Flat bar Alfine 8 bike

Flat bar Geared bike

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Gritstone: £299 for frame incl fork, chainstay protector and UK delivery.

In stock in Gritstone in Medium only.

Latest Verson: £329 for disc only frame incl 9mm bolt thru fork, chainstay protector and UK delivery.

Frame and forks have just arrived.

Frames available worldwide including North America.



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Complete bikes available in the UK only.


The frameset was born from a desire for something swift and rugged to take on everything from the rapidly crumbling tarmac of the urban landscape to disappearing into the hills for a few days with nothing but your sleeping bag and mat for company. Faster than a mountain bike on the road, way more fun and versatile than a traditional road bike, it's your perfect 'other' bike.

The Roadrat is our take on something fast, when being fast isn't enough. It's fun, versatile, simple and tough as old boots.


What's new?

New for 2014, the Roadrat3 has the stiffer down tube from the Escapade to improve stiffness under load when you've got your bike singlespeed, or loaded up with luggage.

Also new are a lovely clean disc only layout, and a new RB3 9mm bolt thru axle fork with matching wheelset. This gives great security and stiffness to the fork and allows us to move the disc mount back to the traditional rear fitment.

complete bikes

Roadrat Complete Bikes available now!!!

Flat bar Alfine 8 bike

Flat bar Geared bike


Geometry and Sizing Chart

The chart is a guide to frame size for the latest version of the ROADRAT: Ultra Compact Geometry - Roadmeans that the frames are low and long. You'll probably need a 350mm seatpost due to the compact sizing, and as a guide, the top tube lengths are identical to our MTB frames if you're coming over from our mountain bikes. You lot are just too different to say for sure, so drop us a line at size@cotic.co.uk and we'll be happy to discuss set up based on what you're riding at the moment.

dimensions in mm

Frame Size Small Medium Large
Seat Tube (centre-top) 48cm 51cm 54cm
Top Tube Length (Effective) 57.7cm 59cm 61cm
Head Angle 72 72 72
Seat Angle 73 73 73
BB Drop 60mm 60mm 60mm
Head Tube Length 145mm 155mm 165mm
Usual Height Range up to 175cm 173cm - 180cm 180cm - 191cm
Stem Length 90mm-120mm 90mm-120mm 90mm-120mm
Forks included with frame:
Fork Length 400mm 400mm 400mm
Fork Rake(centre-top) 45mm 45mm 45mm

dimensions in inches

Frame Size Small Medium Large
Seat Tube (centre-top) 18.9" 20.1" 21.3"
Top Tube Length (Effective) 22.7" 23.25" 24.0"
Head Angle 72 72 72
Seat Angle 73 73 73
BB Drop 2.3" 2.3" 2.3"
Head Tube Length 5.7" 6.1" 6.5"
Usual Height Range up to 5'9" 5'8" - 5'11" 5'10" and over
Stem Length 3.5"-4.7" 3.5"-4.7" 3.5"-4.7"
Forks included with frame:
Fork Length 15.75" 15.75" 15.75"
Fork Rake(centre-top) 1.75" 1.75" 1.75"

Component Sizes

Seatpost diameter: 27.2mm (wise to get a decent length one)

Seatpost clamp: 29.8mm or 30.0mm (bolt up clamp is included)

Front Mech: 28.6mm (bottom pull)

Bottom Bracket width: 68mm

Headset: 1.125" only

Colour Options
Frame Colours:

Components we can sell you to help with your build

Complete Headsets Traditional
Hope Headset£75
Cane Creek Headset£27.50
External cup Bottom Brackets
Hope Stainless Steel£75

(headset and bottom bracket prices include fitting)