25/04/2024 - BFe275 Sale 2024

BFe275 sale - frames now 399

Yep, you read that right.

That's over 200 off our 650b hardcore hardtail frames. The last batch of dedicated 27.5 wheeled hardtails we'll ever make, now on sale at 399 frame only.

Esme Ward - Bolehills

The BFe is a legendary Cotic product, having been introduced as the third model (after the Soul and Soda) in 2005. The current BFe is the latest in a long line of rowdy, fun hardtails. 27.5 wheels keep things fun and flickable, and make a great option for shorter riders too. That's why Esme (up there) runs one when she's not racing BMX's. Although she will be putting a number plate on hers at the Afan 4X in June.

Enduro Bearings & Cotic BFe

It's not just for shorter riders though. Chay is 6ft 3in and loves a BFe for "razzin about on" as he puts it. Anything from big pedally days in the Peak to the local BMX track, it covers a lot of bases.

BFe 27.5BFe 27.5BFe 27.5BFe 27.5

We are fully stocked on BFe 275 in all sizes and both colours - Army Green or Gloss Gunmetal. Just 399 for the frame. Bargain. Get one!

Whilst it's sad that this will be the last BFe 275, the BFe vibe lives on in the BFeMAX, and these will be re-stocked later in the summer. We'll have more information on that when we have firm delivery dates.



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