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Cotic Longshot Geometry

The aim of Cotic's radical Longshot geometry is simple: Make riding bikes more fun, by making the handling so good you can be a better rider.

Longshot geometry keeps the bike stable through the rough stuff, planted in the corners and pinpoint accurate in the steep tech. It's lively and engaging, always letting you know where the bike is.

The key is building the whole sizing range around a super short 35mm stem. We optimise the head angle to balance the steering feel, and the short stem breeds incredible confidence: Like you can't tuck the front wheel. Like you can feel the contact page of the tyre through your hands. It's that good!

The cockpit length, angles and wheelbase bring incredible poise and composure, and in turn this gives you the confidence to take on the trail anywhere, any condition, any technicity. It results in test quotes such as this for our wild RocketMAX enduro bike, "when it comes to crazy speed and confidence, the RocketMAX isnít just the best bike Cotic has made, itís one of the best anyone has made."

All this didn't happen over night though. It is a story, a long time spent doing a lot of work: Testing prototypes, putting aside our preconceptions, being open to new ideas, and getting really excited at the possibilities. We have been doing this longer, lower, slacker thing longer than most - our first Longshot bike appeared in 2017.

Our Founder and Chief Designer Cy Turner sat down with Downtime Podcast to explain where Longshot came from, how it was developed, and why it's great.

You can listen, or you can watch on Youtube with diagrams illustrating some of the points

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