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05/05/2021 - New Cotic Tonic Launched

Introducing the Cotic Tonic

Today we launch the Cotic Tonic, our titanium gravel bike. Ever since we launched the Escapade back in 2014 we have had requests for a ti version. Well, wait no longer! Using the same proven geometry as the Escapade, but rendered in gorgeous polished 3Al/2.5V butted titanium, the Tonic really is our drop bar dream bike.

Cotic Tonic Titanium gravel bike

The Tonic is based on the Escapade, which has been a gravel bike since before there were gravel bikes. Our drop bar bikes have always had big clearances and discs, but we think that works just as well on road as off it. Sure you can speed it up on something like a 700x28c, but we supply the bikes with big volume 37c slicks. They roll really fast, but float over the potholes in the road and bumps in the trail. With the improved clearance provided by the latest Wide Chainline gravel cranks, you can run up to 700x44 or 650x50 Road Plus.

The frame weighs just 1,647 grams, which saves over 600 grams compared to the Escapade.

Cotic Tonic Titanium gravel bike

We have just 32 of these, and they're the only Tonics we are getting in 2021. The framesets are in stock right now for £2,199 including a Hope seatclamp and UK delivery.

At time of writing, the frames and forks are in stock. and if you want a frameset, we can ship this week.

Read all about the Tonic here…

Order your Tonic today…

03/05/2021 - We Are Open

We are open!

Despite ongoing precautions and restrictions because of Coronavirus, we remain open. We are isolating by most of us working from home, and only have one person per a room at HQ building bikes, but we are still open, still building, still talking bikes, still shipping.

We can't meet you in person yet though, so no demos, no factory collection etc.

Please note that this applies for all local customers as well: no drop-offs and no collections, sorry, all orders must be delivered.

Get in touch any time. We're here to help.

We're open Tuesday — Friday (9am — 5pm UK time) this week.

[Today is a bank holiday in the UK]

We're open Monday — Friday (9am — 5pm UK time) next week.

Keep safe and healthy

Note, dispatches are currently a bit slower than normal:

Thanks for your patience

Contact Cotic

15/04/2021 - Wes says hi

Wes's winter whip


Wes Fife was our rider on the Development Squad, then moved up to the pro team in 2019. After a year in the wild, finding himself between sponsors and without a bike, he knew the door is always open and we'd help if we could. Luckily we had an old SolarisMAX frame his kit would fit onto and he could charge the Tweed Valley on some quality steel again.

If you've never experienced the steeps above the Innerleithen Golf Course then put it right at the top of your list. One of our favourite places to ride ever and you'll be as comfortable up there on a light SolarixMAX as you would a full-fat RocketMAX.


Luckily Wes is fast enough on any bike and has loved the winter slithering about on his SolarisMAX. No pivots to clean and shock to service. The perfect sledge for the inclement months, especially on the loamy side in Cademuir where these shots were taken.

Now the clocks have changed and his new ride is on the way he's retired that frame for the time being. Maybe we'll see him back on it next winter... Or maybe we'll see you on one of our hardtail frames next winter instead?

29 or 27.5. A range of travel capabilities from 120mm to 160mm. All the tabs for bottles or bags if touring / bikepacking is your thing. A supple and sprightly ride, plus most importantly, clearance for mud; We will have a bike in our range for you.

Be like Wes; don't stop riding in winter, get a hardtail.

Thanks to Finlay Anderson for the awesome photos.

Find your next hardtail here…

Follow Wes here…

Follow Finlay here…

02/03/2021 - Wolfpack Tyres on Cotic

Introducing Wolfpack tyres

new lightweight XC/Trail option

Guy Kes Cotic FlareMAX Downcountry Project Bike 2

Today we're introducing our new tyre option: Wolfpack. These tyres are designed by the man behind a lot of Schwalbe, Conti and Specialized tyes who has started up on his own. We first became aware of them when Guy Kesteven started running them on his lightweight Downcountry FlareMAX project bike last year. He's been ripping about on these for over a year and they're still there, and he's been super impressed with them.

Over the last year we've realised that as awesome as our WTB tyre combos are, they're definitely on the heavier, grippier, larger side of things. They're brilliant for the kind of riding we do around here, but we definitely felt there was space for something lighter and livelier for more XC/trail sensibilities. We got some Wolfpack tyres in to try and we've been really pleased with them. For a start, despite having some casing protection and good grippy compound, they weigh between 300 and 400 grams per tyre less than a 2.5" WTB Slashguard tyre, so you'll be saving up to 800 grams of weight - and rotating weight at that - by going Wolfpack. Perfect for those longer, pedally rides. Solaris and FlareMAX kind of rides.

There is a whole range of Wolfpack tyres, but we have chosen a great all round package in the Trail 2.25" front and Cross 2.25" rear. Despite their good weight and great performance, these aren't some toothless XC race tyres. These are proper mountain bike tyres with decent grip. Wolfpack do several racier options than these, but we felt these offer a real sweet spot in terms of not being too specific whilst still offering plenty of speed advantage.

wolfpack tyres, cotic bikes, mountain bike, 29er xc bike wolfpack tyres, cotic bikes, mountain bike, 29er xc bike

There's a full 4.5/5 review of the Wolfpack tyres over on Bikeperfect.

From today you can order your Cotic with the Trail/Cross combo, which is a fantastic option if you need something lighter and faster for your bike, whilst still maintaining a good grippy compound and decent durability.

Order your Wolfpack Equipped Cotic today

Check our Wolfpack Tyres…

Order your Wolfpack Equipped Cotic today…

01/03/2021 - Jeht Review on Singletracks


Copyright Singletracks, cotic jeht, 140mm trail bike, review, reynolds 853, steel full suspension, 29er trail bike, uk made, uk made mountain bike

Singletracks website have just published their review of the Jeht. It's a fantastic write up and video.

"At the exact same weight as the 140mm carbon bike I recently tested, the Jeht has no issue getting up to cruising altitude. The initial suspension movement is notably supple..."

"...when you pull as hard as you can across this bike its natural springy nature comes to the fore. If you haven’t yet experienced aggressive riding on a steel bike, I would highly recommend giving it a try. This one feels fantastic."

"I didn’t expect that a steel 29er with long chainstays would be this much fun to throw around, but the Jeht is. The higher shock pressure provides a formidable spring to push against, and the return energy allows for some stupid-fun descending."

"Every bike asks to be ridden a little differently, and this one leans hard in the fun and adventure camps."

They were riding the Launch Edition Jeht, but the identical geometry Taiwan made Series Production frames are due to arrive with us any day now. An unlike a lot of bikes right now, we have some availability, as well as gorgeous new colours.

cotic jeht, 140mm trail bike, review, reynolds 853, steel full suspension, 29er trail bike, uk made, uk made mountain bikecotic jeht, 140mm trail bike, review, reynolds 853, steel full suspension, 29er trail bike, uk made, uk made mountain bike

Head over to the product page to learn more and order yours.

Cotic Jeht Product Page

Have a watch of the video below, or read the review in full over on the Singletracks website.

Click here for full Cotic Jeht Review

Read the full Singletracks review…

Order your Cotic Jeht today…

20/01/2021 - Big day out

Chamonix MTB's big day out

Copyright Chamonix MTB

Last summer our ambassador Wayne (Chamonix MTB) LINK took his Rocket on a pretty big day out. Living in the birthplace of modern mountaineering, when Wayne says it was a big day out, you'd best believe it. Have a look...

After a 7am start in Chamonix, it’s time to load up the trailer and head out to Crans Montana, Switzerland to ride the Plaine Morte. Plaine Morte is an epic trail that follows an ancient bisse/aquaduct all the way to the valley floor, ending in the town of Sion in the Swiss Valais.

Getting to the summit involves some logistics but multiple cable cars and a few hours later we are stood at almost 3000m, next to the Glacier Plaine Morte roughly translated as the dead flat glacier. Unfortunately the atmospheric cloud we ascended through managed to block the incredible view we’d been promised!

Copyright Chamonix MTB

Fortunately, we weren’t just here for the views and after a quick flowy, rocky single track ride to warm up we were straight in to the only uphill/hike a bike section of day – with 44km of descending ahead of us, a short climb was to be expected.

Shortly after arriving at Wildstrubell Refuge we were straight in to the descent and a rowdy start to the ride – a rocky, loose, off camber moonscape of a single tack laid out ahead of us.This trail definitely isn’t for the faint hearted, with steep committing chutes to descend, but the amazing surroundings help to take your mind off the tech.

By the time we reached Lac Plan des Roses the cloud was clearing so we took the chance to stop for a speedy lunch. With more than 2,000m of descending still ahead of us we kept it quick and cracked on. Leaving the loose rocky tech behind us we entered the high alpine pasture, which is less steep and a lot more flowy and fun. The beautiful Barrage de Tesuzier lies ahead and then s the fun really begins.

The bisse takes us over sketchy bridges and through small caves where a good head for heights is vital - did I mention the ride involves some via ferrata? ;-) Hike-a-biking through a network of caves definitely adds to the adventure and is actually a more recent addition to the trail - health and safety thought it might be a good idea to bring these walk/aqua ways in to the mountainside rather than tacked on to the cliffs.

After navigating the caves it’s back out into the trees, with blue skies above us and some amazingly fast singletrack under our wheels. This was a big day but it was well worth it - 45km, 2900m of descending and around 500m of climbing throughout the day, together with the views and the trail, made for one hell of an amazing ride!

Follow Wayne's adventures here…

12/01/2021 - Confirmed Post-Brexit Situation

Well, it took a few days of digging to get there, but we finally have our new working practices in place for our EU customers. We contacted all our customers individually that had orders already placed with deposits last week, as we wanted to make sure they understood their situation fully.


EU Exports - New Rules

Before I get into this in detail, please remember that this is Cotic specific. We have a particular implementation because of our UK made frames and also because we sell predominantly mountain bikes. This means our bikes generally have very high value suspension bolted to them (the same, if not more than the frame cost sometimes) which is what stops us qualifying for tariff free trade on bicycles in all cases regardless of the origin of the base frame. Some other companies will have different tariff applications, because of their supply and bike spec situation. So, without further ado, this is what you can now expect from Cotic:

UK Made Frames

UK made frame only orders (so that is currently RocketMAX and Rocket) attract Zero duty when shipped to the EU. This is regardless of the damper specified, and can also stretch to include headset and BB and certain other items usually associated with "frame only" orders, mainly because in the vast majority of cases it involves UK made Hope parts.

Taiwan Made Frames

All Taiwan made frame only orders will attract 4.7% import duty, and the associated handling fees for customs. As an example, we have calculated that a customer in the EU with a BFeMAX frame ordered will pay EUR40-50 more now.

Complete Bikes

All Cotic bicycles attract 14% import duty. This means that with handling fees our bikes have become EUR350-600 more expensive depending on specification.

The flip side of this in our home market is that this also works the other way, and our European based competitors bikes have increased in price by 20% or more, which means we are now more price competitive in our home market. Silver linings and all that...

All purchases made by EU customers are now charged without 20% UK VAT. This means the price you pay Cotic will be much lower initially, but you will have VAT and the import duty and fees applied in transit, which will be payable by the customer to the courier when the frame or bike arrives.



If you live in the EU and already have an order on with us for a frame or bike, then shipping is still included in the price and we will honour that regardless of what happens in the next few weeks.

We aim to continue with that with new orders, but we are keeping an eye on pricing. At the moment the prices remain similar to pre-Brexit, but some services such as DPD Road is currently suspended whilst they figure out their new border operating procedures, and the other services available are currently giving out 11-14 day transit times. Again, I suspect this is due to needing new and more involved operating procedures at borders. It will improve over time as the new rules settle in, but we reserve the right to increase shipping fees if we see major increases on our usual services.

So that's it. Thanks for your patience, and as always, we're on the end of an email or the phone if you're unsure about anything. We're happy to talk things through.



Founder and Director

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08/01/2021 - Cotic Global CC

Cotic Global CC

The chances are, if you're reading this mail, then you own or have owned a Cotic. Whether it was a brand-spanker or pre-loved, you are already in the Global Cotic Cycling Club (CC). Pretty simple initiation process huh? We've been running events, rides & parties for a few years now but obviously 2020 put a kibosh on most of that for now. In the meantime we want to expand the reach and hopefully spark some other owner-run events in regions far from our HQ. Here's where you come in...

We want your stories. Personal, happy, sad, informative, inspirational, reflective or random. On-topic, off-topic, long or short. Motivational or morose. A love letter or a diss track.

Where were you when you first got “that” feeling? Where’s the one place on the planet you call home? What have you been through to get exactly where you are today? What’s been your biggest loss or your biggest gain?

We want to hear about the ride that changed your life (for better or worse). We want to hear how you got into riding - or even the just outdoors. How you would encourage people into outside spaces - and how to reach those people? Who’s influenced you? Does your job affect how you approach your sport or is your sport your job? What was your first bike? Or maybe it isn’t about riding at all…? What one thing would you like to share with this planet if you had the chance?

Pictures are a huge part of this project so add some colour to your reply with a handful of memories. Attach a current portrait (if you’re comfortable with that) and any other photos that give some extra depth to the words. Take your time digging.

Your location is super important - this shouldn’t be your house of course, but your local spot or city. The place you’re at now. For example if you're from Ireland but now live in Germany, tag the spot in Germany. Somewhere we can drop a pin on our map.

Lastly, if you’d like to carry on the work, build a scene or invite others to your world, leave your social media tag or email and we’ll include it so people can make those connections.

Thank you for being a part of this. We can’t wait to hear your tales. Please email us at and we promise to read all your submissions.

Visit our map here…

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