03/05/2024 - Brand new RocketMAX colour

New RocketMAX colour - golfie green

New colour day! The original Fast Bike - the RocketMAX - has a new colour. Today we launch it in Golfie Green; an homage to one of our favourite places to ride, and the bike's spiritual home.

Golfie Green
Golfie Green

The RocketMAX is our British made enduro bike. 170 fork, 160 rear, as fast as you like.

Alongside Golfie Green we have Copper Orange to make one hell of a pair of options for you. We have the last few Light Metal and Gritstone frames too in smaller sizes too if those are more your speed.

We produce droplink frames in the UK in batches of 4 per size/colour per week. This means that we often don't have every size and colour option in stock, but we are never more than a few weeks away from making more. If the size and colour you want is on pre-order, get involved and order it and we will build it for you. We are building RocketMAX, Jeht and FlareMAX now, so we prioritise building the product/size/colour that we have orders for.

Simply put, if you order it we will build it!

These gorgeous frames start at 2,199 with a Rockshox Deluxe Select Plus shock, up to 2,649 for the wonderful Cane Creek Kitsuma Coil.

Bikes start at 3,299 for the Special Deal build.

Platinum builds are available with all the Hope bits and XTR drivetrain at 6,899.



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