29/04/2022 - RocketMAX Gen3 Sale

RocketMAX Sale

Cotic RocketMAX, steel mountain bike, steel full suspension bike, steel enduro bike, reynolds 853

It's the Mayday Bank Holiday in England and Wales this weekend, and we're celebrating with something we very rarely do, a sale!

Big savings on UK made RocketMAX, we are knocking a whopping 400 off all the RocketMAX frames we have in stock.

Frame + shock from 1699

Full bikes from 3649

We have medium and XL available in Matte Army Green, and small available in Gloss Navy Blue.

RocketMAX is our flagship UK made 160mm 29er enduro bike; a fiercely capable descender that is more than happy to climb back up the hard way for another go. Reynolds 853 steel, droplink suspension and longshot geometry; hit the button below to grab bargain.

Save 400 on a Cotic RocketMAX here

steel full suspension, steel mountain bike, enduro mountain bike

There are also a few bargains to be had over on the outlet page too.

Get your outlet bargains here