19/05/2021 - Cotic Soul Named Most Influential Bike Of The Millenium

Cotic Soul - One of Bikeradar/MBUK Most Influential Bikes Of The Millenium

Cy Writes.....

More podcast action! This time the learned folks at Bikeradar/MBUK have done a podcast choosing their Most Influential Bikes Of The Millenuim, and rather wonderfully Tom chose the Cotic Soul.

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Although not in production anymore, the Soul was our founding model. The dream bike I wanted, but couldn't find anywhere so I designed it myself. I also accidentally started a bike brand as a result! If you don't know it, but want the full story, have a watch of our 15 Year Anniversairy video below.

As well as talking about the Soul specifically, they were all rather wonderful about Cotic as a brand. To be honest I'm a bit overwhelmed! The whole podcast and all the choices are interesting and relevant, but if you just want the Cotic bit then skip to around 28 minutes in.

Click Here For The Bikerdar Podcast

Listen to the podcast here…