03/06/2024 - Abby - African Adventure Event

Abby's African Adventure Event

Whilst we were cowering inside against the wettest winter in years, our Ambassador Abby Popplestone (@abby_popplestone) was on the adventure of a lifetime, riding her Cotic Cascade across Africa. It was an incredible trip, and now she’s back, we wanted to celebrate her journey and let her tell the story.

Abby in Africa on her Cotic Cascade

On Friday 7th June 2024 we are having an Abby’s African Adventure day here at Cotic HQ in Chesterfield.

It starts with a late afternoon gravel ride on our local, for a nice, sociable 15-20km or so (around 1.5-2hrs) on our local byways and lanes with Abby and some of us from Cotic. Any gravel bike or XC mountain bike will be suitable.

Once back from the ride around 5ish, we’ll have pizzas for tea and a few beers or ciders laid on as well.

At 7pm we’ll head into the Cotic Showroom and Abby will talk us through a slideshow of her incredible photos of her ride, with a Q and A afterwards. This will be wrapped up 8.30-9pm, but if it’s a nice evening we’ll probably hang out for a while for another couple of drinks and chat.

This is open to anyone, not just Cotic owners. If you want to hear Abby’s story, come for a nice ride and eat some good pizza, you’re more than welcome.

The full do, including ride, pizza, drink and talk is £15. If you can't make the afternoon ride and pizza, then you can get a ticket for the talk and Q and A only for £5.

There are just 30 tickets for this event. Sound good?

Order your event ticket here

Order your ticket here

Abby in Africa on her Cotic Cascade


Cotic HQ is here...
Googlemaps : maps.app.goo.gl/h8G9iqHzxjob2gYk9
what3words ///ramp.rails.taps

Address is:

Cotic Bikes
1B Broom Business Park
Bridge Way
S41 9QG

Phone number is 07970 853 531.

We have parking on site for about 20 cars, and on the estate roads round and about too.

It's about a 10 minute ride for Chesterfield train station.


Friday 7th June 2024. The ride rolls out at 3pm, so if you’re riding, please aim to arrive by 2.30pm latest so we can roll out on time. It’s not a supported ride, and we aren’t qualified guides, we’re just showing you around our local trails. Bring spares, water, clothing and food as appropriate for riding for a couple of hours.

If you can’t make the ride, pizzas will be from around 5.30pm, talk starts at 7pm, and will be wrapped up 9ish.


We have the Cotic demo fleet available, so if you’d like to demo, you’re more than welcome. Please book in by emailing demo@cotic.co.uk with the bike and size you would like to try.

If you would like to demo, but would prefer to ride your own bike on the group ride, that works too! The Cotic Showroom will be open from 10am so you can go for a spin on our 45min demo loop earlier in the day if you would prefer. If you want to make a day of it anyway, pop in for a coffee and you can head out on the demo loop before the event starts. We’d be happy to see you.

Order your event ticket here

Order your ticket here

This is going to be fun!

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