02/03/2021 - Wolfpack Tyres on Cotic

Introducing Wolfpack tyres

new lightweight XC/Trail option

Guy Kes Cotic FlareMAX Downcountry Project Bike 2

Today we're introducing our new tyre option: Wolfpack. These tyres are designed by the man behind a lot of Schwalbe, Conti and Specialized tyes who has started up on his own. We first became aware of them when Guy Kesteven started running them on his lightweight Downcountry FlareMAX project bike last year. He's been ripping about on these for over a year and they're still there, and he's been super impressed with them.

Over the last year we've realised that as awesome as our WTB tyre combos are, they're definitely on the heavier, grippier, larger side of things. They're brilliant for the kind of riding we do around here, but we definitely felt there was space for something lighter and livelier for more XC/trail sensibilities. We got some Wolfpack tyres in to try and we've been really pleased with them. For a start, despite having some casing protection and good grippy compound, they weigh between 300 and 400 grams per tyre less than a 2.5" WTB Slashguard tyre, so you'll be saving up to 800 grams of weight - and rotating weight at that - by going Wolfpack. Perfect for those longer, pedally rides. Solaris and FlareMAX kind of rides.

There is a whole range of Wolfpack tyres, but we have chosen a great all round package in the Trail 2.25" front and Cross 2.25" rear. Despite their good weight and great performance, these aren't some toothless XC race tyres. These are proper mountain bike tyres with decent grip. Wolfpack do several racier options than these, but we felt these offer a real sweet spot in terms of not being too specific whilst still offering plenty of speed advantage.

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There's a full 4.5/5 review of the Wolfpack tyres over on Bikeperfect.

From today you can order your Cotic with the Trail/Cross combo, which is a fantastic option if you need something lighter and faster for your bike, whilst still maintaining a good grippy compound and decent durability.

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