13/03/2018 - Downtime Podcast Special - Longshot Geometry

Downtime Podcast - Longshot Special

Longer, lower, slacker. Seems everyone is doing it, including us. However, in terms of the reasons why we are doing it, and the journey we took to get here, it's not quite that simple. In fact - as you will see/hear in the podcast - longer and slacker are actually by products of the two most important elements of this new approach: Stem length and sizing. I won't go into too much more in words here, as it's all covered pretty comprehensively in the podcast and accompanying video, along with some useful diagrams included if all these terms are new to you.

The previous generation Rocket

The latest Rocket with Longshot geometry - both bikes size large

Chris founded the Downtime Podcast about a year ago, as he wanted some MTB related content which included elements of learning from some of the best in the sport about how they, and you, can improve your riding, fitness, approach, technique. Chris and I have been friends and riding buddies since University, and I have a lot of time for his approach and the quality of the content. With that in mind, when I wanted to explain where I am coming from with the new Longshot geometry, Chris and Downtime seemed like the perfect way to talk through the process, and with the video we have got in some really simply, but clear diagrams to help you understand what we're talking about, and also lots of hand waving and pretending-I-have-a-handlebar-in-my-hands moments too! Grab a coffee and your headphones and enjoy....

The FlareMAX which features this geometry has just come into stock, so we have all sizes and colours available right now.

The 5th generation Soul got a radical makeover using this geometry too. Applying the idea to a lively trail hardtail is something I go over in the podcast, as it helped us understand where the edges of the design idea where and how we should approach it for all our bikes. These are also in stock now.

The BFe frames is also due in April as well. This was the first bike to get Longshot geometry, and it's proved a massive hit.

Hope you enjoy this. It was really good to go through the history and the process and really get to explain my light bulb moments with this. It's been an interesting couple of years as a result, and I really feel like it's helped us make the best bikes we have ever made.



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