01/09/2017 - Notorious Dids

Notorious Dids

The Notorious Dids

Everyone has a story. Everyone. Some keep it quiet, some wear it like a badge of honour, some paint it all over their skin for the world to see.

Meet Daryl - aka The Notorious Dids. ( @thenotoriousdids )

The Notorious Dids

Dids is a huge fan of what we do up here - so much so heís recently had the logo inked onto his knee. Even with a beer & pizza munching Krang, full arm sleeves and Brian Blessed as Prince Vultan, thereís always space for another piece!

The Notorious Dids

His bike too is another work of artÖ With a no-expense-spared approach, heís colour coded the whole rig to suit his tastes. All the changable parts of his Hope Tech 3 brakes have been sourced in different anodised finishes. The cord on his Restrap bag has been swapped out. Valve caps, and even valves themselves have been sourced to match. Contrasting rotor bolt colours. Stickers to cover any scratches and crazy frame guards. There are very few bikes with this much effort spent on the build and we love it.

Bikes, bodies, life; itís all a work in progress. Itís the little things that make a big difference. Since youíve probably bought, owned or are considering a Cotic, youíre going to be the type of person who relishes the details. What are the favourite parts of your build? Let us know...

The Notorious DidsThe Notorious DidsThe Notorious DidsThe Notorious Dids
The Notorious Dids

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