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The Simple is our latest take on the world of singlespeed. It's grown 29" wheels for smoothing the trail, and it's based on our all new Solaris. Singlespeeds bring a lovely element of simplicity, light weight and silence to the process of riding a bike. Coupled with the grace, durability, clean lines and attention to detail we lavish on all our products, you have a ride partner for the Simple life.

We also have a version of this frame for derailleur gears... the Solaris


What's new?

The Simple is now a 29er! Smooth rolling.....

Like the previous incarnation, it shares its tubeset with its geared sibling but keep things simple on the transmission front with track ends for chain tensioning.

The tubeset is unique to the Solaris and Simple. It uses a new lightweight version of the BFe 34.9mm seat tube for better pedalling stiffness and frame precision, along with a dropper seatpost compatible 31.6mm seatpost size. The Ovalform top tube is larger than the Soul to tie down the higher head tube properly and account for the longer frame. It also interfaces beautifully with the new 44mm standard head tube which features zero stack top cup for minimised bar height and external bottom cup for full taper steerer compatibility.

New for 2013 is the introduction of the new Reynolds 853 DZB (Dual Zone Butt) down tube which adds an extra thick section just before the head tube end. This has allowed us to eliminate the gussets from the front end of the frame without sacrificing durability and brings back that original, signature, clean lined Cotic look.

There are no front mech gear stops at all, but with a twist of added versatility there are hose clips for Shimano Alfine hub gears and dropper seatpost remotes.

The Simple runs sweetly with anything from 470mm rigids and singlespeed up to 120mm sus forks and hub gear for the ultimate winterised trail hardtail. The Simple has an agile and interactive ride, with a compliance and speed across the ground which has to be experienced.


Geometry and Sizing Chart
The chart is a guide to frame size. Longshot Geometry means that the frames are low and long, with plenty of standover room. We recommend going for the size suggested for your height on the chart, and getting all the benefits of running a super short and responsive 35-45mm stem. It's a game changer.

Our new Cotic "C" Sizing tightens the gaps between sizing, and give you more options to size up or down as you wish.

Make sure you consider your leg length as well. If you upsize you might not be able to fit a longer dropper post due to the collar hitting the seat tube top. Maximum seatpost insertion for calculating dropper post options is on the chart.

If you'd like to learn more about our mould breaking Longshot Geometry, Click Here

We don't develop our bikes around a specific fork offset, we find that it's simply a preference down to the individual rider. If you'd like to learn more about this, Click Here

If you are unsure about that or anything else, drop us a line at and we'll be happy to discuss set up based on what you're riding at the moment and what seatpost you are planning to use.

Frame Size Medium Large XL
Seat Tube (centre-top) 17.5"/440mm 19"/480mm 20.5"/520mm
Top Tube Length (Effective) 23.8" 24.6" 25.4"
Reach 429.3mm 446.5mm 463.7mm
Head Angle 70 70 70
Seat Angle 72.5 72.5 72.5
Chainstay Length (centre to centre) 440mm 440mm 440mm
Chainstay Length (horizontal) 435mm 435mm 435mm
BB Drop 55mm 55mm 55mm
Head Tube Length 100mm 110mm 120mm
Usual Height Range 5'9" - 5'11" 5'11" - 6'2" 6'0" +
Stem Length 50-90mm 50-90mm 60-100mm
All measurements based on 490mm axle-to-crown rigid fork/100mm travel suspension fork at ride height. 80mm/470mm rigid or 120mm suspension forks will steepen or slacken angles by 1 degrees respectively.

Component Sizes

Seatpost diameter: 31.6mm (wise to get a decent length one)

Bottom Bracket width: 73mm

Headset: 44m cup (for example a Hope 2H) [click here for info]

Colour Options
Frame Powdercoat Colours:
Components we can sell you to help with your build

Complete Headsets 44mm Headtube
Cane Creek Headset 40 Series ZS44/EC44£45
Hope 2H for tapered steerer (black)£95
Hope 2H for tapered steerer (orange)£100
Hope 2H for tapered steerer (blue)£100
Hope 2H for tapered steerer (red)£100
Hope 2H for tapered steerer (purple)£100
Hope 2H for tapered steerer (silver)£100
Hope 2H for tapered steerer (bronze)£100
Enduro Bearings Stainless Steel Maxhit Headset£140
External cup Bottom Brackets 24mm
Shimano MT801 XT Bottom Bracket£30
Hope MTB Stainless Steel (black)£95
Hope MTB Stainless Steel (orange)£95
Hope MTB Stainless Steel (red)£95
Hope MTB Stainless Steel (purple)£95
Hope MTB Stainless Steel (blue)£95
Hope MTB Stainless Steel (silver)£95
Hope MTB Stainless Steel (bronze)£95
Enduro Bearings Stainless Steel Maxhit 24mm Bottom Bracket£180

(headset and bottom bracket prices include fitting)