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08/10/2021 - Jo Shwe Ambassador

No way... It's Jo Shwe!

Jo Jeht

Jo is the newest addition to our roster of awesome ambassadors. Hailing from Essex, now in Wakefield, Jo is a teacher at a Pupil Referral Unit and one of the main instigators of the Trash Mob Academy.

Jo JehtJo JehtJo JehtJo Jeht

Jo got in touch with Dom from Trash Free Trails back in 2020, asking to use their logo on a set of lesson plans she was developing to help her kids. Things snowballed very quickly and we ended up working very closely on the Trash Mob academy project and through that got to know Jo better.

Her passion for connecting her pupils with nature and easy-going attitude when faced with all manner of issues is what endeared her to us. Jo is working with us to bring cycling & nature to more diverse communities who might not feel like they have a voice in this area. More people on bikes is only ever going to be a good thing. You can read about the TFT project here.

Jo Jeht

She was introduced to mtb by her partner Gavin and has since spent more than a lot of time riding her bike in the mountains of France and the mini-mountains of the Peak District. After riding a FlareMAX on one of the many sessions at Leeds Urban Bike Park, she was convinced that a Cotic would be her next bike but with a few bikepark and uplift trips planned, a Jeht was a better choice.

Jo Jeht
Jo JehtJo JehtJo JehtJo Jeht

"Joey Jeht" was put together around a Gold Eagle build - Cane Creek suspension, Hunt wheels & WTB tyres. Burgtec finishing kit is on its way but since she was keen to just get out on the new bike, we found some spare bits to get her rolling.

Who is Jo?

Profession/passion: Work within an alternative provision for students with Social Emotional mental health needs and have been excluded from mainstream education. It is my professional passion. I am also a passionate Trash Free Trails ambassador that loves to incorporate their core values and nature connection into my teaching.

First bike: Pink Ladies Rayleigh Zest, got it second hand brakes only worked for me and only had 4 working gears… I was the only one that loved the bike 😍💗

Current bike: Cotic Jeht 😍🖤😍

Favourite trail: The Return ride from Morzine to Les Gets

Dream trail: Not sure… somewhere in BC or New Zealand would be a dream to ride.

Best mtb invention in the last 10 years: Good E-bikes - I’ve seen so many people being able to continue riding thanks to them.

Pick two cyclists from history to be your parents: Missy Giove and John Tomac

If you could be anyone for a day who would it be: I’m quite happy being me right now… although I’d love to be the person who knows all the government secrets… that would be cool 😎

If you could do another job for a day what would it be: Food Critic on Master Chef

What would be the title of your autobiography: Just Jo…

One thing people probably won't know about you: I used to be in a street dance hip hop crew and I’m really good at chess. (I know that’s 2 😝) xx

We're super stoked that Jo is part of our crew. Cotic ambassadors all bring something a little different to the table. Click on the links below the photo to have a read about our awesome family and follow their adventures on our socials.

ambassadors comp


Trash Free Trails…

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08/10/2021 - Bike Fit Part 2

chatting bike fit part 2

Saddle Height

This is your saddle position in the highest point (dropper up) for good pedalling. There's a rule of thumb called The Lemond Method where you measure your inseam in millimetres, multiply by 0.883 and this a good start.

As with everything human and bike related, there are variables. I (Cy) had a professional bike fit this year (to try and sort out my decade old rubbish right knee), and my saddle height was brought down from where I had had it for years at 815mm, to 807mm from BB centre to saddle top.

Using the Lemond Method, in bare feet it gives me 799mm. In my cycling shoes it gives me 816mm. All of this is affected by your crank length. I run my saddle at 804mm on my gravel bike, because the cranks are 5mm longer than on my mountain bike, but the pedals are thicker so the foot platform is closer to the saddle. See? Lots of little variables. However, what I would say is that based on my own experience, doing the Lemond calculation for bare feet and then cycling shoes and going somewhere in the middle would be a great place to start.

If you're keen on a pro bike-fit and are in the Sheffield area, I can highly recommend Fit4Physio. Otherwise, ask around your friends and see who has a good reputation in your area.

Women of Steel

Saddle Position

Another outcome of my bike fit was to push my saddle forward to help reduce the torque on my knees. This is something that's becoming easier on modern mountain bikes as seat angles are steeper than they were a few years ago. One thing I didn't do at the same time was change my saddle angle. Because I had quite a rearward saddle position (because I've been riding for years it's where I've come from and what I'm used to) I would have quite an angled down saddle at the nose, so take pressure off and makes things comfortable.

When I moved my saddle forward, I was sat up straighter and my hips were more open. After a few weeks I had a really stiff back, and after chatting to Fit4Physio., and a bit of experimenting I found that it was my saddle angle. I was having to hold myself really stiff through my back which made it sore. I adjusted the angle, tipped the nose up a little and basically rode it better in a couple of rides. There's an element of my being middle aged and therefore stiffer and more sensitive to these things, but it's a lesson we can all learn. If you are having back trouble, try moving your saddle a little for a couple of rides. Move it forward, seeing how it goes. Tip the nose up a little, see how that goes. Don't like it? Tip it down and see how that goes. A little bit of experimenting goes a long way, and in this more than any other thing, EVERYONE is different.

Contact Points

Saddle and grips are key to any cyclist. For the saddle, we have been really impressed with the WTB Fit Right system which helps you identify the correct saddle width based on your wrist measurement. Sounds mad, but it really works. Saddles are also quite counter-intuitive. My wife used to run quite a wide, thick padded comfort saddle, but on longer rides it would actually get less comfortable. We used the Fit Right to find a WTB Speed She saddle. It's still quite deeply padded, but it's much smaller and narrower than her old saddle, and also much more comfortable. At the other end of the scale, just because your female, doesn't mean you necessarily need a women's specific saddle. My youngest daughter is only 13 and quite slim built, and based on the Fit Right measurements would actually suit a medium width men's saddle. At it happened the suggested size was pretty much the same as the Fabric Scoop saddles we stock, and it really suits her. Much more than the WTB Speed She, which was really a bit too wide.


There's a lot of saddle chat on women's cycling groups! It's a much debated topic, and so different for everyone. I find that the WTB Deva saddle works for me and Cotic ambassador Kelly-Jayne likes the WTB Koda saddle. Saddle height was something I found took a little while to get perfect when I first starting out cycling, perhaps a combination of things contributing to this - shiny new Five Tens and trying out different saddles! If you aren't sure about your saddle, see if you can borrow a couple from friends. Some brands and shops even do demo saddles now, so ask around.

Discomfort in saddle height or saddle angle can show up in your lower back or as knee pain, so it's worth spending time to experiment as Cy says, get it right to avoid any injuries.


Stretch! Move!

An often overlooked part of fitting your bike better. Stretching, more flexibility and mobility is the best way to pain-free and more enjoyable riding. Do something. Rich and Paul here at Cotic use one of the Youtube yoga channels. I (Cy) learnt a lot during Strength and Conditioning training over the years, combined with physio mandated specifics. Hannah used to dance so has a lot of experience from that and finds working stretching into your day the best way - waiting for the kettle to boil? Have a quick stretch! Advert break? Stretch! Little and often.

I have always stretched before a ride, but now I do a few minutes morning and evening (see also: stupid stiffening middle aged body). Throw in a few exercises. Do 5 minutes, it doesn't have to be loads before you feel the difference. We cannot recommend it highly enough. It's different for everyone, and it's always worth changing things up to keep it fresh, but the key thing is to do it.

There's quite a lot in this one, but we felt it was all very interconnected, so worth mentioning it all.

Look out for the next bike fit tips!

Women of Steel Facebook group…

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04/10/2021 - Amazing Review of the Cotic FlareMAX Gen4 on off-road-cc flaremax review have had a FlareMAX on review and they absolutely loved it.

Cotic FlareMAX off-road-cc review, cotic flaremax, 29er mountain bike, uk made, downcountry mountain bike, short travel ripper, reynolds 853, steel full suspension

"The Cotic FlareMAX G4 is a down-country bike that refuses to be pigeonholed. Thanks to a respectfully lengthy geometry, huge range of custom options and wide fork travel optimisation, it's a versatile bike for many different riders, and it's tough not to like."

Cotic FlareMAX off-road-cc review, cotic flaremax, 29er mountain bike, uk made, downcountry mountain bike, short travel ripper, reynolds 853, steel full suspension Cotic FlareMAX off-road-cc review, cotic flaremax, 29er mountain bike, uk made, downcountry mountain bike, short travel ripper, reynolds 853, steel full suspension

It's a fantastic review and well worth a read, as Liam really "got" the bike. Understood what it was all about.

"For a bike running 125mm of travel, I've been incredibly impressed at what this bike is capable of. It's a monster on the climbs...."

" can't go wrong with the Cotic FlareMAX."

Click Here to Read the Full Review

UK Launch Edition frames are in stock now, as are XT build kits. Bikes start from £3830 for the Silver XT build, with other options including the same build as the test bike available right now. You could be riding by the weekend.

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Order your FlareMAX bike from GBP3830 here …

04/10/2021 - We Are Open

We are open!

Despite ongoing precautions and restrictions because of Coronavirus, we remain open. We are isolating by most of us working from home, and only have one person per a room at HQ building bikes, but we are still open, still building, still talking bikes, still shipping.

We can't meet you in person yet though, so no demos, no factory collection etc.

Please note that this applies for all local customers as well: no drop-offs and no collections, sorry, all orders must be delivered.

Get in touch any time. We're here to help.

We're open Monday — Friday (9am — 5pm UK time) this week.

Keep safe and healthy

Note, we have been working hard to catch up with bike builds, and dispatch times are now more normal if you ordering in stock builds:

Thanks for your patience

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29/09/2021 - Bike Fit Part 1

chatting bike fit part 1

Bike fit is a big subject, and we are all still learning about it. A recent conversation with Hannah sparked the idea for some helpful how-to's on this subject. We were chatting about my kids bikes. This year my two daughters graduated onto full suspension bikes. Both girls now ride a Small sized FlareMAX, but each bike is tailored quite differently to suit the rider. In discussing this with Hannah, we realised that although they're similar heights to her [OK, who am I kidding? They're both taller than me now...Hannah] we all have different set-ups and preferences, it isn't a one-size-set-up-fits-all and there isn't a magic answer in bike set up. Even for a bike designer, it is a trial and error, give things a go process, especially when helping less experienced riders with totally different proportions fit their bikes.

Out of all this grew the idea for a short series of explainers and tips from Hannah and I for making your bike work better for you. This first one is about bar width and cockpit setup.

Cy's bar set up

Bar Width

It stands to reason that if you're on the shorter end of height spectrum, you probably won't need bars quite so wide. We offer two options with our bikes as a stock offering - 780 uncut, and 750 cut down. However, we cut them to order, so if you know you prefer something narrower, just let us know.

At the moment we supply Cotic Calver bars in 25mm rise, and on the 29er bikes you might prefer something a little lower. We can get the optional Renthal bars down to 10mm rise, and if you have a set of favourite bars you can always send those in to us to fit onto your new bike. Remember, it's Your Bike Built For You.


As an example, my youngest daughter Cara (13) is 5ft 6in, but really prefers narrower bars. She's not super strong, and doesn't ride very often, so wide bars just make her shoulders ache. She runs 700mm wide bars flat bars and I put a couple of spacers under the stem to lift them a little to make it more comfortable for seated pedalling. My eldest daughter Lauren (15) is a little shorter at 5ft 5in, but is a totally different body shape and likes a little higher and wider front end. She uses Race Face 12mm rise bars cut to 740mm with the stem on it's lowest setting with no spacers under it.

At the other end of the scale, at 6ft 3in on an XL RocketMAX, I run a 25mm rise Calver bar cut to 770mm so it measures 780mm across the ends of the grips. I run a 5mm spacer under the stem. I've tried 38mm rise bars, and although they're comfortable for steep descents, I found them really hard work on my back on climbs, like my hands weren't low enough so I was kind of 'pushing' them up rather than 'pulling' back strongly on the bars to brace my pedalling effort. Paul recently found similar when jumping on a Jeht demo bike where a customer had previously put 20mm of spacers under the stem.

Over to Hannah....

On my Small Flare (27.5" wheels, so it has a lower front end stack height than the FlareMAX Cy's kids ride) I run 760mm bars when measured across the grips. It's suited me up to now, but I recently tried Lauren's FlareMAX and enjoyed the 740's, so I'm going to give something a little narrower a try. As I'm still relatively new to mountain biking, I assumed that slightly sore shoulders were possibly just part and parcel of riding (which up to a point they are - Middle Aged Editor), so I'll be keen to see if a slightly narrower setup feels more comfortable for longer.

Here I am with my Flare!

Hannah S Bike check

Kind of opposite to what Cy and Paul found for their setups, I run 25mm rise Calver bars with 20mm of spacers under the stem. I really like an upright riding position, and it suits me. I think it's possibly my background riding horses, but it works for me. That said, on Lauren's bike (the 29er), the stem is right down and the bars felt about the same as on my 27.5" bike.


As you can see, there's no hard or fast rules for bar width or height, but a bit of experimentation is key.

Firstly - height. All Cotic's are supplied with 20mm of spacers on the steerer for adjustment, and even if your bike doesn't have this much, it's worth trying out with what adjustment you do have. If you are on the shorter end of the height spectrum - particularly if you ride a 29er - get that stem as low as possible and see how that feels. If it feels good and you might want to go lower, see if any of your riding buddies have lower rise or flat bars in their spares box you could borrow for a ride or two. Going too low with very wide bars can limit your ability to lean the bike, so do just think about how the bike is working. It's so quick to change you can even do it on the trail if you like.

If you are a little taller, try the extremes of adjustment and see how it feels. Which do you prefer? You'll soon figure out where the compromise lies.

Width - Obviously cutting bars down is a very permanent change to a component on your bike, so if you think you might get on with narrower bars and want to try it, here's a little hack: buy some cheap double clamp lock on grips with open ends. You can now fit these and slide them in from the ends of your bars without cutting them for a few rides, to see where you feel comfortable. Just remember to measure from the end of the bar to the grip and make it even on both sides. You might have to be a little careful between the trees whilst you are trying this out, but it's a small thing compared to trashing a set of bars by cutting too narrow. Also this way, you can try a couple of different options and see what you like most. The key thing is to try it for 3 rides at least to make sure you feel any differences fully. Once you are happy, cut the bars down.

Women of Steel

That's it for the first instalment. We'll be doing these every week or so for a while to cover a bunch of subjects, and get you feeling better on your bike. And we really want this to be a conversation, so do reply to this email and ask some specific questions if you have them. We're here to help.

Women of Steel Facebook group…

Contact Us To Discuss…

28/09/2021 - Silver Shimano XT 12 Speed Bikes In Stock Now.


Introducing the Silver XT droplink builds, this could be your new bike, dispatched within a week.


As you probably know, every Cotic bike is built by us at our Peak District HQ. Thanks to this flexible way of operating, we are able to adapt to the challenging supply situation in the bike industry at the moment.

We've put together a build for both the FlareMAX and the Jeht based around a Shimano XT 1x12 drivetrain, and using Rockshox Revelation RC forks, Deluxe Select+ shock and Shimano MT620 wheels.

The RocketMAX Silver XT build uses the Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate fork.

FlareMAX or Jeht - Silver XT build - £3830

RocketMAX - Silver XT build - £4320

Order today, ride it next week. Get in while you can.


Order your RocketMAX Silver XT bike here…

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Order your FlareMAX Silver XT bike here…

17/09/2021 - Cotic x Trash Free Trails



That is the single word used to describe why an organisation like Trash Free Trails exists. A disconnection with yourself, nature and the planet is what leads to the spiralling litter problem we see all around us.

The act of reading this little piece shows that you’re more than likely already aware of the problems and quite probably upset at seeing the state of our trails & wild spaces. Trash Free Trails hope to reconnect people with the environment and therefore move us (and ultimately corporations) into practices that benefit nature and ourselves, rather than harm it.

Dom Ferris, the main instigator / pied piper / spark maker got in touch back in 2018 asking for support to raise awareness for his new idea “Trash Free Trails”. We hooked him up with a bike, a few contacts and left him be, to work out where the idea would take him. We’ve been hanging out in the wings of the organisation since then, helping out where we can, trying to find our place and work out how best to utilise our resources.

In 2020 Dom called to say he had started working with a teacher in Wakefield called Jo. Jo was piloting a scheme at her pupil referral unit; kids with a range of issues - difficulties with conventional learning, sometimes fragile home situations, a lack of decent role models and often anti-authoritarian behaviour. The 6 lessons held in the classroom and at Leeds Urban Bike park with a professional coach, aimed to (obviously) pick up a load of litter & single use plastic from the trails, give them some MTB skills and most importantly reconnect them with nature. This initiative is called the Trash Mob Academy and has been the most meaningful project I’ve [Baybutt] spent my time working on since joining Cotic. As part of Cotic’s involvement, I went to photograph some of the sessions and from the very first trip I realised they were onto something special. As adults we recognise the warm glow of doing a good deed - sometimes for purely selfish reasons of wanting to feel good in yourself (Responsible Hedonism) and most of the time, recognising a problem whether that be on a macro or global level, and wanting to change it for the greater good. Seeing that spark of inspiration & care manifest in someone right before your eyes is quite something. This was literally IT. The best day at school ever.

So with our involvement with TFT ratified, it’s opened the doors to a huge host of opportunities. In the last 12 months we’ve organised trail cleans at Greno, Parkwood & Bolehills, attended the State of our Trails summit in Anglesea, helped host the Trash Mob Academy tour where we travelled to trail spots around the UK promoting the format of the lesson plans to teachers and mentors, and worked on a film detailing the project to be premiered at bike night during Kendal Mountain Film Festival.

Last weekend I attended my first A-Team gathering where TFT organised a whole host of activities to bring together all the people who are directly responsible for creating, organising and nurturing the trail cleans and their associated projects. The creative & caring minds that Dom has accrued is phenomenal and working with such a group is both a privilege and a pleasure.

TFT has done some brilliant work in its short few years and there’s a lot more coming. Hopefully we’ll reach a point when organisations like this aren’t needed but connecting people with nature feels like a life-long mission, of which I’m more than glad to be a part of.

If you want any more information about the Trash Mob then have a look at this link and keep an eye out for the film coming soon.

Best day at school ever…

State of our trails base line study…

Join the Trash Mob…

17/09/2021 - Gold Shimano XT 12 Speed Bikes In Stock Now.


Some good news for your Friday. We have some bikes in stock, right now!

Thanks to our 'Your Bike Build for You' policy, we are able to offer an almost infinite combination of parts to build up bikes with.

We've put together some Gold Shimano XT builds using parts we have on the shelves at the moment, which you can order today, for delivery in a matter of days.

Take that, 2021!

SID Blue

We have a limited number of Shimano XT 12 speed groupsets in the building, and recently had a drop of Rockshox forks meaning we can offer complete builds on our UK made FlareMAX, Jeht and RocketMAX bikes.

This means if you order one of these builds today, we can build your bike next week and you could be hitting the trails on a brand new Cotic next weekend.

Do you need a new Enduro bike? The RocketMAX Gold XT build uses Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate forks, Cane Creek Kitsuma shock and Hunt TrailWide wheels for £4999. You could also opt for the Rockshox Deluxe Select+ shock option for £4599.

RocketMAX Hasselblad

Looking for a more all round trail bike? You need the Jeht.

The Jeht Gold XT build uses Rockshox Pike Ultimate forks, Cane Creek Air IL shock and Hunt TrailWide wheels for £4649.

We also have Rockshox Revelation RC forks and Deluxe Select+ shocks bringing the price down to £4199.

Metal Jeht

For a more pedal friendly downcountry whippet that can still look after you when the going gets rowdy, go for the FlareMAX.

The Gold XT FlareMAX build uses Rockshox Revelation RC forks and Deluxe Select+ shock, which are in the building now, for £4199.

We will have a delivery of SID Ultimate forks and Cane Creek Air IL shocks due early October, which would make the build £4649.

Cotic Wheelie

As usual, if you have any questions please get in touch.

You could be enjoying the end of summer and the loamy Autumn trails on a brand new Cotic full suspension bike. Our Allen keys are ready, we'll look out for your order.

Order your RocketMAX XT bike here…

Order your Jeht XT bike here…

Order your FlareMAX XT bike here…

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