08/07/2020 - Off Road CC Cotic Rocket Gen4 Full Review

Off.road.cc Cotic Rocket Gen4 Full Review

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One of the many difficult things about lockdown has been that we have launched several bikes during this period, and haven't been able to get any out for independent review. Obviously we think all our new bikes are rad, but it's always nice to get the same positive feedback from our friends in the journalism world. By the skin of our teeth we got the first medium Rocket Gen4 out to Jon at off.road.cc just before lockdown hit, and he's been riding it for the last 3 months. He's now published his full review.

"The fourth generation of Cotic Rocket builds on a solid foundation to deliver a really well-sorted ride with handling that'll flatter the timid and encourage the confident."

"There's plenty of stability in the chassis, while the suspension redesign offers up plenty of plush traction with little misbehaviour in the form of pedal kickback. It's calm, collected and planted, allowing you to get on with the business of selecting the best (or least worst) line you can."

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