18/12/2012 : Christmas Ordering and Closing

Ridin' home for Christmas.....get my feet on solid ground. There, now you have a Chris Rea earworm. You're welcome!

We're closing on Friday 21st December for the Christmas hols. We'll be back on Wednesday 2nd January 2013.

We're open as usual until then and doing dispatch as usual this Thursday. Get all your orders in and we can get them to you before Christmas. Treat yourself to a lovely X or Roadrat Alfine bike, or maybe a nice Solaris? Get in touch, we'll get you sorted.

Thanks for all your support in 2012. It was an awesome year for us, and we have plenty more exciting things for you in 2013. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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17/12/2012 : Small Solaris

Prompted by a thread on Singletrackworld we wanted to officially announce the details of the small size Solaris arriving with the new batch in February 2013

Those of you who get our newsletter (sign up at our contact page) will know that we have been working on this for a while. Paul is 5ft 8in and loves his small Soul, and Kate Potter (our tame World Cup racer) is 5ft 6in and loves her small Soda. They've done the work on this, and Paul in particular struggled to get happy with the bike. After some fairly major fiddling with the handling, we homed in on the main issue surrounding the front end handling. Basically we ended up with a slacker head angle than the other sizes. The short stem required once all the other requirements were balanced up made the handling a bit of a handful with the original head angle, so we backed it off 1 degree. Paul ended up with a 50mm stem on the bike and with the slacker head angle it has a nice feel, and it also allows us to shorten the top tube a little without running into fork clearance issues or a stupidly short front centre. It's still not as playful as the Soul, and we still maintain our original position that for shorter people 29er and 26er bikes are very different things.

What we've realised from talking to potential customers is that they're happy with the 29er compromise erring towards easy rolling and stability, so once we got a set up that felt good for Paul we've gone ahead. Kate - coming from a more racey point of view - absolutely loves hers as it is very quick and confidence inspiring on rocky and downhill sections compared to her usual Soda.

So, whereas particularly with the large and XL Solaris frames the guys who fit them don't really have to change how they ride to get the best from the bikes, when considering a small size Solaris vs a Soul you do need to consider what you'll be using the bike for and why you're interested in 29" wheels. We're here to help, so drop us a line or give us a call and we will help you out with any questions you have.

The small Solaris will be available in green only, and can be pre-ordered now. The geometry data has just been added to the 'sizing' tab on the product page.

pre-order small Solaris in Bright Green for February/March delivery...

Solaris info...

pre-order small Simple in Bright Green for February/March delivery...

Simple info...

10/12/2012 : RIP Dr Alex Moulton

Today Dr Alex Moulton, the inventor of the eponymous little wheeled suspension bicycle, has died. He was an absolute legend, an incredible engineering brain, and someone who I was lucky enough to meet when we were both giving talks on bicycle design at one of the Engineering Institutions in 2007. Even then at the age of 87 he was incredibly sharp, insightful and quick witted.

I'll never forget asking him why he had used water as the damping medium in the rubber shocks on his bikes instead of oil. His response, quick as you like, "Why on EARTH would one use oil as a damping medium when one doesn't have to. It's awful stuff. Hard to keep consistent, really temperature sensitive, bad for the environment. Horrid. Water is a far superior damping fluid. The only reason oil is the usual choice is because it has to lubricate all the working of the damper. Inside my shock there's just some water and an orifice plate. Simple."

To have such a grasp of basic material properties and the intrinsic requirements of the system just blew me a way. I guess these days it'd be called 'thinking outside the box', but I don't think Dr Moulton ever came close to being in the box in the first place. Here's a recent video of him still laying it on the line, right up to the end.

Proper gent, real genius, sorely missed. Chapeau Doc. Rest In Peace.

06/12/2012 : Solaris and Simple pre-orders now open

pre-order new Simple in Bright Green for February/March delivery...

we have some XL Laurel Simples in stock...

pre-order Solaris in Bright Green for February/March delivery...

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03/12/2012 : New Soul and BFe pre-orders now open

pre-order new Soul now for January delivery...

we have some Classic Souls in stock...

pre-order new BFe now for January delivery...

we have the Classic BFe in stock in Small...

03/12/2012 : Stock Lead Time Update

As you might have noticed over the last few weeks, if you'd been skimming around the site looking to buy one of our lovely hardtails, stock have been a little thin on the ground recently. We have had an epic few months on the new BFe and Soul frames to the point where as of last week we're completely out of all them.

There's a fair back order list building on both models, so we wanted to confirm that the boat is on the water containing a LOT of BFes and Souls next week, it'll get the UK 2nd week in January and we will have your frame to you in the third week in January. With our new order system functionality you can place your pre-orders directly via the online order system. As usual, no deposits required, it will just get you on the list and make things much easier for us to manage when we have to get all those lovely frames out to you lovely, lovely people.

Regarding the other mountain bikes, Solaris is still in stock in blue only in large and XL, and we have a handful of XL Simples too. We have a big batch of these due in February, with the Simples switching to the lime green colour, and the addition of a small size again in green only.

We have plenty of Rockets in medium in both colours in all shock options, with a few small in both colours as well. These will be re-stocked in March/April

What we do have is plenty of lovely X frames and bikes, and plenty of Roadrat Alfine bikes too.

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23/11/2012 : Ride Sheffield AGM and Christmas Quiz Social Monday 26th November

19/11/2012 : Our Favourite Bionicon Chain Guide Now Available with your Cotic Mountain Bike Frame

Bionicon Chain Guide Bionicon Chain Guide

A few months ago, just before doing the Hamsterley Gravity Enduro, Cy was looking for some chain retention to run with his preferred triple chainring setup on his Rocket. Spotting a review in Singletrack Magazine, he picked up one of the Bionicon V.02 Chain Guides. It was great value, light, simple and a good option for a single event. Nothing to lose. It's not been off his bike since...

This is a great little product, so when Cy was ordering a second for his Solaris (as you can see in the pics above), Roger from Bionicon got talking about a supply deal so here we are. We have stock of the V.02 Chain Guide in black, and they're available to add to any of our mountain bike frames for £35. This will also be available through our dealers as well as direct sales.

It's a great little product. Easy to install, just 20 grammes (you won't believe how light it is when you get it out of the packet), and it's just super reliable. There's no discernible drag (a major fear when originally installed) and because it's positioned between the mech and the chainrings it really quietens down the bike over bumps too. The key is that it swings in and out as well as following the chain angle, so it's always nicely positioned whichever chainring you're in.

Cy was at the Stiniog uplift day this weekend and didn't drop a chain once all day. We only sell products we believe in, so it's great to be able to offer this.

Read more about the Bionicon V.02 Chain Guides here...

Order your Cotic with a V.02 Chain Guide today...

13/11/2012 : John Horscroft's Rocket write up

Rocket in the Dales

We lent local writer John Horscroft a Rocket a few weeks ago when we was off with John Coefield from Vertebrate Publishing for a photoshoot for an upcoming guide book. John really enjoyed the bike and wrote a little review of it for us. Thanks John! Have a read here... Cotic Rocket Review by John Horscroft

Read John Horscroft's review...

12/11/2012 : Buy an >X< and never be Late for Work again!

Weekday and Sunday >X< bikes builds now available from stock in all the options...

X Weekday in Green

Read more about the X here...

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31/10/2012 : New fork options for >X<

Introducing our new lighter steel and full carbon forks for the >X<...

Steel disc only forks Full carbon disc only forks Taper leg steel forks

Our new >X< framesets come with a choice of 2 new steel forks. One fork has both disc and rim brake mounts, the other just disc mounts. Alternatively you can pay to upgrade to one of 2 new full carbon forks. They come in the same two options, ie. both have disc mounts, but one comes without rim brake mounts for a clean look. The full carbon fork upgrades are also available when you order a Roadrat.

23/10/2012 : Dealer Demo Bikes

We've finished up with our Calver demos for the year now, but if you still want to demo a Cotic over the next couple of months some of our dealers are properly equipped. Cycleworld in Arbroath and The Bike Chain in Edinbrugh both have demo Rockets for you Scots to have a play on. Dales Bike Centre in the Yorkshire Dales have a large Solaris demo and 18 Bikes in Hope being just down the road have access to our Solaris and Rocket demo bikes. Give them a call to give a bike a try.

08/10/2012 : Soul Riders on our New Video Shoot

Day 279 - A Gathering of Souls!

Thanks to a fantastic response to our call for Soul riders, a big group of our lovely, lovely Soul owners descended upon the Monsal Trail in the Peak District to shoot the closing scene in our latest Steel City Media shot masterpiece.

We really appreciate everyone coming down and putting up with getting cold on a bit of flat trail, as the realities of shooting a pack shot for a video is lots of riding up and down, waiting around for set ups and 'can you do that again' from the Director. However, good humour was maintained throughout - aided by copious amounts of Haribo - and people told us how much they loved their Souls.

We had quite the family tree of generations represented, from an early 2004 Mk1.2 (the first with the bridgeless, s-bend chainstays), through Soul2 (now Soul Classic) which was the first frame to feature head tube gussets, 140mm fork compatibility and the dinky SL dropouts with replaceable hanger, right up to a 2 month old latest Soul with taper forks and big seatpost all present and correct.

The only thing missing was an original Mk1 (with the chainstay bridge) and some colours. All the frames there were black or orange so we were missing grey, red (Mk1 and Mk1.2 03-05), custard (Mk1.4 06-08) and the ltd edition Builders' Tea and Espresso (Mk1.5 Summer 09).

Cy got quite emotional seeing all these bikes together, and there was some proper geeking as owners of 2nd hand frames had their frames aged by size and shape of chainstay gusset or dropout shape. It certainly brought home that the Soul - and indeed Cotic itself - will be blowing the candles out on their 10th birthday next summer. Happy days.

Look out for the new Soul promo video in the next couple of weeks. We will be carpet bombing the usual media outlets with it, so you'll find it hard to miss!!

Read more about the latest Soul.....

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24/09/2012 : Soul Riders Needed for New Video Shoot

We're shooting our follow up to Rocketman with Steel City Media, this time featuring the new Soul. One thing we need to make the end of the shoot work how we'd like is a group of about 10 Soul riders to join the main protagonists for the final scene. If you're interested in being part of the video, you need the following things:

  1. Own a Cotic Soul
  2. Be able to get you and your Soul to the Peak District from 3pm on Friday 5th October.
  3. Have some dark/neutral coloured riding gear to wear.
  4. Not mind hanging around on a video shoot even if it's raining. We will be shooting in pretty much anything short of a monsoon.

You'll be needed for a couple of hours to get the final shot done. Nothing major in terms of riding, and certainly nothing challenging. We just need a few people on Souls for a 'crowd shot' type look for the final scene.

If you can make it then email cy@cotic.co.uk and he will let you know exact location and details once we have firmed them up.

Remember, the key thing is that you've got to have a Soul yourself. We're providing bikes for the riders in the main shoot so we don't have any to lend out for this shot. You've got to bring your own. It's going to be fun.

23/09/2012 : Singletrack Magazine Broken Into - Cotic Rocket Amongst Bikes Stolen

Stolen Rocket

Singletrack Magazine were broken into in the early hours of Saturday morning. Due to the speedy response of the Police and staff the criminals were interrupted, but they still got away with 4 bikes, including the Rocket they tested in Issue 76. Here's the full story....

We’ve had a break in…

The Singletrack office was broken into this morning :(

Thanks to the speedy response of West Yorkshire Police the thieving scumbags scarpered mid-theft but got away with four bikes. Keep your eyes peeled for a Cotic Rocket, Orange Five Pro, Santa Cruz Nickel and Lapierre XR 529.

Detailed specs, sizes and colours of the bikes are listed below (see full story on the Singletrack website), so take a look and keep an eye out for any components that are of dubious lineage.

Some of the bikes have been tweaked to reflect our personal preferences, which should make them very distinctive – pink pedals and 800mm bars, anyone?

If you have any information then please contact Singletrack – newsdesk@singletrackworld.com or 01706 813344.

Alternatively you can get in touch with West Yorkshire Police directly by calling Halifax CID Office – 01422 337087. Any info to DC 4497 Drabble.

We would also like to add to this that the Rocket stolen is a size medium, and has Bontrager finishing kit and a Hope headset. There are only 14 medium orange Rockets in circulation at the moment, and only 25 orange Rockets across all sizes sold so far so if you see a bike in this spec (full XT, SLX brakes, Hope Hoops on Flows) it is very likely to be the stolen bike. There really aren't that many around yet.

We would like to thanks the West Yorkshire Police for their quick response, and the Singletrack staff who ended up wasting a lot their Saturday running around sorting this mess out. If you have even the slightest inkling that a bike you see is one of the stolen ones please contact the Police and let's get these thieving scumbags banged up.

21/09/2012 : Cotic Solaris Named in What Mountain Bike Magazine Top 10 Bikes of the 2012

What mtb top 10 bike

What a lovely thing. What Mountain Bike have voted the Solaris one of their Top 10 Bikes of 2012. Described as "New School Old School", they have chosen it as being pretty much the best 29er hardtail they rode this year. According to them, "Rocks melt under the wheels as the steel takes the sting out.", and in conclusion:

"Plenty of todays' 29ers have a go-anywhere, do-anything attitude, but few steel big wheelers offer the hard-riding appeal of the Solaris without an added weight burden."

Dead chuffed we are. Thanks to all the What MTB guys. Check out the latest issue No 139 of the mag to find out more.

Read more about the Cotic Solaris 29er...

Order your Solaris today...

10/09/2012 : RocketMan Short

You just can't keep a good superhero down. Here's some more Rocketman shots along with the odd behind the scenes look...

If you haven't already seen the original video, you'll find it here on the Rocket product page.

Rockets are available right now. If you want to have a ride on one, come to our demo in the Peak District this Saturday 15th September and we'll take you for a ride. Drop us a line at demo@cotic.co.uk to book in.

Read more about the Cotic Rocket here...

05/09/2012 : Rocket tested in Issue 76 of Singletrack Magazine

Singletrack 76

There's a test of the Rocket in Issue 76 of Singletrack Magazine out today. It's a great write up against some great bikes. We're particularly chuffed because they definitely understood the bike and what it's all about. In conclusion they said:

"The Cotic Rocket isn't a timid, have-a-go, plucky Brit of a bike. It's a ballsy, almost swaggering yeah-we-can-do-that mountain bike."

"It's part of the Avant Garde, leading the way"

"The key thing is that there are precious few bikes of the nu-skool slack'n'low variety that exhibit as much 'pop' as the Rocket."

"And it must be said, the Rocket is one of the finest looking bikes we've seen for a long time"

Don't forget there are still plenty of spaces left on our Calver Peak District Demos on 15th September and 13th October to ride a Rocket and make your own mind up. Drop us a line at demo@cotic.co.uk to book a ride.

Read more about the Cotic Rocket here...

Read all about Singletrack Issue 76...

24/08/2012 : JMC Day - Ride Free

17 years ago Jason McRoy - one of the pioneers of DH racing, and the guy who laid the foundation of the current British dominance of downhill - died when his motorbike got hit by a truck on the Woodhead Pass. I never met JMC, but he was something of a hero to me and a lot riders in the 90's. If you've never heard of Jason, have a look at the website dedicated to his life, jasonmcroy.com.

Here's a vid I pretty much wore out watching Jason. It's the middle segment of Dirt, the seminal, original Birtish MTB video from 1995. Jase is in his National Champ stripes.

Thanks for the inspiration Jason. Ride Free.

Find out about Jason McRoy here...

22/08/2012 : Autumn Demos

Announcing the Autumn Calver Demos! We're doing another two demo Saturdays on 15th September and 13th October from our base in Calver in the Peak District. Same format as before, with guided rides by Cy or Paul at 10, 12, 2 and we'll add one at 4pm if we fill up on the others. Bikes available are:

We've added a new Soul to the options for those wanting some awesome 26" hardtail action. Probably have enough parts to put together a large as well if there's demand. We stripped the XL Solaris demo as it's been ridden twice, and one of those was Cy when others were riding his usual large sized bikes. Frame is available for sale. £350 delivered, colour is blue.

You need to book onto a ride time and a bike by either emailing demo@cotic.co.uk or giving us a call on 07970 853531. If you can aim to be with us 30 mins before your ride, we can set you up properly and have a little chat about what you're after. Also gives us time to have a brew and a biscuit.

Book onto your Cotic demo ride by emailing demo@cotic.co.uk

15/08/2012 : Hardtail Stock Update

The new Soul : In stock now in FOUR sizes (yes we finally have an XS Soul).

The classic Soul : A handful of small and large frames left.

The new BFe : Large now out of stock. Small & Medium in stock, but selling fast.

The classic BFe : We have eXtra Small (& other sizes) of this classic for ragging.

The 29er Simple : Large now out of stock. Medium & XL in stock.

The 29er Solaris : We now have green frames. Except we've sold the medium green frames already! Be quick. Other colour and size options still in stock.

get in touch to order...

10/08/2012 : ROADRAT and >X< complete bikes

We've had a bit of a rush on these, and are now waiting for some more wheels. If you want to be informed as soon as complete bikes are back in stock, please join our mailing list. We still have plenty of frames, forks and components... so if you fancy building up a ROADRAT or >X< yourself, get in touch and we'll sort you a frame and fork package. We can also sort you everything else for your build at a good price, just not wheels, not right now anyway.

talk to us...

08/08/2012 : Your Bikes

"Hey, where can I see how other people have built up their Cotics?"

Well, we post up many of the photos that folks send us over on cotic.cc , so go and have a dig around there. It's not very ordered, but there is a dizzying range of examples. Feel free to send us photos of your build as well...

explore cotic.cc ...

02/08/2012 : How Good ?!?!

The Olympics : Brilliant !

That is all.

22/07/2012 : LEGENDS

Mark Cavendish, Chris Froome, all of Team Sky, but most of all Bradley Wiggins, you LEGENDS! British cycling; best in the world. Who'd have thunk? All here at Cotic are massively proud of the guys for their incredible achievements, and massively proud to be cyclists.

18/07/2012 : Some Thoughts from Cy on the new Soul from last weeks' newsletter

Wow! What a month June was. The Rocket finally arrived in stock and our Rocketman video was HUGE. If you've not seen it, it's worth 3 minutes of your time: What Would Rocketman Ride.

But the other reason it's been a big month for us is because we also sprung a new Soul and BFe on an unsuspecting world. These were somewhat overshadowed by their bouncy big brother, but there's plenty to talk about so now the dust has settled let me take you through some of the thinking behind these new frames.

Starting off with the Soul, it's blowing out candles on it's 9th birthday this month so it's been around a while. It's obvious from the forum discussions we've seen that it means a lot of things to a lot of people, but let me tell you what the Soul means to me:

The Soul is a modern steel hardtail.

The material may have historic standing, but the features were always bang up to date. That's why I designed it in the first place; I wanted something which could use big forks, big tyres and disc brakes at a time when most steel bikes rode like a wet noodle and looked like they needed canti brakes and rigid forks to work properly. I wanted something strong, light, with the steel feel I liked with all the mod cons I'd grown used to on my DH bike. In a word, it had to be modern.

The update in 2009 focused mainly on meeting and then exceeding the newly introduced CEN safety regulations, but even here the Soul was moving with the times. Whilst strengthening the frame, the fork certification was upped to 140mm travel to match modern forks, and the top tube sported our first use of the Ovalform shaping. This provided additional torsional stiffness so it would feel up to the job of these stiffer forks and the wider handlebars coming into use. Again, modern.

You're seeing a pattern forming here, aren't you? The 3rd iteration of the Soul had to move with the times again. Taper steerer forks are a reality. I don't think 1 1/8" will ever completely go away, and I'm not claiming any major stiffness or handling benefits from adding the larger head tube. However, with the new 44mm headset cups becoming available - allowing taper compatibility on steel frames without the massive size and weight of full 1.5 - doing a taper compatible frame was a no brainer. I remember the steel builders of the mid-90's resolutely shooting themselves in the foot by sticking with 1" head tubes when the whole industry had gone 1 1/8". It prevented me from buying a Bontrager back in 1996 and I don't want Cotic to fall into the same trap of effectively built in obsolescence. I want you to be able to use your Cotic for years and years and years.

Same with the oversized seat tube. We've had a 34.9 seat tube with oversized seatpost on the BFe since it's inception. It uses a proprietary process we developed with the factory, so we're the only people offering lightweight Reynolds 34.9mm seat tubes. But even back then I was concerned that the big tubes and seatpost should still give a civilised ride, and I rode a large BFe prototype as my only bike for 9 months to make sure I was happy with that side of things. The main thing I found was that having a high quality seatpost makes the difference. A cheap one I used to get the bike running nearly broke my back. A nice USE aluminium SUMO post worked very nicely. I even did my longest ever MTB ride on that bike and it was great.

During the Solaris development, I designed and tested a lightweight version of the BFe seat tube taking advantage of the strength of 853 tubing. I wanted the extra stiffness on the Solaris because all the hardpoints get a long way away from eachother on 29ers, but once the process was complete I found that the finished item was 10% lighter than the tube I used on the Soul. As I already knew that bigger seatposts would be OK from a ride point of view, the option to take some weight out of the Soul was irresistable, and dropper seatpost compatibility is another no brainer. They are a fantastic tool if you can afford one, and all the best ones are only available in the bigger seatpost sizes. I know the 34.9mm seat tube takes a bit of getting used to, but I really rather like it these days, and certainly it looks much less obvious on the large size frame than the small too.

Some people have lamented the passing of the Soul's original slim lines - and the Classic Soul is still available in limited numbers for those people - but I was still very much aware of the aesthetic of the frame when designing it. The Soul is the only frame in our range with the tapered head tube, which reduces in size to a traditional EC34 top cup. Aside from being lighter than a full 44mm head tube, the smaller top tube on the Soul looks ridiculous when attached to the big can 44mm tube as seen on the Solaris, Rocket and BFe. It's dwarfed and ruins the look of the slimmer frame. The other bikes have wider top tubes for stiffness. In the case of the Solaris and Rocket, the zero stack 44mm top cup also helps with minimising front end height, but on the Soul it would have been visual and engineering overkill.

Soul Front

With the geometry, we have stuck to our original formula. There a slight tweak on the medium to length the top tube a touch to even out the sizing jumps, but apart from that, nothing. We have done a lot of work to consider out position on this though, and we did a lot of work with different layouts. The first 34.9mm seat tube prototypes also had slacker head angles and steeper seat angles to see how this direction of development from other brands worked. What it did was make the bike really, really fast down hills, and not a lot else. Seated climbing was better in some ways with longer forks, but the longer front centre also transferred weight onto the back wheel which left the front end light and wandery. It was also a little more difficult to lift the front wheel compared to a standard Cotic geometry. When we let Robbie Rickman (our 4X rider at the time) have a shot, thinking this could be the new BFe geometry, he didn't like it as much either. He found that the tendancy to keep the front wheel planted made the whole bike less mobile and less easy to chuck about and less fun. That's always the trade off with more stability.

Next thing we tried was BB height. With the Rocket development highlighting the pros of a low BB, the first prototypes of what would become the new Soul tubeset came with an EBB so we could drop the BB height 1/2". The surprising upshot of this was that it made little or no discernable difference to the handling of the bike, despite a lot of testing to make sure this was the case. The only downside was many more jarring pedal strikes, and these are much more troublesome on a hardtail, because there's no rear suspension to extend and allow you to lever the struck crank 'up and over', so you just hit things and stop.

We tried plenty of things, and in our opinon all of them moved the compromise of the handling too strongly in one direction and too much of a detriment to others. We came back to our original geometry even more sure than ever that it's the best option for this kind of bike.

So here we are with the production frames in stock, a thoroughly modern steel hardtail with the handling it's become reknowned for. It's what the Soul will always be.

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06/07/2012 : Cy's Selling his forks NOW SOLD

2012 Fox Float 150 RLC FIT QR15

Cy's selling his 8 month old 2012 Model Year Fox Float 150 RLC FIT QR15 Taper Steerer forks. Couple of scuffs, reasonable use but it perfect working order. 190mm steerer length, suit small, medium or large Cotic Rocket!! Awesome forks and they suit the Rocket really well. However, we're racing the Fort William Endurance Downhill at the end of the month, and the need for something a little bigger to tackle the World Cup course has become apparent.

The equivalent of these forks are £739 retail this year. Looking for £450 delivered to your door via TNT. Email Cy if you'd like them.

2012 Model Year Fox Float 150 RLC FIT QR15 Taper Steerer specification.....


02/07/2012 : Fantastic Film Featuring Some Sweet BFe Riding

A couple of months back we got a trailer from takeitoutsidefilms.co.uk featuring some very nice riding on a BFe as well as some great camera work and interesting ideas. Now they've released the full version and it's really rather lovely.

'Make the Move' from takeitoutsidefilms on Vimeo

Watch "Make the Move" on Vimeo....

Read more about the new Cotic BFe.....

18/06/2012 : Don't forget (we had) that our videos also feature in our podcast on iTunes

15/06/2012 : Braund Reynolds Black Betty now available on iTunes

At last! The awesome soundtrack to our Rocketman video - Braund Reynolds Black Betty - is now available to download on iTunes. Go on, treat yourself!

Buy Braund Reynolds Black Betty from iTunes.....

More information about the new ROCKET...

13/06/2012 : Singletrack Weekender is coming. Get Yourself Entered!

Classic Weekender

One month to go until the Weekend(er) of the year! We're going to be there with some Rocket and Solaris demo bikes, and Cy and Joh will be racing too if you fancy pitting your wits against us. It's an awesome event, so much fun. Cy explained what he likes about the even a couple of weeks ago on Singletrackworld.

Cy on Trials, Weekender 2010

What is the Weekender? In a nutshell it's three different mountain bike competitions run over the course of two days, with the final results based a combined score. The three different competitions are called 'XC', 'Trials' and 'Downhill'. The name of the game is see how competitors fare as all-round riders. It's a lot of fun, and one of our favourite events. Get yourself signed up today! Here's what the guys from Singletrack have to say....

A weekend of XC, Trials and Downhill racing.

Three different races.

One bike (yep, each race must be completed on the same bike).

The ultimate 'all rounder' event.

The weekend of July 14-15 sees the Singletrack magazine Classic Weekender being run for the fourth time. It'll be the second year the event will be sponsored by Shimano who'll be bringing their usual touch of class and prize-giving generosity to this year's Weekender.

Well actually, the name of the game is to have a fun weekend of messing about with a bit of serious-as-you-want racing sprinkled on top. As well as the main events, the Weekender hosts a number of extra just-for-fun mini-events during the Saturday evening. The floodlit pump track challenge is always a popular one. This year there'll be a couple more extra mini-events: elbows-out mass-start hill sprint challenge and a last-rider-standing 'bike derby'.

It sounds cliched to say it (we're going to say it anyway) but the real winners of the Weekender are those who have the most fun.

The official website of the Weekender is http://singletrackworld.com/weekender

The three competitions:

There will be three events in the Classic Weekender that will lead riders to an overall position.

Weekender Downhill

Doable on any bike from a hardtail to a monster DH bike. Smooth all-round riding will get you a better time than just being fearless. Once again, the penalties won't be too severe. The main thing to avoid is punctures! The course is around 1km in length and takes about 3 minutes to get down.

Weekender Trials

This event doesn't require much in the way of Trials skills really. There will be five simple, taped off, sections to ride, resembling "normal" mountain bike obstacles. A clean ride between the tapes is a "clear". For every "fail", you will earn a time penalty.

Weekender XC

The Sunday will host the cross country race. The start will be handicapped so that riders with perfect scores from the Saturday will start on time, followed a minute later by riders with a minute's penalty, and so on until the riders with the maximum penalty score bring up the rear. One lap of the XC course is about 5km in length.

This year is the Year Of The Bonus. There'll be time bonuses awarded for successful negotiation of certain OPTIONAL obstacles in the Trials competition and the Downhill competition. You'll be able to earn yourself a couple of minutes head start for Sunday's XC competition.

Where: Lee Quarry, Lancashire.

When: July 14-15, 2012.

Only £40 for the whole weekend!

Entry to all three events.

Includes camping too (or you can go home and kip in a proper bed somewhere local if you prefer).

Massive bonfire!

Enter online via Singletrackworld.com Race Entry or click-thru from the Weekender site listed above.

Join the Shimano Singletrack Classic Weekender page on Facebook

Follow @stweekender on Twitter

Free First Aid for your bike!

Shimano and Ride-On will be providing Free First Aid for bikes throughout the Weekender. Free fitting of parts and repairs to non-fatal problems.


Camping is in the main arena. As it stands there's likely to be more than one camping area - one very close to the arena and another one a bit further away (this latter one will probably be the "quiet" campsite). There will be marshals on hand to guide you away from the areas you can't pitch your tent. Please be aware that this is a quarry. You will be able to drive pegs in a bit but make sure you bring a hammer or mallet. Also bring a decent carry mat or airbed.

You don't have to camp!

Many people prefer to stay in somewhere with a proper bed and hot and cold running water.

Many locals will opt to pop back to their homes on Saturday night, which is fine and dandy. Be warned though, at previous events a great many locals have really not wanted to leave the Saturday evening's festivities and socialising, and they'd wished that they'd brought their camping stuff with them. So if you're local, think about bringing your camping stuff just in case you want to experience the whole Weekender thang.

Some Rules For The Racing:

Pedal swapping is allowed. Tyre swapping is not allowed. You can change bikes and bits during practice but not once the racing proper has begun. A helmet is compulsory for all three races. Body armour is advisable for the DH but not compulsory.

Cars, Camping and Catering:

There will be secure car parks in operation. Car parking - anything smaller than (or same size as) a Transit will be fine in the car park. Full-on Motorhomes are a no-no. It is free to camp. Food and (non-alcoholic) drink will be available to buy. Drinking water will be available for free.

Enter the best event of the summer today...

Read about Cy's experiences of the event on STW...

12/06/2012 : Cotic Germany at Bike Festival in Willingen This Weekend

Carsten and Malte from Eaven Cycles - our German distributor - will be at the Bike Festival in Willigen this weekend, on the German/Belgiun/Dutch border. They'll have a stand with all the latest Cotic bikes for you to demo and have a look at:

The new Cotic Rocket

The new BFe

Two Solaris bikes

The new Soul

If you're in that part of Europe this weekend, pop along and say hello.

Read more about the Willingen Bike Festival...

11/06/2012 : Long Distance BFe


Just had a lovely email from Jason in Hawaii, who we sent a BFe to a while back. He's loving the bike, and sent us the photo above. Backdrop makes a change from the usual garden fence, eh? Here's what Jason had to say...

Hi Paul and Cy,

This photo has been a long time coming. Here's my XS BFe in front of the King Kamehameha statue in downtown Honolulu. Unfortunately it was a cloudy day, but I wanted to take this pic because his statue was draped in hundreds of flower lei in celebration of Kamehameha day. He was the first monarch that unified all the separate islands and created the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1810. A bit of local history for you.

I've been cruising and abusing the BFe for about six months now and am thoroughly pleased with its performance. The bike looks and handles great. Aside from that, the customer service I received from you when ordering was nothing short of amazing. I've been involved with bikes and have worked in shops for many years and have never had the kind of conscientious care that Cotic delivered. You guys are the best!

Do I win the BFe farthest from the UK award?

Much Mahalo and Aloha,


01/06/2012 : Looooong weekend

If you're visiting us from outside the UK, you may not know that we have a double bank holiday over here, and as a result we, along with as many people as possible, are having a FOUR DAY WEEKEND. Because of this, no one at Cotic will be answering phones, emails, twitter or facebook enquiries Monday or Tuesday.

Catch you Wednesday...

31/05/2012 : Yes, our website uses cookies, including those of Google Analytics

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website, and to help us understand how you use our website, so that we can find ways of improving that experience in future. If you continue to use this website as normal, we will assume that you have granted us permission to use cookies. If you choose to block cookies, using your computer browser settings/preferences, you may find that our website does not always function as expected.

All sound fair enough? Right, carry on as you were...

30/05/2012 : The middle way? JRA Blog on 650b Wheels

650b fail

Cy popped over to Sheffield wheelmeisters Just riding Along the other week after Jon from JRA got chatting with Cy about 650b wheels at the Steel City Downhill. Jon had just finished his first set of Pacenti rimmed wheels with 2.4" tyres, so Cy took his Rocket over to fit the wheels, measure them up and see what the score was. They do fit in the bike statically, and clear the Float 150 Fox forks, but all sorts of trouble occurs when you try and run through the travel. Wheels hitting bits of frame all over the place, and the BB raised 10mm to boot. Yes, that's right, a big tyres 650b wheel is a meer 10mm larger on the radius. So barely any bigger than a larger 26" wheel and tyre, but big enough to cause all sorts of problems when fitting to a 26" wheel bike. Needless to say we're a little less than convinced, but it was good to get some actual measurements and have a look. For more, read Jon's Blog.

For the record, we design our 26" wheel bikes around a 343mm radius/686mm diameter which is a big volume 2.4/2.5" tyre. The 2.4" Pacenti Neo Moto 650b was 352.5mm radius/705mm diameter.

JRA Blog on 650b Wheels

29/05/2012 : Check out Rocketman's Mild Mannered Alter Ego smashing it on the X last year in Late For Work

28/05/2012 : If you're in trouble, and no one else can help, maybe you can call...

More information about the new ROCKET...

28/05/2012 : Fetish Bikes Gravity Enduro at Hamsterley

We spent the weekend riding and racing at the Hamsterley round of the Gravity Enduro Series. The weather was massively helpful with azure blue skies and not a cloud to be seen. The sun was shining down on some completely awesome trails at Hamsterley Forest. If you haven't been, it's got to be one of the hidden gems of British mountain biking. The trail crew there have put together miles and miles of incredible trails, which are a match for anything, anywhere. There's even an uplift service. Cy was racing with some friends old and new, as the Sheffield locals and This Is Sheffield crew all turned up along side some of the old Notts uni cycling club lads for some 'friendly' rivalry.

Camp Cotic

As such, 'Camp Cotic' became a hub of activity with all the guys using it as a handy base for the weekend. There were four Rocketeers this weekend too, as Cy was running his trusty prototype and Joe from Steel City Media aboard the bike he's been shooting a video of recently. The other two bikes were out due to unfortunate circumstances; the black demo going to Dave as scumbags had nicked his Remedy the week before, and Andy needing a rapid (sub-40 minute!) frame transplant mid-practice after his other frame (not a Cotic!) developed a crack on stage 3. Still, turned out nice though as Andy loved the little Rocket ship and his build is pretty blingy I think you'll agree.

Bling Rocket

Cy's prep for the weekend included a lot of over thinking of the technical side of things, but one complete revelation was the late addition (thanks to Rob at Finely Tuned Ride for sorting so quickly!) of a little Bionicon C.Guide V.02 which was completely brilliant. Running his usual triple, the guide is totally unintrusive, drag free and didn't drop the chain once all weekend. It weighs 20grms too! Very impressed.


Racing was fast and fun, lots of comparing lines, comparing notes, comparing crashes! The timing left a little to be desired at times, but the format of gravity enduro is fantastic. There's everything from hardtails to mini DH bikes used, so basically if you're into having fun on your bike, an event like this is well worth a look.

28/05/2012 : Service Message!

Morning! Paul's on his hols this week, so Cy's dealing with everything on his own until after the bank holiday so we'll if you want your frame this week get in early as he'll have to limit dispatch numbers a little bit to make sure he gets everything done. Also highly probably a container with Rockets arrives this week so lots on. Just know we're doing our best! Thanks for bearing with us.

23/05/2012 : Love this message from our Cotic Facebook Page

Hey Cotic, Sorry to bother you but I'm 13 and looking to save over a couple of years to get a Cotic frame. I want to to make the right decision as will be hoping the frame to last me for as long as possible. I generally ride local trails and a mini dual slalom course however I also race in the essex xc league and do a bit of freeride at some small bikeparks in East Anglia. Naturally the BFe seems a good choice as I love technical singletrack and gettin air but would I be able to use it for XC with a lockout fork too?

p.s. All of your bikes are sick!

Proper made our day.

21/05/2012 : Final X Long Term Review on Cyclist No1

X Review

Cyclist No1 have published their final installment of their Long Term review of the X Sunday Disc we sent them last year. They liked it a lot, giving it 4.5/5.

Head over to Cyclist No1 for a read.

Read more the X cyclocross bike.....

Cyclist No1Read the Cyclist No1 Long Term Review.....

15/05/2012 : Solaris Ride Review on BikeRadar

BikeRadar Ride the Solaris

BikeRadar have published their review of the Solaris. They like it a lot, which is nice.

"Of all the steel framed 29ers we've tested, the Solaris offers the best hard hitting performance without losing any of its cross-country nimbleness"

The Solaris is one of the most inspiring steel framed mountain bikes we've ridden in a long time.

Ride & handling: Light but reassuringly tough; among the best 29ers we've tested

Cy would like it pointed out that he founded Cotic in 2002, not 1992 as it says in the copy. He was taking his GCSE's and sneaking into pubs in 1992.

Read more about the Cotic Solaris 29er....

Read the full BikeRadar review....

15/05/2012 : Cairngorm Loop

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Jenn Hopkins of Singletrack Magazine rode the Cairngorm Loop a couple of weekends ago on her Solaris long termer. It's a massive lap of Western Scotland taken on in one go. It took her 36 hours and full winter gear, because as you can see, it got a bit chilly. That fourth pic is Jenn boiling water to melt the flash frozen drivetrain on her Solaris after a sub-zero overnight bivvy. A suitably epic ride. Chapeau Jenn. Thanks for the pictures.

09/05/2012 : Rocket Updates

Rocket-Sample 008 Rocket-Sample 010

Following some negative feedback at the launch about the look and location of the spanner-flatted seatstay pivots on the Rocket - notably on Bikemagic - we have been looking for a solution. As you can see, we've found one! We didn't think it was possible to make pivot studs with the internal allen head, because our framebuilder's fastener supplier couldn't make them. However, we've spoken to some other suppliers and found one who can do the operation, as well as chrome plating them for longevity. These pics are the first ones installed on Cy's prototype frame.

All the Rocket frames will be shipped with the new pivots, and they'll be fitted to all the demo bikes from this weekend's Calver Demo onwards. Email demo@cotic.co.uk to book on for Saturday 12th May.

The production Rocket frames will be with us at the end of this month. Sorry for the delay for those of you waiting for your frame, but it took longer to get the paintshop to sort out the masking and decal work to be completely perfect (after we found the frames supplied for demo to be very slightly not what we asked for). It will be worth the wait, and if you're after a frame get one ordered as we've got lots going out in the first week.

Read more about the Cotic Rocket full suspension trail bike frame....

Email us to order your Rocket today....

09/05/2012 : Cotic AQR Team get 4th at Enduro 6

Racing the Cotic Solaris - Enduro 6 2012 Enduro 6 2012 - Emma Solaris

James and Emma from Cotic AQR Race Team represented at the Wiggle Enduro 6 this weekend and came away with a hard earned 4th place in the Mixed Pairs event, narrowly missing the podium. Great work you two!

Keep up with the Cotic AQR Holidays Race Team on their blog....

08/05/2012 : Sweet BFe Riding from Lake Garda

Mario's got a gritstone BFe and is a bit good on the steep techy stuff. Check out this video of him and his mate riding some pretty difficult terrain. Loving it!

mimimi del garda von Elbambell auf MTB-News.de

Read more about the BFe....

Order your BFe today....

08/05/2012 : A Happy Demo Customer with his new solaris

Phil came to our first Calver demo on 14th April to test ride a Solaris. He liked it so much he bought one. He's also got a Soul, and his experience on the demo with our bikes' set up also has inspried a change for the better on that as well. We'll let Phil explain himself...

DSCF5152 DSCF5156

Here is my finished Solaris with Syncros FL 29 carbon forks fitted, note how awesome it is that the crown is *exactly* the same diameter as the headtube. I ended up with these forks by accident really, I had a pair of Salsa Cromoto forks fitted to my Niner that I swapped over. The forks had a good degree of flex in them but plugging them into the Solaris and running a wide pair of Sunline bars really exposed how much lateral flex they had. The 44mm headtube and ovalized oversized toptube really does keep lateral flex to a minimum on the Solaris. Anyway when pulling hard on the bars or leaning it over hard in left hand bends the front rotor would rub on the caliper. So the only option was carbon, and these forks have an a-c of 485mm, 100mm fork corrected. So now the bike is running as the demo one I tried in Calver, and it is so balanced! It is so easy to manual the front into drops, it climbs so well yet still has a nice steel ride to it.

So after experiencing and trying out a wider bar and shorter stem I have also dropped the stem on my Soul to 80mm with 760mm bars. I took it out for a play in the woods... wow! it was like someone had flicked the nitro boost switch on when you start descending, it was just so fast! So I returned from that ride with a stupid grin across my face, leant my Soul up against the Solaris and figured that I now know what millionaires feel like when they open their garage door and have to decide which supercar to take out!

Thanks for designing amazing bikes guys!


One happy man! Don't forgot, we still have places on our next demo this Saturday 12th May at Calver. Come and ride a Solaris or a Rocket. Drop us a line on demo@cotic.co.uk to book on and get full details of where we are, or give us a call in the office on 07970 853531.

04/05/2012 : Wideopen Issue 18

Morning all. Our friends over at Wideopen Magazine has just launched their shiny new issue. There's no specific Cotic content this time, but it's a lovely thing and with the bank holiday coming up, it'll be great to read over a lazy morning coffee. Enjoy!

Open publication - Free publishing - More cycling

01/05/2012 : Pinch, Punch etc and 2nd Demo Reminder

Morning all. Second Calver Demo Alert! It's not long until our next Calver Demo with the new Rocket and Solaris. On Saturday 12th May Paul and Joh will be your hosts with the most for some fantastic Peak riding on some lovely new Cotic bikes. As with the previous demo, it's booking only on one of 4 ride time options. Drop us an email at demo@cotic.co.uk to book on and get full details of where we are and what to do, or give us a call in the office on 07970 853531.

The demo runs from our place which is here. Bring ID, and a credit card to hold hostage.

Bikes currently available are:

We've also pushed the boat right out and bought a kettle and some snacks for brewing up and a bit of fuel on the day. See you there?

Email to book your place....

30/04/2012 : More 29" Wheel Musings

Bit of an update on some 29" wheel work we've been doing over the last couple of months.

Firstly, the stainless steel project. We're not going ahead with this into production. There's probably a handful of you out there who would have one, and we thank you for your interest and belief in us, but it's not enough to justify getting even 30 frames made. Cy's just stripped his 931 29er to build up one of the Solaris demo bikes, and is now back on a production Solaris which he much prefers. His suspicions that the 931 frame wasn't stiff enough for his liking have proved founded as it's only taken a couple of rides on the production frame to realise that the torsional stiffness we added at the prototype stage of the Solaris project was definitely the way to go for the kind of riding we want to do with it. The 931 shares it's geometry with the Solaris, but it's surprisingly different in feel, especially with big tyres, bolt thru forks and 720mm wide bars on it. It'd probably suit some people, especially with shorter travel or rigid forks and narrower bars putting less load into the frame.

Shiny bike 3/4

If it sounds like we're damning it with faint praise, we're not going to kid you, it wasn't quite what we'd wanted. However, just because it didn't suit our preferences exactly, doesn't mean it wouldn't suit someone elses. It handles beautifully, and it's quite bit lighter than a Solaris, so it's definitely got it's positives. Plus, having ridden a few 29ers now, it seems that the 931 isn't particularly lacking in stiffness as steel 29ers go, it's just not as nippy as the Solaris. As the production isn't going ahead and Cy's back on the regular Solaris, it does mean we have a completely unique and lovely shiny 931 frame looking for a home. If anyone's interested in buying it, drop Cy an email with a sensible offer. We're looking for around £800 for it.

The other thing we've been working on is a small sized Solaris. Despite being fairly firmly of the opinion that 26" wheels are better once you're below around 5ft 10in, we've had enough interest from people shorter than this to need to look into a small size. So, we got a couple of 16" frames with top tubes 10mm shorter than the medium (it's the shortest we could go whilst maintaining fork adjuster clearance). Paul was our test rider as he's 5ft 8in and runs a small Soul.

The most surprising thing was that with flat bars we were able to replicate Paul's Soul position pretty easily even with the much longer top tube. However, this was using an inline seatpost rather than layback, and a 60mm stem as opposed to 65mm on the Soul. Paul's done a good few rides on the bike now. Basically it's extremely fast rolling and secure - as you'd expect - but Paul can't really move the bike around. Due to the low BB, larger BB/head tube distance and longer back end, he hasn't got long enough arms and legs to throw his weight outside the wheels. This is compounded by the 29er having a much lower BB relative to the axles than a 26" bike. Seeing him ride, he's almost trapped between the wheels. We've went down to a 50mm stem to push him back a bit on the bike to try and counter this and it helped a bit, but it also made the steering too light and quick.

It's interesting, because Paul's a really talented and able rider, with a trials background, so he can and does move a bike around a lot when riding. He just can't with the 29er, so he doesn't like it. It's not as much fun as the 26" bike. The interesting thing is that once people are this kind of height, the 29" almost seem to define the use of the bike as something quite different to a 26" bike. If Paul wanted a light, comfortable, efficient thing for crossing a map, then the 29er would be good. For having fun and generally enjoying riding bikes, you won't be that surprised to hear he's back on his Soul. This is in total contrast to Cy, who at 6ft 3in didn't feel he needed to adapt much at all to the 29er, but he has long enough levers to get his weight moving outside the wheels.

We do have some options to work on though. We're going to get a slackset to knock the head angle back 1 degree to calm the steering down with the 50mm stem, and the slacker head angle would give more down tube clearance on the fork adjusters, which in turn allows about 8mm to be knocked off the top tube length of any production frame. The final option would be a j-bend cromoly down tube to pull the top tube right back to Soul terratory, but that will require another prototype.

For right now, Kate Potter of the AQR Holidays Cotic Race Team has got the other small frame to see how she finds it for racing on. It's much more suited to this kind of application, and Kate's position is more forward on the bike than Paul's despite her being shorter so it'll suit her better in it's current configuration. We're looking forward to getting some feedback from her.

So, for right now it's still very much a no on a small Solaris, but we'll let you know how our work goes when we've got some more options covered.

30/04/2012 : BFe Kids Bike

Been a bit quiet on here recently. Sorry about that. We've been a bit caught up in sorting demos out on the Rockets and Solaris bikes over the last couple of weeks, plus Cy did another lecture to the IMechE in Leeds last week. Anyhow, got some bits to catch up on, starting with this ace My First Cotic kids bike which Tim from the Isle of Wight built for his 8 year-old daughter Grace based around a XS BFe.

Father & Daughter bikes Grace bridge crossing

Here's what Tim had to say:


A big thankyou from me and my eldest, Grace. Just a few photos attached of the build and Grace enjoying the bike on the local trails, we even had some sun for the photos :-)

There's a couple of upgrades that will get done sooner or later, the wheel set is a Shimano Deore and Alex rims set; I really can't get on with the Shimano hubs so they'll go. The forks may go later for some plusher ones but at the mo the SR Suntour Epicons are okay.

Once again, many thanks.


Tim & Grace

Great to see someone getting their first proper taste of 26" wheels on a Cotic. A couple of us have now stashed XS BFes for our kids having seen this!

Read more about the BFe.....

Order your XS BFe today.....

16/04/2012 : >X< Touring

X Touring 1 X Touring 3 X Touring 2

These are photos from one of our X owners getting out there and touring. Here's what he had to say:

Having lived with my Cotic X for six months, I now understand it. I've done all sorts on this bike; lots of forestry singletrack, some fairly bumpy XC trails, a load of (normally boring) bridleways, an MTB 'sportive', off-road trans-Wales mission with kids in trailer, some winter commuting (including snow-biking) and a loaded tour across Northern France. Ironically the only thing I haven't used it for is cyclocross racing.

The ride feel and versatility of this bike is extraordinary... you can cross-country blast, ride the forest twisties, hack along the linking bridleways and tour big road miles in comfort.

If you want a cyclocross racer, there are stiffer/lighter/more focussed bikes out there, but for everything from exploring the countryside and getting 'fun' riding from your front door to full-on adventures across foreign lands, this bike really makes sense.

(Rack used for touring is Blackburn EX-1. Front disc is a BB-7, rear is a Froggleg Canti. Velocity A-23 rims built on XT rims by JRA - set-up tubeless which is a must for grip/feel).

- Barney Edwards

I think that says it all. We never really intended the X to be a touring bike, but we certainly wanted it to be a more rounded and usable bike that a purebred CX racer. Thanks Barney.

Read more about the super versatile Cotic X.....

Order your X today.....

13/04/2012 : 24 Hours of Exposure - European & National 24hr Championships

The start
Ant and Rach relieved to have finished Rach on the podium
The pits The racers at the start

Rachel Sokal has won the 24 Hours of Exposure, to become the new 2012 European and UK 24 Hour Solo Champion. Well done to her, and the other team riders who did so well; Ant and Simon. NEVER forgetting the pit/training/coaching team behind them of course... Kate, Ian and Anne.

Read the team blog...

Read Joolze's report on VeloUK...

Read Bikemagic's interview with Rachel...

13/04/2012 : Demo Rides Available FOR TOMORROW!!!

Still got some places for tomorrow. You can't book now, but if you're interested in any of the following bikes at the times they're available, head over to our place which is here for a ride. Bring ID, and a credit card to hold hostage. Give us a call on 07970 853531 tomorrow if you're coming.

See you there?

Map link here...

13/04/2012 : Chit chat with Southerndownhill.com


Read the mini-interview...

04/04/2012 : Rocket Ride

Last week we flew a select group of UK journalists to Arizona (or was it the Mediterranean?) to show them what the Rocket can do. They enjoyed the dry dusty trails, and, we're very pleased to say, our new bike...

"It's a f–ing ace, planted, quiet-feeling bike – aesthetically you're very aware of its steelness but it's not really noticeable either way underneath you. The steel happens to be the metal to hang a very nice suspension design off. Nice and low slung between your legs, dead modern numbers, proper sized seattube that'll take an up and downer post, easy front wheel lifter, easy to manoeuvre, poppy and lively rather than downhill ground sucker – I was really surprised how happy I was to ride it down stuff for my first go as well."
- Matt from Singletrack

"Powering up technical climbs, the bike feels light underneath you and traction is plentiful. When hammering tight singletrack it bursts from corners with urgency and flair, and punches pockets of trail into submission. The best thing is, you can feel every detail of the terrain transmit from the tyres to your fingertips as the Rocket reads the Braille-written story of the trail."
- Callum from BikeRadar

Singletrack: Cleared for take off...

BikeRadar: First ride review...

Check our Rocket product page...

02/04/2012 : Demo Rides Available

Due to a couple of cancellations, plus Cy forgetting to tell anyone he's building an XL Solaris demo bike, we've got plenty of spaces still left open to book if you want to come and join in our monthly demos from our base in Calver in the Peak District. Here's what is available as of today:

Email demo@cotic.co.uk to book on and get full details of where we are and what to do.

28/03/2012 : Bespoked Bristol roundup

The Cotic stand at Bespoked Bristol - photo by Steve Makin

Singletrack Magazine's report from the show...

BikeRadar's first look at the Rocket...

Bikemagic's take...

Mike Davies' personal look at the Rocket...

Photos of all the other interesting stuff at the show, by drj0n...

...and more show photos from Mr Makin...

The Cotic Frames at Bespoked Bristol - photo by Steve Makin The Cotic Rocket at Bespoked Bristol - photo by Steve Makin

27/03/2012 : Kate's Back!

Kate in Portugal

We are pleased to announce that Kate Potter - our founding team member and first Cotic sponsored athlete - is back on the Cotic AQR Holidays team. She's decided to re-focus her efforts on coaching and guiding, as well as some racing when gets some time. We're chuffed to bits. Welcome back Kate.

Follow Kate and the team on their blog...

Get Kate's coaching or guiding at A Quick Release Holidays...

26/03/2012 : Bespoked done and dusted!

Busy weekend. Thanks to everyone who took the time to chat. More words from Cy later hopefully. For now, enjoy these pics from drj0n...

Cy and Solaris Rocket! Cotic

21/03/2012 : Demo Bike Clearance

XS BFe 3/4 View

We're selling our extra small sized BFe on eBay. The auction ends next week. It's a great little bike. Perfect as a trail bike for someone 5ft 6in or under, or a great play bike for jumps and 4X/BMX track mucking about. Happy bidding!

BFe demo bike eBay auction...

21/03/2012 : Welsh Demo Weekend with our new dealer Bike Brechfa

Welsh Cotic Demo Weekend

Our newest dealer has opened at Brechfa forest trail centre in West Wales. It's Cy's favourite trail centre, with some amazingly swoopy, bermy trails. Carl and Ivy have got Souls, BFes, Solarii and will have Rockets when they arrive. However, they're not just stopping there. On 21st May (the weekend after our second Peak District demo - still places available on that by the way), they'll be at Cwm Rhaedr near Llandovery with their entire fleet. There are rides planned, so get along and give a Cotic a shot on some great trails.

All the information at the Bike Brechfa website...

19/03/2012 : Demo Rockets are in the country!

The first production Rockets left Taiwan on Saturday and are on the van for Mr UPS to deliver today. We've got the 4 demo frames arriving, and Cy will be building them up for photoshoots and for the public debut at Bespoked Bristol on Friday.


Pics later. We're off for a lie down....

Read about our new full suspension frame here...

12/03/2012 : Portugal with AQR Holidays

portugal 005 portugal 003

Cy went out to Portugal for a few days last week to catch up with Kate and Ian Potter from AQR Holidays and get a bit of sun and some miles on him and the Rocket. Lovely riding, beautiful sunshine, nice hotel, great guiding. Can't really fault it! The Rocket was fun, especially on the fast summer tyres, but most people rode hardtails. It's easy to enjoy on most bikes really.

They've still got places for the weeks starting 17th and 24th March. Treat yourself to some sunshine! £450 includes everything except lunches and flights. Tell 'em we sent you!

All the information about the AQR Holidays Portugal trips...

02/03/2012 : SHINY!!!!

Shiny bike 3/4 Shiny Bike Stainless Reynolds Tubes

We sent these pictures out of the mailing list this morning, and they've got such a huge response we thought we'd get them up here sharpish!

Reynolds have been working on a new stainless steel tubeset to sit under their uber-strong and light 953 products. It's called 931. It's basically a similar strength to 853, but stainless. It's a little cheaper than 953 and Reynolds and our factory (who are partnering with Reynolds as builders) were keen to show us what it could do, so we had them build me a Solaris shaped frame for Cy, and Paul's got a Soul shaped frame.

Pretty, isn't it?

Because it's similar strength to 853, it's not that much lighter than a Solaris as you have to use similar sections, so you basically save the weight of the paint. This has a 32mm seat tube/27.2mm seatpost whereas the Solaris has our new 35mm/31.6 seat tube/seatpost combo, but there's not a deal different in the weight of those. This also has a regular 1 1/8" head tube as they don't have material in 931 big enough to do a 44mm head tube, so that's a bit lighter. Overall the frame is about 0.5lb lighter than a Solaris, so around 4.4lb in large. The kicker unfortunately is the price. Even though 931 is lower priced that 953, this would still be a £1,200 frame. Given that it's not loads lighter than the Solaris, we didn't think it had much going for it apart from being massively pretty.

However, even in the short time since we sent out the email this morning we've been really surprised by the positive response. If you're interested in stainless steel options, drop us a line and we'll think some more about doing a limited run.

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29/02/2012 : Another Very Happy Solaris Customer

Apologies for yet another gratuitous blowing of our own trumpet, but people are sending us some really lovely emails about our new frames. This one from Ernesto....

Hi Paul,

Finally, and after the arrival off 4 crank bolts (sort), and 2 tubeless valves, I assembled the Solaris monday night and went for a test ride today (tuesday) during my lunch hour... AMAZING!! I am not new to MTB, I've had a lot of bikes, some of them quite good. I think that you don't mind if I tell you how much I like my Turner Flux, for me is as perfect as a 26 inch short travel bike can be, but, after just one hour ride, I repeat: one hour ride! I must tell that the Solaris exceded my best expectations. It seemed as if I used to ride the Solaris everyday, very familiar, and FINALLY, it's the first frame that I have, that I don't need to put 4 cm of headset spacers under the stem! The question 26 versus 29 er is a dead end subject. The fact is that for someone bigger than 1,80 m, that rides the general mtb stuff, 29 ers make much more sense. I felt at "home" riding the bike. I am quite a "geek" about mesures, sizes, saddle tilt, seatpost height, It took me 3 stops to have the bike feelling perfect: pushed the saddle foward about 1 cm, adjusted the reach of the brake levers (I am a Magura Marta fan) adjusted the position of the shifters and it was done!

The only think that I am not happy with, is the front derailleur. I knew it was a compromise question, and I already talked with you about that, but the lack of options for a 24/36 crankset is frustrating. The 3x10 XT does the job done, but not as sleek as it should. It seems there are a Saint and a SLX options for all mountain use (9 speed), that should be better than the one I made.

Well, if I start to talk about bikes I don't stop... :-) My congratulations to you and Cy for the job done!

Regards, Ernesto

Thanks Ernesto. Happy trails.

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28/02/2012 : Lovely Solaris Picture

solaris on the beach

Sam took delivery of one of the first Solaris frames the other week and got this great shot on it's first ride on the Cumbria coast. Lovely. That's a medium sized frame there.

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28/02/2012 : Cotic Rocket: Some views on the shock options

We sent a newsletter out last week explaining about the shock options on the Rocket. We've had a bunch of you who are Rocket-curious, mainly regarding the differences between the shocks, so we thought it'd make an interesting subject to run through. Grab a beverage and turn your screen away from the boss.

Fox Float RL - £1,350

The base option, it has fixed propedal roughly equivalent to setting 1 on an RP23. Rebound and lockout, high volume air sleeve and a really high quality feel. We tested a few different shocks to decide on the base option for the Rocket, and the Float RL was head and shoulders above most of the rest. Quality is the key word here - it feels smooth and solidly made in the same way an RP23 does. It's light and the fixed propedal works nicely with the bike as it's only a mild setting. A great shock and a great price too. If you can't stretch to one of the fancier options, you won't be disappointed with this at all.

Marzocchi Roco LO - £1,400

One of the shocks we tested against the Float RL for the base option, and was the other standout performer. Offer similar adjustments in rebound and lockout, but unlike the Fox it doesn't have any propedal style fixed compression support so it's super supple and has that wonderfully oily feel only Marzocchi products have. In the end we felt it offered something different to the Float RL so kept it on as another option as the supple feel, low pressures and high oil volume will work really well for the rider who is more gravity orientated, or maybe just doesn't like Fox shocks!

Fox RP23 - £1,475

Moving up, the RP23 doesn't really need much introduction. Legendarily good shock, only made better this year with Kashima coating for an incredibly sensitive feel. 3 position propedal lets you tune the amount of compression support, although now with Adaptive Logic putting the '3' setting on it's own switch, I just leave the shock wide open on '0' propedal most of the time for maximum bump performance. What we did find during testing though was a propensity to do a fairly pronounced 'dip then catch' cycle to things like compressions or pushing into berms. It's not something I like in shocks that much and it drove me mad on another bike I tried a few years back.

After a bit of a chat with Chris Porter from Mojo seems that the standard tune this year has a lower Boost Valve pressure than previous years which gives a more plush 'stuck to the ground' feel for people just riding along, but can give up it's travel a bit easily when the bike is pushed a bit. After trying a couple of things we've settled on getting a factory tune to increase the Boost Valve pressure. This keeps everything else on the set up nice and supple, but deals with throwing your weight around much better.

BOS Vip'r - £1,580

This seems to be the shock most people are intrigued by. We approached BOS UK agents R53 Engineering last summer, and discussed the options. When I explained we'd only be selling a few of these shocks due to our size and sales volumes, Roger insisted he got all the frame data so they could do a custom tune for us. It's the only way BOS work.

The shock itself runs at high pressure (around 20% more than Fox) and has rebound adjustment and a 'Soft/Hard' setting lever. This lever doesn't alter the compression, but pre-loads the shock internally choking down the travel a little. This still leaves the shocks incredibly supple so big gear mashers and out-of-the-saddle climbers won't get on with it too well on the climbs. In fact, the BOS is all about constant movement and traction which means it can feel a bit like harder work on long, smooth uphill sections. The flipside of this is that as soon as you're moving quickly across the ground, needing traction and grip and bump absorption it's quite astonishingly good. One of the main positive attributes is that it gives the rider an incredibly stable platform to work from. It doesn't over cycle or use any more travel than is completely necessary. The accuracy of the damping is something I've never experienced before. Along our test track it would regularly post fastest times and give the rider the most confident feel on the bike, and yet would have used 5mm less shock stroke than any of the other shocks. That's not to say it feels stiff or chattery, quick the opposite, the small bump response is very, very good, it just seems to have damping that gives out just as much travel as you need and no more.

The lack of lockout and the 'full supple, full traction' philosophy of BOS probably makes it less of an all rounder than the RP23 with it's propedal adjustments and tighter compression damping. But, as with the Marzocchi shock, if you're more interested in just getting through the climbs and then giving it maximum attack on the descents or contouring sections, you're used to coil shock type feel and you simply want the best performance when the going gets fast and rocky, the Vip'r delivers.

We hope that gives you a feel for what we're offering with the Rocket. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or specific ideas about shocks you want to chat about.

Don't forget you can still book places on one of our Cotic HQ demos on 14th April, 12th May or 9th June if you're interested in a shot on a Rocket or a Solaris. Email demo@cotic.co.uk if you want to book a place.

Finally, if you want to see the production Rocket in the metal for the first time, we're launching it at the Bespoked Bristol bike show on 23rd-25th March. Maybe we'll see you there.

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27/02/2012 : Solaris Customer Feedback Beginning to Filter Through

Now that people have had their Solaris's for a week or so there's been a fair few first ride feedback emails coming our way. They all seem very positive so far, but this was a particularly nice one from Richard in New Zealand.

Hi Paul, just a bit of feedback. The Solaris is fantastic! (but I guess you knew that). Feels amazingly balanced on singletrack, and accelerates fast. Very stable downhill. Good climbing position too (with a 100mm fork). No bad manners that I have managed to find yet. My other hardtail is a Ti456 and I suspect it will be turned into a commuter bike after my Solaris experience today.

Well done on a brilliant bike!

It's pretty hard to beat having a job where emails like this are in your inbox on a Monday morning. This is exactly why we design bikes; to make people feel good riding them.

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20/02/2012 : Cotic Rocket Geometry, Sizing and Specifications now on the Product Page

Prototype Cotic Rocket in the Peak

We published the geometry, sizing and specifications on the Rocket product page today, so all the info you need for the details of the frame, plus geometry and sizing are all there for you. However, if you can't be bothered to click through, here's the geometry right here. I know, we're just too good to you.

Frame Size Small Medium Large
Seat Tube (centre-top) 16" 400mm 17.5" 445mm 19.3" 490mm
Top Tube Length 22.6" 576mm 23.4" 593mm 24.1" 610mm
Head Angle 66.5¡ 66.5¡ 66.5¡
Seat Angle 73¡ 73¡ 73¡
Chainstay Length 428mm 428mm 428mm
BB Drop +8mm +8mm +8mm
Head Tube Length 100mm 105mm 120mm
Usual Height Range 5'5" - 5'8" 5'9" - 6'0" 6'0" - 6'3"
Stem Length 40-70mm 50-80mm 50-80mm
All measurements are static based on 150mm travel fork. 160mm suspension forks will slacken angles by 0.8 degrees. 140mm forks will steepen angles by 0.5 degrees.

If you shake up all the numbers, throw them in the air and watch where they land, it spells AWESOME FUN BIKE. True story.

Don't forget you can demo a Rocket or Solaris at our Calver demo days on 14th April, 12th May or 9th June. We're also lining up a couple of event demos for later in the summer as well. Drop us an email at demo@cotic.co.uk to reserve a ride.

Read more about the Rocket on the product page...

17/02/2012 : Nuke Proof Warhead Headsets Available for your Solaris or Simple from 20th Feb

Headset Headset

As of next week (20th Feb) we'll have another headset option for our new 44mm head tube equipped frames, the Solaris and the Simple. We will be stocking the Nuke Proof Warhead Headsets in either straight steerer 44IESS 1 1/8" option for £39 or the taper steerer fork version 44IETS for £44. As usual with headsets purchase direct from us, the price includes fitting.

Unlike the Hope option we currently offer, the Nuke Proof isn't interchangable between steerer types so you'll need to specify which one you want for your current fork.

These are great headsets which we've used throughout the last year or so on the prototypes of the Rocket and the 29er frames as they were some of the first to be available in the 44mm external cup layout which our new frames require. Good solid product.

17/02/2012 : 29ers released in to the wild

Well that was a quite massive pile of frames sent out yesterday. PHEW! Got a few more to do this morning. If you ordered your frame with a headset we're doing those today so you'll have them Monday. If you ordered via a shop or without a headset those will arrive today. If you want to place an order we could be tempted to do a cheeky couple more if you ring this morning ;-)

Call us on 07970 853531 to order your Solaris or Simple...

14/02/2012 : Cotic Solaris and Simple In Stock This Week - Order Now!

Simple Solaris

THEY'RE HEEEEERRRREEEE! 29ers are landing this week, so get in touch if you want one. If you've got one on pre-order, give us a call with payment and delivery details too and we'll make sure you're top of the pile of frames going out. Delivery on all order will be early next week. EXCITING!

Read more about the Solaris...

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08/02/2012 : Cotic Rocket First Picture

Prototype Cotic Rocket in the Peak

Here it is. DJ managed to bag this great shot of Cy's Rocket prototype when filming up in the Peak last week almost by accident. As you'll have seen the frame diagram you'll notice that the swingarm and seatstays aren't the right colour, and this is why we've not wanted to release pics before now. However, the sun flare hides the swingarm (had painted in Cy's garage no less!) and the very 2nd hand finish of a well used and abused prototype well enough to show you something the looks representative. Size and shape won't change at all for production and the orange of the front triangle is the production colour. The zip tie on the top tube is for checking hose clip position for remotes. The production frames will have proper clips for this.

Spec-wise, that bike has full XT 3 x 9 drivetrain, Magura Marta brakes, Fox Float 150 FIT RLC forks with taper steerer, DMR Vault pedals, Hope Pro2 on Duster rims (roughly equivalent to Pro2's on Flows), Maxxis 2.35" single ply tyres with tubes. It was a little under 30lbs before the Reverb was fitted, so it'll be a little over now. The shock is a 2012 RP23 with a tweak to the stock tune which works great. Mojo have informed us today that we can run with this on the production bikes which we're really pleased about.

Hope you like it. We're so proud of this bike.

06/02/2012 : Cotic Rocket Launches at Bespoked Bristol

bespoked ROCKET

ROCKET LAUNCH! Bring your fireproof overalls because we're lighting the boosters on the Rocket!

We're exhibiting at the Bespoked Bristol show this year on 23-25th March at Brunel's Old Station at Bristol Temple Meads station.

This will be the first public unveiling of the production Rocket and we're really excited to be showing it off in such a great location at such a great show.

We will of couse have the new Solaris and Simple, alongside our RoadRat, X, Soul and BFe.

Tickets are available from the Bespoked Bristol priced at £7.50 or 2 for £10.

See you there!

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06/02/2012 : Cotic Demo Season 2012


So you might have heard us going on (and on and on) about a couple of new frames we have coming; the Solaris and the Rocket? You have heard? Excellent!

As with all new bikes with some new ideas, we understand that even if you're interested in the bikes you want to have a good ride on one to help you make your decision. In order to help people like your good self have a nice ride on some nice bikes we're launching a season of monthly demos at Cotic HQ in Calver, right in the heart of the Peak District.

Why from Calver? It's actually pretty central, and there's is tonnes of amazing riding to be done up here. We'll do proper guided rides around our 75-90min local test loop which has some great climbs and really fun descents, and it'll give you a flavour of where and how we develop our bikes.

Come and make a weekend of it. Ride a demo on Saturday, do another local loop once you're done with us, a big Peak Classic on Sunday and you've had a lovely time.

Here's the plan; turn up at Calver on one of the following dates:

We're going to build a bunch of Rockets and Solaris's (Solarii?) and make them available for you to ride. Either Paul, Joh or myself will guide you, answer any questions you may have and generally have a nice time. Rides will go out at the following times:

If we're really busy we'll slide in a ride at 4pm too.

And as if Peak District riding wasn't enough on it's own, another great advantage of coming to the Calver demos is that if (as we hope) you're over the moon with the bike you've ridden, you can walk away with your new frame that very day as we're all set to prep and process your new frame whilst you wait.

You'll need to reserve the size/model of bike you want to ride and which ride you're planning on doing as we're limited to 8 people per ride. Drop us an email at demo@cotic.co.uk if you're interested and we'll book you in and send you details of how to find us and what to bring.

If you do take our advice and make a weekend of it, have a look on Visit Peak District for some accomodation and maybe some things to do for partners/kids. If you need route advice then both of these Vertebrate Guide Books for the Dark Peak and White Peak are ace and packed with info. And of course, our local Cotic dealer and all round top shop 18 Bikes are in Hope to help you with any kit you need/want/break during your stay.

Hope to see you at a demo.

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Go to Visit Peak District for accomodation information...

24/01/2012 : RoadRat 2012 Pricing

Geared RoadRat in the Sunshine

We realise it's been 2012 for nearly a month, but what with being busy with the Solaris and Rocket we'd forgotten to publish the 2012 pricing on the RoadRat. The great news is that the frame and fork prices are dropping £60 and the bikes are dropping £75 across the board. As of this week the prices are:

All sizes and colours in stock. Why not order yours today?

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24/01/2012 : 44mm Headtubes

Simple 44mm Head Tube

Cy wrote another newsletter last week about why Cotic are moving to 44mm head tubes on the latest frames. Read it in the Geek section.

Read about Cotic 44mm head tubes...

19/01/2012 : Cotic Rocket Production Finish Diagram and Initial Product Page

Cotic Rocket Production Look

Here's the production look for the new Cotic Rocket in orange. The black frame will simply swap black for the orange shown here. We'd been resisting putting pictures up until the production frames arrive because the only bike we have right now is Cy's rather careworn prototype in the wrong colours. However, we do of course have paint diagrams for the factory, so here one is. Apologies for not seeing the wood for the trees! Hope you like it.

Read all the Rocket essays and information here...

19/01/2012 : Pedal Peak need support for Haddon Hall Tunnel Re-Openings

The Pedal Peak project what to open up Haddon Tunnels on the Monsal Trail. They need your support. Click the link below to register your support and comments as apparently they're encountering some resistance to this extension. We think it'll be great. The Monsal Tunnel openings last summer created an amazing cycling resource in the Peak, and the extension south of Bakewell will allow some great options for linking up some trails whilst avoiding the crazy busy A6 south of Bakewell. Get involved!

Register your support here (scroll down)...

Here's the project plan. More tunnels open will be ace...

18/01/2012 : Cotic Road Bike Prototype on road.cc

Road Prototype

On Monday we dropped in on the lovely lads and lasses at road.cc for a coffee and a chat, and to show them this, our road bike prototype. It was very well received, which is nice, and we've been working on it for a while after Cy came back from Eurobike a couple of years ago bemoaning the lack of forward thinking on steel road bikes he'd seen at the show. It's a way off production as we need to get another round of pre-production frames in the correct tubeset (we're looking at moving to Columbus Spirit for production) and to try out some fittings for mudguards and a Cotic designed steel fork too. The general feedback seems to be that having mountings and clearance for at least 25c's with 'guards would be preferable for a lot of people.

We've been running 3 prototypes for a few months now with Paul and Cy riding the roads of the UK and Ian putting in the mega miles around his home in Luchon in the Pyrenees. Paul and Ian are both experienced road riders and are really enjoying the bike, so the overall fit and feel won't change for production. Cy's just amazed that for the first time in his life he owns a drop bar road bike he actually likes. Seeing as hating road bikes drove him to throw his teddies out of the pram and design the RoadRat, this is high praise indeed. Speaking of which, the bike in the pics is Cy's bike which has the XT cranks because of his preferred wide pedalling stance which looks after his wonky knees. The frame is designed to run all usual road crank types and has a regular threaded BB. Cy would also like it entered on the record, m'Lud, that those are the trekking version of XT with the inner ring removed so he's not a weak triplist (like he is on his MTB), it's a 36/48 double on there.

Read the full road.cc story here...

17/01/2012 : New Simple 29er Product Page up WITH PHOTOS

Simple 29er

We got the first two production 29er frames last week and got the product shoot done on Wednesday. Now we've got the pics sorted, here's the new Simple 29er. You can read more about the all new Simple on the new and updated product page. We'll have Solaris production pictures up later in the week, but as this looks not dissimilar to the blue prototype bike we thought we'd get the lovely new colour of the Simple up first. Email us to reserve yours. They're arriving in about 4 weeks.

Read more about the new 29" wheel Simple...

17/01/2012 : Why steel? - Final Rocket Essay

Cy wrote his final piece on the new Rocket in our newsletter last week. Here it is in our Geek page. There's a fair bit to it, so make yourself a cup of coffee and grab a few mins to sit down and have a read.

If you want to hear the latest Cotic news then sign up on our Contact page.

Cy's Why Steel? Essay...

17/01/2012 : Souls in BRIGHT orange back in stock this week

Lot's of orange Souls arriving tomorrow, so orange will be available again in all sizes. Give us a call with your order if you need some brightness to light up the winter days. You'll have the best orange colour in the history of the world (possible hyperbole warning) on Friday if you do.


Order your lovely orange (or black if you prefer) Soul today...

09/01/2012 : Rocket Pricing

We have confirmed pricing on the Rocket. We are running with four shock options which should cover the bases for most people. As usual, price includes a Hope seat clamp, chainstay protector, bottle boss bolts, hose clips and delivery.

£1,350 - Fox Float RL

£1,400 - Marzocchi Roco Air LO

£1,475 - Fox RP23 Kashima

£1,580 - BOS Vip'r Custom Tune

At the moment we don't have a coil option, but if demand is there we can get pricing on BOS Stoy, Marzocchi Roco and Fox DHX should you so wish. Drop me a line if you want to talk it over.

We'll be offering the Hope headset (2H) which is compatible with the 44mm head tube on the frame. Price when buying from us here at Cotic is £65 fitted, plus £10 for the 1.5 to 1 1/8" crown race adaptor if you need to run a straight steerer fork.

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06/01/2012 : 26" Wheel Simple - some Ltd Edition left!


It seems there are some Ltd Edition Simples (26" wheel orange ones from last summer) left in Germany. Apparently the singlespeeders over there aren't keen on the Alfine routing we put on the frames. Each to their own I s'pose. Anyway, we have 4 large and 1 medium of these frames left. No charge for re-patriation, same £480 price delivered to your door. Drop us an email or give us a call if you want one before they all go!

Order your Simple today...

04/01/2012 : Solaris and Simple - Definite Delivery Mid-February


They're on their way! Our first 29" wheel frames - the Solaris and the new Simple - have been shipped this week, and we've just received the first production frame of each via airfreight. A very exciting way to start 2012! They will be built up for product shoots next week then straight out to magazines and websites, and then onto our demo fleet. Look out for them in the media over the next couple of months, and look out for glossy product pictures on the product pages in a couple of weeks time.

Price is £499, and if you've already emailed us expressing an interest in a frame then please drop us another line or give us a call to firm up your order so we can get you your frame as soon as it's in the country.

Solaris product page and development history...

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