09/02/2023 - Cotic CC Beat the Winter Blues Ride 2023

Beat the Winter Blues


Cotic Winter Ride Crew

What a treat it was to be able to do this again. For the first time since 2020 we ran our 'Beat the Winter Blues' Cotic CC ride a couple of weeks ago, and we were spoiled rotten with an awesome day of weather and people.

Usually a cold and snowy affair, this year was all sunshine and (pretty much) dry trails. 25 cheery Cotic owners plus staff and brand ambassadors took to the hills to pedal away the January blues, on some classic Peak District trails.

The long stream of Cotics pedalling up towards Hope Cross was a sight to behold, hardtails and droplink bikes of various ages all cruised up for a run down Potato Alley. This long, fast and technical descent is a brilliant descent and if you don't have a touch of arm pump at the end you're doing well.

Cotic Winter Ride CrewCotic Winter Ride Crew

Once eyeballs had stopped rattling, the crew winched up the other side of the valley to do Hagg Berms. Another classic bridleway descent which has evolved into what feels like a purpose built bike trail over the years. Gates held open, the corners were railed and the rocky lower section successfully navigated by all. Only a few exciting 'Megavalanche' style overtakes!

The only way to go from here though, is up a climb aptly named the Sh*t B*stard! It's straight and steep, with a few 'false summits'; just as you think you're reaching the top, the next section of uphill comes into view. At the top of here, one or two keen beans were up for another lap in the sunshine. It didn't take a great deal of peer pressure for this number to grow, so we split off with some heading down to the pub, and others for a lap of The Beast.


This one is a real classic, rocky, multiple line choices and rough. Thanks to it being Peak Gritstone though, it's grippy even in the worst of conditions. The slightly damp, dark rock provides plenty of traction and options to get creative with more sneaky overtakes. I followed Paul down this one, which is always entertaining, he has a knack for spotting some great lines.

This did however mean we had to grind up the Sh*t B*stard again though. Winters miles for summer smiles right?

Tanks running low, we razzed back down to the pub for food, pints and bike related chatter, any blues firmly beaten.

Look out for a lot more Cotic CC rides this year, we're making efforts to run lots more from chilled Friday afternoon pedals to big days out. Hopefully catch you at the next one.

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