05/06/2017 - Ben Gerrish race weekend

PMBA Enduro

Lee Quarry

PMBA Lee Quarry

Our brand ambassador Ben Gerrish and our team riders Swinny and Chay went to the PMBA at Lee Quarry this weekend. While Ben Gerrish was there he had a great time with our team, learning their eye for a good line and what an athlete's lunch consists of.

Ben - "The Rocket held strong, did me proud and caught a peoples eye as usual. Front and back Vigilantes was a prime choice, to balance the fast rolling dust and rocks in Lee Quarry, with the unfathomably slippy tracks at Havok. All in all... top razzing."


Swinny took the top spot on the podium again and Chay finished in 5th. Well done lads!

Ben Gerrish bike cleaning

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