20/12/2023 - Be More Cotic Sale

Be More Cotic Sale

Calling all Cotic guys and girls! Right now I need you to help us, and we are doing that by helping you.

Just like the rest of the industry, we are overstocked on parts. Cotic frames we are OK on, but we have a lot of parts.

We have too many forks and shocks, wheels and tyres, brakes and groupsets. All of this "other peoples' stuff" is getting in the way of the core business of doing cool Cotic shit. You are signed up to this email because you are here for the cool Cotic stuff, and I love you for it. It's why I'm here too! The positivity and support shown towards our brand is both beautiful and humbling.

Calver CC Ride

Helping us Be More Cotic means more Cotic CC events like this one

So here's how you help us do more cool Cotic things: Help us clear the warehouse.

Hit the button and it will take you to our new parts webshop where you will find the best prices anywhere - on the internet or off it - on various Rockshox, SRAM, Shimano, Campagnolo, Fulcrum and Panaracer parts. We have mountain bike and gravel bike kit. Go and have a look around and see what we have. Keep checking back too. We'll add more over the next month as we need to even stock out.

If any of these parts are interesting to you or your friends, please buy them from us instead of A.N.other place.

Head to the NEW OUTLET PAGE - Click Here


Most importantly, spread the word. Tell your riding buddies. Send them this email (there's a shareable "view in browser" link at the top). Share it on your social media. None of this kit is Cotic specific, or weird sizes. It's the great parts we spec on our complete bikes, so even if your mates aren't Cotic riders, there's bound to be something here for them too.

However you do it, if you love cool Cotic things, get the word out far and wide that Cotic the place for some bargain MTB and gravel parts for the next couple of months.

The link to share for the Be More Cotic sale is: www.cotic.co.uk/outlet

It's a win all round!

We win because we turn all this Not-Cotic stock into cash to invest in new Cotic projects. Really exciting things, like finishing kitting out and commissioning our in house frame production facility, turning our showroom space into a proper amazing area to hold more CC and Women of Steel events, and so much more besides. We will Be More Cotic.

You and your mates win because get some lovely new bits for your bikes at the best prices.

So, I'm asking you, help us move this kit to good homes where it will be used and enjoyed. Refresh that build kit or fork. All this helps us Be More Cotic. And when we are more Cotic, the world is a better place for you Cotic fans.





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