10/02/2023 - Factory Collections

Cotic Factory Collection

Factory Collection
at Sheepbridge, Chesterfield


We are fully open for Factory Collections from our new HQ in Chesterfield.

When speccing up your new Cotic, simply click the Factory Collection check box before you place your order:

Factory Collection on order form

What is Factory Collection?

Factory Collection gives you the option to come down to Cotic, where you can have a sit down and a chat and check out your lovely new bike, as well as have a look at the demo bikes for planning your next purchase!

Although we strive to have your bike as complete and set up as possible when we box them up for delivery (the gears, brakes and headset will all be adjusted, for example), there's only so much we can do when you're not actually with us.

With Factory Collection, one of us will set you up on your new Cotic; installing your pedals, setting up the suspension, tweaking the bar height and position, to make sure it's all spot on for you. We will talk you through all the features and how everything works on your new bike, and answer any questions you may have.

Local gravel recce

If you're keen, once you're set up you can take your new bike for a blast around our new demo loops which is straight out of the door. We have gravel and MTB options, and it will give your bike a proper shakedown before taking it away.

We also have our clothing and merchandise options right here, so you can have a look and try things on, check out the framebags and other luggage, or just grab a matching water bottle.

Shock setup

We're all looking forward to seeing you on New Bike Day.

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