20/02/2017 - Brand Ambassadors 2017

Adele Mitchell

Adele MitchellAdeleAdele MitchellAdele

Adele has become known via her blogs on Singletrack regarding women's cycling and the state of advertising in cycling in general. She comes from the point of view of having worked in mainstream beauty and fashion media for 20 years and brings this experience and combines with a love of mountain biking kindled over 10 years ago. She rides mainly around her home in the Surrey Hills and is a brilliant writer and speaker. As her first blog for us starts:

"I'll admit that I'm not the typical choice for a mountain bike ambassador. Unlike most ambassadors that are specific to mountain bike brands, I'm not a man. I've only ever won one mountain bike race (and that was distinctly local!). I'm not particularly brave nor exceptionally skilled at riding. I've never ridden across America, or Siberia, or even Surrey (which is where I live) for that matter. In fact the closest I have ever got to being an ambassador for anything before was handing round Ferro Rocher chocolates at an office party. Ha, ha."

"Instead I am a journalist and a middle aged mum who happens to love riding my mountain bike. I also love talking about it - as well as issues that surround women's cycling - on Twitter, Instagram and in the cycling press (and on this blog, of course). I've spoken about women's cycling at the Cycle Show and Look Mum No Hands. I've been interviewed about women's cycling by the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Times. Happily, other riders seem to want to share in my experiences. Someone who knows about such things told me that I have become an 'influencer'."

You can read what else she had to say on being a Cotic Brand Ambassador on her blog.

Ben Gerrish

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Ben is a Lake District based one man media company, producing amazing outdoor sport photography and video. Ben will be riding his Rocket this year, producing photos and videos for us and generally being an all round lovely bloke. Exactly what a Brand Ambassador should be!

Here's Ben's Q and A:

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