03/07/2023 - Another Cotic CC Gravel Ride Report

Ride Report - Cotic CC HQ gravel ride

Cotic HQ Gravel Ride - Cy Turner

Last week saw our second Cotic CC gravel ride from HQ. Since we moved to our new place, we have tried to make a bit of habit of doing these Friday afternoon rides, and it's been lovely to have so many of you join us for the three we have done so far.

All bike are gravel bikes

The ride from HQ takes in some lovely bridleways and lanes and quiet roads. As is often the case with riding gravel style in the north of England, a couple of bits of the ride probably flirted with being mountain biking, but everyone loved it, even the guys on their Escapades! And for a 'quick local' ride, it certainly packed the elevation in. It didn't feel super hectic on that front, so I was quite surprised when we got back to see my Garmin telling me we had done nearly 640m of climbing in the 2.5hours we were out. Everyone voted for the extra hill though, so they can't blame us!

We had such a great, eclectic mix of bikes on this one. Everything from the more usual Escapades and Cascades, but also a 2007 Soul and at the other end of the spectrum an XC/Bikepacky FlareMAX. In the middle we had one of the first flat bar Cascades we saw, and Sam on and Darren on their SolarisMAX's, albeit in very different specifications.

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Back at HQ everyone got a couple of beers courtesy of Komoot, some Cotic socks and tea, coffee and cakes. Bit of chat to round our a very nice Friday afternoon. See you at the next one?

Post ride chat and chill

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