14/01/2022 - Staff Ride - Rich's Magenta BFeMAX


Our resident photo wizard, PR dude, mechanic, marketing man, Vice President of stoke and all round legend Richard has build himself a new bike and be warned, you may need sunglasses to look at this one!

His new BFeMAX is a paint test frame, in this stunning Magenta colour, dripping with some choice silver componentry and ready for a winter of thrashing.

We are keen to know if you'd fancy a bit of this bright pink action on your next Cotic, so please take a second to answer this poll.

BFeMAX Paint test

But first, over to Rich:

"New bike day is the best! Like a lot of you I've been waiting for this day for a long long time.

After spending almost 4 years riding the first production Rocket 27.5 frame to land in the UK, I've been wanting to build up another hardtail. Back (way back) in the spring of 2021, our designer Kelvin asked our factory to produce a BFeMAX in 100% magenta to see what a whole frame would look like. Luckily it was a Medium, my size, so I got first dibs. This isn't my first pink bike and remembering how much I loved that old Ellsworth Dare, I had to jump on it.

Parts have - as you probably know - been in very short supply so apart from the cranks, bars & seat post that I carried over from my Rocket, everything else had to be sourced. Hunt were first to help out with a tough-as-nails pair of Endurowide rims. (Autocorrect changed that to "tough-snails" but it's wrong, these are not slow wheels by any stretch). We met Rockstop at Ard Rock and they supplied one of their new rim inserts for the rear. Even if you're not the most dextrous at tubeless installation, these were a breeze to fit inside the sticky icky icky Wilderness Trail Bike tyres.

Hope sorted the bearings and the wonderful off-menu brakes. These are a combination of the new XCR levers with regular E4 callipers. They're monstrously powerful but with a lovely light feel. Massive thanks to the squad at Hope for accommodating me. Forks are Rockshox Lyrics at 150mm. I'm probably going to throw some tokens in to keep me propped up a bit.

Selle San Marco sorted the sitting duties and the Bikeyoke Divine has been my go-to dropper for a long while now. Grips were a posh purchase but after testing rev-grips I was amazed at (of all the benefits) they made me hop higher! Don't ask me how but they do. Worth it just for that but they also keep the vibrations down and the Raynaud's at bay. The cranks were carried over from my Rocket - the most ostentatious component purchase ever but they were a treat to myself after the PinkBike photo competition. (And they've had a very rough few years with zero complaints so I only have good words to say. Buy some eewings, you won't regret it).

Unite sorted the chainring, chain guide, bash guard (already heavily used in the first two rides alone!) and the pedals. All UK made and vouched for. Had a Unite bash guard on my old bike and wouldn't run a bike without one where I live. Drivetrain wise we've gone super low budget and I'm trying out the Microshift Advent X 10spd kit. No complaints so far.

BFeMAX Paint testBFeMAX Paint testBFeMAX Paint testBFeMAX Paint test

Little shout out to Steve Hardtail Party and Allan at GaysOK cycling who's recently been in a bike smash and being in the US, has had some hefty hospital bills. Go buy a cap, support diversity and help a brother out.

So the big question is do we run this as a real colour that you can buy? Whenever we put these sort of ideas up loads of people say "oooh yeah" but then go and buy a quiet colour. Who out there would actually run this? Let us know in the poll.

So far so good getting back to hardtail school. The ankles and knees are warming up quick and I'm already feeling way more engaged with the trail. If you've spent a long time on full squish then I highly recommend a stint on one of these to get your eye in again."

BFeMAX Paint testBFeMAX Paint test
BFeMAX Paint test

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