Cotic FlareMAX Gen4, short travel trail bike, downcountry, downcountry bike, 29er mountain bike, uk made, made in britainCotic FlareMAX Gen4, Peak District, Sheffield,
Stanage Edge, 29er mountain bike, steel full suspension, reynolds 853

Cotic FlareMAX Gen4

Cotic FlareMAX Gen4, Sydney Blue, short travel trail bike, downcountry, downcountry bike, 29er mountain bike, steel full suspension, reynolds 853, uk made, made in britain

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Sheffield, Peak District, Cotic FlareMAX Gen4, mountain bike, steel full suspension, steel city

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Welcome to Cotic Bikes

We make bikes we love to ride; it sounds simple and obvious, but it's true. It all started in 2002 with the Soul - our now legendary long travel trail hardtail - which our Founder Cy Turner wanted to be a strong, light, fun, durable steel hardtail which could use long forks, big tyres and proper brakes. No one made one at the time, so he designed his dream bike and founded Cotic to share that with other riders. That's why Cotic exists today. We are a truly independent bike company, not some 'little guy' front to a big distributor or corporation. To read more about our journey, have a quick read of the story of our first decade, or watch our 15 Year Anniversary film below.

The key thread running through all of our products is that they're all bikes we love to ride, and we're still designing our dream bikes to share with you. All Cotic products are anchored with these five attributes:

  • Fun
  • Durable
  • Clean Lines
  • Interactive
  • Confidence Inspiring

Our bikes are designed and developed in Sheffield and the Peak District in the UK with diligence, passion and pride. We back that up with honest, accurate customer service and a great warranty. We are a truly independent bike company, still owned by Cy, not some 'little guy' front to a big distributor or corporation.

We use steel for most of our bike frames, including our droplink full suspension. We love the super strong, air-hardening Reynolds 853 material, as well as our own custom specified heat treated cromoly.

Whilst this may be unusual, it's simply an extension of the reason why Cy first chose to use it for the Soul over 16 years ago. Steel is tough, durable and gives our bikes their beautifully clean lines. Because of its incredible strength it allows us to use it in relatively thin sections when designing the frames, which gives the bikes outstanding ride feel. Using steel gives our hardtail and full suspension frames a gorgeous, tactile, and traction enhancing flex along the length of the bike, allowing them to breathe with the trail instead of fighting it. In short, we don't use steel to be different or hip, we use it because we strongly believe it builds the best bikes.

If you're looking for full suspension bikes, our droplink range of unique steel full suspension bikes takes in everything from lively trail bikes in the Flare and FlareMAX, or our blazingly fast enduro bikes, the Rocket and RocketMAX.

If you're looking for amazing steel hardtails, our iconic range of bikes will have something for you. The original and best Soul, the engaging and playful 27.5" wheel trail bike. For rowdier riders, our BFe takes a slightly more direct approach. If it's big wheels that keep you rolling, then take a look our our incredibly versatile SolarisMAX which can run either 29" or 275 Plus wheels.

If you're wondering what all this MAX thing is, it's our name for the bikes which have 29er or 27.5 Plus wheel compatibility. They'll do both, for maximum versatility and fun.

Last, but no means least, is our Escapade. As the name suggests, they're the bikes for fitting into your life but also escaping the everyday; commuting, gravel rides, to the shops, to the hills, to that quiet place. The Escapade runs drop bars for tackling rough tarmac and epic steel gravel bike missions. It does everything your mountain doesn't. It's tough, versatile, comfortable and look fantastic. This is why you need a Life Bike.

On top of our bikes, we like to give back where we can. Cotic CC is our Owners Club, where the only admission requirement is to own a Cotic bike. You don't even have to have bought it new from us; if you have a Cotic, you're in! The Cotic CC is our way of getting Cotic owners to try aspects of this varied and amazing sport that they might not have had the opportunity or confidence to try before. Skateparks, Uplifts, Bike packing for example. Itís a growing community of like-minded riders and a space to get together for adventures far and wide.

We volunteer for the local Ride Sheffield trail advocacy group, and we donate 0.5% of our turnover each year to trail projects. This has included resurrecting a local pump track, helping get the first ever Crowd Funded MTB trail built - Blue Steel at Lady Cannings Plantation near Sheffield - and continuing to help the local MTB community get more trails opened and built.

So that's us in a nutshell. Have a look around, make yourself at home. If you have any questions drop us a line anytime on or call 07970853531. If you have a few minutes to spare, we love making great videos too, so head over to our videos page and find out about Rocketman and his feud with Straightline.

Thanks for dropping by.