25/10/2023 - New Jeht Gen2 Launch - Media roundup

New Jeht Launched

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I like Coticís approach to geometry. The bike is certainly stable and confident when pointed in a straight line. I was happy jumping on it and hitting my top speed pretty much immediately. At the same time, I found it easy to slither and slide the rear end around when confronted with tight, twisty and steep trails.

MBR.co.uk - Coticís new Jeht trail bike is a first class flyer


With the new Jeht it feels like Cotic has properly muscled in against the mainstream opposition, while keeping its signature style and steel ride vibe. Itís now tough and taut enough to take on the burliest carbon and alloy bikes in the Ďpushing components to the limití game, rather than shying away from the killer blows. Geometry, sizing and suspension is as good as anything else out there too. Thankfully itís still got the smoothly organic, grippily damped character that separates it from the carbon and alloy masses on the trails. In an increasingly samey world of bikes, those points of difference feel even more valuable and visceral than ever. Those slim steel tubes still differentiate it aesthetically and ecologically too, especially now itís primarily a UK-made bike. Considering the scale of the company, the amount of time and effort it invests in advocacy and community programs, its above-and-beyond reputation for customer service, and the premium FiveLand and RideWorks manufacturing, pricing is remarkably good too.

singletrackworld.com - Cotic Jeht Gen 2 First Looks


Whilst the geometry hasnít really changed, there have been some a-shufflings with the suspension layout. Essentially bigger frame sizes get a more progressive suspension rate. Progression is 22% for the C1, 28% for the C5. Anti-rise and anti-squat remain the same by the way. C-what now? Cotic continue its move from unhelpful and outdated S, M, L, XL sizings to a system it calls C-Sizing. A total of five different C sizes reduces the reach jumps to under 20mm.

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