31/05/2023 - Bike of the year contenders


2023 Bike Reviews

Bike Radar have published their "Bike of the Year '23" round up, including "contender" reviews of the RocketMAX and the Jeht. They chose to review mullet builds specced to their personal requirements and preferences... but remember, we'll build your bike your way!

Bikeradar's 4.5 star review of the RocketMAX Gen4 Silver Mullet bike

"Pros: Stable and super-confident through the turns; balanced suspension feel; carries speed well"

"On faster trails, the RocketMAX Gen4 was able to carry impressive amounts of speed where other bikes hung up or felt a little lethargic."

"This is most obvious when sling-shotting from turn to turn. Here, the Coticís ride position, and the balance and support through the suspension, mean you can slam into turns at warp speed, load the bike up and itíll fire out the other side faster than a circus clown out of a cannon. Thereís a chance youíll have the same goofy clown smile plastered over your face too."

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Bikeradar's 4 star review of the Jeht Silver Mullet bike

"Pros: Sorted geometry for steep tech; spec options to suit many budgets and preferences; smooth-feeling suspension when the throttle is left open"

"The Jeht really impressed me, almost squeezing into the top three bikes in our Trail Bike of the Year test."

"Let the bike run, and the rear suspension works well with the upgraded forks on my model. The geometry is on point, and the ability to alter the spec to match your pocket is a real bonus."

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