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27/02/2024 - New Solaris photos

New European built Solaris


The first of our European built Solaris frames have now been assembled into bikes at Cotic HQ in Chesterfield and dispatched to our most patient customers. Those of you that held fast and waited for these... we can only thank you. For those still thinking about getting on board... we've taken some fresh studio photos so you can get a closer look...

Solaris in EmberSolaris in Forest

More frames arrive in March... but don't wait, some options are already sold though completely, and other options are running low. This is especially true for options for taller riders... if you've after a C5 (our largest size), get your order in as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

Solaris in EmberSolaris in EmberSolaris in EmberSolaris in EmberSolaris in EmberSolaris in Ember
New European built Solaris

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26/02/2024 - Opening Times


Chesterfield Showroom and HQ bike demos

Our Chesterfield showroom is open 4 days a week:

Wednesday — Friday (10am — 4pm)

Saturday (9:30am — 4:30pm)

Find us at:

Cotic Bikes
Unit 1B Broom Business Park
Bridge Way
S41 9QG

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Office Hours

We are open for emails and phone calls:

Monday — Friday (9am — 5pm UK time)

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21/02/2024 - Cotic Says No To Titanium

Cotic Says No To Titanium

This one came out of a conversation I had with a very good Cotic customer last week when he dropped by the showroom. This guy has bought a few Cotic's (for which we are very grateful!) and had bought a couple of used examples of the recent titanium frames we have done; the SodaMAX and the Tonic. Over a coffee he was asking me if we had plans for a ti Cascade, and my answer took me by surprise!

Ti frames - shiny but harmful

I think what surprised me wasn't that I said "no, we're not doing a ti Cascade", but the reasons I gave. I have come to realise a lot of why we aren't doing titanium anymore isn't commercial, or quality assurance (although both are issues), it's that it doesn't sit well with Cotic anymore.

We've always used steel because we love the fact you can build really durable, long lasting frames out of them. Before we even did a Sustainability Statement for the business, we intuitively knew and liked the way our bikes aren't "disposable", which had to be better for our planet.

Once we realised - through the great work of Reynolds and Trek's sustainability reports - that steel is the lowest impact material you can make a bike out of, it all clicked. Add to this the fact that as offroad cyclists we are very aware of our surroundings and the changing climate, it left us wanting to run Cotic in a way that consistently strives to lower our environmental impact.

Steel has three key attributes which help us keep our impact low:

If you're interested, our Reduced Impact Statement is over on the website.

Cotic Reduced Impact Statement here

Cotic Cascade - Awesome steeliness

But when you consider titanium, it misses two of steel's big attributes, and is marginal on the third.

As an aside, it's worth noting carbon fibre is:

Titanium might not be quite a dirty as carbon fibre, but it is a very high environmental impact material. As a result, it simply doesn't fit with what we want a Cotic to be anymore.

The lowest impact frame we make: The Escapade UK 853 uses a majority of UK sourced tubing, and its built and painted close to Cotic. Minimising supply distances is another key to reducing impact.

It you have a titanium Cotic, we're not berating you though! Hey, we had them made and sold it to you in the first place! But we've learnt a little more now, and decided that it's not for us anymore. The best thing you can do to minimise its impact - now we have built it and you have it - is to use it as much as possible for as long as possible. They are lovely things that will last years and years.

Ultimately we won't make another titanium frame - or stainless steel as it leaves a similarly large dent in our planet too - but we will continue to make amazing, beautiful, tough, long lasting steel bikes you can love for ages.

Get your lovely low impact Cotic here

I know lots of my riding buddies who take the view that "it's just one bike, what's the harm?", but it's one of tens or hundreds of thousands of carbon or titanium bikes and parts that are made. If people didn't buy them, brands wouldn't make them. But by the same token, I think brands are being disingenuous to hide behind "it's what people want". Sometimes you have to do what you believe is right and take the lead.

We're not perfect, and I know we have a carbon fork on the Escapade, but we're trying to be better every time we make a decision. As we continue to learn and develop as a company, we will continue to work towards building the best bikes with the lowest impact.


Cy Turner

Founder and Director

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08/02/2024 - Kelly Film


07/02/2024 - New built in Britain steel gravel bike - Cotic Escapade UK 853

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Escapade UK 853, reynolds 853, lifestyle, gravel, road, cycling, mountain biking, bikes, steel bicycle


Escapade UK 853, reynolds 853, lifestyle, gravel, road, cycling, mountain biking, bikes, steel bicycle


Just launched! Our Escapade UK 853 limited edition gravel frame is manufactured and painted in very small batches, right here in the UK. As well as the fetching matte Cirrus colour scheme shown above, our small batch UK production allows for an "A La Carte Colour" option (for an additional £150), which allows you to pick two colours from the palette of Cotic colours shown below.

You can choose the base colour and the colour for the logos. This allows for 100 different colour schemes, all available in either matte or gloss finish. Your dream bike in your own colour scheme using your favourite Cotic colours...

Army GreenArmy Green (RAL 6003)

BlackBlack (RAL 9005)

EmberEmber (RAL 2011)

ForestForest (RAL 6004)

Light MetalLight Metal (RAL 9006)

MetalMetal (RAL 9023)

Navy BlueNavy Blue (RAL 5011)

Sunny YellowSunny Yellow (RAL 1028)

TealTeal (RAL 5021)

WhiteWhite (RAL 9003)

Escapade UK 853 product page…

07/02/2024 - Cotic CC Beat the Winter Blues Ride Report 2024

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Beat the Winter Blues

Beat the Blues 2024

A couple of weeks back we held one of our favourite Cotic CC rides, the annual Beat the Winter Blues Ride.

Now a firm fixture in our calendar, and one of the best attended owner's rides of the year, the 2024 edition was a great day out on the bikes.

It was also one of the warmest yet. We normally have to fight through snow at least once on this ride, but this year the jackets were taken off pretty much as soon as we left the car park. Assembling at the Traveller's Rest pub just outside Hope in the Peak District, Cy almost had a tear in his eye seeing so many eager Cotic owners chomping to ride.

There was a great mix of bikes from Souls to RocketMAXs, with plenty of familiar faces and some new friends too. We span up the quiet lanes and disused railways to the Ladybower Dam, before beginning the long and technical climb up to Whinstonlee Tor. It starts with a punch; loose and steep, but fairly soon the gradient eases with lots of fun line choice if you want it. Big views are over the reservoirs are well earned, and we had lots of height to loose.

The descent we rode from this point is usually done the other way round as a climb, as it has quite a few gates. With a squad of us Cotic staff on hand though, we dropped in ahead of the group to hold the gates open. It makes for a screaming descent; deep ruts and surprise drop offs in the first section, flat out with tonnes of lines in the middle before techy bedrock sections and a scary flagstones finish. It was awesome!

Beat the Blues 2024Beat the Blues 2024

Next up we cruised round the water's edge and climbed up a steady fire road to a classic Peaks descent, Hagg Berms. Paul and I hadn't clocked that Cy had already dropped in to get the gate part way down, so we dropped in with the intension of doing some gate duty, but got a surprise full run down! It's a trail of two halves as you can rail the corners up top with minimal braking, but the lower section gets seriously loose and scary with the speed you carry in. Despite a loud clang from my rear wheel, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one, we all got down without damage and grinning like idiots.

We then climbed up a fairly steep and sometimes technical bridleway through gorgeous woodland, up to the Hope Cross. At this point the group split, with some riders razzing down the Roman Road back to Hope, and others opting for a lap of The Beast, one of the best descents in the Peak District. It's a classic trail which is great at this time of year as it is mostly on big lumps of grippy gritstone bedrock. It's fast and rough with some great line options. However this did mean we had to climb up again to get home!

Right at the bottom of the climb, local lad Chris's Jeht picked up a huge stick and smashed his mech hanger off. I hung back to assist, with the added benefit of a good rest before the appropriately named Sh*t B*stard climb! A fresh Syntace bolt in there and it was all fixed. With heart rates lowered, we cruised up for the final descent.


Right at the bottom of the climb, local lad Chris's Jeht picked up a huge stick and smashed his mech hanger off. I hung back to assist, with the added benefit of a good rest before the appropriately named Sh*t B*stard climb! A fresh Syntace bolt in there and it was all fixed. With heart rates lowered, we cruised up for the final descent.

It was a bit of a breezy run down the Aston bridleway, but the last section once you're off the open hillside is scary fast, especially with some more well placed Cotic staff to hold those gates open!


Pints and chatter in the pub after a winter ride is always nice, and this year we had the added bonus of not needing to thaw out quite as much.

We're keen to do more Cotic CC things this year, and would love your suggestions for where to host some rides. Pretty much anywhere in the UK is on the cards once spring and summer get going, so please get in touch. Uplift days, short rides, long rides, gravel rides, MTB rides; we're up for it all.

Big thanks to everyone who joined us on the Beat the Blues ride this year, if you like the sound of a day out with us and bunch of other like minded Cotic owners, get in touch to discuss your new Cotic.

Remember, if you own a Cotic, you're in the club.

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24/01/2024 - Announcing the brand new 2024 colour for the RocketMAX

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Matte Copper Orange

New Matte Copper Orange 2024 colour for RocketMAX Gen4

UPDATE: Frames and bikes leaving for customers

The second batch of Copper Orange RocketMAX frames have arrived, and are on their way to customers who ordered them early. We have a few C2 frames left for stock. For all other sizes, it's best to RESERVE your frame as they tend to be all sold before they are built. Don't wait 'till your size is showing "in stock", as these are currently pretty much built to order... or sold before fabrication and painting of them is complete.

New Matte Copper Orange 2024 colour for RocketMAX Gen4

Our flagship model, the RocketMAX, gets a fresh lick of paint for next year, and what a paint it is!

The framebuilding wizards up at Five Land Bikes in Scotland have nailed it with this one, a gorgeous metallic dark orange colour with a matte finish. We've been drooling over this bike since it landed in our HQ, and now you can order yours.

Due into stock in March 2024, you can pre-order frames and complete bikes now with just a 20% deposit.

New Matte Copper Orange 2024 colour for RocketMAX Gen4

The classy Light Metal colourway continues due to its popularity, and C1 and C2 are in stock ready to go. You could be riding one of these awesome enduro machines within 2 weeks.

We have just one Stealth Gritstone frame in stock in C1, which is reduced a little at £2099 for the frame with Rockshox Deluxe Select+ shock. Get in touch if you'd like to bag yourself the last one of these, this colour won't be restocked.

New Matte Copper Orange 2024 colour for RocketMAX Gen4Gloss Light Metal 2024 colour RocketMAX Gen4Stealth Gritstone 2023 colour RocketMAX Gen4

The RocketMAX is perfect for riding big mountains, long and technical descents, bikeparks and racing enduro. It's also perfectly capable of dispatching technical climbs too, being developed in the Peak District this is essential for all our bikes.

As always we are on hand to advise and answer all your questions, whether you're unsure on sizing or which build would suit you best; just get in touch to chat things through.

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09/01/2024 - Kelly Premier

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Our latest piece of work, directed by the inimitable Liam Higgins / @dsplaced and our Cotic Women of Steel heroine Kelly-Jayne Collinge is in the can.


First things first... the Kelly premier in February... get your ticket...

Buy your ticket now - click here

Kelly Jayne-Collinge has been riding off road since 2015, and in that time, has been nothing but a positive force for fun, inclusion, equity and opportunities. It was for this reason we have been supporting her since 2017. She embodies everything we want the brand to be. She's the first person to say yes and more importantly, the first person to say “no, that isn't right”. The adventures she undertakes have left everyone breathless and more than a little envious, but those come her way purely by her being one of the most hard-working, genuine and authentic people you're likely to meet.

In 2020 when she became pregnant with her son Atlas, the anxiety of impending motherhood weighed heavily. This wasn't helped by the desertion of brands and relationships that she had worked earnestly to cultivate. Ambassadors exist to promote their brands, but brands also need to champion their people. In this regard, some more-than fumbled. Some of her sponsors showed their true colours by treating pregnancy as an illness, instead of leaning into the miraculous and life-changing wonder that it is.

Kelly Escapade

Her embrace of motherhood combined with her pre-existing love of cycling has grown in parallel with Atlas. As he's become more mobile, the adventures have become even longer-legged, including multiple bike-packing overnighters and shotgun-seat pump track visits. Kelly highlights that the information for new female cyclists is severely lacking; let alone pregnant ones or new mothers. The relatively recent creation of accessible routes and women-only riding groups has been a huge boon, and certainly helped Kelly step into her new chapter of life with renewed confidence, or at least a little less trepidation. Her work with Komoot has only strengthened this resolve.

Mother and Child

Cotic is a small team, built on trust and integrity, so it was inconceivable to 'let her go due to her impending arrival'. Kelly came to us looking for solutions which would help her retain her independence, freedom and (literal) vehicle for escape. The solutions weren't complicated! If you stay true to yourself, everything else will work itself out.

The Hideaway

So the premier - Wednesday 7th February 2024 - We've gone all out on this one. We've hired an amazing space in Sheffield called The Hideaway for the evening. Once you come up the stairs you'll be greeted with a warm, inviting bar with plenty of seats and a great selection of drinks - avec or sans alcohol. Further through the room is the open kitchen where you'll be served a beautiful curry, rice bhajis, samosas along with chutneys & raita. Once you've got your drink & food sorted, we'll be showing a couple of short films, followed by the star of the night "Kelly". It's about 15 minutes long.

Following that, we'll have a Q&A, hosted by Aoife Glass of The Spindrift Podcast, featuring Kelly, other rad-mums Vicky & Phoebe, Doctor Fiona Spotswood who has worked extensively on gender inequality in cycling, and hovercraft racer Bron.

Rough timings are:

It's a little loose as we don't want it to be hectic. It's going to be such a good night.

All that for £16! Capacity is tight so... tickets, tickets, tickets yeah...

Buy your ticket now - click here

As if that wasn't enough, we'll have some freebies from Komoot, and a selection of super-fine riding clothes from Velocio dotted around the space. Kelly has raved about these ethically sourced clothes on pretty much every shoot we've been on and the kind folks at Velocio have given us a special discount... At the checkout, just drop "KellyTheMovie" in the code box for 25% off! Nice.

If you can't make the premier in real life, we'll be launching the film on Youtube at the same time, and hopefully if the technical fairies allow, we'll be live-streaming the Q&A. Keep an eye on the socials for details.

All SmilesKelly

This film has been a true joy to work on and every moment spent in the company of the inspirational and supremely talented film making duo of Kelly and Liam, has been an honour. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it, and we all hope it encourages people that life doesn’t have to stop when big changes happen.

buy your ticket…

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