02/06/2017 - Bikes for Sale

For sale

The Rocket and FlareMAX recently came back from MBUK and What Mountain Bike Trail Bike Of The Year shootouts. They both did great, but the FlareMAX in particular smashed it in What Mountain Bike, getting 6th out of the Top 20 and beating some seriously well thought of competition. You can see the abridged version of the review over on BikeRadar.

Cotic Rocket Cotic RocketCotic Rocket

Rocket Silver Custom, Large, Matte Orange - NOW SOLD

The budget for the MBUK test was 3,000, so this bike is a Silver Build with SLX 1x11 and Deore brakes. Detail specifications are:

Cotic FlareMAX Cotic FlareMAX Cotic FlareMAX

FlareMAX Silver 29 Custom, Large, Aqua - NOW SOLD

It's the Silver build which features SLX 1x11 drivetrain and Deore brakes. Detail specifications are:

Go Custom upgrades:

Retail price on this is 3199. A snip at 2199. We can even offer 0% Finance on this. Order Now.

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