09/11/2018 - Tweed Valley Fun

Baybutt: A couple of weeks ago I finally visited the Golfie, gatecrashing the Fifeís big Scotland camping trip. These guys are proís so I knew Iíd be shown all the good stuff; good translated as the steepest & most terrifying! We even managed to convince Mr Will Easey to venture north of the wall. As promised, the trails were phenomenal, the Rocket was the ultimate machine for the job and my van pretty much saved my life - it was THAT cold. (Poor Will was only and armed with his wafer-thin decathlon sleeping bag and we had to crack the ice to get out of the door in the morning.) Will & Wes are joining Chay & Swinny on the full factory team next season so this was a perfect way to round off the year & get stoked for the next one. Thanks to everyone up there and if you havenít yet been to the Tweed Valley, get it booked now. Not now, Right now!

You'd be faster on a Rocket…

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