23/10/2019 - Autumn Sale - FlareMAX Price Drop

Autumn Sale - Save 300 on a FlareMAX

We are having a Autumn Sale, and this time you lucky people get the opportunity to get 300 off the brilliant FlareMAX

Cotic FlareMAX 132 Pack in Mercury

The awesomely capable FlareMAX 132 Pack in gorgeous Mercury

Cotic FlareMAX 120 in Blue

The quintessential all rounder FlareMAX with 120mm travel in banging Blue

FlareMAX is a proper sweet-spot chassis - responsive, lively and fun, but fiercely capable due it's pioneering Longshot geometry.

The combination of big wheels and mid travel makes it the quintessential all rounder; whether it's an all day epic or an evening blast. 120mm or 132mm travel options, 130 or 140 forks, the FlareMAX is more versatile than you would believe.

It probably is all the bike most people need for UK riding, with enough capability to handle the occasional big trip. Two of Cy's friends who went to Finale with him recently chose their FlareMAX's over longer travel bike options, because the FlareMAX has better geometry and that gives it seriously capability that belies it's travel. The 132 Pack just gives you the option to up the control in rowdy terrain without going full madman with the RocketMAX. But don't let that fool you: The regular 120 bike is perfectly happy when things get steep and tech - Sam rode his for a full year on the Demo Tour everywhere from the Golfie to Gisburn - so if the majority of your riding tilts more towards singletrack blasts, go for the original recipe.

We are fully stocked on Mercury and Blue colours in all sizes, plus a handful of Dark Metal in small only. For the regular 120mm travel bike we have X Fusion and Cane Creek DB Air IL shock options, and all build options available. On the 132 Pack we have both Cane Creek DB Air IL and Piggyback Air CS shock options in stock if you want a little more travel.

All prices are reduced by 300, so that means...

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And as a little reminder of what this bike is all about, grab a brew and have a watch of this...

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