16/09/2021 - Rolling Chassis Builds Now Available


As I'm sure you are well aware, these are crazy times in the world of bikes, with parts availability all over the place. However thanks to our unique way of doing things, Your Bike Built for You, means we are able to navigate the lack of parts availability at the moment and offer you a few options for your next bike.

One of which, is a Rolling Chassis.

RocketMAX gen3

Frame, headset, forks and wheels. All ready and waiting for your parts.

We have good stock at the moment of forks, wheels and headsets which we are able to supply with frames ready for you to fit your existing parts.

In the building right now we have UK made FlareMAX, Jeht and RocketMAX frames; as well as a limited number of Tonic frames, which we can dispatch to you in a matter of days.

There is a Rolling Chassis option on the order page for each bike, so you can select your fork, shock and wheels and transfer all your drivetrain and finishing kit from your current bike straight over. A great way to refresh your ride without having to wait months for one component to come into stock.


There are also a handful of the gorgeous Tonic framesets in stock in XS and Small sizes in the building, which you can also as a rolling chassis. Is it time for some jaw dropping titanium gravel action in your life?

We have wheel options in stock from Shimano, Hope and Hunt as well as fork options from Rockshox and headsets from Cane Creek and Hope.

If you have any questions about our Rolling Chassis builds or which of your parts will fit our frames, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You could be on the trails on a new Cotic frame sooner than you think.

Order your RocketMAX rolling chassis here…

Order your Jeht rolling chassis here…

Order your FlareMAX Rolling chassis here…

Order your Tonic rolling chassis here…