16/05/2024 - The Radavist FlareMAX Review

The Radavist FlareMAX Review

Less Is More

Over the last few months, The Radavist have been testing a FlareMAX, and the review has been published. John wanted to buy the bike, so its fair to say, he liked it!


Photo belongs to The Radavist

I guess it follows on really nicely from my "In Praise of Little Bikes" email/blog a few weeks ago, and John has even taglined the review "Less is More".

There are a bunch of lovely things said about the bike during the review, but a couple hit the nail on the head for me:

"Not many bikes feel so comfortable at high speed in diabolical descents as they do steep and loose climbs"

"The FlareMAX evoked a particular sensation I felt throughout the riding period: An atavistic urge to play"

Photo belongs to The Radavist
Photo belongs to The Radavist
Photo belongs to The Radavist

The FlareMAX is our 125mm travel short travel ripper. Set it up light 'Downcountry' with 120mm SID fork and lightweight wheels and speed across country. Or you can Trail it up with a more stout 130mm fork and tougher wheels and just go and do anything. Or mix up it somewhere in between like my bike, which has 130mm forks, Air IL shock, but super light wheels and fast tyres.

It's a really Swiss Army knife of a bike, and so much more than the travel suggests. Want to know more about our UK made short travel fun machine? Of course you do!

British Made, Small Batch.

As with all our droplink full suspension frames, we produce the FlareMAX in the UK, in batches of 4 per size per week. We have some stock of FlareMAX right now, but rolling production means that we often don't have every size and colour option in stock.

However: if you order it we will build it! If the size and colour you want is on pre-order, place your order and we will build it for you. We prioritise building the product/size/colour that we have orders for, and can adjust the production schedule accordingly. You can secure yours with just a 20% deposit today.

Your dream bike is never more than a few weeks away



Founder & Director.

Photo belongs to The RadavistPhoto belongs to The Radavist
Photo belongs to The Radavist

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