31/10/2022 - Women of Steel Dig Days

Women Of Steel

Dig Days

Yesterday we hosted another Women of Steel dig day alongside Ride Sheffield, which marks a year since our first dig day. Dig days are a space to come and get involved in something you might have never done before, learn a new skill and learn about what goes into maintaining, improving and perhaps even building our trails whilst considering permissions and caring for nature and wildlife. It's a way to give back to our trails, after a busy summer, for all trail users to continue to enjoy them.

Women of Steel Dig Day

A year on, we've been out in all weathers (no, really, ALL weathers.) carrying out work ranging from improving drainage, filling in puddles and replanting heather to opening up a narrow gully into a track that's wide enough for walkers, horses and even people pushing bikes. We've had complete novices come along to one session, then turn up to another one and say "As I rode along here, I thought we'd need to clear these drains, because they've filled up since we last did them". We've had 15 year olds and 78 year olds, and no one has been left out, or broken by the work.

Women of Steel Dig Day

We don't go for a heads-down, "This is what we've planned, now let's get on with it" approach; all the work is discussed with the land managers in advance, so there will be breaks for discussion on how to do things, and quite often a debate about the best line through a section, or features which we do or don't like. Plans get adapted on the ground and everyone's input is appreciated - anyone who turns up on a bike is likely to be asked to test-ride sections and give feedback as we go along!

To join the fun, join our Cotic's Women of Steel Facebook group and look out for event announcements. We look forward to welcoming you. Can't get to an event? Join a trail clean, or start your own with Trash Free Trails. It all helps.

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