03/10/2023 - Cotic Factory Servicing

Cotic factory servicing

Introducing Cotic Factory Servicing.

Since we moved to our awesome new premises earlier this year, we've been talking about offering some servicing options for you awesome Cotic owners. You can now book your droplink bike in for a full pivot service at Cotic HQ.

Bearing Swap

A full frame strip down, new bearings and bushings and built back up ready for miles more enjoyment, all by our expert mechanics for 150 including parts.


Bearing Swap

While your bike is in our workshop, it's a perfect opportunity for some choice upgrades too. We can fit new forks, new drivetrain, fresh tyres and many other parts. Lots of options to choose from, and all are components we run on our own bikes here at Cotic.

Drivetrain worn? Upgrade to a brand new 12 speed system. We have Shimano and Sram groupsets ready and waiting.

Forks on their last legs? We can fit shiny new Cane Creek Helms or Rockshox options to suit all Cotics. Steerers cut, forks fitted to the bike and we'll help you get them set up too.

Get in touch with us to discuss your options.


Cotic Factory Servicing requires you to drop your bike at our Chesterfield HQ and leave it with us for a few days. Why not take a demo bike for a spin when you visit? You could try out a Gravel Bike while your MTB is getting serviced?

Once we've completed the work, we'll contact you to arrange collection during our showroom opening hours, or we can ship your bike back to you on a next day service. Just get in touch and we can provide a quote.


All Cotic bikes are designed to be enjoyed for many years, and regular servicing is key to their longevity. Book your bike in for a service today, we can service any droplink bike from the Rocket26 right up to the very latest Jeht and Gen5 FlareMAX.

This is just the start for Factory Servicing. We'll be introducing more options as we get going with it. We'd love to hear what sort of things you'd like us to offer to keep your Cotic rolling, drop us an email if you have any suggestions.

We're looking forward to hearing from you.



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