COTIC international

Cotic supply to all markets directly to consumer, so wherever you are in the world, order direct from us.

We ship complete bikes FREE to mainland Europe.

We ship complete bikes with a postage charge to USA, Canada and Australia.

We ship frames worldwide. With the exception of Ireland, there is a postage charge for frame orders.

We are waiting to hear from you via all the usual methods:

UK and Rest of the World Office Contact email is

UK and Rest of the World Office Phone is phone +44 7970 853531

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Kontakt Verkaufsagent email

Tel +494181218188

If you know which Cotic you want, the best and most efficient way is to just order straight from the website. Choose your options then at the end of the form you have the option to pay securely using SagePay on your debit or credit card. You can still use Paypal, do a bank transfer, or even ring up and give us your card details over the phone if you prefer. We're more than happy to talk! Once that's done simply sit back and wait for your order to be dispatched as soon as we can get a workshop slot to build your bike or prep your frame.

Order your Cotic frame or bike by clicking here

We ship frames, parts and spares worldwide. We ship bikes to mainland European countries and Republic of Ireland, to Mainland USA and to Canada.

When using our order forms, if outside the UK our local sales tax is removed (you will be liable for any import taxes and handling fees depending on import thresholds in your country). Most countries are covered, but if you're after shipping to a country we don't have online postage costs worked out for, just contact us for a quote.

Post Brexit Export Rules for EU Orders - 1st January 2021

UK Made Frames:

While in theory UK made frame only orders should attract Zero duty when shipped to the EU, we find that in practice it is often still charged at the 4.7% as if originating from outside the UK. You should be ready to pay this additional cost and any handling charges in your country when your order arrives.

Taiwan Made Frames:

All Taiwan made frame only orders will attract 4.7% import duty, and the associated handling fees for customs. As an example, we have calculated that a customer in the EU with a BFeMAX frame ordered will pay EUR40-50 more now.

Complete Bikes:

All Cotic bicycles attract 14% import duty. This means that with handling fees our bikes have become EUR350-600 more expensive depending on specification.

All purchases made by EU customers are now charged without 20% UK VAT. This means the price you pay Cotic will be much lower initially, but you will have VAT and the import duty and fees applied in transit, which will be payable by the customer to the courier when the frame or bike arrives.

Please remember that this is Cotic specific. We have a particular implementation because of our UK made frames and also because we sell predominantly mountain bikes. This means our bikes generally have very high value suspension bolted to them (the same, if not more than the frame cost sometimes) which is what stops us qualifying for tariff free trade on bicycles in all cases regardless of the origin of the base frame. Some other companies will have different tariff applications, because of their supply and bike spec situation.

Thanks for your time, and for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks, ciao, sláinte, merci, danke, skĺl, na zdraví, proost!

Everyone @ Cotic Bikes