09/08/2021 - The Cotic Rocket Bows Out

COTIC rocket, steel full suspension, steel full suspension mountain bike, enduro mountain bike, 26 inch wheelse, steel is real, reynolds 853, cotic bikes, made in BritainCOTIC rocket, steel full suspension, steel full suspension mountain bike, enduro mountain bike, 27.5 inch wheelse, steel is real, reynolds 853, cotic bikes, made in Britain

The Rocket Ceases Production

Today marks the end of Rocket sales. Our original droplink bike, launched with 26" wheels and 150mm travel in 2012 to much acclaim, morphed through four generations to grow 27.5" wheels, pioneer Longshot geometry, and into the current 165mm travel beast.

COTIC Rocket 27.5, Cotic Rocket Gen2COTIC Rocket Gen3, Cotic Longshot Geometry, Long Low Slack, Steel City DH

We know there are lots of you out there who love your 27.5" wheels. We do too, but as with any business sometimes market forces and commercial reality to have to make a decision for you, and that's what has happened here. Whilst we have sold many hundreds of our 29er droplink models in the last two years, since the end of 2018, 27.5" droplink bike sales have been a fraction of this.

Even with the current Gen4 UK made frame, as we still get our rear ends for these frames made in Taiwan, there are certain minimum order quantities we have to meet. Unfortunately it got to the point where we were selling less than a full batch of rear ends per year, so at that point we have to stop.

It's been quite a ride, but realistically our customers have spoken, and they are choosing 29" wheels for their bike much more often than not.

Fortunately, our 29" wheeled bikes are also rad, and the RocketMAX continues the hardnut spirit of the Rocket name if you want something burly for going fast on. For the more all round proposition there is the 140mm travel Jeht, and for responsiveness and pedalling fun the FlareMAX is there for you.

The UK Made versions of the RocketMAX, Jeht and FlareMAX frames are in stock right now, and can be shipped to you quickly as a frame only. That's a great value way to upgrade your ride experience and get that new bike feeling.

As usual for 2021, complete bikes are taking longer, but we do have some parts availability and if you have a few of your own favourite bits, send them to us to be built onto your new Cotic. Drop us an email or give us a call to discuss all your options. We Build Your Bike For You.

I know a few of you have wondered when we will be offering demo on these bikes again, and for the rest of 2021 we won't be able to offer anything. Up to now, and in future I am very mindful of keeping everyone safe until Covid really is a thing of the past. Mainly the issue is parts availability. We simply can't spare the parts to build demo bikes when we want to put customers first. However there is a solution:

COTIC Love It Or Your Money Back, Money Back Guarantee, No Quibble Money Back on Cotic

For the last couple of years, you have been able to buy a Cotic, take it for a few rides, and within one month if there's any reason why you don't want to keep it, or would prefer another model or size, just send it back for a swap of refund. Think of it as an extended demo ride on your home trails. Sounds pretty good, right? Obviously there's some Terms and Conditions, but we have always been fair and we wouldn't offer this if we weren't pretty confident you would love it!

Whilst we're pretty sad to be saying goodbye to the Rocket, I also want to celebrate some of the amazing media that it has generated over the years. We have had so much fun making videos to promote these awesome bikes, and so as a final goodbye, here one of our favourites Enjoy.