We build dream bikes

When you think about a dream bike, you might imagine some super high end build with chi chi bits dripping from it. Here at Cotic we think differently: We believe every bike that leaves us is someone's dream bike.

From the frame only hardtail customer who is building a bit box build for crashing around the local woods, to the Platinum build UK made droplink bike rider who wants the best because biking is their everything. From the person who has scrimped and saved to get a Silver build because they love what we do and that's the most they can afford, to the gravel bike rider who loves a bit of bling, every single person who buys a Cotic is getting their version of a dream bike.

Bikes are magical like that, because whilst it's nice to have titanium cranks and purple anodised brakes, the amazing buzz you get from riding a beautifully balanced, lithe, soulful feeling steel bike is shot through every single Cotic. So, it really doesn't matter what it is or what parts are on it; if it's a Cotic, and it's yours, it's your dream bike and we take care to make sure that we recognise that every bike we sell is meaningful to the rider.

Riding bikes is amazing. We believe riding a Cotic will make that experience even better. Welcome to the family.

What Is Cotic?

In 2003, Cy started Cotic by bringing the (now legendary) Soul hardtail to market. It was his dream bike. He wanted a particular steel bike, and no one else made it, so he did it himself. That's why Cotic exists: From then until now, we build our dream bikes in order to share them with you. Because we're riders, our dream bikes are probably yours too.

From gravel to mountain bikes, our bikes are forward looking, with amazing geometry coupled to the gorgeous, tactile feel of a steel frame. Steel is beautiful, subtle, and the lowest impact material you can make a bicycle frame from. We work hard to bring you the best bikes we know how to make, and every day we try to be a bit better.

Every Cotic is:

  • Fun
  • Durable
  • Clean Lines
  • Interactive
  • Confidence Inspiring

Cotic is fully independent. We're not some 'little guy' front for some massive faceless distributor. It's still owned and run by Cy, along with our passionate, dedicated staff and brand ambassadors who all work to bring the Cotic dream alive.

We design and develop our bikes right here in the Peak District and they are ridden by the family of Cotic riders all over the globe. Every bike is built to order, exactly how you want it. It's your dream bike. Have it your way.

Buying your Cotic is just the start. We run owners only rides and events through Cotic CC, and pledge part of our annual turnover to trail advocacy groups, we are a riders bike company and are deeply involved in all aspects of our fantastic sport.

Our range of bikes backs this up; from our impossible-to-pidgeon-hole drop bar bikes to our iconic hardtails and super capable full suspension bikes, we have a bike for every occasion guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The best rider on the hill is the one with the biggest grin.

Sound good? Have a look around. Welcome! Join the Cotic family. We can't wait to get you your dream bike. That's why we do this.

find your dream bike

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us on info@cotic.co.uk or call 07970 853531.

You can only buy your Cotic bike direct from us, so to make it risk free for you we have our LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK guarantee.