Reduced Impact Statement

Updated December 2023

I have updated this page to be a "Reduced Impact Statement" as it's become clear to me that it's not possible to run any business that makes things completely sustainably. Following Patagonia's example, we will strive to reduce our impact and improve how we do things, but we also have to acknowledge that a huge amount of the parts we sell are from suppliers over whom we have no influence on the impact of what they're doing. So we can never be truly sustainable. All we can do is continue to improve the things we can make positive changes to, and hope to influence others by example.

Cy Turner, Founder and Director

Here at Cotic we are always aiming to have a lower environmental impact on our world, whilst having a higher positive impact on our customers, staff, suppliers and anyone else who we come into contact with. A lot of what we do towards having lower environmental impact wasn't a conscious decision to be "greener" on our part. Most of it grew out of simply wanting to run efficiently, with the least waste and best use of our time at work. To look after our people and have a great place to work. A good example is our ability to be flexible in our approach and give our customers options on their builds, including using their own parts if they send them in; the last thing we want is people getting perfectly good bits they don't want and won't use.

Cotic Sustainability, low impact business, environment, climate change, eco bike brand, eco

Turns out if you apply these principles over a long period of time you end up with a fairly low environmental impact business. But we're not done! We will keep trying to be better and keep looking for other ways we can improve. That being the case, if you like what you see on this list, but think there's something else we could be doing, let us know. Drop us an email and tell us. And on the flip side of that, have a read of all these things we already do, and see if some could apply where you work. A lot of it seems trivial, but a lot of little things will add up.

It's not just about having a lower environmental impact on our planet either. It's about having a more positive impact on people and society; being more inclusive, getting more people excited about cycling and enjoying nature, and looking after the natural world. It's about giving back to the people who help make our sport and our world a better place. It's about making sure our staff and suppliers are happy, well paid and well looked after. You spend a lot of time at work, so it should be as enjoyable as possible. It's about all that and more. The only thing unsustainably high should be the amount of stoke about bikes, and if you have no idea what we're talking about, click here.

Cotic Sustainability, low impact business, environment, climate change, eco bike brand, eco

Here is a list of things Cotic do right now that make our business lower environmental impact:


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