The Cotic Cycling Club

The Cotic CC is our way of getting Cotic owners to try aspects of this varied and amazing sport that they might not have had the opportunity or confidence to try before. Skateparks, Uplifts, Bike packing for example. It’s a growing community of like-minded riders and a space to get together for adventures far and wide.

If you own a Cotic then you’re already in the club, just sign up to the mailing list and keep an eye on our instagram (@coticbikes) to make sure you don’t miss out.

Cotic CC was a reasonably local affair, as our events were all about us all getting together to try new things on a bike, and be sociable. While the pandemic has kept us physically apart, and put a stop to in person events, we started thinking bigger... how could we offer a way for us all to get to know each other a bit better, and find out about the experiences our bikes help us to seek out, where ever we are in the world? The Cotic Global CC was born!

The Planet Earth

04/08/2021 - Ard Rock Enduro Festival 2021


We can hardly believe it, but we are going to an actual event this weekend! In the flesh! One of our absolute favourites which has been absent from the calendar since 2018, we are going to Ard Rock Enduro Festival!


Rained off (which is a bit of an understatement) in 2019 and obviously it couldn't happen last year, so it's been a long time since we rode and partied in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, and we are very excited to be heading back. It will look a little different this year, with a bit more space and a more chilled vibe on the menu, but it will be great to be involved with a bike event in the wild again.

Sam, Paul and Rich and heading up and we'll have a stand open from 9am Friday, Saturday and Sunday (unless we manage to sneak entries for ourselves to the intro race Sunday morning!). We are showing off some stunning display bikes and well loved staff bikes, and are very much looking forward to chatting to you all, catching up with familiar faces and making new friends. Please do swing by our stand and say hi, check out our bikes and hang out. As usual, the stand will be open into the night so come join us for a beverage.

Perhaps the most exciting part of all, we'll be going for the first Cotic CC group ride in 18 months! If you'll be at Ard Rock with your Cotic, please join us for a social spin at 6:30pm on Saturday from the Cotic stand. Most likely a lap of the demo loop, the pace will be full social.

Probably around an hour/90mins and we are aiming for chats, beers, wheelies and skids. We can't stress enough how much we are looking forward to this. If you're racing on the Saturday, bring extra jelly babies so you can join us! We are aiming to start pedalling at 6:30pm, so please to be at the stand a little before then.


We won't have any demo bikes this year I'm afraid, any Covid concerns aside, we simply don't have enough parts to build any up. We will have some very pretty droplink bikes for you to ogle, including something very special, drop by our stand to check it out. If you've been hankering over pretty photos of our bikes for the last few months, this is a great opportunity to see them up close and personal.

We have a full squad of Cotic shredders getting stuck in between the tapes; Dave Camus, Chay Granby, Kelly-Jayne Collinge and Mel Fife will all be flying the Cotic flag at full speed. Be sure to give them a good cheer if you are watching trackside.

Best of luck if you're racing, hopefully we'll see you there.

08/01/2021 - Cotic Global CC

Cotic Global CC

The chances are, if you're reading this, then you probably own or have owned a Cotic. Whether it was a brand-spanker or pre-loved, you are already in the Global Cotic Cycling Club (CC). Pretty simple initiation process huh? We've been running events, rides & parties for a few years now but obviously 2020 put a kibosh on most of that for now. In the meantime we want to expand the reach and hopefully spark some other owner-run events in regions far from our HQ. Here's where you come in...

We want your stories. Personal, happy, sad, informative, inspirational, reflective or random. On-topic, off-topic, long or short. Motivational or morose. A love letter or a diss track.

Where were you when you first got “that” feeling? Where’s the one place on the planet you call home? What have you been through to get exactly where you are today? What’s been your biggest loss or your biggest gain?

We want to hear about the ride that changed your life (for better or worse). We want to hear how you got into riding - or even the just outdoors. How you would encourage people into outside spaces - and how to reach those people? Who’s influenced you? Does your job affect how you approach your sport or is your sport your job? What was your first bike? Or maybe it isn’t about riding at all…? What one thing would you like to share with this planet if you had the chance?

Pictures are a huge part of this project so add some colour to your reply with a handful of memories. Attach a current portrait (if you’re comfortable with that) and any other photos that give some extra depth to the words. Take your time digging.

Your location is super important - this shouldn’t be your house of course, but your local spot or city. The place you’re at now. For example if you're from Ireland but now live in Germany, tag the spot in Germany. Somewhere we can drop a pin on our map.

Lastly, if you’d like to carry on the work, build a scene or invite others to your world, leave your social media tag or email and we’ll include it so people can make those connections.

Thank you for being a part of this. We can’t wait to hear your tales. Please email us at and we promise to read all your submissions.

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23/01/2020 - Cotic CC Beat the Winter Blues Ride

Beat the Winter Blues

Photo epic from the Cotic CC winter ride


Last weekend we hosted the 4th annual Beat the Winter Blues ride for our owners club, Cotic CC. For the first time, it didn't snow! Glorious blue skies and a brisk temperature were the order of the day, and around 30 of us took to some classic Dark Peak trails.


Boss man Cy lead the way up a muddy first climb onto Win Hill, before pedalling into a meaty headwind on the way to the top of The Beast, a legendary Peaks descent.


All in one piece, we climbed again and flew down The Screaming Mile, where Darren foolishly sat right next to a stream crossing with his camera! He got wet, but this photo was worth it.


The stoke carried us back up the hill for a run down Hagg Farm, with Sam and Cy holding the gates meaning everyone got a flying run down, a rare treat.


Pints in the pub was a perfect end to a great day in the hills with a top bunch of riders.


Big thanks to everyone who came along, it was a brilliant day out with a top bunch of riders on a variety of different Cotics. Keep an eye out for the next Cotic CC event, they always book up fast. We are open to suggestions for CC events too, so get in touch if you have any ideas. Remember, if you own a Cotic, you're in the club.

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18/11/2019 - Cotic CC Ride - Grizedale Forest

Cotic CC Ride Grizedale

Cotic Owner's Ride

Last Sunday myself and Paul held a Cotic CC ride in the beautiful Lake District. After several days of very wet weather in Sheffield and the Peaks, stoke was beginning to run low. It's not often you go to Cumbria in November to escape the bad weather, but clearly they hadn't experienced the same constant downpours that we'd be getting recently. Of course, it's never truly dry in the Lakes, so we layered up with waterproofs to keep the chilly stream crossings and puddles at bay.

Cotic CCCotic CC GrizedaleCotic CC GrizedaleCotic CC GrizedaleCotic CC Grizedale

Despite a dismal looking start to the day, we congregated in Hawkshead and set out up the fairly sharp climb into Grizedale Forest, snaking out of the village and quickly hitting the rocky, leaf strewn bridleway. It's a mean start to a ride this one, heart rates hit the roof pretty quickly, but height is gained equally fast. Layers came off, and we picked up the waymarkers for the North Face trail and began descending in a cafe direction. Drama soon ensued however, it was my turn for a mechanical issue. The pedal insert in my crank had come unstuck, and my pedal was wobbling around in the crank like a stick in a bucket. I nursed it to the bike shop, Grizedale Mountain Bikes, in search of a solution. Huge thanks to them for slinging my bike in the pick-up and shuttling me back to Hawkshead so I could grab a demo bike, genuinely saved the day! With everyone refreshed in the cafe, and me set up on the rad new Bfe, we began the next climb.

I really enjoy the trail centre climb here, its never too steep, but is packed full of technical challenges to keep you distracted from the pedalling. Some fire road and more singletrack climbing took us out onto Parkamoor, with big views over Coniston Water, The Old Man and Dow Crag. Not the clearest day, but stunning none the less. The ride started to get wet from this point, after the fast and loose descent, we began heading in the direction of the woods again, through hub deep puddles that seemed to be permanent features in these parts. No rain today, but shoes were full of water by this point!

Cotic Owner's - Cotic CC

The next descent is a stone cold classic. Known as the '3 Witches', or 'Dad, Grandad and The Dentist', it's a bridleway that crosses 2 fire roads, so is broken into 3 sections. The first is mostly singletrack, with a couple of rises, a few bits of line choice and some fast sections. All rocky, and with plenty of water splashes and loose moments. We just about got down in one piece, one crash which resulted in a damaged brake lever, but no injuries and the bike carried on. The second section is one of my favourite trails in the world. It's the shortest of the 3, but the fastest and most rowdy. A drop off into a fast left hand corner, followed by a flat out straight with lumps of bedrock and loose stones which you skate over at full chat. You can't help but grin at the bottom of a trail like this one. “That was why I got up at 5:30 this morning!” exclaimed Paul.

Reaching the bottom of the valley after the third section of trail, we had a winch ahead of us. Despite its amusing name, the 'Breasty Haw' climb quickly stopped us giggling. Steep tarmac leads to steep woodland track, with a crux move in the middle, a wet bedrock step. It might not have been pretty, but I just made it up without a dab for the first time, that new Bfe is quite something.

At the top of this climb it was decision time, we had the option of another descent, if we didn't mind another stiff climb back up. Despite all being wet through, the sun breaking through the clouds egged us on for a bit extra. It became clear immediately we'd made the right call, a sublime descent littered with blind lips, slabs and some hectic, alpine style hairpin bends. I was absolutely buzzing at the bottom of this trail, there's nothing like thrashing a hardtail down a fast descent, wheels rarely pointing the right direction and just about getting away with lines more suited to my RocketMAX. I wasn't the only one, grins were plastered over everyone's faces at the bottom of this trail, top fun.

We did have the extra climb to do before the final descent though, and it required some deep digging. Most of us walked the tricky first section and just the local lads cleaned it with maximum effort, kudos for that. The final trail was a well known one, called 'The Fox'. More axle deep puddles before a classic Lakes descent with more line choice than you knew what to do with. At this point I got a bit carried away, and put a hole in the rear tyre of the Bfe, which gave me a chance to use my Dynaplug for the first time. Until now, simply keeping it in my rucksack had somehow prevented punctures, but it fixed the hole in a heartbeat and I could finish the run and roll back to Hawkshead without mucking about with a tube. I can definitely recommend getting one.


Big thanks to everyone who made it, we had a brilliant day out. The pace was sociable with plenty of chances to rest in between climbs and descents, and everyone enjoyed the day. Grizedale is one of my favourite areas to ride, and it was nice to do a decent size ride instead of the usual shorter demo laps. The next Cotic CC event is our evening at the Dirt Factory in Manchester, the UK's first indoor bike park, on Tuesday 3rd December. Get in touch quick to book a space, and keep an eye out for our annual 'Beat the Winter Blues' ride in the Peak District in January, we'll announce the date for this soon.


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20/08/2019 - Cotic CC Ride Surrey Hills

Cotic CC

Sam in Surrey

Last Sunday we ran a Cotic CC social ride in the Surrey Hills. I was in the area doing a demo day on the Saturday, and we hadn't done an owners ride down south for quite a long time, so it seemed a perfect opportunity.

Cotic CC20190818_121439Cotic CCCotic CC

Despite the fairly late notice, we had 13 Cotic riders including team racer Will Easey for a great ride. All set up and ready to roll, and the heavens opened! A warm up lap of Barry Knows Best had a certain 'Pacific North West' feel to it, with the rain falling through tall pine trees on the lush green bracken. After a steep and soggy climb and another trail or two, the sun eventually came out and jackets were stashed.

Cotic CC

Plenty of the riders who came had never experienced Surrey's plethora of excellent trails before, big thanks go to Dan from Hunt Wheels, who came along on his Flare and took us to trails I would never have found. It was a muddy one, but the trails still rode fast with plenty of grip. There was a great mix of bikes in the group from Souls to RocketMAXs, including a lovely SodaMAX dripping in Hope bling. We've got plenty in the pipeline for Cotic CC events, keep an eye on the mailing list to be the first to hear the latest news.

Cotic CC

Meanwhile James Swinden AKA Swinny AKA Rocketman and co-team rider Wes Fife were out racing in Innerleithen. Despite injuries, crashes, tight transfers and the relentless Scottish climbs both boys got stuck in and came in the Top 10, they quite rightly came away smiling. Well done lads! Here are their race photos...

Swinny at Inners

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02/08/2019 - Cotic CC Bolehills

Cotic CC

BMX track razzing

Cotic CC at Bolehills

For July's Cotic CC event we headed to the legendary (and we don't use that word lightly) Bolehills BMX track. First built in 1983, it has nurtured and refined the skills of thousands of cyclists over the last 35 years. Going through many phases of regeneration, the latest crew, headed up by our own Dave Camus, have created a masterpiece of flow. Gareth A Line uses the track to teach fundamentals, and riders travel from all over the country to surf the white waves.

Cotic CC at Bolehills

The rain put off a fair few but with the Cotic Women Of Steel session running at the same time, we had a couple of die-hards turn up. The WoS aren't made of sugar!

Cotic CC at BolehillsCotic CC at Bolehills

Progressing quickly from the pump track to the main track, there were smiles all round as the first-timers begun to unlock the magic secrets of "the pump".

Cotic CC at Bolehills
Cotic CC at Bolehills
Cotic CC at Bolehills

Even Baybutt, part time mechanic Antti, new demo guide Darren and Hannah (THE Woman of Steel) got involved.

Cotic CC at BolehillsCotic CC at BolehillsCotic CC at BolehillsCotic CC at Bolehills

Want to see the majestic Bolehills for yourself? Of course you do! Track info is here
Keep your eyes on the newsletter for the next Cotic CC event - you can sign up HERE if you're not already on it. We'll see you at the next one.

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03/05/2019 - Cotic CC Coaching day

Cotic CC

A Line Coaching day

Cotic CC Coaching day

Who wouldn't want to be just that little bit faster, more controlled or just plain rad on a bike? Even a little bit. Well we roped in Gaz from A Line coaching to run a class exclusively for Cotic owners at Greno woods.

As ever, the mailing list was the first and (since it sold out so fast) the only place to hear about the event. Gaz suggested a day at Greno for a mix of fundamentals & flow. A full day in the woods with time split between laps of the track and skills in the flat section at the entrance to the woods.

It's almost impossible not to get something out of days like this. Gaz's infectious enthusiasm brings joy to the seemingly simplest of tasks; look where you're going and bend your elbows more! Who'd have thought it huh? Everyone found themselves going faster, smoother and with more confidence than at the start of the day so what more is there to say?

As far as upgrades to your bike go, how's about an upgrade for yourself? If you want to book on to his next course then follow THIS link and see what you are capable of. Keep your eyes on the newsletter for the next Cotic CC event - you can sign up HERE if you're not already on it.

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18/04/2019 - Cotic CC at Revs

Cotic CC

at Revolution Bike Park

Our second Cotic CC event couldn’t have been much more different from the first. A far cry from the warm wooden skatepark lay Revolution Bike Park. The only seeming similarities were the two wheels underneath our handlebars but even then that’s stretching a point.

The event sold out really fast - a private uplift session at one of the UK’s best downhill locations - who’d have thought it?! We had A LIne’s coach Gaz Jones on hand for guiding and basic pointers but the rest of the time the riders were on their own. Our email inbox was full of messages the week before both enjoying the fact that a mid-week ride felt like a great skive, and that Revs is a serious place and they might be a bit out of their depth. If you’ve never been then you would be forgiven for thinking that - it’s no walk in the park but it’s so well built you find yourself trusting the trail builders and rolling into seemingly impossible shoots and off monster jumps with almost gleeful abandon.

The day started with getting people set on various demo bikes and a very nervous first uplift in the fabled land rovers. We rolled down the Freeride line to start off as it’s the smoothest and flattest but like all tracks at Revs, there’s extra spice round every corner. After the warm up we nudged our way onto the tighter, steeper trails until all of a sudden, almost the whole crew was slithering their way down the most gnarly, technical tracks the UK has to offer.

Cotic CC at Revs

Lunch from the burger van sounds sketchy but the team at Revs source their burgers from a local farm and the skin-on chips & hot chocolate filled a mighty hole we’d created. After a rest we headed back up and thought now was the time - if there ever was one - to tackle Ffarside. The ‘purple’ graded trail on the far side of the hill. Steep, loose, fast and wild are just some of the adjectives that spring to mind. Most would say ‘terrifying’ but the kind where you know it’s all your fault for putting yourself in this position and only you can get yourself out of it. Short story - we all survived - and went back up for more.

We can’t recommend Revs highly enough. An efficient uplift, world class trails and the best burger van for lunch. You don’t need much more - except no crowds, which is where we come in! Huge thanks to the whole team there and especially Gaz from A Line coaching for all the advice and support when we all needed it the most. Get a trip booked - you won’t regret it.

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28/01/2019 - Cotic CC Skatepark Event

Cotic CC

Skatepark Event

Cotic CC

Our first Cotic CC event went off with a bang the other week. We hired out the awesome Onboard Skatepark in Sheffield and invited a load of Cotic owners down. There are many people who've never had the chance / time / confidence to ride a skatepark but we reckon it's a fantastic foundation for big skills out on the trails.

Cotic CCCotic CC

There were a smattering of Cotic's being ridden, including our new demo 26" BFe, and the rest of the group were on dedicated DJ bikes or BMX's loaned by the park or dragged out from the back of the shed. There was even a Stanton - although the owner assures us he rides his Cotic more!

Cotic CCCotic CC

Gaz from A Line coaching and our ambassador Dave Camus were on hand for tips & encouragement and bar a couple of tumbles, everyone had an excellent evening. We'll be running more Cotic CC events this year so sign up to the mailing list to be the first in the know and have a read about the programme in the link below.

Cotic CC

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08/01/2019 - BFe26 Play Bike Build

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To illustrate the ease of building a bit-box bike, we cobbled this BFe26 dirt-jump spec bike together with a mix of old parts. We're willing to bet there's a corner of your garage with a box of bits just waiting for a frame to hang them on? This is as simple as it comes - a mech used as a chain tensioner, one brake, flat pedals, no dropper. Perfect for the trails, pumptrack or skatepark. These are the places you play and by playing, end up a better rider. It's a win win! Our first Cotic CC owners event of 2019 happens to be at Onboard Skatepark in Sheffield and this bike will be there to use. Most of us started on a hardtail, get back to your roots and give it another bash.

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