14/05/2021 - Do Magazines and Brands Actually Get On?

What's the real relationship between brands and media?

Cy Writes.....

A couple of weeks ago I had one of my better work days by heading out for a ride with Rob Weaver from MBUK / Bikeradar. I was collecting the RocketMAX they had tested on Enduro Bike Of The Year.

Chris from Downtime was along as well, so we sat down and chatted about the real relationship between brands and testers. You can read the full Bike Of The Year round up over on Bikeradar.

You can still find a lot of cyncism out there about bike tests, but I have yet to meet a tester who wasn't in some way committed to providing the best advice they can. Rob is the absolute epitomy of this, and for us as a brand, that integrity is important. If more people believe tests are rigorous and accurate, the better it is for us as a direct selling brand when we get a good write up.

Cy Turner from Cotic with Rob Weaver from MBUK

Anyway, I won't spoil any more. Grab a brew and have a listen to the player below, or search for Downtime Podcast on Spotify or iTunes and make sure you get subscribed.

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