book a demo to test your next bike.

    All the best,


    Watch Abandoned Playgrounds on 4od…

    Demo a bike on our Peak District Demo Loop…

    Watch the crash reel…

    15/01/2018 - Blue Monday

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    Blue Monday

    Apparently January 15th, aka "Blue Monday", is the most depressing day of the year. A cynic might say it's a marketing ploy by the travel companies but either way, don't let it become a self fulfilling prophecy! Last year we "beat the blues" and headed round Ladybower in the snow on the first Cotic Ride Out.

    We had a lot of fun, snow slides were had, no one died!

    I have to tell you, I have struggled a bit with feeling dark these last couple of weeks. The weather hasn't been kind and there seems to be a lot of colds and things about. I certainly got run over by one last week, and that's unusual for me. Getting out with mates for short rides on both those weekends this month has lifted my spirits more than I can explain, but if you're reading this you probably already understand the healing nature of our outdoor sport. That said, if you are stuck indoors, or you're feeling a bit under the weather, or you're feeling pretty down, just do something to move. I'm as big a bugger for sitting at my nice warm desk drinking hot drinks when it's horrid outside, but moving even briefly just helps. I have a little stretch/yoga routine I do before rides which takes 5 minutes and I try and do that every couple of days at least. Or maybe give something new a go, something indoors. This winter I've had a go at racketball for the first time, got over to the bouldering wall for the first time in ages with my family, Paul has been threatening to go swimming, Rich has been down the indoor skate park, Sam has found moving house and his new flat being up three flights of stairs kept him moving! It all helps keep the mood light and feelings good.

    And if you want something to look forward to, then how about booking our Spring Party into the diary? 21st April at our base in Calver in the Peak District. There will be demo rides, hanging out, food, tea, coffee, beer, giggles. Last year was a blast.

    Cotic Spring Party Spring party

    Nothing fully sorted yet apart from the date, but if you're signed up to the mailing list then you're in the right place to hear about it first.

    If it's not just a trick by the holiday companies and you really do feel low, please talk to someone and try to be kind to yourself. Hold on, spring is coming

    Have a great week.



    Founder and Director

    Any questions? Get in touch…

    02/01/2018 - Direct Sales

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    Direct Sales

    A message from our main man, Cy Turner...

    When I started Cotic in 2003, the main thing that enabled me to do so was that - apart from the Soul being rad and people wanting to buy it - I could sell them mail order, direct to customer via a website. It meant I could keep doing my day job, answer customer emails in the evening, and the website could take orders day and night. So, we have always sold direct. And I enjoy that; I love the direct contact and connection we get with customers doing it this way. As time went on and our reputation grew, shops approached us to become dealers. This was great, and very flattering.

    Cy Four

    Testing the Hemlock Prototype in Luchon with AQR Holidays in 2006

    Over the last couple of years we have focused really hard on improving how we offer our products - better marketing, bigger demo fleet, Sam out on the road, more bike options, more customer events like the Spring Party, the showroom and Factory Collection at Calver, the Go Custom bike build programme. More and more people are coming to us directly, and at the same time, it's getting harder to support the dealers the way they need to be as we move so quickly with new product offerings. Also our big box competition are offering dealers higher margins and credit terms which we simply cannot match, and stock in offers which in some cases crowd us completely out of some showrooms.

    Cotic Spring Party

    We have always been a lean, low margin business. Our products are much more costly to produce than a lot of products they're compared to - Reynolds 853 is an amazing material, but is much more expensive than aluminium or cromoly, and harder to work too. This high cost relative to other options means our Droplink bikes, for example, cost nearly twice as much to manufacture compared to the aluminium competition. The business model allowed us to keep margins low and pricing competitive despite our small size, and the dealer margin took a good chunk of that. It averaged out because we kept selling direct so overall we were still doing well. Having no room to improve the dealer margins and terms without a price increase, whilst at the same time not having the capacity to improve the support, I felt that the time was right for us to call time on the dealers and do it all ourselves. Do one thing well, as a wise man once said.

    So what does this mean for the future? Well for start, no mega price cuts like certain other brands who have gone direct to customer recently. As I explained above, this move is about preserving current pricing, and concentrating on doing the best we can for our customers. So that Rocket Gold Eagle build you saw yesterday at £3699 is still £3699 today. Shipping is still included in the for the UK and it will arrive at your door in our award winning bike box, ably demonstrated here by Hannah.

    We will obviously have offers and promotions on from time to time, like the Cane Creek shock offer we ran in November, but broadly the pricing remains the same.

    For our overseas customers the biggest change is that from today Eaven Cycles in Germany is no longer our distributor, and we are shipping frames and bikes directly from the UK. Carsten from Eaven is still with us though - he is now a sales agent for us in Germany and Austria. Although you will now place your order via, you can reach him on if you want to have your customer support in country, or you feel your English isn't up to trying to contact us. We're sorry our German isn't any better! In France, Julien Gelot at Cyen Bicycle is also still with us, again as an agent, but he is staying on Julien is also offering a full custom build service as well, so get in touch with him if you're in France and you don't see anything on our own website that completely fits your perfect bike spec. If you are in any country other than Germany or France, we can send you a Cotic: Direct to the World from the Peak District! Drop us an email if you want to talk options. Translation software is amazing so even if English isn't your first language, get in touch and we'll do the best we can. We would love to hear from you.

    If you have bought your Cotic from a dealer, fear not! We have parted on good terms with them and I'm sure they will be happy to service and support you and your bike just as they always have. If you have questions or customer service queries, then just get in touch with us. We're happy to help, and it would be great to hear from you. Call us on 07970 853531 or email

    So that's that. Cotic coming at you direct only in 2018. Exciting times.

    Any questions? Get in touch…

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