07/08/2019 - Announcing our FlareMAX 132 Pack frameset and complete bikes

new FlareMAX 132 Pack

more travel

You've all heard how versatile the Longshot FlareMAX is and how it carries speed over rocky terrain like a bike with much more travel.

Well, we thought what would it be like if it had more travel?

The answer is... even better!

By increasing the stroke on the rear shock to 50mm we've brought the rear wheel travel up to 132mm, and given it an extra dose of speed without sacrificing any agility on singletrack or climbs. As the shock length is unchanged form the standard FlareMAX the static geometry is unaltered so there are no downsides.

FlareMAX 132

Our 132 Pack is available as a frame and shock, and in multiple levels of complete bike build... from Silver up to Platinum.

We have two Cane Creek shocks available to take your FlareMAX up to 132mm rear travel, the DB AirIL, which is a no cost option on the complete bike builds, or the DB Air CS Piggyback which is a 200 upgrade available when customising the builds.

With this extra travel and speed you'll be wanting a front end set up on your bike to inspire confidence, so we've fitted our 132 Pack builds with the super stiff, super tuneable X Fusion Trace 36 HLR fork with 140mm of travel. The Cane Creek Helm Air is also available with 140mm of travel for just 150 extra when customising your build.


"132" decal is removable, and we'll supply spares in multiple colours


complete bike builds use the stout, controllable Trace36 HLR at 140mm travel, or upgrade to Helm


the DB Air CS Piggyback shock is available as an upgrade over the DB AirIL

The 132 Pack is available now with frame and shock starting from 1749, and complete bikes starting with the Silver 132 build at 3249.

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