What is Cotic?

Cotic is an independent bicycle company based in the Peak District, UK.

We make bikes we love to ride; it sounds simple and obvious, but it's true. It all started in 2002 with the Soul - our now legendary long travel trail hardtail - which Cy wanted to be a strong, light, fun, durable steel hardtail which could use long forks, big tyres and proper brakes. No one made one at the time, so he designed his dream bike and founded Cotic to share that with other riders. That's why Cotic exists today and has snowballed from there. We are a truly independent bike company, not some 'little guy' front to a big distributor or corporation.

What bikes do Cotic make?

Cotic make modern steel mountain and gravel bikes with progressive geometry and a confidence inspiring ride.

We are a small and passionate company run by riders, we make the bikes we want to ride.

All our bikes are:

  • Fun
  • Durable
  • Clean Lines
  • Interactive
  • Confidence Inspiring

Where are Cotic bikes made and built?

All Cotic bikes are built by us in the UK, at our Peak District HQ. Cotic frames are manufactured in the UK and Taiwan.

Cotic frames are made in small batches by Five Land Bikes in Scotland, and at high end framebuilders in Taiwan.

Our frames are designed and developed entirely by us here in the UK. We do everything but the welding and painting. For most of our frames this means sourcing frames built to our designs by the great frame builders out in Taiwan.

From 2019, for select model lines and Launch Edition frames, we have teamed up with Five Land Bikes in Scotland to make production front triangles. They are then partnered with our proven Taiwan made rear ends. Bridging the gaps are machined parts to our design from Superstar Components made in Lincolnshire. We assemble the frames right here at our base in the Peak District.

Why steel? Do Cotic only make steel bikes?

Cotic makes bikes from steel because steel is tough, durable and gives our bikes beautifully clean lines. We also use titanium, aluminium and carbon fibre where appropriate for our bikes.

Using steel gives Cotic hardtail and full suspension frames a gorgeous, tactile, and traction enhancing flex along the length of the bike, allowing them to breathe with the trail instead of fighting it.

We use steel for most of our bike frames, including our droplink full suspension range. We love the super strong, air-hardening Reynolds 853 material, as well as our own custom specified heat treated chromoly.

Whilst this may be unusual, it's simply an extension of the reason why Cy first chose to use it for the Soul all those years ago. Because of its incredible strength it allows us to use it in relatively thin sections when designing the frames, which gives the bikes outstanding ride feel and reduces the weight. We don't use steel to be different, we use it because we strongly believe it builds the best bikes.

We also use other materials where appropriate, for example aluminium for suspension linkages and carbon for the Escapade forks.

Do Cotic sell in bike shops?

Cotic sell bikes and frames direct to customers worldwide. We ship from our UK HQ to you, and do not supply any distributors or bike shops.

What about Cotic’s aftercare?

Cotic prides itself on honest and accurate customer service. We are always on the end of the phone or email to solve any issue, answer any question or advise with setup.

You can source any spares required from the Cotic website, and we run exclusive owners only events and rides. Buying a Cotic is more than just getting a new bike.

Check out our loyal customers across the globe...

Who owns Cotic?

Cotic is owned by founder Cy Turner, who started the company in 2003.

What does Cotic mean?

The name Cotic comes from a nickname for our founder, Cy Turner, from his university days. Cy-Cotic - 'psychotic'. It is pronounced 'Cot-ick', not 'Coat-ick'.

Where are Cotic based?

Cotic is based in Calver in Derbyshire, in the UK. We have one foot in the steel city of Sheffield and one foot in the gritstone cycling paradise that is the Peak District.

Our bikes are ridden all over the world.

Which Cotic should I buy?

Cotic make bikes for all sorts of riding, from commuting to enduro racing. Explore our range on the website and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or email, we all ride all our models and are more than happy to advise you.

Beyond the bikes.

Because we love where we live and work, we also support it. We work with local advocacy group Ride Sheffield to help improve access and conservation of the countryside and trails for mountain bikers. We also pledge a minimum of 0.5% of our turnover each year to trail advocacy groups such as the Tweed Valley Trail Association and Bolehills BMX Track.

Our values are rooted in respect for our employees and customers. We champion diversity and inclusivity and are committed to equal opportunity for all, embracing new and different perspectives.

We recycle as much as we can from our UK operation, and our packaging is sustainably sourced, fully recyclable cardboard. We are working to eliminate single use plastics, but we have a long way to go on that. We support and fund the work of Trash Free Trails. Every day we try to be better.

Who works at Cotic?

[ click on a mugshot to find out more about the staff member ]

Cy Cotic was founded, and is still owned, by Cy Turner. Cy is a degree qualified Chartered Mechanical Engineer with 20 years experience across the railway industry as well as in bicycle design. He's ridden bikes since a little after he could walk, and has ridden, raced and crashed more times and places than he cares to remember. In 2001, it was his desire for a modern steel trail hardtail which no one else made that led him to design the Soul. This went into production in 2003 and thus began the Cotic adventure! You can see more about what's happened since, in our first 15 years in business, here.

Paul Paul Dexter runs customer service, admin, accounts and orders, along with being a brilliant test and development rider. Paul has over 20 years experience in bicycle retail, and is also a qualified mountain bike guide and skills coach. He's most likely to be the guy on the end of the email or phone when you contact us. He'll look after you.

Kelvin Web and graphic design is by Kelvin Owers of Spittingcat. Kelvin is an integral part of the product development team as well as being responsible for all of Cotic's look and feel. If you notice anything missing, or misbehaving, on the website, feel free to let him know be email, or contact any of us here at Cotic, and we'll pass it on.

Richard Richard Baybutt is our guy on the spanners, photos, instagram and merchandise. He is down at the warehouse building bikes and prepping frames, packing boxes and organising shelves. When he's not doing that he's also a pro photographer and does all our photoshoots, which is why the website looks so beautiful.

Sam Sam, Sam, the Demo Man. Sam Capper is the man in the Rocket Bus, out on the road bringing the Demo To You. He's got a background in sales and marketing at Tynebank Brewery, so as well as being an awesome rider, he knows a thing or two about beer as well. If you want to ride a Cotic, get in touch via any of the options on the Demo Page and Sam will bring you a lovely bike to ride.

Will Will is the brother of Rocketman and no less fast. After many years working as a mechanic in the bike trade, he's joined us in the warehouse for building up the fleet of new models we have available. If you want to know a secret trail, a short cut or new ride, Will is your man as he spends more time in the Peaks than the lot of us combined.

Hannah Hannah is a key member of the team. She works in demo helping get the demo days and fleet organised. She also works in dispatch, ensuring the bikes are well packaged and couriers are booked to get your bike sent out to you. We still haven't even got a recent photo of her yet...

Darren Darren is the latest addition to the team. He's going to be sharing the load at demos with Sam, and making sure there is always someone with the mechanic skills at Calver. He's also more than a bit handy with a camera, so he's taken his own mug shot for us....



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