11/04/2023 - Next HQ Demo 15th April

Next HQ Demo - 15th April with Cy

Cotic demos

Are you Cotic curious? Of course you are! On Saturday 15th April Cy is running our first HQ Weekend Demo of 2023. Get in touch to book.


We have two demo loops straight from our front door which are great for test riding both gravel and mountain bikes. We also have a loop on more advanced trails just a short drive away if you want to demo a Jeht or RocketMAX on something a more spicier.

We have GPX files and physical maps for all demo routes. Demos are totally free, you just need to leave some photo ID and a credit card or car key with us while you ride.

If you just want to check out the bikes, have a spin round the car park to confirm sizing or have a chat with us in person this is absolutely fine too. Just drop by the showroom on the day. Just be mindful that Cy will be on his own so he'll be prioritising setting up demo riders, but you'll have shiny bikes to look at in the meantime, so that's nice!


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