28/02/2020 - Water Vole Classic

Spring Party

Featuring the Water Vole Classic, Dual Slalom!

On April 18th Cy & Paul will be in California at the Sea Otter Classic. A bit like when your parents go away for a weekend, what do you do; Throw a party of course! This year we're going all out...

There's a field on a hill literally across the road from the warehouse and a chance meeting with the farmer has revealed that the sheep aren't there on the weekend of April 18th. So we've hired it and will run the best Dual Slalom race Calver has ever seen. There's a DJ booked, we'll get some slabs of beer from Abbeydale and show you the simple joys of sliding sideways on a flat turn, next to your pal, against the clock!

Before the Dual kicks off at 4pm we've got demo bikes going out and an owners ride for Cotic CC folks at 1:30pm. There'll be hot drinks, fish & chips, stickers galore and obviously the best bikes ever to drool over. The spring party is a highlight of the calendar and we can't wait for this one. Dual racing will sign up on the day. To book on a demo or the owners ride you need to contact demo@cotic.co.uk See you round ours soon!

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