23/12/2021 - Cotic gives back to trails

Get More Trails

For over 10 years now, we have given money and support to trail adovcacy. It's a hugely important thing for us. We give back to the community that builds us as a business. And as riders we get more acceptance, more help, more trails. It's a win-win.


The two major benfactors of our donations over the years are Ride Sheffield and Tweed Valley Trail Association and it's hardly surprising that both feature heavily as success stories in the ongoing development of mountain biking in a new film Trails on Trial.

This has been produced by Manon Carpenter and Tommy Wilkinson and explores the relationship between rider built trails, landowners, and how this can be understood to improve the number of trails we all have to ride. It's also a call to arms for all of you to get involved. If there isn't a local trail association where you live, try starting one. Even if it's just becoming the point of contact for mountain bikers for the local landowner. After all this time we're still quite a diffuse group. We're not 'joiners' and we don't feel the governing bodies speak for us, and landowners often do want to engage mountain bikers, but don't know how.

Have a watch of the film, and then have a listen to podcast. Manon and Tommy are on Downtime this week, which has much more detail of what's happening, but also how you can help. It's such an important subject. Please have a watch and a listen.


And as I mentioned, we do put our money and effort where our mouth is. We donate 0.5% of our turnover each year to trail funds, and we have just given Tweed Valley Trails Association another 1000 specifically to help them clear up after Storm Arwen. We have also been helping maintain the Lady Cannings trail and Richard is a big player at Bolehills BMX track, both right here in Sheffield.

You can donate to most of these trail associations directly, so think about how much access to these trails is worth to you. And if possible, get involved and get digging to maintain the trails. Through Ride Sheffield, one of the massive tools we have is to lever more access and acceptance in the outdoor community is our willingness to dig. Volunteer days keeping bridleways clear, digging drains, and generally being a force for good on the trails gives us huge political capital with land managers. This is mainly because pretty much no other user group does this. We start being seen as part of the solution, not part of the problem. So, watch and enjoy the film. Listen to the podcast and then figure out how you can help make mountain biking better for all of us.

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