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06/11/2017 - Kelly's trip with BMW Mountains

Kelly Jayne

BMW, Mountains and a rocket

New brand ambassador Kelly-Jayne was lucky enough to win an incredible prize with BMW Mountains... She tells us all about it in her blog post.

So, for the first time ever, I entered a competition. After scanning Instagram on the way home from our roadtrip in the Alps and seeing that Hannah Barnes had ridden Nauders (mine and Aiken’s favourite place we visited) for a BMW Mountains Mission, I stumbled upon a competition where you had to complete your own ‘mission’. The prizes on offer included a Garmin, an Evoc bag and just this all expenses paid road trip for you and a +1 with Hannah Barnes and Martin Söderström… I thought, well, I highly doubt I’d ever win the road trip but I could do with a Garmin, and Evoc bags are pretty sweet. My mission was to ride 20k with 1000m of climbing. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I took on my mission, took a selfie as proof with a screenshot of my ride on strava and sent it across to BMW Mounatins. And that was that! I’ll be honest, after that I completely forgot about it and got on with my life. I received an email Monday 11th September from BMW Mountains informing me that the competition entry was closed and the winner of the prizes and road trip would be announced ‘TODAY’. I didn’t hear anything after this and assumed I hadn’t won (better ask Aiken for a Garmin for Christmas). The following day, I was sitting having a brew with my grandparents and I got some pretty ridiculous news.


HOLY MOLY. I’ll be honest, to my grandparents dislike, I swore quite a lot and was very(x10000) shocked that I’d won! The road trip would start on the 18th September, in 7 days… (serious?).

Aiken and I were in complete disbelief and were sure that it was a scam, and didn’t believe it until we got our flight times on the Sunday night!


Kelly Jayne BMW Mountains blog post

As if it couldn’t get more exciting, the day before our road trip, Bell (FYI my beautiful dog) and I met Richard Baybutt, ‘photographer, mechanic, daft ideas person’ from Cotic and his dog Otto at the Hemlock Trail Association for a ride and chat about all things bikes. After drooling over Cotic Bikes for a while I took myself on a Cotic demo day back in June at Lady Cannings and tried out all the bikes and settled on the Rocket as my favourite. So as an already massive fan of the Rocket I was super stoked to be out riding on one again. Amazingly, I was offered the role as a Cotic Ambassador and was given a Rocket for my trip (could things get any better?!).

So absolutely buzzing, we flew into Munich. Collected at the airport by Moritz, a super friendly intern from BMW Mountains who dropped us off at Arthotel Ana. That evening we took it easy after the days travelling, had some pizza and a rest before our 6 day road trip began. Day 1 We met a very friendly Hannah and Martin in the hotel lobby, and headed over to BMW Welt where we met Tuuli- our go-to-gal (for all things road trip related), photographer Jan Kasl and the film crew (FullFace Productions), who would be following (stalking) us on our road trip. After a Tour of all the fancy cars and some history of BMW, a very fancy lunch, I was then, (to my surprise) handed over the keys to a VERY fancy new pre-production BMW X3 for our road trip.

Kelly Jayne BMW Mountains blog pos

After an awkward bit of filming where I had to talk to the camera for the first time, (if anyone else has experienced this before, my god it’s hard work!!) we all packed up, and headed off to our first stop- Hotel Staudacherhof in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. A trip to the spa followed by a tasty 6 course Oktoberfest meal, and we were ready for some sleep!

Day 2 E-Bikes (what’s this all about then?)

Having never ridden an E-bike before, I was quite looking forward to giving the BMW Specialized E-bike a go (even though I had a very exciting Rocket waiting for me). We met our very friendly guide Alex, picked up our bikes and headed off up to the Eibsee!

Kelly Jayne BMW Mountains trip

he ride wasn’t quite how I remembered it… Although the beautiful scenery was familiar the climb was quite different- delightful, sociable and required zero effort. Also, I must not forget to mention, it went A LOT faster. Before we knew it we were greeted with an awesome rocky descent after a fantastic feed at the Hochthörlehütte.

Now not only were these E-bikes, they were ‘fatty’ E-bikes. Made for an interesting descent!

After the ride we headed to the hotel Spa for a quick dip and back on the road to our next destination in the swanky X3; Hotel Die Berge, Solden.

Day 3- What a place!

We met with our new guide for the day- Lienke (a very nice and impressively fast guide from Bike School RIDE-ON). Finally time to get the Rocket out! Some mega faffing and bike building before we all headed up the chairlift to Sölden Bikepark (a.k.a Bike Republic Sölden).

Such an incredible place. The views were spectacular and trails even more so. Super flowy fast fun desents, immaculately groomed and maintained, and so well crafted all made even more fun on the Rocket! Sölden is on our list of places to go back to next year for sure!

Kelly Jayne BMW Mountains blog post

Day 4- No bikes today, instead we went on a ‘driving experience’ over the Timmelsjoch and Julier passes. As far as driving experiences go… it was pretty cool!

After what felt like a million hours of driving we made it to St.Moritz and to the very fancy Hotel Hauser. (If you wanted, you could have a pillow case stuffed solely with pine shavings for reasons I just don’t know). We had yet another spectacular meal at their restaurant and met our super cool guide for tomorrow’s ride, Dave Spielmann from Allaboutmtb.

Day 5- St.Moritz (you beauty). It was FREEZING. But the views were spectacular.

Kelly Jayne BMW Mountains blog pos

Aiken and I had ridden here in the summer and absolutely loved the flowtrails- like Solden, super well maintained and not surprisingly, built by the same team!

At the top of the Corviglia there are two flowtrails, Corviglia and Olympia flowtrails – both super fun. One takes you back to the funicular and the other you can take down to another trail Foppettas, this is a short but super sweet and definitely in my list of top 10 favourite trails I’ve ridden. Marmot spotting, an awesome guide (thanks Dave), what feels like endless rollercoaster flowtrail fun and the best lunch spot at Alto Bar. Oh we did have ever such a fun day!

That evening we went up a funicular to Muottas Muragl for our dinner with the whole gang. We were met with the most stunning views to finish off such an incredible trip!

Kelly Jayne BMW Mountains blog pos

ay 6- Home time!

Aiken and I said our goodbyes to Hannah and Martin and the Fullface production crew and then headed back to Munich with Tuuli. What a week ay! For a first time enter of a competition, I think I got mega lucky. Such a sweet week spent riding, hanging out with and meeting some great people. Massive thank you to BMW mountains for the trip and a bigger one to Tuuli for making it spectacular. And thanks to Jan Kasl for the incredible photos.

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19/09/2017 - Adele Mitchell Enduro

Adele Mitchell

Swinley Enduro

Swinley Enduro

Adele Mitchell braved her first mountain bike enduro last weekend. A 25km loop with 8 timed stages. It's a lot to take on! In her new blog post she explains the 10 things she learnt from this experience. It's well worth a read, as it's very true!

She bumped into our Development Squad rider Will Easey while she was there. Will absolutely smashed it and came 3rd in his category. Well done Will!

Nothing better than coming into a stage listening to this racket!!😂😂 Although people may complain about swinley, it still has its hidden gems with some pretty fun stages! #mtb #rideordie #cotic @dd_cycles @coticbikes @swinleybikehub @hktproducts @truemtb @riderschannel #swinleybikehub #steel #steelisreal #oioi #endurogame #soenduro #callmecurtiskeene #braap

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30/08/2017 - Adele Mitchell in the Alps

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Adele Mitchell escapes to the Alps

Cotic Flare

"The irony that a mountain bike riding holiday usually starts by putting your bike into a car isn’t lost on me, but with more and more far flung destinations offering tantalising riding, sometimes these things just have to be done. And so it was – several times this summer – that we shoehorned the family, our luggage, followed by even more mtb luggage, into our ‘its too small, isn’t it?’ car, strapped the bikes onto the roof and set off on holiday.

First off, we managed to convince our teenage family that a holiday in The Alps was just what they needed despite the fact there isn’t a beach. And it might rain. And they don’t like mountain biking. And they’d need to travel for ten hours with a couple of bike wheels nudging the back of their heads. As not everyone wanted to ride, we divided our time between walking in the mountains, eating, swimming in the local lake, eating, shopping at the market, eating, sneaking out for an occasional mountain bike ride while they were otherwise occupied, and then more eating. Turns out The Alps can tick almost every single holiday box with aplomb (and no one mentioned the lack of beach, so we’ll let that one go). Everyone wants to go back next year.

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21/07/2017 - Adele's Mountain Bike Skills

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Adele Mitchell

On Mountain Bike Skills

"I’m an enthusiastic rider, rather than a great one but like to think I have managed to build some skills in that time (I’m still in one piece, for a start). Of course I also know that, like most of us, I have gaping holes in my skills set. I’ve written about some of them here – and as a result Si from Pedal & Spoke MTB Coaching – a man who has the patience of a saint, btw – kindly offered me a skills session to help iron out a few of my habitual creases. My last skills session was over three years ago so it was long overdue: its good to keep learning and also bad habits take hold easily and can be hard to shake off (as I was about to find out!)."

Read more of her blog post using the link below...

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10/07/2017 - Ben Gerrish Trans Julius Enduro

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Ben Gerrish

Trans Julius 2017

"A few months ago I was sent an email asking if I would like to go and race the first ever Trans Julius Enduro, in Slovenia by Anna from Bikesoup magazine. The trip format was, a few days either side of the event to document the Slovenian scene surrounding the race and to a point the country in general. The event itself is a four day stage race, in the truly magnificent Julian Alps.


Slovenia has been on my list of places to visit for some time now, so it’s safe to say the stoke was high, and building, for this one.

No sleep, an abandoned van and a few forgotten items, saw me arriving in Slovenia, early Tuesday morning with my passport, bike camera and a few euros. What could possibly go wrong?


Our hosts, the organisers of the race were amazing from the off and coffee, beer, food and perfect tour guiding was the initial order of the day. Their English not only put my complete lack of Slovene, but also my questionable northern dialect, to shame.

A couple of days, guided by the ever enthusiastic locals got us champing at the bit for the race. Dry dusty trails, within some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery I have ever come across can’t really fail to stir the stoke. I had seen the mountains from the plane window on the way into the Ljubljana runway, and even from that overhead perspective, had struggled to grasp the scale and vastness of them. Now we were on the trails, it was even more exciting.


For a first Trans race by the team and coming in at sub €200 for a four day event, the organisation, food provided and entertainment was top drawer. Seeding was run on Thursday, with a night stage ending in on the town steps and into the square. Novel, fun and rowdy, if I had to choose three words to describe that one. Placing 6th, after a decidedly dicey crash on the cobbles near the end, I headed into the main event feeling positive.

The subsequent days were a whirlwind of high alpine passes, insane mountain views, gruelling climbs, amazing singletrack and some 90’s throwback, off the brakes, flat out fire road and old WW1 artillery tracks built by the Italians high in the mountains. Bike riding and history lessons, maybe if I'd paid more attention at GCSE if we toured the historical sites by bike?!


The final stage, saw us perched a top one of the highest accessible points from the Vogel ski resort, staring down a seriously fun looking scree slope, awaiting the mass start. Minutes before the klaxon should have been sounding the start of our final descent of the race the sky turned an ominous black and a crack of thunder forced the start line a little farther down the hill. A little gutted to not get the chance to race the screes, but what unfolded was more than enough to be, undoubtedly, a lifelong memory.


As we dropped into the initial bike park section the storm had already caught up with us, and the rain was heavy! Out of the bike park onto the lower slopes of the hill and the visibility was down to about 10 metres, and the rain was sideways, rounding one corner I was physically knocked off my bike by the wind. Thunder was growling through the valley and even though it was only midday it felt like dusk, only lit up by the occasional flash of lightning. This was epic, I pulled into the finish, pretty unaware of position, time or whether or not I’d just ridden or swam down the last 20 minutes of track.

In the end it turned out I’d pulled myself into 3rd position on the last stage, but a big enough margin to go 3rd overall. So I got to stand on a log, won an amazing recycled tyre trophy made just down the road, an entry for next year, beer and most importantly received a novelty sized cheque, so thats a life goal complete.

Slovenia rocks! I’ll definitely be back!"


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12/06/2017 - Adele Mitchell blog post

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Adele Mitchell

Fear and mountain biking

A Line Demo Day

Our brand ambassador Adele Mitchell has recently written a fantastic blog post about fear and mountain biking. Her post is inspired by Megan Hine's new book, Mind Of A Survivor. In her book she explains how the instinct and skills needed for survival can be applied to ordinary lives.

Adele Mitchell- "Ultimately when we ride we are all chasing ‘the flow’ fix – those moments when your mind and body connect and riding becomes instinctive and effortless “it’s the most beautiful, almost spiritual feeling: a kind of physical enlightenment’ says Hine. But this means pushing ourselves to our limit, and when fear takes over (which it does for me fairly often!), we freeze, don’t think clearly, and are then in more danger. Reassuringly Hine explains that fear is an evolutionary response to a perceived danger and there is nothing impressive about not being scared because that means you don’t know you may be in trouble. Fear is your body’s way of saying something is wrong. To move forward, it's important to control your fear – perhaps using visualisation (I have found this very effective, though it takes practice!), or by pinpointing the cause, accepting it and putting it ‘into a box’."

Cy - Although written from her perspective and based on her experiences, it's a universal theme and one which I (and I'm sure all of us) still battle with, and it's very definitely not just women who have to deal with it. That said, in a male dominated sport it does seem that women do feel more easily intimidated in group ride situations, which I think is a huge shame.

Sam told me how positively the Cafe Adventure Women's Demo had gone the other week, with feedback being that the people who attended felt much less pressure about 'slowing everyone down' and other such things. I guess we all have this to some extent - the playground concerns about fitting in. I know I was put off riding with a group of guys I met not long after moving to Sheffield because they were soooooooooooo much faster than me. They never complained about waiting, and never took the piss, it was all in my head. It's not nice being the one at the back though. All sorts of ego issues wrapped up in it. I ride with them regularly now, and can largely keep up these days (just about), but it took some swallowing of pride and some effort on my part to improve a little to make me comfortable in my own skin with them. Like I say, nothing to do with them or their behaviour (apart from being annoyingly fast and strong on bikes), all in my head...

I hope by discussing it we make you think, and realise, feeling these pressures is OK, and completely normal. We're all here to have fun. As she says, we really don't talk about fear enough.

Read more of Adele's blog post discussing fear here

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05/06/2017 - Adele Mitchell clothing

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Adele Mitchell

Adele Mitchell Clothing

She must be the best dressed mountain biker...

Our brand ambassador Adele Mitchell has written a great piece about what she loves to wear when out on the trails.

Read her clothing review here on her blog…

29/03/2017 - Brand Ambassador Adele Mitchell

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Adele Mitchell's Blog post

Adele's thoughts on the Escapade, and the WTB Road Plus concept.

"There have been so many rides on my road bike where I’ve fancied turning on to a favourite off-road trail but knew I’d be shaken to pieces and effectively brake-less, and mountain bike rides that took in a road or gravel track where I’ve almost spun my legs off trying to pick up some speed. So when Cotic loaned me this Escapade with WTB Road Plus tyres and hydraulic disk brakes – a ‘road bike without limitations’ – I was intrigued to find out if it could be that elusive happy medium."

"The Cotic Escapade uses the WTB Road Plus concept: and everyone who sees the bike immediately asks about it. Road Plus uses 650b rims, paired with big volume, 650 x 47 tubeless tyres (smaller rims and bigger tyres thus giving a similar diameter to a more usual 700c road wheel), which you run at 35 psi. The combination delivers a cushioned, smooth ride and grip on rough surfaces and mud due to the wider contact patch, yet features a tread pattern that rolls fast on smooth roads. It isn’t a new system (I believe it was popular with French roadies in the ’60s!) – but it is quite niche, and enjoying something of a revival."

"My first rides were spent trying different conditions off-road: mud, stony tracks, roots, climbs, descents. While the Escapade may not have the ‘armchair’ comfort of a full suspension mtb, the Road Plus wheels deliver a smooth, sure footed and fast ride on forest tracks, mud, and and over roots. It can handle singletrack too, making light work of berms and roll-down drops. My only ‘I’m slightly out of control here’ moments were while descending over some very loose stones (thank goodness for those disk brakes as we reached the bottom!!)."

"On my fourth ride I entered the Surrey Hills Gravelcross CX sportive – it was chucking it down with rain (and I was driving up North in the afternoon) so I limited myself to the 30km category and was very happy (amazed, in fact) to come home as the fastest female in the category. Even in slippery, deep mud the wheels worked really well – although there was one mud-chute descent that we slid down instead of rolling, but I hung off the back and we stayed upright. The tubeless tyres came into their own – as you can see from this post-ride picture. As a mountain biker I know all about the joy of a tubeless set up, but back at the event HQ it was a source of endless fascination to some of the roadies – especially the ones who had punctured a couple of times during the event and had to swap inner tubes in the pouring rain."

"What are the limits? There are definitely some mtb trails which I will detour around, largely due to lack of skill and a sense of self preservation – though I’m sure there is someone out there who rides their Escapade round Bike Park Wales in a blindfold. But for a quick blast round the lanes, bridleways and fire roads, a trip to town, a long ride down to the coast on a mix of terrains, or for just turning right on a road ride and having a lot of off-road fun … then yes – it ticks all the boxes."

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28/03/2017 - Brand Ambassador Ben Gerrish

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Ben Gerrish

Cotic Rocket

An update from our Brand Ambassador, Ben.

This weekend was most definitely the first taste of the summer to come. The plan was to get out and take some photos of two groups of walkers out on a Wonderful Wild Women social, up and over some classic Lake District peaks. The obvious method of transport... bike!

Ben Gerrish

A leisurely start with both groups sauntering up the gravel track to the mines. Mid climb they split for the low and high level groups, I tagged along with the high level group to start. Bike on shoulders, all the usual bemused stairs and "aren't you meant to ride that, mate!" comments from passers by.. But the sun was glowing and the hard pack snow was getting less icy and easier to manage so we plodded on.

After shooting the walkers on the way up and getting the obligatory summit shots I set off on my own adventure. The snow was deep, and as I've mentioned it was getting softer. If I wasn't on my wild women documenting mission I would never have chosen this particular route, but always keen for an adventure, I journeyed on.

Cotic Rocket

The quickest way to catch up with the second group was seemingly an unridden (for me) path, that cut extremely quickly through a LOT of contour lines. But I was up for a challenge. After not really testing the Rocket's climbing ability on the way up as it was on my back for the most part, it was nice to put it through its paces on the way down. The riding was full on, techy, steep and wild. It put the Rocket through its paces but I came out with some serious arm pump and a massive grin on my face after losing a few hundred metres in what felt like a few minutes. This brought me, with pin point precision, to the meeting point with the second group, a few more snaps then a fast speed tuck back down the gravel track to the pub. A pint of Consiton Bluebord in hand whilst I waited for the walkers to return.

Ben Gerrish

Ben Gerrish's dog

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14/03/2017 - Brand Ambassadors 2017

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Brand Ambassadors

Our 2017 Brand Ambassadors Adele and Ben have been busy out on their bikes, and posting all about it on social media. Here's what they've been saying, and what they've been up to...

Ben Gerrish

The final pieces of the puzzle just went on thanks to @mojosuspension and now this amazing machine is ready to go! Here's to a rowdy year!!! • #HDDN #gritandsteel #unsustainablyhighstoke #coticrocket #hktmovement #ridejoystick #ridewtb #wildernesstrailbikes #flatpedalthunder #hopetech #MadisonClothing #LakesMTB #OneMoreBrew #Razzing #Fox #MojoSuspension #AdidasTerrex #Beer #Razzing #Rowdy #Office #Indoors #RideFox

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Wheelie into the sunset selfie dreaming, after a ridiculously wet day in the slop! • #HDDN #Selfie #DreamingOfDustyCorners #gritandsteel #unsustainablyhighstoke #coticrocket #hktmovement #ridejoystick #ridewtb #wildernesstrailbikes #flatpedalthunder #xfusionshox #hopetech #MadisonClothing #LakesMTB #OneMoreBrew #Razzing

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Big mountains, snow, sideways. 📸 @tomhodgkin • #LakeDistrict #MadisonClothing #Snow #TrailDog #DogsOfInstagram #Sideways #CoticRocket #CoticBikes #WTB #HopeTech #Burgtec #RideJoystick #35Bikes #Hookit #RideFox #LoweProBags #Razzing #HKTMovement #FoxHead

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Berm/Paddling Pool. • #GoodDayToBeADuck #HDDN #gritandsteel #unsustainablyhighstoke #coticrocket #hktmovement #ridejoystick #ridewtb #wildernesstrailbikes #flatpedalthunder #xfusionshox #hopetech #MadisonClothing #LakesMTB #OneMoreBrew #Razzing #Reflection

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Adele Mitchell

Adventure/gravel/CX/whatever ride with @elzrocks this morning. Who cares what it's called so long as you're riding a bike and having fun, right? #coticescapade #coticbikes #wildernesstrailbikes #unsustainablyhighstoke #ridewtb #flatpedalthunder #hopetech #ridecotic #cycling #outside #fitness #shero #justride

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Little album (and trying out this new Instagram feature) of the #coticescapade that I am having a lot of fun on at the moment. Is it a road bike? Is it a rigid mtb? Who cares - it's just a lot of fun! #gritandsteel #gravelbike #unsustainablyhighstoke #wildernesstrailbikes #ridecotic #adventure #adventurebike #lifebike #discbrakes #dropbars #40psi #stoked #offroad #roadcycling #strongher #mountainbike #surreyhills #surreyhillsmtb #fitness #bicycle #cycling

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Off to #swinleyforest today with #coticbikes #coticflare: pretty much galloped round and thus no pictures other than this one (other than when we got lost). But it was lots of fun. #cyclinglove #mtblove #unsustainablyhighstoke #gritandsteel #mtblife #bikebliss #mtbqueens #mtblife #mtbgirl #womenscycling #trailbike #mountainbiking #mountainbike #adventure #bike

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Took my #coticescapade for a ride around #holmburyhill and #pitchhill in #Peaslake this morning. It's a joy to ride - super capable over rough ground - roots, mud etc and super quick on the climbs. Certainly turned a few mountain bikers' heads too!! :0) #superbike #unsustainablyhighstoke #coticbikes #ridecotic #gravelbike #mtb #mtblove #cycling #mountainbiking #surreyhills #surreyhillsmtb #hopetech #wildernesstrailbikes #outsideisfree #trailbike

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