We've worked with Cane Creek to create a Base Tune for the new Rocket275.

UPDATE: link to all base tunes on the Cane Creek website for all our droplink models

This is just the start though. The main bulk of the work to define this tune was done by Cy and he weighs around 85kg. However, for people of different weights you'll need to adjust the settings little. For example, if you're a little lighter, maybe 70-75kg, back off the Low Speed Compression and Low Speed Rebound a couple of clicks. You're lighter and therefore don't need as much support to keep the shape of the bike, and your lower spring pressure will mean you'll need a little less damping. Conversely if you're a little heavier, then see how the bike is feeling through big compressions and g-out type situations. You might need a little more High Speed Compression to slow things down a little better in those situations.

This is all before we come down to preferences of feel! If you like the odd jump or getting off the ground, then you might want a little less High Speed Rebound to get some of that spring energy comping back at you and popping the back up. If you want a more composed, stable feel, maybe you'll need to is on half a turn or more. Best advice is start with this, and then go somewhere you can do laps of without wearing yourself out and follow the excellent setup procedure in the Tuning Field Guide included with the shock. It'll take a couple of hours, but it's time well spent. You can also download the Tuning Field Guide by clicking on the button up there with the shock data, if you want to get your head around it ahead of your purchase.

Once you get used to what each one does, you can sometimes have a tweak for a given situation. Even now we'll add a couple of clicks of Low Speed Compression for something like a smooth but bermed trail where there's high load, low speed inputs, which helps keep the bike in shape a little bit, back off the High Speed Rebound if there's a few jumps, or wind it on again if it's big a choppy. It's not something we'll do every ride, or even mid-ride, but it's good to know you have options.

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