01/09/2023 - Incredible new review of the RocketMAX

New RocketMAX Review from Blister

Cotic RocketMAX, steel full suspension, reynolds 853, UK made, made in britain

Blister have just published their really detailed review of the RocketMAX Gen4. It's a great piece of work, across two riders, 3.5 months and multiple locations. Really interestingly for us, and probably for you if you are shopping for a RocketMAX, is the comparisons they make to a bunch of other enduro bikes. Things like the Starling, the various Santa Cruz's, Geometron, Specialized, Pivot and more. Well worth a read.

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"“Quiet confidence” is the phrase that comes to mind to describe the Cotic, and it proved to be an unflappable companion on every ride I took it on."

"...the most standout trait of the RocketMAX for me was just how comfortable it is at speed on rougher trails....it doesn’t entirely erase bigger bumps the way that, say, a well-sorted DH bike can, but the overall ride quality is truly excellent."

"It feels reductive and hack-y to just attribute that to the (predominantly) steel construction — and I’ve been on steel full-suspension bikes that don’t ride anywhere close to this well — but I think it is fair to say that Cotic has really nailed the tubeset in the RocketMAX, and paired it with well-sorted suspension kinematics to seriously impressive results."

"But I really think that the biggest piece of the magic is just how Cotic has dialed in the flex and ride quality of the frame.....It's excellent."

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Cotic RocketMAX, Reynolds 853, made in the UK, made in britain

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