12/01/2021 - Confirmed Post-Brexit Situation

Well, it took a few days of digging to get there, but we finally have our new working practices in place for our EU customers. We contacted all our customers individually that had orders already placed with deposits last week, as we wanted to make sure they understood their situation fully.


EU Exports - New Rules

Before I get into this in detail, please remember that this is Cotic specific. We have a particular implementation because of our UK made frames and also because we sell predominantly mountain bikes. This means our bikes generally have very high value suspension bolted to them (the same, if not more than the frame cost sometimes) which is what stops us qualifying for tariff free trade on bicycles in all cases regardless of the origin of the base frame. Some other companies will have different tariff applications, because of their supply and bike spec situation. So, without further ado, this is what you can now expect from Cotic:

UK Made Frames

UK made frame only orders (so that is currently RocketMAX and Rocket) attract Zero duty when shipped to the EU. This is regardless of the damper specified, and can also stretch to include headset and BB and certain other items usually associated with "frame only" orders, mainly because in the vast majority of cases it involves UK made Hope parts.

Taiwan Made Frames

All Taiwan made frame only orders will attract 4.7% import duty, and the associated handling fees for customs. As an example, we have calculated that a customer in the EU with a BFeMAX frame ordered will pay EUR40-50 more now.

Complete Bikes

All Cotic bicycles attract 14% import duty. This means that with handling fees our bikes have become EUR350-600 more expensive depending on specification.

The flip side of this in our home market is that this also works the other way, and our European based competitors bikes have increased in price by 20% or more, which means we are now more price competitive in our home market. Silver linings and all that...

All purchases made by EU customers are now charged without 20% UK VAT. This means the price you pay Cotic will be much lower initially, but you will have VAT and the import duty and fees applied in transit, which will be payable by the customer to the courier when the frame or bike arrives.



If you live in the EU and already have an order on with us for a frame or bike, then shipping is still included in the price and we will honour that regardless of what happens in the next few weeks.

We aim to continue with that with new orders, but we are keeping an eye on pricing. At the moment the prices remain similar to pre-Brexit, but some services such as DPD Road is currently suspended whilst they figure out their new border operating procedures, and the other services available are currently giving out 11-14 day transit times. Again, I suspect this is due to needing new and more involved operating procedures at borders. It will improve over time as the new rules settle in, but we reserve the right to increase shipping fees if we see major increases on our usual services.

So that's it. Thanks for your patience, and as always, we're on the end of an email or the phone if you're unsure about anything. We're happy to talk things through.



Founder and Director

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